Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite “So Bad It’s Good” Movie?

This weekend’s review of “Resident Evil: Retribution” drew some interesting reactions, a number of which touched on the patented FMR “Split Grade”.

There’s really no other way for me to convey the phenomenon. There are some movies that defy conventional logic. The acting is bad – often atrocious. The script is laughable, maybe the special effects are substandard… but instead of being angry, or disappointed, you’re laughing. Having fun. And when it’s done, you’re like, “That was terrible. I loved it!”

So many movies wind up “failing hysterically” that it should almost be a sub genre of its own. There are classics, such as “The Room” or “Troll 2”, and any number of additions annually. This year alone brought “Battleship” and “Resident Evil: Retribution”, just off the top of my head.

What are YOUR favorites? Everyone has one or two! What movies absolutely stink, but you love watching them anyways, because they’re so funny?

What’s YOUR favorite “So Bad It’s Good” movie?


105 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite “So Bad It’s Good” Movie?

  1. A few spring to mind but my all-time favourite bad movie is Hercules in New York, Arnie’s first proper film. It is so bad it’s hysterical. At some point I shall be devoting a blog post to it, but it is well worth checking some of the best bits out if you haven’t already seen it.

    • I Haven’t! Thats a good recommendation πŸ˜€

      Especially since its Schwarzenegger… so I should definitely be checking it out, get it under my belt.

      Ive hears he mangles his lines so bad they need to dub it. Thats awesome.

  2. Hands Down, Without A Doubt…
    …It’s “FIREWALKER” !!!
    I’ve Likely Watched It…
    It’s Really A Bad Flick…
    …But I Love It So So SO MUCH!!! hahahaha
    It’s The Flick I Share With My Best Friends.
    We’re ALL Fans Of The “FIREWALKER”!!!
    Oh Chuck Norris And Louis Gossett, Jr.
    How I Do Love Thee!

    • Ok, two comments in, and I can already tell… there’s gonna be a LOT of “I havent seen that”s today.

      Why? Cause these are BAD movies, so I’d stay away! LOL But I do love that you know the penomena and you have a definite favorite. That’s awesome.

      Does Chuck Norris fight a bear like Arnie, in “Hercules in New York”? LOL (see above)

  3. There are a few… I mean, I enjoyed 300 that way, but I think most people took it seriously… but on the more universal “so bad it’s good” front:

    Plan 9 From Outer Space is definitely worth a mention. Absolutely comically bad. Manos: The Hands of Fate doesn’t count, though; it’s not “so bad it’s good”, it’s so bad it’s painful. Films that are so bad they’re good are so bad they cross back over the entertainment line… Manos is so much worse it crosses back again.

    The Toxic Avenger may be the “best bad film” I’ve seen, though being a Troma film that’s precisely what they were aiming at. Cool As Ice, as you know, is worth a laugh. Hercules in New York has already been mentioned, and deservedly so; and some cuts are worse than others (the one I watched had the music removed — and did so by dampening all sound during those segments.)

    I also have a special place in my heart for the ludicrous Raiders of the Living Dead I discovered last year. Made a point of recording the theme song so I can play it again periodically.

    • Plan 9 and Toxic Avenger are classics! πŸ˜€ THOSE I have seen.

      Although, for the record, my favorite Troma is “Class of Nuke ‘Em High” LOL

      I think you and I should start a “Cool as Ice” Facebook page or something. Cause that movie is awesome. I could do a frame by frame analysis of it, its that hysterical.

  4. Batman and Robin has to be one of my faves…although I wonder sometimes if its straddling the “so bad its bad” area, so I don’t revisit it that often. But every time I hear Arnold’s lines, I just can’t help laughing because its just so lame.

    Resident Evil:Afterlife (the 4th one) was really epic at that. The movie started rolling and I was going NO WAY and laughing really hard.

    • I just lost my DVR (Taps plays softly in the background). Yesssss… after many years of dedicated service, it died late Sunday night. 😦

      One of the tragic losses of this event was Resident Evil: Afterlife. I’m SO psyched up to see it, too. This one this week was so freaking bad. Seriously, it was just a joke. So… I’m anxious to watch the rest of them!

      Meanwhile, for me, “Batman and Robin” is too painful. I can see how someone would enjoy it in that regard, but for me it just hurts too much 😦

      • I think you’re going to enjoy Resident Evil: Afterlife. It is soooo cheesy. But immensely enjoyable. Caught it on Starz not to long ago and loved it.

        WARNING: there IS a scene where main villain, Wesker, tosses his sunglasses at you. Yes, YOU, the viewer. ‘Cuz this was in 3D. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  5. Hi, Fogs and company:

    Wow! Excellent question!

    Another Chuck Norris flick, ‘Hero and Terror’ (1988)… God bless Golan/Globus!
    ‘Reptilicus’ (1961) A giant puppet lizard monster attacks Denmark!
    ‘The Giant Claw!’ (1957) “It’s as big as a Battle Ship!!!”
    ‘Iron Eagle’ (1986) NOT Lou Gossett’s best work.
    ‘Cobra’ (1986) and ‘Demolition Man’ (1993) Sly, how could you?!!!
    ‘Super Infra~Man’ (1975) Cheezy ‘Ultra~Man’ Chop Socky from the Shaw Brothers.

    • Ok, lot of those I HAVENT seen. The ones I have seen are all great additions to the discussion.

      Cobra is especially awful. LOL That movie is so cheesetastic that it can put you into a cheese coma. LOL. Demolition Man, too.

      Of the ones I havent seen, ‘Reptilicus’ sounds the most intriguing. LOL! How can a resist a description like “A giant puppet lizard monster attacks Denmark!” πŸ˜€

      • Hi Fogs:

        You and others are in for a treat!

        ‘Reptilicus’ clocks in at #7.

        ‘The Giant Claw’ is #1, just after Godzy!

      • Just got a chance to watch this. It’s awesome. πŸ˜€

        See what youre saying about Reptilicus. LOL. Stay Puft represents!!!

        Kong and Godzilla not being 1 and 2 in some order is a joke though. My apologies to “The Giant Claw”, but…. no…I respect that he’s a fan of the cheese…. but… no.

  6. For me, there is a Holy Trinity of “so bad they’re good” films — The Room, Troll 2, and freakin’ Samurai Cop!!

    Check out this clip for a glimpse at Matt Hannon’s brilliant acting:

    Oh, and the full movie is on YouTube now, if you are up for the challenge! πŸ˜€

  7. I’m going to go classic for this one: THE CONQUEROR.

    “The Conqueror is a 1956 CinemaScope epic film produced by Howard Hughes and starring John Wayne as the Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan.” So says the wiki on it, but that’s only the beginning. John “The Duke” Wayne delivers his lines with his trademark cowboy aplomb, saying things like “While I live, while my blood burns hot, your daughter is not safe in her tent.” as only John Wayne can.

    The slightly more recent classic of badness would be “The Attack of the KIller Tomatoes”, complete with a theme song which pronounces the movie title in proud and triumphant tones. “AAAATTAAAACK… of the KILLER TOE-MAY-TOES!!”

    Honorable mention to every Syfy film ever made.

    • I have seen Killer Tomatoes, but its been a long time.

      I dont even know if I WANT to see “The Conquerer” LOL. I dont want to see the Duke suffer… That sounds atrocious….!

      Anyways, I thought for sure you were gonna say “The Incredible Melting Man” πŸ˜€

      • You know? I never did finish it. I know exactly what happened too, I started it the night before Storm Alfred hit. Then our power got knocked out for ten days. And I never got back to it to finish it. I need to. It WAS very very enjoyable. πŸ˜€ Totally.

    • The Conqueror was considered the worst movie ever made on some polls. To begin with John Wayne was 2 ft. taller than any mongol, living or dead. And Susan Hayward, was she supposed to be Asian? Saw this when I was a kid, If it comes up on Netflix, I’m there!

  8. I don’t know why, but I instantly thought of “Troll 2” (1990). It’s so bad, but so good. It’s like an ugly baby. It’s so ugly that it ends up being cute. I don’t think that a lot of people have seen this movie.

  9. Little Nicky. Adam Sandler’s demented, deformed face popped up and I had to laugh. Any picture that qualifies as Sandler’s worst automatically joins the ranks of the profoundly bad. I did laugh though. And that’s what we’re looking for here, right? Dangerfield played the devil! I get no respect!

    • Yes, if it makes you laugh, but you realize its objectively “bad”… that is what we’re looking for.

      I’ve never seen “Little Nicky” though. Pre blog, I didnt have to see crappy Adam Sandler movies. LOL

  10. Ohhhh, man, Fogs. This question is right up my alley. I grew up watching MST3K, and I lurked bad movie sites like Jabootu, Stomp Tokyo, and Foywonder for years. I looooooove me some “So bad it’s good” movies! Arggghh… so many to choose from. Here are three (and I’m sticking to ones that haven’t been MST’ied, otherwise this would be a much longer list):

    House of the Dead — the only Uwe Boll movie I’ve actually enjoyed ironically. Scott Foy hit it on the head where the ineptity approaches Ed Wood. Nonsensical scenes where the scenes switch to footage from the video game. Death scenes where the camera rotates around the dead character as if in a GAME OVER scene. A looooonnngg scene ripped off of the matrix where characters slow-mo dodge axes thrown by zombies. A ridiculous flashback scene where the friggin’ villain laughs maniacally and poses like a pro-wrestler. You’ve done it, Uwe Boll! You’ve made a fantastic bad movie!

    Con Air — by far my favorite Nic Cage movie. (I know, I know, Wicker Man is out there. Tough competition.) The dude hams it up in every scene with his atrocious Southern accent. Other than that, every actor seems to be having so much fun that it’s hard not to get caught up in it. Miles O’Brien is in a starring role. And, finally, “Put… the bunny…back… in the box!”

    Road House — The quintessential so-bad-it’s-good movie. I mean, seriously… an awesome bouncer who rips people’s throats out, but lives by a Zen philosophy. C’mon, Swayze. C’mon. Plus, Ben Gazzara (RIP) chewing up the scenery like no one’s business, hardcore wrestler Terry Funk, Sam Elliott’s moustache, a monster truck, and polar bear that fell on me. (And speaking of the MSTie connection: I do believe Mike Nelson spent a nice long chapter in one of his books writing about his love for Road House.)

    Honorable mention goes to Point Break, but I’m not sure if it even qualifies as a bad movie. Friggin’ Oscar winning director Katherine Bigelow directed that one. Doesn’t that make it a so-good-it’s-good movie? Whatevs.

  11. Flash! Aaaaaaah! Savior of the Universe! He’ll save every one of us!

    There’s a lot of “so bad they’re good” in the superhero genre, at least in my opinion, and I think Flash Gordon is one of the best. There’s also one I newly found called Return of Captain Invincible – a musical comedy superhero movie with Alan Arkin and Christopher Lee. I also loved Masters of the Universe, Howard the Duck, and the quintessential “so bad it’s good” movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    • LOL!!! I havent thought of Howard the Duck or Masters of the Universe in forever. LOL

      They are both totally awful, aren’t they?

      But a big YES to Flash!

      FLASH!!! AH-AH!! πŸ˜€

      I watched Barbarella last week, and it made me want to watch Flash again (Theyre both De Laurentis productions)

  12. Ahah, my pal Ted just posted his list not too long ago. Since you just mentioned Flash Gordon, yeah I guess that’d be one, but ONLY for Prince Barin, oh la la!!

  13. I too would like to mention “Plan 9” (which I have in my collection) I always get a laugh at the ineptitude of filmmaking from Ed Wood. Also loved what Riff Trax did to it.

  14. The first thing that came to my mind was the Jacky (or Jackie, if you prefer) Chan… ahem, classic “Half a Loaf of Kung Fu”.

    I don’t know if Black Dynamite would count since this is one of the sorts of things they intended to homage with that one.

    Thing is, being such a longstanding part of nerd culture I tend to feel a need to add some sort of caveat to every movie I recommend to someone as a default. That illustrated why I don’t believe myself to be qualified in judging what others might think is bad. Other than the “chop-socky” & “exploitation” flicks that are more or less exampled above, if I think a movie is bad, it is very difficult for me to find enjoyment in it.

    • Nah, I think “Black Dynamite” is an intentional comedy. Thus, disqualified.

      Here. Still freaking awesome, of course! πŸ˜€

      That’s too bad about not liking bad movies. To me – and not always! There is a certain magic when it happens – but to me, when a movie is like “Oh my god, thats so freaking awful!” but it makes you LAUGH? That’s great. I love those. I really do.

      • I rather figured BD would be disqualified with a minimum effort of the basic premise here. Many of the films that BD (and I’m Gonna Git You, Sucka, while I’m at it) was both lampooning/paying homage to, however would qualify, if I’m not mistaken, and most of those I do enjoy.

        The thing is that most of the time, for me, it is damn near impossible to let go of the bad and just enjoy it. That said, I was (and still am) a huge MST3K fan. Because of this, I have come to the conclusion that its just something I am incapable of doing on my own. What chance I might have of enjoyment of this sort of thing is, somewhat sadly, dependent on an inclusion of others. Finding the laugh is probably easier for just about anyone within a group. My brother is usually my primary go-to for that sort of thing, since that dude is all about the shlock.

    • I’ve HEARD of that. I’ve heard good things… (quick Netflix check, BRB)

      Ohhhhh wow! WINNER!! πŸ˜€

      When sexy model Nathalie (Whitney Moore) and software guru Rod (Alan Bagh) head to a motel for an afternoon tryst, they are attacked by a flock of savage exploding eagles and other birds of prey in the first wave of an all-out avian war against humanity. As the lovers scramble to find food, water and safety, they team up with gun-toting campers to rescue a pair of orphaned kids. James Nguyen directs this low-budget indie thriller.



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