Tossin’ It Out There: What are YOUR favorite Bond Moments?

Over the course of 22 films, the Bond franchise has given us innumerable memorable moments. 007 has skied off of cliffs, been shoved from a plane without a parachute, defused bombs. He’s driven a mini-copter, a tank, speedboats, and the coolest cars in the world.

He’s saved the world countless times.

Along the way, he’s left us with some of the most iconic scenes and moments in movie history. From his initial introduction scene to Honey Rider emerging from the ocean in Dr. No. The Union Jack parachute unfurling as his theme song kicks in, followed by “Nobody Does it Better” in The Spy Who Loved Me. The parkour sequence in Casino Royale. The laser beam in Goldfinger.

Bond has more than his share of fantastic moments, it’s an abundance of riches. He’s got the gadgets, and gets the girls. The villains stand no chance.

What’s YOUR favorite moment? Is there some scene from the franchise that stands out for you, particularly? A chase scene maybe, or a confrontation with a henchman? Maybe one of his encounters with the numerous femme fatales in his life? There’s so many to choose from!

What are YOUR favorite moments from the Bond franchise?


89 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What are YOUR favorite Bond Moments?

  1. Easily the teaser (opening scene) of In Her Majesty’s Secret Service with George Lanzenby being introduced as Bond.

    They shoot it purposely so you don’t see his face until his classic line: “This never happened to the other guy”. He was of course referring to the fact that the girl ran away from him after he saved her from trying to kill herself and fighting off her dads Goons on the beach.

    So amazingly good in so many ways. Its by far my favorite scene in a fracnhise that has more iconic moments than really good films.

  2. It’s from the first Bond film I ever saw, Goldfinger. I’ll quote from my friend and author John Kenneth Muir’s recent article on pre-title sequences:

    The scene boasts a sense of humor, since Bond wears a hat that looks like a sea-gull as he emerges from the water in a wet suit. It features a nod to his impeccable sense of style, since the agent wears a white dinner jacket and bow-tie under his scuba gear, and it even features a dynamic Ken Adam-designed villain headquarters.

    The icing on the cake is the beautiful dancer Bond romances, and the knock-down, drag-out fight with a cold-blooded killer in her dressing room. In one of the film’s many visually dazzling moments, Bond becomes aware of the assassin by seeing his approach reflected in his lover’s eye. After Bond electrocutes the villain, he even lays a quip on us. “Shocking…”

    • That is an awesome, awesome scene. One of Goldfinger’s (FEW) underappreciated moments. I think that with the crazy popularity of evry aspect of that movie, the PTS takes a back seat a bit. But I love it. I cant get over the fact he’s got the tux on under the wetsuit. That’s so freaking badass, Le0p. I love it.

      And that fight scene/femme fatale moment afterwards is great too.

      Goldfinger is one of the greatest movies ever, man. 😀

    • The “Shocking” scene is definitely in my top favorite scenes. I pretty much use that line anywhere I can. Still haven’t been able to use it after getting someone electrocuted, though….

  3. The Firetruck chase in A View To A Kill. Although not my favorite Bond this is probably my favorite Bond movie, it was the first I saw in the theaters and just has so many elements that made an impact on me as a 9 year old.

    • LOL. Well, as a 14 year old, I have to admit I was rolling eyes at that movie going “Come on!!” 😀

      Let’s say this… I was pretty psyched for Dalton when he came on board.

      But I understand. I have a lot of good memories from Octopussy, which was just a few years earlier. And Moonraker left that early, impressionable age mark on me in much of the same way. Its a hard film to defend now, but when you see it when youre so young, and its so awesome… it just becomes hard to forget!

    • Absolutely!!

      In “You Only Live Twice” and prior, at least 😀 There are some things in OHMSS and DAF that aren’t exactly Blofeld’s finest hour… like being played by Telly Savalas and dressing in drag. LOL.

      Meanwhile though, the YOLT Blofeld is one of the most Iconic movie villains of all time, and the obvious inspiration for Dr Evil. Major win. Nice choice, Vinnie!

    • Yeah, that bungee jump scene was awesome.

      Glad you mention that raid in YOLT though. WOW, what an awesome scene. Ninja assault! Throwing stars and machine guns and about 50 dudes rappelling into that base while all kinds of explosions and gunfire are ripping? HELLS YES. HELLLLLLLS YES.

      😀 That choice got me all pumped up.

  4. Wow…your really asking me to pick just a couple? Probably have a couple in every film 🙂
    The first time I remember being really entranced with Bond was at a friends house who had HBO and we watched A View To A Kill…yeah, so the iceburg submarine I thought was way cool. And of course the trap door on the blimp made me never want to ride in one. From that point on, anytime Bond was on I was watching.

    Gotta mention the opening sequence in Goldeneye…some great stunts, the bungee off the bridge, the dive off the cliff into the plane…really stated that Bond was back to me. That opening stated Brosnan was Bond and the franchise was safe with him.

    • LOL. A View to a Kill even gets some love. 😀

      I’m waiting for the Diamonds are Forever fan to show up so that we can prove that Bond fans love ALL the movies, no matter what. 😀

      The opening to Goldeneye was exactly that. The embodiment of “Bond is Back” not only were the Dalton films unpopular when they came out, but legal battles shelved the series for six years… felt like a freaking eternity. But within minutes you knew we were in safe hands. That Brosnan’s Bond was going to be great… did he fully deliver on the promise? No, probably not, but man, for that one movie…. all was right with the Bond universe. 😀

      • Sub-discussion I freakin love the scene where Zorin massacres the mine workers. Thats very harsh depicted and a new standard for Bond villains on screen violence I think.

        Also A View to a Kill has the lamest villain vehicle in Bond history. That blip is just hilarious the trap door was a nice touch to it but I’d be more afraid of it getting punched by a bird beek or something.

      • The Blimp IS hillarious. LOL. I love that it “Sneaks up” on Stacy Sutton. Tanya Roberts is like, jogging, and then…. Oh no! Where did that Blimp come from? 😀

        I think a bird MIGHT be more frightening, yeah. 😀

        That Zorin scene IS pretty cold blooded, but I laugh, because by that point… everything that movie does is cracking me up. Funny, too, because it opens pretty strongly. Once they get to San Francisco though, it’s all downhill from there, for me.

      • AHAHAHAH! Oh my God. That blimp. That was my reaction, too. “How did she not know that blimp was sneaking up on her? All she has to do is turn around when she hears the propellers! Then it’ll take at least ten minutes before it gets to ground level! WHAT THE HECK, BOND!”

      • 😀 LOL. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Its completely ridiculous. And then… she cant get away when they try to grab her? From a blimp?

        She was useless. LOL.

        Of course she was a geologist and an heiress, though. And hot.

        Bond. (heh!)

      • Yeah, agreed the blimp was lame but it was a cool way to get to the top of the Golden Gate bridge.

        As far as Brosnan coming through, Fogs I think he delivered the best Bond he could in all of his films. I definitely wouldn’t blame him on some of the shortcomings from the films after Goldeneye.

  5. There are just to many to choose from! The pre-title sequences are always a treat. One of my favorites is the training mission gone bad from The Living Daylights. As a kid I used to run around the house saying “Hold on, you’re dead!” in a British accent.

    And you are right, Dalton is completely underrated.

    • Very underrated. I recall at the time feeling like the only movie fan who thought he was great and really loved those movies. Everyone else was openly bashing them. saying he sucked, etc.

      Now though, thankfully, his films have clearly been re-evaluated Phil. There’s no doubt. It’s almost rare now to find someone who still bashes those movies… it seems as though the consensus has swung to “Before his time”.

  6. This is impossible to do as just one moment, but here are five that are up there:

    – The final tanker truck chase in License in Kill. Amazing stunts and very tense.
    – The build-up and hand-to-hand fight between Bond and Robert Shaw in the train in From Russia with Love. It’s in such tight quarters and is still one of the classic Bond scenes.
    – Basically everything involving Jaws in the Spy Who Loved Me. That film also has a great chase involving a helicopter and the best Bond car, the Lotus. It’s also a submarine!
    – Speaking of chases, For Your Eyes Only has an great one at a ski resort involving Bond skiing and being chased by a motorcycle down a bobsled trench.
    – Casino Royale has plenty of moments, but the one that stands out to me the most is the black-and-white opening of Bond doing one of his first kills.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. I may need to think it over and do a Top 5 around the time when Skyfall comes out!

    • 😀 If you do, email me the link so I can share it with everyone, Dan.

      Meanwhile, that’s 5 for 5. Nice choices, all. I really really hate For Your Eyes Only, but that scene is a really cool action sequence. The high point of the movie, for me. I think I like it better than the cliff scaling.

      That Tanker chase at the end of Licence to Kill is one of the greatest Bond action scenes ever. Its – literally – explosive. 😀

      And of course, that fistfight in From Russia is a super classic. Incredible Bond moment. I like the close quarters fight in the elevator in Diamonds are forever, too, it’s one of the sole non-cheesy highlights of that movie.

      Rock solid selections, Dan!

      • Thanks Fogs. I might send over a link to a Top 5 Bond Films list that I did last year when I get the chance. I think it turned out pretty well. I like For Your Eyes Only because it brings the series back to Earth, but there are some painful parts too. I do think having Moore kick the car off the edge and kill that henchman was a different take for his version of the character.

  7. At the risk of being dubbed a heretic, a moment I’ve always loved is in the rogue Bond film NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, the final (yet unofficial, of course) appearance of Connery as 007.

    At one point, he’s in a waterside cafe when a waterskiing Kim Basinger jumps up a ramp and piles headlong into him. She profusely apologizes, feeling somewhat embarrassed that she “got him all wet”.

    Without missing a beat, our man Bond replies with:

    “But my Martini is still dry…”

    • LOL. I would have also accepted the pre-title sequence – The training exercise that you dont know is a training exercise. Perhaps even the health club fight where Connery pokes fun at his advancing age.

      Open to complete mockery would have been – the videogame sequence and ANYTHING involving Barbara Carrera. Who is the most over the top, scenery chewing Bond Girl in the history of Bond Girls.

      You know, if “Never Say Never Again” was a bond film. 😉

      I kid, I kid. I consider it a Bond movie, EON be damned. It stars Connery AS Bond. What can you do?

  8. There are far too many sequences to pick a single one but thinking bout it made me realize what they accomplished. For most of Bond flix there is no CGI, just solid stunt work, the greatest action camera filming and of course cutting edge editing. But in addition Bond always had the best gear and advanced tech. The first time anybody even heard of a Laser Beam was in Goldfinger! I remember the opening of “Octopussy”! That mini-jet was incredible. Everyone wanted one of their own. And what’s better than driving up to the gas station and in Bond’s best tongue-in-cheek saying, “Filler up Please”! Outstanding!

    • I know, right? That is a FASCINATING piece of Bond trivia… that the laser was unheard of, and needed to be explained. I can only imagine how astinishing it must have seemed as a concept… seeing it for the first time, used in a Bond film. Awesome. Seriously…

      Thats why I went with the pic on this post!! 😀

      LOL @ the Octopussy jet though, I think I’d rather have the Aston Martin.

  9. Dr. No – Ursula Andress emerges from the ocean. Be still, my heart.

    From Russia With Love – The Gypsy justice

    Thunderball – The Jet pack scene

    Goldfinger – The scene at the hotel withJill Masterson and the cheating at cards, and her iconic death.

    Pussy Galore’s introduction.

    James Bond is shown scubadiving into a compound. When he gets there, he removes his wetsuit to reveal a dry and crisp tuxedo.

    Also, Strapped to Goldfinger’s table with the laser. “Do you expect me to talk? No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.”

    You Only Live Twice – The big reveal of the underground spectre Rocket silo with hundreds of bad guys.

    The Living Daylights – The opening scene with the sniper rifle.

    The Spy Who Loved me – The Lotus coming out of the surf.

    • A whole smorgasboard of Bond goodness! 😀

      The gypsy fight, huh?

      Thats an underrated Bond scene… that sniper sequence. Bond whips out a sniper rifle that looks like it could be mounted on a tank. LOL. Seems like something a 00 would be doing, too. Awesome call out.

      It’s cool to basically select the entire movie of Goldfinger. I concur! 😀 I love the mint julip scene too. Best Bond Villain “here’s my plan” moment ever.

      Bout time someone showed Thunderball some love!! Nice!

  10. Agree with Nostra up there. Not big on Bond movies but planning on getting into the franchise a bit more (at least check out the classics). My favorite of those I’ve seen is Casino Royale. The parkour sequence is very cool.

    • Start with Goldfinger probably, is what I’d advise. Best balance of the classic Bonds. Very popular, as you can see from the other responses. Classic, classic movie.

      This month’ll be a good time to start seeing what they’re all about Fernando… Bond isnt the longest running franchise in movies for nothing! 😀

    • Do you expect me to talk?

      Yeah, priceless. I agree, too, Goldfinger is just filled beginning to end with Iconic stuff. Odd job, the gilded girl, Goldfinger’s huge maps in his HQ, Pussy Galore… That is undeniably one of the greatest Bond movies ever.

  11. I’m going to go with the one of the beginning murders in Live and Let Die. Terrible film by the way. Anyway, so some unsuspecting agent is watch some guy’s New Orleans style funeral, and he asks another guy, who just happens to be standing there, “who’s funeral is it?” And that seemingly random guy replies with: “yours.” Then he stabs him. The New Orleans guys carrying the coffin somehow pick up the agents dead body and put in the coffin, and then the fun jazzy music starts up. Yes. We are having fun now that this agent guy is dead. This scene is just so cheesy that I think of it and it immediately cheers me up.
    That my funny one. My favorite “serious” scene would have to be in Casino Royale when Vesper gets freaked out and Bond comforts her in the shower. Because I’m a hopeless romantic and Vesper’s my favorite character (besides Bond of course).

    • Yeah, I counted Live and Let Die as Cheese I think when I tried to classify all of these movies into “Classic, Cheese, or Crap”. The voodoo, the blaxploitation… I couldnt call it classic, and I didnt want to call it crap.

      That scene always baffled me too. So, what? They staged that whole procession… with a BUNCH of people involved… in order to “secretly” kill one guy? Way to think that one through, “Writers”. LOL!! 😀

      That Vesper scene is great. Lends an emotional weight to the movie. Helps establish their romance, and her character. Great pick. That movie is awesome throughout, I love it. Some of the best action scenes ever in the franchise, too. 😀

  12. I like when Oddball throws his hat and breaks the statuary. His hat is both some type of super strong blade and a boomerang.

    Jaws changing sides in Moonraker. (The result of a write in campaign my children who, for some reason, totally loved the character and didn’t want him to be a meanie anymore)

    Jaws meeting that tiny actress in Moonraker. (Directors and producers were going to replace the tiny actress because they were concerned about the size difference. But the actor didn’t see the problem since his own wife that that tiny.)

    Bond entering the lab with a tone key code and it was the tonal sequence from Close Encounters.

    Any scene with Q instructing Bond on the neat gadgetry he was getting.

    Those are the only ones that usually come to mind when people start to think of Bond movies in general. I actually found the Bond Henchmen to be some of the most interesting characters. The bond films from the 90’s and on just haven’t had the colorful characters as henchmen anymore. None of them pop into mind. Pretty much since the guy who played Bond before Brosnan. Henchmen became ‘red shirts’, throw away characters.

    • I gotta say, I had this out on twitter with a friend earlier this morning… not a big fan of the Jaws turns good element. He was the most iconic villain they had ever come up with!! Why water him down/dillute his character. Bah! I cant get with it. Him and his wife, all happy. Give me snarling, unstoppable Jaws any day.

      Good to see the love for Q, though. Desmond Llewelyn was an incredible addition to the series. He brought a measure of class, continuity and charm to each of the 19 films he was in.

      Worried about the new Q. Kid looks barely old enough to be out of high school. I know they probably want someone young so that they can get him in as many films as they can, but seriously… that actor looks 12. Ok, well, 15. 😀

      • He did look really young. I didn’t like this actor as Bond. I got half an hour into Casino Royale and realized it was the first Bond movie I ever hated. I like Daniel Craig in other things, just not as Bond. But I’m tempted to see this next one just because they brought back Q. I think they are going with the young genius route in this day and age of young technical, young electonic, and young engineering euntrepenuers.

  13. Though they are completely cheesy, I love the scene in space when the space capsules are swallowed by a larger rocket in “You Only Live Twice”, and the similar scene–but on water–of the subs being swallowed by the oil tanker in “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

    • That’s always baffled me to an extent… I need to figure this out once and for all.

      Was that an homage? Or a ripoff? Because they are flat out similar. I mean, really, really similar. And then the assualt to end the movie is very similar, too! Its almost as if they were like, “Do you think anyone will remember we did this 10 years ago?” “Nahhhhhh” LOL. Strikingly similar.

  14. I know you mentioned it on the post above, but that opening scene from The Spy Who Loved Me is pretty much the iconic Bond scene for me. I watched the making-of documentary (note: every single one of the “Making of” pieces are ESSENTIAL), and that stunt was RIDICULOUS. Not only was it incredibly dangerous — I mean, think about, skiing off the edge of a cliff?!?!?! — but they only had one take to do it, really. So super kudos to the stuntman involved. Plus, the theme song and intro sequence that followed is pretty much on my list of favorite Bond intros. (I kinda like the “Goldeneye” beginning a little better, and the ones from the Daniel Craig movies — with the 60’s era book cover aesthetic — have been pretty top notch.)

    I guess the other great moments that stick in my mind are the smaller ones. The way that Sean Connery’s Bond was flirtatious with Ms. Monneypenny. Q’s subtle eye rolling each and every movie. The way both Connery and Moore managed to give their quip a subtle ironic curl.

    Actually, there is another scene that sticks out to me, though it’s not very Bondian. I think the second ever Bond movie I ever saw was “License To Kill”. It was not a very Bond movie; more like a Charles Bronson movie. (Hey… Charles Bronson should’ve totally been Bond.) But man…. that scene where that shark is about to chomp down on good ol’ Felix Leiter always gave me the chills. Imagine my surprise when I found out, years later, that that scene was one lifted from the books! (Mr. Big drops Felix in a shark tank in the Live and Let Die novel, and Felix loses an arm and a leg.)

    • I was doing my patented exaggerated slow nod of agreement through that whole comment, Santo. That opening PTS is probably my favorite Bond moment. I get chills when it transitions from the parachute jump to the title graphics and the piano kicks in. Fantastic, fantastic opening. Great great flick. And Im not even a big Moore as Bond fan. But I love that one. 😀

      As to Licence to Kill, there were some hardcore aspects to it, definitely. The villain whips his girlfriend! What is THAT? The head exploding in the hyperbaric chamber… thats crazy stuff. But again, before its time. Look at some of the things they’ve done in the last couple…

      Only thing I’d disagree with is Bronson as Bond. Glad THAT never happened. 😀

  15. If I had actually seen the Peter Sellers Casino Royale I’d throw in something from that.

    Not really a favorite moment. Maybe most memorable. Oddly enough is from Casino Royale with Craig strapped to that chair and the rope. That scene is just brutal. Dead silent so you can here the rope creak as it swings.

      • I squirmed when I first watched Goldfinger let the laser drift towards Connery’s happy place, but Casino Royale more than one upped that.

        I think favorite has to be the first time Connery introduces himself in Dr. No. That scene just encapsulates everything that is Bond.

  16. Of the “real” Bond films, I’ve only seen GoldenEye in full, so I’m going to have to go with:

    “I’m INVINCIB–” {Nitrogen freeze}

    Of course, I’ve seen the “No Mister Bond, I expect you to die” clip hundreds of times. Great line.

      • LOL. 😀

        There’s the topper for you. But not the recent Craig one, huh? 😀

        Well, you have some awesome movies ahead of you CO. There’s such a wide variety in them. Some are straight up classic (which I know you’ll appreciate) and some are total cheese (Which you’ll also appreciate) 😀

        Start knocking them off whenever you get chances… there’s no real sequence to any of them except Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. They’re better in order I suppose, but it wouldnt make any difference.

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