The Great Debates: Al Pacino or Robert De Niro? And the Winner is…

Last week, I put forward the question – which would you choose, Al Pacino, or Robert De Niro?

They’re two of the greatest actors in history, and almost everyone who commented touched on how difficult a choice it was!

But it needed to be asked, and in spite of everyone saying it was close, the end results weren’t. One of these two walked away with it…

Click through to see who!

With nearly two-thirdsΒ of the vote (63%), Robert De Niro walks away the clear winner!

As always, to the victors go the spoils! Check out some of the comments left by people who voted De Niro, below!

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented! That’s it for this round… We’ll see you next month with another Great Debate! πŸ˜€


28 thoughts on “The Great Debates: Al Pacino or Robert De Niro? And the Winner is…


      Scarface adds happiness to any situation, doesn’t it? I swear, I could be at a funeral, and if someone whispered to me “You know what I want? I thought of this the other day. A line of blue jeans, right? With my name written on the back of chicks’ asses”, and I would lose it. πŸ˜€ Doesn’t matter whose funeral… the power of Scarface to crack me up knows no limitiations.

      • See…this is why we are friends. I’ll be sure to remember that. Any time you are down, I’ll be right there saying that line.

  1. Hi, Fogs and company:

    I went with Pacino as well, but can’t complain. Now a comparison between Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall. THAT would generate even more controversy and spirited debate!

      • Hi, Fogs:

        My guess would be their ages, (Pacino is 3 years older than Di Nero) Godfather II, their longevity and heritage. Both got their big breaks in film around the same time and have been around for decades. πŸ™‚

        My comparison of Hackman and Duvall would also include their roles in television. Where Duvall has a distinct advantage.

        I remember a few episodes of the old ABC series Combat! from the 1960s with Duvall. Also The Outer Limits, The Defenders, The Naked City and Route 66. Which is where talent went to hone their skill while earning a paycheck. Kind of like what Steven Bochco’s Hill Street Blues in the 1980s was to much of today’s talent.

  2. De Niro’s my favorite actor, so I’m happy to see him win (though Pacino comes close). Come to think of it I wouldn’t mind to see Pacino win either.

  3. I know I had to flip a coin for this, and even after the coin landed De Niro-side up, I still thought about putting in a vote for Pacino. I frankly think that Pacino is the better actor. The reason that I voted for De Niro, though, is that he has more memorable roles than Pacino does, which is probably just as debate-worthy as the question of who the better actor actually is.

    Still, you can’t really lose here.

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