Tossin’ It Out There – Is there an actor or actress that you can’t stand?

Not that this topic was inspired by any particular movie this weekend…

But via the comments it did cross my mind that there are certain actors and actresses that people just can’t stand. Whether or not they can act, or if they choose poor parts, whatever it is… some people just establish this reputation for being widely reviled.

Kristen Stewart comes immediately to mind. It seems as though there are legions of people who can’t stand her. Adam Sandler, too. His recent run of movies has created an enormous backlash.

But it doesn’t have to be anything rational, or popular, if there’s someone you really don’t like, let’s hear it! Maybe… Charlize Theron bugs you or something. Everyone seems to love her, and that adds fuel to the fire for you. LOL. Seriously whoever it is, for whatever reason… if you can’t stand, let ’em have it!

Is there anΒ actor or actress YOU can’t stand?


162 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There – Is there an actor or actress that you can’t stand?

  1. ABSOLUTELY! I can’t stand Jack Black! That’s one reason Bernie surprised me so much. I also dislike Will Ferrell but I know I’m in the minority.

  2. Yes. I’m not a fan of Adrien Brody. Sure, he won an Oscar in The Pianist. and I LOVE Midnight in Paris (and even enjoy HIS role in it). But I canNOT stand him in any of his other movies. Horrible: Splice, Wrecked, Splice, King Kong, Splice, The Jacket, Predators, Splice, The Village…he’s just BAD. Oh yeah, and he was HORRIBLE in Splice.

    • Wow. I dont know man, I think he’s great.

      Plus, he just decided at one point to become Adrien Brody, Super Pimp, and he started doing all these commercials where he’s a stud. Earned my respect…. LOL. I was like Adrien Brody? For real? πŸ˜€ But he owned it, man.

  3. Drew Barrymore save one performance…E.T. Was it wrong for me to enjoy her being gutted in Scream? Just not a fan.

    As far as the guys, I’d have to say Steven Segal. Was also way more into Chuck Norris and always wanted one of the bad guys to just yank that stupid ponytail off his head.

    There’s your next epic battle, Fogs…Norris vs. Seagal.

  4. Paul Dano – signed, Tank

    Honestly I cannot think of one I cannot stand – although I can think of one that I am ok with that will get me in some heat – Kristen Stewart. I got no problems with her. Bring it, everyone!

    • HAHAHAHA “Paul Dano, signed Tank”

      In like magazine cutout letters.

      I dont know, I’m actually with you Howie, but… for me, the main thing is is that I havent seen enough Kristen Stewart movies to qualify. Adventureland was really good, I thought she was good. Snow White, yeah, she botched that, but the movie was still decent.

      We’ll see what I have to say after this Spring’s promised “Twilight Marathon” πŸ˜€

  5. Apart from Adam Sandler (but even him I can tolerate in a good dramatic role), there really aren’t any actors I can’t stand. It’s all about the role. I think Kristen Stewart is pretty good in Into the Wild, Adventureland and The Runaways. The Twilight films don’t really paint the full picture of her abilities. If I really thought about it, I might be able to think of some actors I hate. Usually though, if I can’t stand them it’s probably more because I can’t stand the type of films they are in.

    • by “abilities” are you referring to her patented money-making wide-eyed open-mouth stare that she stole from Keira Knightley? πŸ˜‰

      I was expecting a little more K-stew disdain than this so far. heehee. Fun discussion, Fogs’!

    • Thats fine, truth is Squasher, I’m with you… I dont think there’s someone…. well, no one that comes to mind immediately at least… that I just cant stand regardless of what role they play.

      I’m pretty sure I’ll come up with one before the day is through though.

      As for K Stew, I thought Adventureland was great, but in fairness, that role didnt ask much. She was good though…

  6. I know classics fans will rip me to shreds but I can’t stand Lawrence Olivier. He annoys me to no end. I don’t think he’s a bad actor really, but I don’t understand why everybody’s like “Lawrence Olivier is like the greatest actor that ever lived!” I feel like I am the only person on the planet that does not understand his supposed greatness. And even though I love classic lit, I feel like he ALWAYS has to play the male romantic lead in movie adaptations of classic lit, and it bugs me. (Hamlet, Mr. Darcy, Maxim DeWinter, Heathcliff….) Play like a normal person for God’s sake. It’s like he’s trying to shove his sophistication in all of our faces. Plus the way he speaks just really annoys me for some reason.
    Similarly, I can’t stand Kenneth Branagh. I feel like he wants to be Olivier, and that just makes me mad (especially when he played Olivier in My Week with Marilyn, and also Hamlet, just like Olivier…). I think he’s actually a good actor, but like Olivier he’s just so smug about it like “I’m such a great actor” in every movie he’s in.
    This is probably totally unreasonable, but whatever.
    Also can’t stand Costner because he has like zero emotion. He’s so monotoned all the time. I actually feel justified in disliking him because the reason is actually acting related.
    Basically for Olivier and Branagh I blame it on pheromones even though you can’t sense them through a movie… But whatever. Felt good to vent on this. Nice idea, Fogs.

      • I only saw parts of it, but I wasn’t a fan of how Branagh just kept yelling his lines all the time. To be fair, maybe he only yelled his lines in the sections I watched… Hamlet’s always a fun debate and I liked Richard Burton the best. David Tennant (also from Harry Potter ha ha!) is my second favorite.
        Yes, I did like him in Harry Potter. He played Lockhart exactly right which is not surprising because it seems like he can relate… I know I shouldn’t judge him personally based on his films but I can’t help it!!
        Before I realized that he did a lot of Olivier-type stuff, I had no problem with Branagh. It’s more of a comment on my antipathy for Olivier than it is on Branagh himself.

    • LOL. I can tell you needed some venting there!

      I cant help you heal with your Olivier issues though. I havent seen enough of him, or recently enough to back you – or him for that matter.

      I WILL say you’re spot on with Kenneth Branagh though. πŸ˜€ Seems like he wants the big screen to be Shakespeare city doesnt it?

      I’ll give Costner a lukewarm defense. The man has been in some great movies. Some movies I really love. Is he more of a “Star” as opposed to an “Actor”? Yeah. Definitely. But there have been a number of times as a star that I’ve really really loved his movies. I CAN see where you’re coming from though, H, no doubt.

      Fun comment. LOL That one made me chuckle. Glad you had fun with this one! πŸ˜€

      • I like some Costner movies, but I don’t like him. I liked The Untouchables and Robin Hood, but I liked these films mostly based on the supporting actors/antagonists (Alan Rickman!!) and I kept feeling like I would like the films more if someone other than Costner was in them.

    • WOW! I love Branagh! I consider him to be one of the best actors out there right now. I will admit that he isn’t right for every part though. He definitely has his style both as an actor and director, but I really like him.

      Good rant though. I enjoyed reading it. haha

  7. Jean Dujardin. I’ll never watch another of his films. Sneaky eyebrows and slippery moustache are no substitute for real acting ability. Winner of least deserve Oscar in film history. He’s also the reason people think the French have no sense of humor and don’t know comedy. Jerry Lewis indeed!
    Tossin it out There should be renamed “Let er Rip”!

  8. Adam Sandler, Tom Cruise, K-Stew, I think everybody has already spoken for me lol! Vince Vaughn…Chelsea Handler, Reese Witherspoon…this is going to go on for a while πŸ˜€

    • Oh wow. Chelsea Hanlder. Thats a good one. She might be mine. She shows up in the trailer for “Fun Size” for like 30 seconds and I get really pissed. I’m like, Ohh! I HATE her.

      So yeah, even though she’s not in much, I dont like her either.

      Vaughn, Cruise and Witherspoon have all had enough wins for me that I forgive them for their… transgressions.

      • Handler isn’t even all that good at what she became famous for (a late night sort-of-talk-show). Her acting, when I’ve seen it (in the mercifully short-lived TV show “Are you there Chelsea?”) is both wooden and robotic.

      • Just because she’s a clueless jackass who likes to make inept snarky comments about things she doesn’t understand is no reason to… no, wait, that’s totally a reason.

  9. Whilst Kirsten Stewart isn’t exactly top of my favourite actress list, aesthetically she pleases me quite a lot, which counts for something in my shallow mind. I think both Jude Law and Clive Owen are my choices. I dislike Law a little less than i did, but there’s just something so smarmy about him. And I just think Owen is a terrible actor. Oh and Danny Dyer. πŸ™‚

    • Aesthetically pleasing. LOL. I like that, brother, I do. LOL. I’m going to steal that the next time I want to avoid coming off as sexist. I enjoy hat. πŸ˜€

      Meanwhile I can’t support the Law and Owen selections, I like them both… Sorry, bub. 😦

      No love for “Children of Men”? “AI”? Great flicks!

      • Feel free to use that at will! πŸ™‚

        I have nothing against those films as such, particularly AI, but their involvement in them makes me like them a little bit less. I should be bigging up the English contingent here, but they just grate on me.

  10. Honestly, For Me, It’s RYAN REYNOLDS. I Can’t Stand The Guy.
    I Was Also A Hater Of HEATH LEDGER, But He’s Dead Now, So I Find Him Slightly More Tolerable πŸ˜‰ But Yeah, RYAN REYNOLDS, Totally Hate That Guy.
    GOOD QUESTION, Dude!!!

    • Thanks buddy.

      Yeah, you know? Ryan Reynolds should have been mentioned up front in my opening. He’s got that level of animosity out there. I should have had him as part of the “Big Three” πŸ˜€

      Heath Ledger, though… I gotta let you fight that battle alone, buddy. πŸ˜€

    • You can DO it, Kim! πŸ˜€ LOL.

      Yeah, he’s rough. Thankfully he’s been relegated to direct to video releases and the occasional cameo here and there.

      There was a time when he was getting some decently high profile movies for himself. 😦

  11. Hayden Christensen, Michael Cera, and Keanu when he tries a British accent (a la Dracula ’92) though admittedly I like him in sci-fi & action roles.

    • Hayden Christensen was terrible in the prequels… but then again, so was Academy Award winner Natalie Portman and fan favorite Samuel L Jackson. I blame George Lucas. πŸ˜€

      Havent really seen him in much else.

      I understand Michael Cera… have you seen Arrested Development, though? GREAT show. I loved him there and then… Superbad… and Scott Pilgrim… so, yeah, I guess you’re on your own with Michael Cera, cause I like him! πŸ˜€

      • yeah, much has been said of George Lucas’ abrupt direction of actors in Star Wars prequels; I believe Liam Neeson said he considered stopping acting all together after that experience. Good thing for us he came back with Taken even if Taken 2 is a bit underwhelming (except for Box Office tally). πŸ˜‰

  12. I can’t stand watching Adam Sandler and all of his buddies who costar in his movies like Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Nick Swardson. Tyler Perry’s also going to be on that list as well.

    One actor who really irritates me beyond belief though is Shia LaBeouf. I blame him for being the main problem of Indiana Jones 4, even more so than the aliens.

    • Ohhhhhh Nick %$&#*ing Swardson.


      That jerk. LOL. πŸ˜€ Oh wow. That touched a nerve, CK. I cant STAND that guy. I just found my answer right there.

      I’m with you on LaBeouf, one of the things that outright shocked me was that I didnt HATE him in Lawless. He was halfway acceptable there. Indy 4 was a mess regardless, the film I think he trashed was the 2nd Wall Street, which was actually half decent except for The Beef. πŸ˜€ LOL

      Nice choices Ck. Very good targets.

  13. Miss perpetual frown herself Kristen Stewart. I wholeheartedly agree she is the Keanu of her generation! Yet its worse than that actually. After watching her just once I realize she may be the most un-emotive actress to ever live!

    Take heart Keanu, you are now #2

    • Miss Perpetual Frown. LOL πŸ˜€ Thats a unique jab. I like that one.

      Keanu was in too many enjoyable things for me to hate him. Yes, he could be replaced by a mannequin with a sound card, but I like far too many of his movie not to have positive associations…

      • All the reasons you listed are exactly why Keanu has lost the crown actually. I have always liked him and cant logically explain it, but the fondness is there nonetheless!

  14. I want to take potshots as the Twilight stars, but I actually kinda like Robert Pattinson and I feel like it’s too easy to shred Lautner and KStew. So, forget that.

    Really, I don’t have an aversion to any particular actor that’s so strong that I’ll flat-out refuse to see their films. Even actors and actresses I’m less fond of can surprise me once in a while; I’m not a huge Halle Barry fan, but she was legitimately great in Monster’s Ball, for example.

    I guess I have to show some disdain for Nick Swardson, though. He’s just not funny. Again, there are spots here and there where he works, but I usually just change the channel if anything involving him happens to be on TV.

    • Lautner is a joke. Wanna know why I say that? Cause I read your comment and when I saw his name I went, “Lautner. Heh.” LOL πŸ˜€

      There you go though, Nick Swardson. That guy is GOD AWFUL. Nice choice. He would be my answer to this question… he’s been known to spoil movies all by himself. AWFUL.

  15. For me it is Julia Roberts or Kathryn Heigle. I think they play the same character in a different mood in each movie. I’ve never thought Roberts was a good actress in the leaset

    • Come on though… America loved Julia at one point, man. She has an Academy Award, too!

      Katherine Heigl is a phenomenon. I have no idea how she gets the parts she does. She’s not even all THAT attractive. I mean, sure, she’s pretty hot, but she’s not all THAT.

      • Well I guess I’m un-american in that Julia Roberts is to me as american as a festering, maggot filled, apple pie.
        Heigl just seems like she hates everyone around her in her movies.

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