Tossin’ It Out There: What movie have YOU anticipated the most?

It’s no secret that I’ve been frothing at the mouth over the upcoming Bond movie, “Skyfall”. This week, I realized it may be my most highly anticipated movie ever. Between the rave reviews, the fact that its been an extra couple of years since the last one, being a huge Bond aficionado and having a blogging platform to rile up the discussion, I may just be more psyched up for this movie than I ever have been for a film.

What movie has been YOUR most anticipated? I’m certain that a lot of people are going to answer with the “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”, but the field is really wide open. Who knows why people would look forward to certain movies more than others? Perhaps it was a literary adaptation from a novel you really liked, or a sequel to a movie that you and your friends really loved. A certain installment of a long running franchise… maybe you couldn’t wait to see how Rocky would follow up toppling communism.

Whether its your favorite actor or actress, or a recurring character, or a chapter in a series of films, we’ve all anxiously awaited a new movie at some point in time or another. So let’s hear it! Which movie was YOUR most anticipated?


123 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What movie have YOU anticipated the most?

  1. Avengers. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Yes, I’m a nerd and a kiddy – I accepted that years ago 😀 I suppose I’m pretty excited for Dredd to come out online as well…

      • If I had been old enough to really appreciate them, I would have been insanely excited for all three LOTR films, but who wouldn’t?

        Iron Man 3 and Elysium also come to mind…some films that’ll be out next year, I think. A bald (I mistyped that as bland the first time lol, someone trying to tell me something?) Matt Damon is quite a large bleep on my radar 🙂

  2. Of Current Flicks, It’s “SKYFALL”…
    …Of Past Flicks…
    …I Suppose It Would Have To Be Either “STAR WARS: EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE” or “STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT” Both Of Which I Saw Opening Night, Though ST:FC Was The One I Saw 4 Times In Ye Ole Theater hahaha

    • Wow. Never knew you were a big Trek fan. Or maybe I did and forgot. LOL That’s cool… not sure I like the Next Generation movies as much as the original casts, but its a cool universe to be a fan of. 🙂

  3. The answer to this would have to be Prometheus… Those commercials on TV got me going so much I couldn’t stand it and then… well – if you get a chance you can read my thoughts on it but…

    • Oh wow. GOOD answer. Yeah, how soon we forget. I was right there with you, the marketing for that movie was phenomenal… they had me going nuts too. Of course, I think that contributed a little to the let down I experienced, but, hey, thats not the marketing depts problem. They did their job 😀

      • If they had just used that sound from the commercials ONCE in the entire movie I probably would have passed out in my chair in a state of excited ecstasy. But they didn’t : ( : ( CRY WAAAAHHHH : ( I mean it was still good but not pass-out-in-horror-ecstasy good…

  4. Skyfall of Course.. and in 1983 I sat for 24 hour in line to buy tickets to a 3am screening of Return of the Jedi. No presales in those days and the movie opened on maybe 1500 screens. Ouch, is that my back cricking up? You damn kids get off my lawn.

    • You’re a Bond fan too? Awesome! LOL Just messin with you.

      LOL. I remember standing in line for Jedi too. Although my friends and I were in Jr High 😉 Some nice lady held our place in line so we could kill an hour in the arcade. True story. 😀

  5. For me, without question, THE most anticipated film was… Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. After the monumental revelation in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, I, along with many others, lamented that it was going to take another three f#!@ing years till we all found out whether it was true or what the Hell was going on!!! The wait and anticipation began immediately as those end credits showed up.

    • Yeah, wow. Jedi IS a good answer. I actually probably was more crazy for a second Star Wars movie (and thus Empire) than I was by the time Jedi rolled around, but that may have been the function of my age, too. You have a stellar point about the timing between chpaters. Obviously Empire ends on a cliffhanger.

  6. I think probably Prometheus was one of my most highly anticipated movies, and sadly became one of my most disappointing. Alien is one of my favourite films, probably my favourite Sci-Fi and my favourite Horror, so the prospect of Ridley Scott returning to the same universe for another go was intolerably exciting.

    • Its a solid response, Jay. So much so that I cant believe that I forgot it, and it was only this summer!

      That may have been one of the greatest marketing campaigns that a movie has ever experienced. And of course, everyone was excited for the return of Sir Ridley to the Alien universe.

      Sadly, I am with you, the movie did let us down (in fact that week’s discussion thread wound up being “What movie disappointed YOU the most?” LOL) But hey, its still a great answer to THIS question. I’m with you.

  7. LOTR; The Two Towers! After seeing “The Fellowship…” and dispelling all doubts about the series, I couldn’t wait for the next installment! These movies were a family Christmas time event with as many as 35 people from all over converging on the cineplex. Afterwards a apres/cinema party at the in-laws, all-in-all a great event. Looking forward to the “Hobbit” but not quite as much as LOTR!

  8. I remember waiting what seemed to be an eternity to watch Back To The Future Part 2. I lived in a small town with a theater that only hosted two movies at a time. I had never seen a line stretch around the block before and when we made it to the front doors, we learned the first show had been sold out. Got tickets for the late show right then and hung out for two hours downtown in anticipation to finally see the movie.

    More recently, I had some high anticipations for Star Wars I & Transformers.

    I’m with you though, Bond seems to always get my hyped to go to the theater. Since I can remember, they are usually released around my birthday in November. Plus since my wife and I started dating, we’ve always went to the theater to see the new Bond. Hoping this year we will get to continue the tradition we started 13 years ago with World Is Not Enough in 99.

    • I knew you were going to answer that! LOL. I remember you saying something to that effect on one of your TPMP appearances! 🙂

      There you go! See? The World is not Enough, starting romantic traditions world wide. People bad mouthin it… tuh!!

      LOL 😉

  9. I’m looking forward to a film that hasn’t been made yet, Marvel’s ‘Secret Wars’. Anyone remember ALL the Marvel characters fighting the Beyonder? That would be a cool movie.

    • Does anyone remember Secret Wars? Come ON!! Of course we do!!

      That day may never come as a movie though. Hate to tell you. The rights to those characters are currently scattered all across the universe!

      Although, the way Disney’s goin’ they may just wind up buying out all those other studios!!

      • Honestly, I think the crossover aspect was the coolest part of Secret Wars; the story itself wasn’t anything special, though it did have some good moments. (I still love the fact that Titania came away from it terrified of Spider-Man even though she’s in the Hulk class of strength.)

      • Was on the next page of comments and I saw you had left two comments (via the most recent comments widget) and I was like… Secret Wars. 😀

        The story was whacked out. LOL. All over the map. With so many characters it would have to be. But it was fun. It was great that they had EVERYONE. You know? Or at least very close to everyone…

      • Yup. It’s a lot like DC’s various Crises in that respect… the plots may be a bit wobbly, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had just seeing all the characters in one place. Especially with those early ones where it wasn’t something that happened every week.

  10. Lord of the Rings, all of them. And now The Hobbit. Avengers as well. Now that my kids are older and I have some money, it’s nice to be able to go back to the movies. The next one all of us are looking forward to is The Hobbit. They were my staple book for reading when I was a little kid. I read The Hobbit in 1st grade and Lord of the Rings in 2nd.

    • I wasn’t that young, but those were grammar school reads for me too. So I’ve known Middle Earth for a long time, as well…. 😀

      The Hobbit is going to be great, man. I saw the entire “Riddle” game between Gollum and Frodo at Comic-Con, and this movie is NOT going to disappoint. People will love it just as much as the LotR movies. It will pay off our patience, just wait and see!

  11. I anticipated the “Avengers” since Nick Fury showed up as a surprise character in the end credits of “Iron Man”. I looked forward to “Star Trek”, since it was the return of a franchise that had long fallen into disrepair. And, as a child of the 80’s, I was sorta stoked that a toy line, “Transformers”, was making to the big screen. (Laugh all you will, but, man, back then it was so unlikely that now semi-obscure toys from 25 years ago were getting a blockbuster release.)

    But, yeah, nothing beats “Star Wars: Episode 1.” I think I was using the internet — in its primitive version back then — to the full extent of its capability just to sop up any rumors about the movie. I remember lingering at the magazine section of the book store to see if there were new location photos available in the Cinescape. In a way, it actually help prepare me for disappointment. I remember thinking, “Wait, they’re only filming on location now? This movie was announced two years ago!” Plus every shot was in Tunisia and pretty much no where else. I discovered later that this was because every other location was pretty much on a green screen at a soundstage. Where was the lush Dagobah set built at the Elwood Studios?

    Close second, by the way, is “Spider-Man.” Holy moly, did I wait forever for that to hit the screen. Marvel really had no success adapting their major heroes on screen yet (X-Men and Blade were more or less indie movies about superheroes). Superman had several movies. Batman had several movies. But “Spider-Man” seemed to be a cursed franchise, with aborted attempts in the 70’s and 90’s. Us fans were sure that a good Spider-Man movie would never be made. Well, when that movie came out, we made sure to show up on opening day. The theater was so crowded that my little cousin had to sit on my lap because there were no seats left. And I left the theater very, very happy. The last of the great superheroes was finally on screen! (Don’t fool yourselves: no one gets bigger than Superman, Batman, or Spider-Man.) And it was great! A far more satisfying experience than “Episode I”, easily.

    • Absolutely. I couldnt believe that Spider-Man released up against Star Wars Episode II and basically kicked its ass. 😀 I dont think I’ve ever been happier with a box office story. LOL.

      Youre right, it did have a lot of trouble getting made. I just read a lot of that because it was entagled with the Bond franchise… (the rights for Spidey got swapped between MGM and Sony for Casino Royale and other Bond rights) I agree with you, he Supes and Bats are on the mount rushmore of superheroes, and I dont think there’s anyone that can claim the same stature (although times change, watch out for Iron Man and Wolverine!)

      I went through all that Phantom Menace stuff too. I… *sigh* it pains me to think of it now. LOL

      • Yeah. It’s an odd choice. I went with it because I was going to be traveling for ten days starting the Friday it opened, so I knew I made to make the midnight screening.

        It was a big group of us, and we had a good time.

        There have been other movies I have anticipated, but for all the others I could wait. I couldn’t for “Revenge”.

        And in the end Lucas stilled dropped the ball.

  12. Skyfall is definitely up there for me. It pained me that I had to wait nearly a week to see it after release. I was super hyped for The Avengers too, which I enjoyed immensely. I see many have said Return of the Jedi. I wish I had had chance to see that first time around, but unfortunately I was still a few years off being born! Ha!

    • LOL. Youngin’. 😦

      Yeah, I remember Waiting for Jedi. It was crazy.

      Skyfall has a level of hype comparable to the Bonds where theres a new 007. Casino Royale, Goldeneye… The Living Daylights. I HOPE its as good as everyone says! GAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!

  13. The day I heard De Niro AND Pacino would star in a film together and share scenes together, I literally wanted to cry with excitement and could not wait for that film! Sadly it was the abomination that was Righteous Kill…………

    I guess the wait for Kill Bill Volume 2 had me frothing at the mouth so I’ll go with that answer 🙂

    • Nice answer with Kill Bill II, thats a very cool choice. I remember not being able to wait for that one either. Nice, Tyson, I wouldnt have thought of that one but I was really psyched for it too.

      Righteous Kill, oh my god. They should have passed out bleach so people could scald their eyes aftewards. LOL

  14. Definetly Black Swan. I love psychological thrillers/body horror and I’m a huge fan of Aronofsky, ever since I saw the poster for the movie I just couldn’t wait. I read the script, I saw every single trailer and tv spot and now the film is my all time favorite.

    This year my most anticipated was Prometheus, I didn’t even want to see Skyfall but I’m glad I did – it was good.

    • LOL!! Wowsa!! I knew that was like, your favorite movie and whatnot, but I didnt knpw you had been prepping for it! 😀 You’re the coolest. LOL 😀

      You read scripts before seeing movies? Thats messed up though, hey…

      Glad to hear that about Skyfall!! Winning over the non-fans. PERFECT. Very cool! 😀

      • I only read the scripts for movies I really can’t wait for – I did so for Shame and Black Swan, with Black Swan it was very interesting as there were two versions of the script and the older one was quite different than the story we saw in film.

    • That was kind of a perfect storm of publicity, for the Dark Knight, wasn’t it? With Ledger’s death and all… tragic, but it certainly whipped up the anticipation. I couldnt wait to see that one either, nice choice Issy. 🙂

  15. LOTR not withstanding, MI4-Ghost Protocol was highly anticipated and delivered for me. Now it’s a bevy of films Hobbit(s), Skyfall(of course), and Reacher (with Cruise since I’ve been reading Lee Child books; think Bourne meets TVs the Shield).

    • Love the Shield, incredible show.

      I think Reacher has got some work to do to convince me that Tom Cruise is an ass kicking bad ass. It works in the MI series because he’s got the whole super-spy thing going on, I think his diminuitive stature is going to be a little tough to overcome… I know, I know. “Judge me by my size, do you?” I realize size can be overcome in martial arts. But maybe not in movies….

      • You’re right on point there as the character he’s portraying from the book is 6’5″ with a massive build; so to say Cruise is playing against type is a bit of a “Reach.” 😉 Still curious.

        “Now, you Irish cops are perking up. That’s two sound theories in one day, neither of which deal with abnormally sized men. Kind of makes me feel like Riverdancing.”
        [He proceeds to riverdance]
        -Paul Smecker(WDafoe), Boondock Saints (’99)

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