Follow Fridays!: “You Jivin’ Me Turkey?”

TGIF Folks! And it’s the start of a long weekend here, Stateside, with Monday being Labor Day and all…

And for your 3 day weekend enjoyment, may I present to you one of the most eclectic blogs out there… “You Jivin’ Me Turkey?”

“You Jivin’ Me Turkey?” is the blog of FMR frequenter and regular commenter Brad, whose comments are always humorous and enjoyable due to his EE Cummings-esque stylings (with all the caps and the lines…). It should come as no surprise that his blog is just as creative as his comments!

Click through to check out more about what he has to offer!

I should say, up front, that “You Jivin’ Me Turkey?” is not a movie blog. Although movie do play in amongst the wide variety of topics Brad touches on. Today’s lead, for example was his “morning mix”, a rundown of the tunes he listened to this morning on his morning walk, with some commentary and some album art in order to put you in the music mindset.

Not that he doesn’t bring movies into the mix! Brad has a taste for cheese, it seems. The first movie related content you can find on the front page of your visit will be a reblog of a 600 word write up on “Masters of the Universe”, with the trailer embed as the lead. C’mon now, how does that not make you want to smile. The movie selection he made that made me think of featuring “You Jivin Me” here was “The Shootist”. Which is a great film that Brad shares my opinion on.

But one of the most fun things that Brad does, and this is why I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you like his blog on Facebook, is he constantly throws out philosophical quotes from the Founding Fathers. For example, the most current one is:

“Poverty Is A Thing Created By That Which Is Called Civilized Life…It Exists Not In The Natural State.” –THOMAS PAINE (1737-1809) -A FOUNDING FATHER-

I’m going to say this to you now, because it’s not something you would think of. I know I didn’t. But your Facebook feed will be 25% cooler with a couple of quotes from the Founding Fathers thrown in to the mix each day. I’m telling you… it goes a LONG way to adding some coolness amongst all the pictures of other people’s kids, or cats, and all the offsetting political moaning. 😀 I swear, I wouldn’t of thought it, but nothing makes me say “Huh. That’s really cool” in my Facebook feed as often as Brad’s shares.

It’s a crazy, fun, lighthearted mix. Seriously, take a look at this mix of pictures culled from his sidebar, and tell me Brad doesn’t have a good sense of humor!

You can’t. Because it’s pretty obvious he does.

So, for a really fun blog with a liberal dosage of wisdom and well grounded philosophy thrown into the mix, you owe it to yourself to check out “You Jivin’ Me Turkey?”. It’s a really fun blog a very creative blend of content and a super fun tone that you’re bound to appreciate!

And don’t forget to “Like” it on Facbook!! TRUST ME, you’re gonna be glad you did!! 😀


13 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: “You Jivin’ Me Turkey?”

  1. Creative blogger no doubt. I do enjoy the sprinkling of the found fathers quotes.
    youjivinmeturkey blog on 8/30/12 had another gem :

    “It Is Time That Nations Should Be Rational, And Not Be Governed Like Animals, For The Pleasure Of Their Riders.” –THOMAS PAINE

    Of course I did the playlist too which everyone needs once in a while to work out the kinks. Nice follow.

  2. I keep six honest serving men (they taught me all i knew); Theirs names are What and Why and When And How And Where and Who.”
    ― Rudyard Kipling
    I do love me a good quote, but Where the movies at?

  3. I thought e e cummings was all about not using uppercase letters. I’m pretty sure I remember reading that he preferred his name at least to be spelled without any capital letters.

    And Masters of the Universe? I know what I’m checking out first. Awesomely cheesy movie.

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