To celebrate “Bond Month” Fogs’ Movie Reviews is giving away the Bond 50: Complete 22 Film Collection on Blu-ray!!

Today being October 9th, the US theatrical release of “Skyfall” is officially a month away (It opens earlier on IMAX screens).

This year marks the 50th anniversary of James Bond on the silver screen, and to celebrate, I’ll be cranking out tons of Bond related content for everyone here.

In order to throw some excitement into the mix, I’ll be giving away a copy of the Bond 50 blu-ray box set. All 22 films on blu-ray for the first time ever, and I have a copy right here, ready to send out.

Click through for details on how to enter, and more about the mission plan for the upcoming month!

As a self-professed “Huge Bond Fan”, I couldn’t dream of letting the 50th anniversary of Bond go by without making a big deal of it.

I won’t be dedicating the site exclusively to 007 this month, but there will be Bond focused installments of “Movies That Everyone Should See”, “Tossin’ It Out There”, “The Great Debates”, “Cheese-Tastic Classics” and of course, Bond related “Top Tens”. Tank and I are also planning a double episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast surrounding the release of “Skyfall”!

In addition, I’ll be hosting the “007 Blog-a-thon”… any interested bloggers can email me ( links to their Bond related posts, whether you’ve written them in the past or write them over the course of this month. I will be posting links here each Friday leading up to the release of “Skyfall”. I appreciate any articles you’d care to contribute!

I’ll be running the Blu-Ray give-away via Facebook app, in order to execute the drawing and to help promote FMR via Facebook. In order to enter, you will have to accept the app, register for the drawing, and like FMR on Facebook. Those who already like FMR are still eligible, you will just have to register for the drawing. When you register for the drawing, it will ask you if you’d like to share the giveaway with friends. Please do! If you hit share, a notice announcing the give away will be published on your timeline in order to spread the word!

Registration will be open all month, I will be holding the actual drawing on Thursday, November 8th, the day before “Skyfall”.

Here is the direct link to register, and I believe you should also be able to sign up through FMR’s facebook page, as well. If you need any assistance or experience any difficulties, PLEASE let me know. Obviously I’m hoping that everything goes smoothly and professionally and that everyone has fun along the way!

Good Luck!!


48 thoughts on “To celebrate “Bond Month” Fogs’ Movie Reviews is giving away the Bond 50: Complete 22 Film Collection on Blu-ray!!

    • Phil! It’d be awesome if you’d do a Bond post along the way… 😀 I’d give it some linkage love, for sure.

      Anyways, we all understand you’ve been a busy man. 😀 Hope everyone is healthy and happy and that’s the main thing.

      But wishing you luck here, for sure, Buddy!

    • Well… you know, I’m not really trying to do anything in regards to other bloggers, LOL. Just doing my thing, you know?

      In other news, YES! Anyone can enter. I will mail to Zimbabwe if that’s who wins! 😀

  1. Well you definitely have my attention just by mentioning Bond.. Been thinking of writing about a few Bond movies I have recently watched for the 10th time and now this post has given me the motivation. 🙂

  2. These weeks leading up to new Bond films are always the longest…but at least they always seems to choose November releases to make my birthdays special (13th so this year my present comes 4 days early.)
    So pumped and can’t wait to count it down with FMR!

      • Hmmm… I actually might have an account that I signed up for about 4 years ago and then abandoned pretty much the next day. I know this exists because I get Facebook mail every so often. I may have to bring it back to life just this once. Like Frankenweenie.

  3. Got registered, finally! Had to switch over to Internet Explorer (blech); apparently the people who wrote the sweepstakes app aren’t very good coders (other browsers have only been around for the past few forevers….)

    Thank you for hosting this, Fogs; your generosity is pretty big, since I know this doesn’t come cheap. Of course, if I win, I’ll have to get myself a Blu-Ray player… and an HD TV… but I’ll cross that bridge in the unlikely event I get to it. 😀

    • Hahaha. Well, thank you for pitching in in spite of all the adversity.

      That’s RIDICULOUS though if people can’t use other browsers in order to sign up with that app. Maybe that’s the problem Ruth is having…

      Oh well, we’ll see. I’m sure along the way there’s gonna be kins, etc… no one ever promised this would be a smooth and easy process.

  4. Fogs, I implore you, please have a way for someone (ok, me) who does not have a facebook account a way to enter!

    • No can do, buddy. It’s easy to sign up for Facebook, and you dont actually have to USE Facebook after… I implore the readers of the comments here not to take that as any kind of support for phantom accounts or anything, but I would like all the regulars here to be able to participate.

      Meanwhile, it’s gotte be this way. A) It puts the drawing in a third party’s hands B) It offers a controlled way to gain some benefit for the blog

      😦 Hope you can see why I worked it this way.

      • I totally see the why. However, I cannot, and will not, ever be involved personally with facebook. If I end up the last holdout on the planet (which it often feels like I am already) so be it. This is something I have been semi-vocal about for years, especially among friends, so its nothing new.

        I don’t hold it against you, your reasoning completely makes sense. This is a very cool thing you are doing, and just because I can’t be directly involved doesn’t make it any less so. We’re still cool, Brotha!

      • Twitter has my support, too. You totally could do it there, but it would require more work on your part, and I can see how that would be prohibitive.

  5. Hate Facebook. I refuse to rejoin. Looks like I have to buy them individually (if they are released that way)

  6. Holy Moly! What have you been smokin’! This is one of the most expensive DVD collections out there! I’m in! I don’t have Facebook but of course the wifey does and so do at least 1000 of her relatives. Al, Dak, Santo they must know people with accounts. Sign em up!
    Incidentally, are you gonna cover all the BONDS’. Lazenby, Niven et all? I’m queuing up Bond flix on Netflix right now. Getting Psyched!

    • Thanks Ray! Good luck man. I’d love to see you wind up with it.

      We’ll see how it goes, once the giveaway is reveiwed by the app, I think they promote it too, so I expect an influx of new likes/entrants. We’ll see how this goes, you know?

      I’m winging things, here, man. LOL

  7. This is seriously awesome. Thanks for doing this, Fogs, and I’ll be looking forward for lots of Bond content. If I do a 007-related post this month, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  8. Fogs, this contest is awesome, especially if I win 😛

    In all seriousness, this is a great idea. You’ve also inspired me to finally write some of the Bond posts I’ve been thinking of, so thanks.

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  10. What a great offer Fogs, hats off to you dude! Not sure how I can squeeze in a bond-related post into my site but I’ll try get the old brain working.

    Timely, since us UK people just got a new TV channel called Sky Movies 007 which shows every bond film, on a loop, all day, every day, in HD!

      • I will certainly try. Its not in the IMDB Top 250, or a horror film, but Im itching to join in. Oh, and I’ll enter too, but if I win I would want you to donate the Blu Ray somewhere, where you see fit. Charity/good cause etc (or the runner up, Im trying to be a nice person in the 0.001% chance I win.) Would cost you a fortune to send it to the UK 🙂

  11. The contest is great but the Bond Blogging is what I am really looking forward to. I sent some links already and I will be posting on my own site some more. It is just fantastic that we all get to share this way and thanks for putting in all the extra effort. I am getting so stoked for Skyfall, I feel like a kid the night before Christmas, I may not sleep for the next month.

  12. Damn Fogs, I step away for a couple days and here you are giving away a freakin’ Bond Blu-ray set! This is awesome, man. Major props for doing something like this!

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