Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Tony Scott Film?

Tony Scott (1944–2012)

Yesterday morning brought the new of the tragic suicide of Director Tony Scott. His motivations are still being speculated upon, but one thing is for certain, it’s a sad and unfortunate event.

Scott had his share of lesser works, and with them, his share of detractors. “The Taking of Pelham 123” wasn’t very well received, and “Unstoppable”, though serviceable, wasn’t quelling the derision.

But I prefer to reflect on all the very good movies he gave us, along with a couple of greats.

Whether it was cheesy action flicks such as “Top Gun”, “Days of Thunder” or “The Last Boy Scout”, or thrillers such as “Crimson Tide” and “Enemy of the State”, Scott had a flair for creating entertaining films. “Revenge” is a solid revenge movie, and “Man on Fire” may as well be about one of the horseman of the Apocalypse. “Beverly Hills Cop II” is a decent, worthy sequel, considering the original was so classic.

And of course, the Quentin Tarantino scripted, supercharged “True Romance”. A titan in the “Low Level Crime Drama” genre.

Which was your favorite movie of his? Were you a fan of his work? I thought, out of respect, that his movies should be our topic of conversation today…


88 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Tony Scott Film?

  1. As much as I love Crimson Tide I have nudge True Romance just above it for two reasons; Cast chemistry particularly Slater and Arquette. But in the end that confrontation scene between Hopper and Walken as the mafioso is one of the greatest interrogation scenes ever put to film, by anybody, period!

    RIP Tony you badass motherfucker you!

  2. Sad news man. I won’t be a hypocrite and claim to be his biggest fan but True Romance is not only my favourite of HIS but one of my all time favourite film’s. He’s actually responsible for delivering some of Tarantino’s finest scenes.

    • If you ever get a chance, listen to Tarantino’s commentary track. He’s absolutely in love with how the movie turned out. As opposed to say, Natural Born Killers, which he hated.

      I had to acknowledge that I had some issues with him as well, I didnt want to be a hypocrite either. But looking back on his filmography, I was amazed at how many awesome movies are on it.

  3. I did a similar article today Dan.

    Glad we’re celebrating and paying tribute to an interesting action movie filmmaker.

    Man on Fire is my favorite.

  4. Domino. Loosely, very loosely, based on a real person, Domino Harvey, daughter of actor Lawrence Harvey, someone Scott knew. A wild wild ride. Keira Knightley does her best anti-Jane Austin as a Ford fashion model turned bounty hunter. All the characters seem to be trying to out do each other for weirdness and when that includes Mickey Rourke and Chris Walken that’s saying something. Pulp Fiction-ish in a way and very much over the top. I loved it. Knightley never did anything like it again.

  5. Even though some haven’t been well received as you noted above…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Tony Scott film I didn’t like. The more recent ones were good. I had ties to Unstoppable, growing up in PA near where the film was shot. I enjoyed Pelham and I even think Deja Vu is better than alot of people give credit. I actually like it the best among those three movies.

    My favorites are Top Gun and Enemy of the State.
    Top Gun is an icon among 80s films. So many quotes and references that are still used today. You know a film is revered when it gets parodied. Hot Shots came out just 5 years after Top Gun and gross $180 million itself! That should tell you all you need to know.
    Enemy of the State is just a great action thriller movie. So many good young actors on the government team and of course Will Smith, Gene Hackman, and Jon Voight at the top of their games. Any time it’s on TV, I usually get sucked in.

    • LOL. You dont have to defend Top Gun here, bub! 😀 LOL.

      In fact, I may do that for this week’s MTESS in tribute. We’ll see.

      His filmography is loaded with excellent flicks of one calibre or another. Some are mindless actioners, others are pretty riveting. It’s actually quite a range. I didnt care much for the new Pelham 123, but aside from that I like all the ones Ive seen. Including Unstoppable. It wasn’t going to reinvent the action movie or anything, but it was cool enough… 😀

  6. I’ve got to agree with the majority and go with True Romance as my favorite, with Crimson Tide not far behind.

    A sad and disappointing end to a great career and an evidently well liked man.

    • I’m with True Romance as my fave, I think, and then Man on Fire as my second fave. I love that one.

      There’s actually a bunch of good ones on his resume… if you havent seen “Revenge” in awhile, I’d recommend that one too.

  7. I didn’t see all the movies he’s made, but I truely enjoyed “Enemy of the State”, and I too end up watching it through whenever I catch it on TV.

    • Enemy of the State is a good one. It’s been too long since I’ve seen it, I have to check it out again. I do remember the 360 degree camera work and being blown away by it. That was impressive stuff.

  8. I’d say his best movie, objectively, is “Crimson Tide.” My favorite movie he directed is “The Last Boy Scout.” The one-liners kill me every single time I watch it.

    • Yeah, see? He had a knack for those “Cheesy Fun” movies. For me, I love “Days of Thunder” I mean, it’s half a comedy, but it’s totally watchable. 😀

      There is an argument to be made for Crimson Tide being his best. I might side with True Romance there as well, but it could be a tough call… objectively.

  9. Finding it hard to choose. I love Top Gun for it’s sheer scale. At that time, no one had done an action film quite so big. Man on Fire is one of my favourite revenge films. Not to mention one of the best Tony Scott/Denzel collaboration. Soft spot for Days of Thunder. Crimson Tide is an awfully manly film, but it’s brilliant to see Gene Hackman face off against Denzel Washington. Then there’s Enemy of the State which is a solid thriller. Even if it has aged a little.

    Yet to see True Romance or Hunger but know I really should!

    • I’ve been trying to recall if I’ve seen “The Hunger” or not, myself. It sounds wickedly familiar, and came out so long ago that I may have seen it and forgotten it…

      Meanwhile, yeah, he has a litany of worthy films to choose from. You should definitely check out True Romance. It’s an awesome criminal/low life movie. Kind of along the lines of “Snatch” or “Usual Suspects” that sort of thing. Tarantino wrote it, and it’s an awesome blend of his dialogue and characters and Scott’s action sensibilities. It’s a REALLY good one Jaina. A++!! 😀

    • Wow… Ok, then, you have some awesome movies lined up to check out! 😀

      I recommend starting with… any of them really. LOL. True Romance, Crimson Tide or Man on Fire. Those are rock solid recommendaions.

      • Strangely, it is. It has remnants of the old film noir classic, Laura, in it (where the protagonist falls in love with a dead woman), along with its time travel/changing the past theme. It’s a Tony Scott mash-up (and a nice script by Bill Marsilii, Terry Rossio), and time paradox tale, that really cares about its characters. It moves me every time I watch it. Love SPY GAME and ENEMY OF STATE very much, too.

    • Fun stuff, too. I love Duvall there, he’s great. Just like he did for fighter plaves, Scott does a great job of translating the adrenaline rush of race cars to the big screen for the audience. It’s a fun flick, for sure Jan.

      • Ok, I enjoyed this film at the time of its release so much that yes I got the soundtrack. And I don’t recall the David Coverdale song even being on it; I guess that’s because it runs during the credits. Any way you cut it with superior actors , this is a fun film; Cruise, Duval, John C Reilly, Kidman, RQuaid, Michael Booker, Fred Thompson(later senator), and even Don Simpson (producer of Days of Thunder and TopGun). Nice pick VMR; Great film. 😉

  10. Tough call. True Romance is one of my all time favorites, but Man on Fire is some amazing film making and directing, esp. as regards bringing the best performance out of Denzel Washington since training Day. Crimson Tide is also notable for some fine performances and for creating a believable submarine world and telling a big story in a small space. The film he’ll be most remembered for in undoubtedly Top Gun, and rightly so, simply for being the perfect film for its time, and making such a lasting impression on world culture, and the world’s view of America.

    Tough call.
    I think things being what they are, I’ll say True Romance is my sentimental favorite, but I think Crimson Tide may have been his best directorial piece.

    • He definitely WILL be remembered for Top Gun. Headlines yesterday had “Top Gun” director preceding his name, so yeah, obviously the mainstream media has latched on to that as his “Signature Movie”.

      All of those you mention are worthy contenders for the top honor. I love “Man on Fire,” too. Denzel was great, Dakota was great, Walken is great. I love it. I watched Crimson Tide earlier this year, and it’s still awesome. Hackman and Washington are great squaring off against each other.

      I still go with “Romance”, it’s got a nice place in the pop culture memory, too. I like that movie so much.

  11. Top Gun. I enjoy many Scott films; this 1 is unforgettable.

    Maverick: I feel the need…
    Maverick/Goose: …the need for speed!

  12. Top Gun and True Romance. Full stop. These films speak for themselves really. Top Gun – yeah cheesy, but it’s so entertaining and an absolute pleasure to watch, and True Romance is just so Tarantino, and such a cute ending. Who can dare disagree? 😉

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