Tossin’ It Out There: What’s your favorite “Senior” character or movie?

With the release of “Hope Springs” last weekend, and the upcoming release of “Expendables 2” next weekend, I wound up getting the idea for this week’s “Tossin’ It Out There”.

There’s been a number of actors and actresses who aged gracefully on the screen. And seeing as older parts are scarcer, they tend to go to the top actors and actresses. So while the parts and storylines may not be as plentiful, they make up for it in quality.

But what’s been your favorite? Which character… or movie… would you call the best? Something with Clint Eastwood? Jack Nicholson? Sucker for “On Golden Pond”, or is it “Grumpy Old Men”?

“Tossin’ It Out There” goes grey today, let’s hear it! Who’s YOUR favorite on-screen senior citizen?


94 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s your favorite “Senior” character or movie?

  1. I actually think there’s almost more opportunity when you get older to have supporting roles than when you’re younger. I will admit that there are few senior leading films out there getting made though, now. I have to go with who I love and say I’m a big fan of Meryl Streep. I know a lot of people like to not like her for whatever reason, but I really do think she’s great in just about everything she does. I loved It’s Complicated and thought it was just a great movie all around. Cool idea for a post, Fogs!

    • Thanks Kristin! 😀

      So are you going to check out “Hope Springs”, then? She was excellent… and definitely showed she’s not afraid of some risque stuff. LOL Funny flick. I liked it a lot.

      • There’s not too much backlash… but I agree. That was an award that should have gone to someone else. I wasn’t the hugest fan of that movie. I mean she was great as always, but I much would have rather seen Viola Davis or Rooney Mara take home the Oscar last year.

  2. For characters, if you like Eastwood, you can’t go wrong with Gran Torino because it was such a perfect cap to his career (even if he’s showing up in movies still).

    For movies, I have a very soft spot for The Bucket List. It’s not that i liked the movie all that much- it was ok, nothing special- but my folks went nuts for it and they were 65ish at the time. Their love of it makes me like it a ton more than I ordinarily would.

    • That’s cool. Always nice to have that emotional bond with movies… I can relate to that.

      As for Eastwood, you’re right. Gran Torino should have been the last flick he ever acted in. It would have been the perfect way to end his career. Great movie, and a great ending.

      Oh well, “The Trouble with the Curve” awaits!

  3. I don’t think I have any “surprise” answers in this one… like a lot of people already said, Gran Torino, Grumpy Old Men, My Fellow Americans (which may as well have been Grumpy Old Presidents…)

    I think Unforgiven should probably be in the discussion as well.

  4. Just reading the title alone for this entry I knew – Gran Torino. It’s funny, because I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an Eastwood fan, (I don’t hate, I just haven’t seen enough of his films!) but that film stands out to me for this category.

    Also, Michael Caine’s Alfred in Nolan’s Batman films. He’s one of the highlights of that series for me.

    • Glad you clarified on the Eastwood thing, cause I was THIS close to giving you the “Wait… WHAT??” LOL 😀

      You’ve got a lot of good movies ahead of you then! Especially if you liked Gran Torino!

      And Caine is awesome as Alfred. I can say that even though I’ve spent the last month badmouthing TDKR, right? 😮

  5. Definitely ‘Somethings gotta give’ with Nicholson and Keaton. They are both fantastic in that movie! The Grumpy Old Men movies are special too, I have a soft spot for Walter Matthau, his voice and facial expressions crack me up.

  6. Gotta go with Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The cast was up there in years but did a great job. This was the best in the series. (There be whales, Fogs)

  7. If Gandalf counts, then Gandalf. If not, then Mr. Miyagi. If not Mr. Miyagi, well, I’ve always had a soft spot for the old man in The Flowers of St. Francis and for the king in The Princess Bride. “She kissed me!” is one of the most comically precise nonsequiturs ever.

    • I havent seen “The Flowers of St Francis”, so I cant comment there.

      But this is why I love blogging, man, I just had a battle in my head between Miyagi and Gandalf, and Miyagi did surprisingly well. 😀

  8. I thought of one man right off the bat and I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t been mentioned. Sean Connery. I don’t know that any of those roles/films are the best, but depending on what you count age wise as senior, he was in quite a bit before he retired. Untouchables, Indiana Jones, his insanely high paid cameo as King Richard in Robin Hood. I have a soft spot for The Rock (make me frightened of needles) and Hunt for Red October. Finding Forrester spawned “You’re the Man Now, Dog”

    Anything with Maggie Smith (Keeping Mum).
    The Madness of King George, Driving Lessons.

    I think basically any movie where an older actor is being raunchy and/or a bit loopy or just plain badass seems to be what most people remember.

    • Plus, we cant forget his Celebrity Jeopardy appearnaces! 😀

      All kidding aside. Great pick. He was great in forrester. Love that movie. “I’m that one, there” 😀 He was great in all the others too. Glad you didnt mention “Never Say Never Again” though. LOL! 😀

  9. Sean Connery as Henry Jones is up there. I love his performance in Last Crusade, he’s just perfect.

    Also, Clint Eastwood has been “old” his entire career. Even in the 70’s he felt like an old man, so I’m going with Eastwood’s entire body of work.

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