Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Scary Movie?

It’s that time of year again… the time when people turn their attention to Horror movies.

Though they’re fun all year round, the holiday of Halloween brings them out in full force. Global horror movie consumption increases thousand fold.

We discussed this topic last year, but it’s worth repeating. What’s your favorite? Do you favor the classics? Maybe low-budget fare is your style… Maybe you’re one of those that stays away from them altogether. There are far too many to list out… the horror genre is far too expansive.

What are YOUR Favorites? Let us know!!


131 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Scary Movie?

  1. I’m Going With “The Shining” On This One, Since It’s The One Flick That Actually DID Give Me Nightmares In My Youth.
    Other Flicks Have Scared Me A Touch, Sure Sure, But “The Shining” Freaked My Ass Out The First Few Times I Saw It.
    For Campy Horror, However, My Favorite Would Likely Be “The Tingler” with Vincent Price! hehehe Fun Fun, Fo SHO, Sir!

    • Niiiice!

      Jack is representing in the early going! πŸ˜€

      I’ve never seen “The Innocents” Vinnie, but the other two are really good… so by way of transitive properties, I’m now assuming that its really good? LOL πŸ˜€

  2. Definitely a dead tie between Alien and Jaws. Jaws still gives me an innate fear of open water, but Xenomorphs can get you on land so I’m not sure which one has given me more nightmares, lol

    • I’ve always been one of those guys that tries to argue the distinction that Jaws isn’t a horror movie… Not Aliens, Aliens is definitely Sci-Fi/Horror. I dunno. I get that feeling Jaws is more… “Adventure Movie”

      But, seeing as thats not the question, it’s all semantics! “Scary Movie” is the question, and certainly, “Jaws” is scary!

  3. Silent Hill 2

    Just kidding. I say I would go with Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. I saw this as a kid and it scared the shit out of me.

  4. there’s way too many to list but if I was cornered I would probably have to say the first Halloween (NOT Zombie’s!). Two of my “most recent” favorites include FROZEN and BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP. I would hate to not mention THE DESCENT and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD though…

  5. Believe it or not but for unsuspecting audience members back in the 90s – believing that the star Drew Barrymore couldn’t be outright stabbed to death in the first 20 minutes – SCREAM was a freak-out! There’s also this years rom-com dud THIS MEANS WAR…pretty scary indeed

  6. As a kid, Freddie Krugger freaked me out. Having nightmares about someone who kills in your dreams it just plain scary. I will always love Poltergeist. But a couple of my favorites as an adult are The Tale of Two Sisters (Korean) and Koma (Hong Kong)

  7. The Exorcist. This should be given some MTESS consideration. At the time, and maybe still, this was the best horror film ever made. It busts the genre wide open and paved the way for the “modern” era. It had the best special effects, editing and everything necessary to scare the daylights out of ya! The best effect was sound. Never before had it reached this level. The sound made you believe more than anything that the “girl” was the devil. “Your mother sucks cocks in hell”! I get chills just typing that! The sound and editing made me believe. There was a strong religious aspect to this. The church condemned it and denied it did exorcisms. But their denial just gave it more plausibility!
    The hype surrounding the film was huge. Opening night, which I attended with a gaggle of friends, was out the door round the block lines. Never have I seen such hysteria in an audience. People screamed and shrieked at the top of their lungs. More than a dozen ran full- speed from the theatre, covering their face and eyes as they fled. The combination of new technology, hype and religious belief, made for a powerful impact! I don’t think its’ ever been equaled!

  8. I guess I’m a bit of a newbie on this one…since I purposefully avoid things that make me scream…but have you heard of Blood Creek? (alternately titled Town Creek). It’s from a couple years ago..Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill, and Dominic Purcell…as if a woman needed another reason to watch πŸ˜‰ But it’s filled with creepy Nazi occult stuff and reincarnated animals…a great thing to watch before bed!

    • I HAVE heard of Blood Creek. I have never SEEN Blood Creek. But creepy Nazi occult stuff and reincarnated animals? Hmmmmmm…. πŸ˜€ Now I’m getting interested! And the cast, of course. Superman and Magneto? Surrrrrre!

      Looking for a movie for tomorrow night anyways.

    • Thats fine. All three are complete winners.

      The Exorcist is my answer. Scariest movie ever. Although maybe not my favorite I suppose in that regard, the shining has a chance.

      I still cant believe Hitchcock made Psycho a mainstream movie in 1960. Incredible. Third movie I ever MTESSed. HAD to.

      Night of the Living Dead is an MTESS to come and another top five horror film to me. Includes credit for one of the greatest endings of all time. Suddenly takes a horror movie and retroactively applies MEANING to the entire movie. Incredible. That is definitely in queue.

      Great choices Ric!

      • The combo of the night part in Night and black and white filmmaking messed me up in a very stark way when I saw it as a kid and that ending that just doesnt leave you for a while. It also may top my greatest futility ending movie of all time!

  9. Um, I don’t like scary movies, I just can’t handle ’em, Fogs! But of the few horror movies I’ve seen I think I like the more psychological thriller ones like Sixth Sense and 28 Days Later. The Exorcist is still THE scariest movie I’ve ever seen which I wish I could un-see!

    • Got three really good ones in there, for someone who doesn’t like scary movies. πŸ˜€ LOL

      LOVE all three. The Exorcist especially. Saw it when I was 10 or 11 and it FREAKED ME OUT!! πŸ˜€ Still remember running home afterwards. (Saw it at a friends)

      The Sixth Sense is great too. I wish M Night hadnt imploded…

      • I actually saw Exorcist when I was in college and I remember asking my boyfriend (now my hubby) to sleep on the sofa so I’m not sleeping home alone!! It still haunts me to this day! Yeah, I wish M Night would make more movies like Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, the latter is one of my fave superhero movies of all time!!

  10. I’m a huge sucker for the Wolf Man. That movie is 100 times more intelligent than it gets credit for.

    And really, the classic Universal creature features are tough to beat.

      • Fun Wolf Man fact: the screenwriter was an exiled German Jew in the early 1940s. So the “if you’re marked with a pentagram, you’re going to die” thing meant sooooo much more. The entire thing is a condemnation of the Nazi state. The dopey, likable Lawrence Talbot, who turns evil on a dime (a moon-shaped dime, as it were), was an allegory for seemingly kind German neighbors who turned their Jewish friends and peers in to the gestapo.

  11. The Shining has been a long time favorite. As I kid, my friends and I would marathon all the Leprechaun movies and laugh our asses off. I’m also a big fan of Evil Dead, and typically throw that in the DVD player around Halloween.

    • Well. That’s a fine choice you’ve made there, Mr Haus. I’m sure you wont regret it.

      The Leprechaun series is pretty laughable. I’ve watched 3 a lot these past couple of years for some reason.

      You freaking out over the Evil Dead remake?

      • Surprisingly, I’m not freaking out over the Evil Dead remake. I figured I would. I guess I realize it is a separate entity and if it sucks I can ignore it and rewatch the classic as many times as I want.

      • Yeah, it helps that the orignal cast and such are only involved as Producers and whatnot. Its so much easier to write off than when someone goes back to their own long dormant property.

        Say… with Arnold and Conan. 😦

        Now THERE’S a SCARY prospect for you buddy. Its happening, too.

  12. I’ll be first to admit that it’s not that great of a movie, but somehow “White Noise” managed to really frighten me. (Well, up until the ghosts showed up at the end and they looked goofy as heck.) There were two scenes specifically. One was when the TV was on, and the ghost appears on the screen, but as a barely perceptible shape. You don’t know if it’s all in your mind, of it’s intentional that there’s a ghost there. Then later, there’s a scene where someone (the Michael Keaton character) is alone in a room. There’s a short flash that shows that there might be three ghosts in the room, standing right behind him, but then the vision passes in miliseconds. They’re very simple scares, but effective in my opinion. Just the thought that, I, as a viewer, have lost control over my own perception of things.

    I imagine this means that J-horror is right up my alley, but I’m so confident that they’ll actually give me nightmares that I’m too chicken to check any of ’em out.

    • Well… thankfully, I dont think I ever saw that one. πŸ˜€ I know the movie you mean, though, Michael Keaton… static on the tv…

      I have a feeling I should be busting chops, but I can’t πŸ˜€

      Not a big horror fan, then eh?

      • I find myself not being scared of some of the more overt stuff. For example, lots of people here mentioned “The Shining.” I really like that movie, and I enjoy the setting at the atmosphere. But it’s not scary to me. Like, when the skeleton shows up, all I can see is a Hollywood prop skeleton. Or when Jack Nicholson goes on his axe spree, all I can think of is, “Huh. It’s Jack Nicholson. Acting cuh-razy!” I can’t get actually spooked unless, like White Noise, it’s something I’m not quite sure if the the director intended me to be scared or not. To be poetic, it’s the uncertainty that scares me. πŸ™‚

        Also, Asian horror manages to spook me. Like, a lot. That’s why I’ve never seen a movie. Why, I filmed a video of myself getting spooked by a friggin’ Asian horror webcomic.

        If that’s all it takes to scare me, I can’t imagine what a whole movie would do.

      • That’s a whole new level of awesome that you did that.

        I like that you use the phrase “Unintentionally Hillarious” while youtubing yourself reading an online comic wearing your luchador mask. I think you may just be the reason the internet was invented. πŸ˜€

    • Groundskeeper Willy: Boy, you read my thoughts. You’ve got the Shinning!

      Bart Simpson: You mean “Shining.”

      Groundskeeper Willy: Shhh! You want to get sued?

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