Tossin’ It Out There: Which movie would YOU change?

Everyone has some movie that irks them in some way. It would have been good if only____

Some change or improvement you’d like to make, or some disappointment you’d like to eliminate…

Maybe you’d like to go back to “The Phantom Menace” and digitally erase Jar Jar Binks. How about taking Mickey Rooney out of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Maybe you want Leo to live at the end of “Titanic” or killed Sam Witwicky at some point during Transformers? What if “Aliens 3” were set on Earth, or if “The Village” didn’t have that twistless twist at the end of it, or if Neo didn’t bring his powers into the “real world” at the end of the Matrix trilogy.

Whatever it is, everyone has some element they’d change. Some movie element that irks them. What’s yours? Which movie(s) would YOU change if you could?

Hindsight is 20/20! Let’s hear which movies you wish they had gotten right the first time around!


105 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Which movie would YOU change?

  1. Great question. I can guarantee I could have rattled off a whole list until you actually asked. haha I’ll have to get back on this one….but I had to tell you the question is awesome. 🙂

  2. I’d Change The Remake Of “Clash Of The Titans” By Way Of Burning It BEFORE It Was Ever Released. It Was THAT Horrid. And The Sequel Would Have Never Been Made Had They Not Remade The Original In The First Place. Burning It Seems The Best Way, To Me, To Change It hehehehe

  3. It is so hard to think of just one. I’m torn between the AVP series or Green Lantern. I think I’ll go with green lantern just beacse there was so I didn’t like about the AVP it would take forever to list it all. Whereas with Green Lantern I would change a few things like getting rid if Blake Lively for someone who can act and putting more Sinestro into the story. The visuals were absolutely stunning so those I wouldn’t change and I really like the idea if Green Lanterns.

    • God, AVP was so disappointing, wasn’t it? I mean how do you take the promise of that crossover and botch it SO badly? Good grief…

      But Green Lantern is an excellent answer. No doubt. There’s a handful of tweaks that could be made to make that movie solid, and you mention two of the big ones off of the top. I think they should eliminate Tim Robbins’ character too.

      Your idea of putting more Sinestro into the story is a good one, I might even extend that to read – put more focus on the training. Which to me was the best part of the flick!

  4. So, I was always mad with the Harry Potter series. They destroy the bridge in Half Blood & the muggle trailer park Hallows. Now the I was hoping for the part where the Ministry of Magic talks to England’s PM. My beef is if the good wizards were trying to save Muggles, why not have more Muggle involvement. Like have them help out at the end. A bullet in Voldemort head would’ve been fitting.

    • You know, the Muggles are so far out of things, they might as well not even be mentioned… I mean, yeah, when the hell do they ever get involved in anything except for the Family that Harry stays with?

      Although, Lamar, I do think Voldemort needed to be killed by a Hogwart’s rep. For sure.

  5. “Presumed Innocent” w/ Harrison Ford. I would have stopped the movie sixty seconds short. The final scene would be the camera tracking back as he cleans the blood encrusted hammer in the basement slop sink. The End.

    • You know? I havent seen that movie in so long…

      Let’s see if Wikipedia can help refresh the memory.Ah ok, I get it. That would mean HE did it, not the eventual reveal.

      That’s a good one. Minor change with Major impact. Bravo, sir!

  6. In Source Code I would have stopped the film as couple kiss and leave it as that. That it carried on after that just opened up about a million different plot holes.

    There are probably plenty more that I can’t think of right now. Great question though.

    • Huh. I sorta disagree. I think that if they’d ended it at the kiss, there was only one possible ending: SPOILERS we, the audience, would’ve assumed that Gyllenhaal had finally died. Pretty much all we’d told up to that point was telling us that that was the only logical conclusion. He was barely alive, and his memories were more or less only that. That they keep going absolutely turned the whole movie upside down, when you realized everything you thought was true wasn’t true at all.

      I don’t know, I just personally think it would’ve been a far lesser movie had they ended at the kiss. (And it’s actually more ambiguous to boot. Who’s to say that the alternate universe Gyllenhaal finds himself in isn’t also a weird mind trick?)

      • Great. Now I’m ALL turned upside down. LOL.

        On intial impression, I wasnt that bothered by the “reality” of the situation. I did realize that it was a stretch, but I was ok with it. Later, as it began to catch a little grief amongst the blogosphere, I could see what they were saying…

        But now I guess I WOULD have to go back and re-evaluate the movie, thinking, ok, what happens if they DID end it right here? Because at this moment I guess Im not confident which way would be better!

      • I agree to an extent, there are certain things that the ending does turn on its head and make you question but I also think it opens up a load of plot holes. For instance, what happens to the guy whose body he has taken over, does he not exist anymore?

  7. In every film where some actor is making love to some naked woman, I’d eliminate the actor and put me in there instead. Now THAT’S a fantasy.

  8. I would “fix” Transformers 2/3 by making sure they never got made in the first place.

    Tough question. For now, I would say Prometheus immediately. That should have been, could have been, ten times the movie it is with better decisions made on the script level (or at the production level; Scott could have made changes on the fly and ignored elements of the script, which often happens in the movie-making process).

    • Prometheus is a perfect answer. So much that can be fixed, and so easily. I completely agre – Scott should have called an audible in the huddle and changed some things up. A bunch of things up, actually. LOL

      But yeah, there’s a great movie in there that almost made it!

      • I mean, there’s SO MUCH that could have been changed. “Let’s have Weyland be alive the whole film. Let’s have Vickers live at the end instead of killing her in the most idiotic way possible. Let’s have the Captain’s theory about the Engineer base be a theory, instead of a flat-out suggestion. Let’s, let’s…oh, yeah, let’s make a great movie. That’s a good one”.

      • OOH! OOH!

        I want smarter scientists! And a better explanation as to WHY the Engineers would want to destroy life on Earth, if they had intentionally created it.

        OH! And a less convulted insemination process for Rapace’s character (because the actual operation scene was kind of cool). But putting the goo into him to have sex with her… cant she just get bitten or something?

        We need a Prometheus shopping list!

  9. I would completely omit the end of the Myst where the military comes along cleaning up the mess. Its tacked on and is completely different than the short story ending. Iy is one of the most heinous ‘Hollywood derived’ ending in recent memory.

    • Nooooooooooooo….

      Oh man, you’re so wrong on that one! That’s what makes that movie great!! If they had only waited another minute! It’s the ultimate, bitter irony! It’s a message about the power of hope delivered from the flip side of the coin… showing the foolish cost of losing hope!

      Nah. No way man. I gotta say “Ixnay” on that one. 🙂

  10. I’d pretty much rework The Dark Knight Rises completely, particularly the ending.

    Also, I’d change Alien 3 so that Newt, Bishop, and Hicks don’t all die in the opening scene. I’d really like Alien 3 if it weren’t for that.

    • I’m all TDKRed out right now.

      But you’re nto saying you’d keep Newt around are you? Just want her to get killed on screen? You know that several years passed, the girl would be grown… I suppose they could explain that via hypersleep or something…

      • I know, but I like Newt and her relationship with Ripley. Killing her (and the others) off in the opening minutes and then having Ripley move on almost immediately is Alien 3’s cardinal sin.

        Plus, they could have re-casted Newt. I doubt fans would be upset if Carrie Henn didn’t reprise the role.

  11. The ending to “Eyes Wide Shut”. Kubrick gives us a sexual alternate reality filled with tension, mystery and dread. The ending is so out of place. It’s just the happy Hollywood resolution to a grade B Kubrick masterpiece, grade B being better than anyone elses grade A. I’m sure time constrictions or maybe the producers forced this. Famously, Hollywood producers tried to get Lewis Milestone to change the ending to “All Quiet on the Western Front” something less depressing. Milestone’s reply, “I’ve got your ending! We let the German’s win the War!”

    • LOL…

      I’ve got to rewatch “Eyes Wide Shut” soon. I saw it when it was released, but that was a long time before I was blogging, and now that I have a better appreciation for Kubrick, and I’m looking at films more critically, I’ll have to reassess it.

      I recall being unimpressed.

  12. Watchmen would have been the perfect movie translation of a graphic novel if I could go back and change two things: Zack Snyder’s mostly terrible music selection and his miscasting of Adrian Veidt. Veidt should have been played by someone with the all-American look just like in the graphic novel. As it currently stands, his fiendishly European portrayal ruined the character and the movie. I’m still baffled why this happened, considering every other character was perfectly cast.

    • (Nodding Enthusiastically)

      I’m not sure whether it was the European/American thing or not, but I’ll tell you this – Goode was definitely out of place in that role. And it lessened my enjoyment of the movie. Big time. You have a rock solid choice there, I totally agree.

      As to the music though, I think I’d disagree with you, I thought the music choices for the most part were good, and occasionally (Like the Dylan tune at the beginnig, and All along the Watchtower towards the end) were flat out inspired.

      So I’m 50/50 with you, fair enough? 😀

      • Yes, those two music choices were spot on, but the others were just out of place or way too cliche, like the Hallelujah scene.

      • Ok. That’s a good point… that tune is a little lame there, for sure.

        I’ll have to keep my ears open next time I watch it. I’m still a big fan. I like that flick a lot.

  13. Your post reminded me of something I read somewhere. A lot of critics said that they would have changed the ending of fatal attraction when it was released. What is your opinion?

    • Oh, I definitely would take out the “double death”. She’s dead. PHEW! (Relief) NO SHE’S NOT!! AHAHAHHHH!!!

      Groan. LOL.

      I’d totally kick that to the curb, Vinnie, yeah. 😀 Right?

  14. I would take out parts of Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix and just mesh it with the one before and after. Pointless to have that movie as it was a bridge between the two books in the first place, putting out mysteries and questions at hand and setting up the stage for the final few books.

    I’d also change any movie that gave us this ending that gave you the impression that you watched the whole movie for nothing….the only exception being Inception I guess. But the movies that come to mind right now (since I watched them in the last few months) is The International and Sucker Punch. I liked the cast of The International, the storyline was decent…but why that ending? Same goes for Sucker Punch, some parts were entertaining, but c’mon really, I watched this whole struggle to escape to find in the end they made her something like brain-dead. When I watch movies like that, it makes me feel like I wasted my time….There’s probably a good batch that do that thats escaping me right now…

    • Yeah, I understand that feeling. When the hero fails in their quest, it definitely does undermins the purpose of the movie. It’s really got to be an exceptional movie to rise above that – and Sucker Punch wasn’t.

      I havent seen “The International” yet… Now I doubt I will 😀

      As to Harry Potter, I have to admit that all the movies pre-Deathly Hallows really kind of blend together in a huge mush in my memory. So, when you say “just mesh it with the one before and after,” to me you could be referring to like 5 or 6 movies, easily, at least. 😀 I like them all, they all entertain, but my recollection goes 1… blurrrrr…. 7 pt 1 (super boring ass) 7 pt 2 (AWESOME) 😀

  15. Alien3 is a good place to start. There really was so much potential in that movie, but killing off Newt and Hicks ruined it before they even got started.

    Another movie in serious need of some restructuring would be Sucker punch. A movie which legitimately could have been great, but… well we’ve all seen it, haven’t we?


    And not for nothing, X-Men 3. KIlling off Cyke and replacing him with Wolverine as the main love interest? Terrible scripting. Can we go back make that never have happened?

    My blood pressure is going up. I’m going to curtail this rant before I get up a full head of steam. lol.

    • You and PG both brought up Newt and Hicks. We’re going to start a memorial. 😀

      I dont know what saves Sucker Punch. There’s not like a tweak or two that does the job, that thing would need ground up revisions.

      Glad to know you suffer as I do in regards to Superman Returns. I almost selected it as the poster to use for this thread, but then I got angry just thinking about it and realized I didnt want that %#$@ing poster on my blog all day. LOL. I feel about “Superman Returns” the same way you do about “Quantum of Solace”

      X3 was awesome, dude, what are you talking about?

      Ok. LOL I just wanted to mess with you. 😀 That movie has issues left and freaking right. That’s another one that needs to go back to square 1.

  16. Highlander 2 and Terminator 3… I’d fix them and make them awesome instead of non-existant, which is what they currently are in my own mind. Will explore the possibilities later, when I’m not commenting from work.

    • They made Highlander 2 and Terminator 3? You… sure… about… that?

      LOL. I dont know if I can even lump T3 in with Highlander 2. Terminator 3 is one of the worst sequels ever, but Highlander 2 is one of the worst movies ever. LOL

      And lord knows I wouldnt want anyone goofing from work…. 😀

  17. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Remove Shia Laboeuf, and have a plot which ties in with the other movies, making it actually relevant. Apocalypse Now, it’s brilliant but I’d make it shorter. And I’d change any film with Adam Sandler in it to a film without Adam Sandler in it

    • So on Indy 4, basically make it another movie entirely? LOL. AGREED!

      I dont know that I can agree on A. Now, because I believe my reaction to anything you suggest removing is going to be “Blasphemy!!” 😀

      I’m cool with digitally altering Adam Sandler movies though. LOL. Do you make a “Happy Gilmore” exemption, or no?

      • I didn’t even like Happy Gilmore, but if I would have to make an exemption it would be Punch Drunk Love, but even then Adam Sandler wasn’t exactly the best part of it

  18. I’ve talked about this before, but I would change Toy Story 3. What would you ask? It’s going to be a bit controversial, but I thought the most stunning ending would be that the movie would end in the incenerator with them being burnt. I know it would mean Pixar would get a lot of angry letters, but how big would the emotional impact be? It would be something you wouldn’t be expecting and it would pack a huge punch. Instant classic in my book 🙂

    • Good grief that’s dark. LOL

      You would SCAR a generation of children with a movie like that.

      Good giref Nostra! 😀 You are sick. That is a sick, sick ending buddy…. controversial? Yeah. Understatement! 😀

      • Well, why should an animation movie always be happy? Just look at Grave of the Fireflies. It had a lot of emotional impact.
        Besides you would still be able to make sequels because there are tons of Buzz and Woody dolls out there!

      • Oh. You’re totally right. Chuck ’em in the furnace, they can just show Andy opening another Buzz and Woody. LOL. MAN!! That is great….


        Animation is certainly NOT always cheery. But the Toy Story movies do not end in incineration. !! LOL

  19. Hahaha, I know it wouldn’t make Pixar popular, but that’s the thing I thought of while watching it. It grabbed my emotions at that moment and it would have made me water up if they would have done that…

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