Follow Fridays!: Flights, Tights and Movie Nights

Happy Friday everyone! This week’s Follow Friday’s recommendation is the superhero focused movie blog of Bubbawheat, Flights, Tights and Movie Nights!

Bubba’s blog exclusively focuses on the superhero genre, reviewing major motion pictures, animated films, and superhero fan films from across the internet! He’s also just entered the wide world of podcasting by joining forces with Joe from Two Dude Review, Nick from Cinematic Katzenjammer, and Vern of Vern’s Video Vangaurd!

Click through to read more about what he has to offer!

Flights Tights and Movie nights dates back to December of last year, which means that Bubba’s blog is quickly approaching its one year anniversary. In that time, Bubba has been a busy boy… he posts several times a week, and has been highly active at the Large Association of Movie Blogs (aka the LAMB).

As mentioned previously, Bubba’s site focuses exclusively on Superhero related content. But that’s a vast well of offerings to draw from. His latest reviews have been Tim Burton’s “Batman“, “Daredevil: The Director’s Cut”, and “Barb Wire” 😀 Yup, Pam Anderson’s “Barb Wire”. He also reviews animated offerings, such as “The Dark Knight Returns Pt. 1”, and “Megamind”.

But one of the coolest thing Bubba explores is the world of superhero short films, and fan films. He’ll find online fan made movies or movies directly released online, and get in contact with the creators for an interview. He’s recently covered a Captain Planet trailer, a really funny parody short, “Batfan”, and most notably… he obtained an interview with The Punisher himself, Thomas Jane, relating to his new Punisher short (also featuring Ron Perlman) “Dirty Laundry”! It was quite an impressive interview to score, I felt… be sure to check it out! 😀

Bubba also has taken up the “Follow Fridays” torch, and begun his own Follow Friday series, where he does interviews of other bloggers. He’s already interviewed several people who frequent FMR, including myself, which you can check out here!

His most recent endeavour is the leap into podcasting. He, Joe from Two Dude Review, Nick from Cinematic Katzenjammer, and Vern of Vern’s Video Vangaurd have come together to form the “As You Watch” podcast. Together, the four of them discuss what’s coming out on DVD, what’s opening up in theatres, and then focus on breaking down a single movie that one of them chooses each week. They take turns choosing the featured movie based on the results of a game they play at the end of each episode. It’s a lot of fun, and definitely a cool podcast to listen to, so hop onboard now, like I have. 😀 That way you, too, can say “I’ve been listening to you guys since the start!”

Bubba has a great blog, with a fun focus, and has been branching out into exciting new territory! You owe it to yourself to stop by and check it out!!



8 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: Flights, Tights and Movie Nights

  1. Strong blog reference. This should continue to be a key lamb with his focus on superheroes which seem to be growing in popularity and especially all the content FTMN is offering from podcasts to articles to a youtube channel in addition to other social media channels. I asked him a headscratcher on whatever happened to Captain Marvel/Shazam (started in 1939); guess that character does not translate as well in this century. 😉

  2. Thanks for the feature and the kind words, the fan films have been something that surprised me how much that feature has grown and how nice everyone has been that I’ve contacted.

    • Cool, Bubba! Hope that works out well for you… It’s a cool idea, and I’m sure the people you reach out to must be psyched to get some press!

      Wishing the podcast the best, too, you guys are off to a great start! 😀

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