Directors Talk: Stanley Kubrick

Boys and girls…

Just wanted to quickly bring to your attention another installment of the “Director’s Talk” series, where PG Cooper, Ian and I have a roundtable discussion about the greatest directors of all time.

Our focus this time out? One of the most legendary directors of them all, the visionary Stanley Kubrick! The man who has authored some of the most highly regarded films ever made, including “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Dr. Strangelove”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “The Shining”, “Full Metal Jacket”, and many others!

It’s Ian’s turn to host this round, you can find the discussion over at his blog by clicking here. Stop by and check it out and let us know what you think of Mr. Kubrick and his films!


14 thoughts on “Directors Talk: Stanley Kubrick

  1. Good job. Every time you send me to research a subject, you’ve fulfilled your mission. This time I ended up digging into “Paths of Glory”. I know you said you haven’t seen it yet, I also know you will. The background stories to Kubrick’s films are amazing. No one worked harder or dug deeper than him. Every major studio turned down a treatment of Paths before Kubrick took it on. He made the movie, with a major star, for under a million bucks. Today it looks like a 100 million $ film! The movie had an all male cast, except for a female singer. She became his wife and stayed such until his death. Just a couple tidbits to whet your appetite. Look forward to hearing your reactions to the flik. It was worlds apart from the “Killing” and really showed what a major force he was!

    • Ironically, since the whole “Paths of Glory” thing came up, “The Killing” was the one I watched! Lol.

      I had had it on order already, and then everyone started talking about “Paths”…

      The Killing was still pretty good though. Not the greatest flick ever, but, still good!

      • I read up on “Eyes” after reading somethings Scorcese said about it. He had it at #4 on his fliks of the nineties. I figured I’d already seen it so spoilers weren’t a problem. Helped greatly on reviewing. One point of interest, it came from a novella of an associate of Sigmund Freud. Heady stuff!

      • Eyes Wide shut is a film that polarizes fans in a way some of his other stuff doesnt. Its love and hate. Its one his few films I own and it is a film I visit from time to time, which is more than I can say for Clockwork or Strangelove and some of his other heralded movies.

      • I just mentioned in my Movie Confession that “A Clock Work Orange” is a movie that I can never finish. I REALLY dislike that movie. I’m also no fan of 2001 (and I know I’m in the minority).

        On the flip side I LOVE “Strangelove”. I also LOVE “The Shining”. I do also like “Spartacus” and a lot of “Full Metal Jacket”.

      • I can see it though. Thats ok. I havent watched “Orange” in years, but I can see it maybe not aging well.

        Meanwhile, I KNOW 2001 is polarizing. Thats a very very challenging film. I give no grief to people who dont care for it.

  2. I studied Kubrick at uni and he instantly became my favourite director. Going into his films so deeply was amazing to see the attention to detail he puts in. I struggle to pick a favourite film of his though, probably Full metal Jacket, but i love every single one of them. I might dig out some of my uni essays, re-jig them a bit and post them to my blog.

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