Tossin’ It Out There: What movie have YOU anticipated the most?

It’s no secret that I’ve been frothing at the mouth over the upcoming Bond movie, “Skyfall”. This week, I realized it may be my most highly anticipated movie ever. Between the rave reviews, the fact that its been an extra couple of years since the last one, being a huge Bond aficionado and having a blogging platform to rile up the discussion, I may just be more psyched up for this movie than I ever have been for a film.

What movie has been YOUR most anticipated? I’m certain that a lot of people are going to answer with the “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”, but the field is really wide open. Who knows why people would look forward to certain movies more than others? Perhaps it was a literary adaptation from a novel you really liked, or a sequel to a movie that you and your friends really loved. A certain installment of a long running franchise… maybe you couldn’t wait to see how Rocky would follow up toppling communism.

Whether its your favorite actor or actress, or a recurring character, or a chapter in a series of films, we’ve all anxiously awaited a new movie at some point in time or another. So let’s hear it! Which movie was YOUR most anticipated?


123 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What movie have YOU anticipated the most?

  1. First The Avengers (2012) and now Skyfall. My biggest concern for Friday (since I’m a day sleeper), do I stay up and see the first showing or get a couple hours sleep and see the first showing? I get out of work at 7am.

  2. Wow. Great question.
    I don’t know why I always feel I need to interpret these to death, but here I go.
    My most anticipated movie in a theater: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I was 7 years old and I basically devoured the Harry Potter books, but because I was so young at the time I guess, I didn’t realize that there had been a movie for the first book (I suspect my mom hid the knowledge from me because she though I would get nightmares). By the second movie, I had wised up and my mom had to take me to see it. I was FREAKING OUT for I don’t even know how long. It was around christmas or thanksgiving (can’t remember which) so a lot of my family was in town and it was a huge event. I had to cover my eyes for the giant spiders but it was still awesome from my seven year old perspective. Indiana Jones 4 is probably a very close second, because I had never seen any of the original trilogy first time around, so I was very excited to be a part of seeing at least one the movies for the first time.
    However, I think the movie I have been most excited just to see in general would probably be Citizen Kane. Obviously did not see it in theaters for the first time because I wasn’t born yet! I was so excited to see it because it just has that “greatest film of all time” label, and I was starting to get into classic films more so I just saw it as a major accomplishment. Needless to say I’m very pleased with myself (perhaps more than I should be, all I did was watch a movie). I had been trying to take it out of the library for like a year, so when I finally got it for Christmas I was freaking out.
    Similarly, I’m really excited to see Django Unchained when it comes out because I’ve never seen a Tarantino film before. Plus it looks awesome.
    AND OF COURSE SKYFALL. SO PUMPED EVER SINCE LIKE… QUANTUM CAME OUT. I’m really hoping to get to a midnight one, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work out with everything… but the suspense is killing me.

    • “I don’t know why I always feel I need to interpret these to death, but here I go.”

      Heh heh. Its all part of my evil plan to conquer the blogosphere! 😀

      Yeah, I had a feeling that the Potter movies would be a popular answer for folks your age. No doubt about it. For those of us a little older, we probably didnt get the complete cultural impact that you did, but that’ll be the story of every generation. Hopefully for you all, Harry Potter doesn’t return with sloppy, diminishing sequels like Star Wars did. 😦

      Wow, Citizen Kane, huh? I guess I would have just expected you’d want to watch it and then watch it… but I suppose if you struggled to get your hands on it, I can see that. Hope it didnt disappoint. 😉

      DJANGO! Looks sick Tarantino showed off a couple of scenes and a sizzle reel (like an 8 minute trailer) and it looks awesome. 😀

      Skyfall though? Really Hunter? I… I dont know. Couldnt care less for that one. Just not doing anything for me.


  3. I’ve seen a lot of good answers here… for me, I think it would probably be the one you cite in the post — The Phantom Menace. I was coming into it fairly clean, not knowing much beyond “New Star Wars“. High hopes, man, high hopes. I also had a lot of anticipation for the special editions of Star Wars — not so much for the changes, but just for seeing Star Wars on the big screen (hey, I was four when ROTJ came out.) Somehow I missed ESB, though; busy year (1997, senior year of high school), and I missed my window of opportunity. I’ll tell you right now, even though it’s not exactly “anticipation”, I’m still hoping they keep going through with these 3D re-releases of Star Wars just because of that. I don’t even care how much they adulterate it, ESB is the only live-action Star Wars film I haven’t seen on the big screen in some form. Gotta fix that.

    Lot of people here saying Lord of the Rings; have to agree with that as well. Though I think one of my co-workers at the time was anticipating even more. He was a couple years younger than me, and hadn’t even read the books, but he was really amped up about it. Said he thought it had the potential to be this generation’s Star Wars. Looking back, I think he might have had a valid point.

    I also remember anticipating Independence Day quite a bit. Not really sure why, I think it was just that big-budget space action movies were still pretty novel at the time. Good film anyway. Also anticipated Spider-Man even despite the goofy Green Goblin mask. Could really see the quality coming off of that, and Spidey had long been one of my favorite comic book characters. Not quite as much on the Nolan Batman films, though, even though I wound up liking them all quite a bit. You might remember I had a lot of trepidation about each of them… the trailers and such just kept making me think it was going to be a lot of navel-gazing and Burtonesque pseudo-goth. And, of course, I had a lot of anticipation for The Avengers; one of the few times I’ve gone to a big film on its opening night.

    • Yeah wasn’t that mask a mistake? I feel like we may have touched on it before… Dafoe LOOKS like the Goblin!! Why not just use makeup? Missed opportunity.

      No excuses needed, I was psyched for the special editions too. See Star Wars on the big screen again, see the tinkering. It was cool, and kind of cutting edge at the time…

      What I didn’t know was that Lucas would try to force those on us as official versions… ugh. I’d have felt VERY differently.

      LotR, I was pretty excited for too. Reread “Fellowship” prior to seeing it, but quickly realized that was a mistake, as I spent the entire movie comparing the film to the book in spite of trying to fight that urge. Just couldnt stop. 😦

      I’m not sure why anyone would have been anxiously awaiting Independence Day, either. LOL 😀

      • Yeah, I think we’ve talked about the Goblin mask before. And of course the Special Edition “officialness”… bleh. The VHS releases came out with the choice between them; would it have killed George to do the same with the DVDs? Even when he finally did it, it was bundled and the originals were matted and weren’t remastered. But we digress. Again. 😀

        By the time LotR came out, I’d read the books three or four times, so I didn’t feel like I needed to re-read it before the movies. Probably the right decision, as you say.

      • I remain convinced that the Robo-Goblin was a direct result of trying to appease the Japanese market (something that I’m assuming the Sony Corporation wouldn’t totally ignore). You know, the one that was used to their version of Spider-Man, a dirt-bike racer who flew around a giant robot and fought space monsters that grew into battling beasts.

        Now I’m gonna get all conspiracy theory on you: Japanese Spider-Man was more or less the direct ancestor to the Super Sentai series … which we know best in the US as Power Rangers. The very first Super Sentai series, Battle Fever J, was developed in conjunction with Marvel by the same producer of Japanese Spider-Man (Shotaro Ishinomori). They were supposedly based on the Avengers … or, at the very least, Captain America. Look at a typical Power Ranger outfit, and it isn’t hard to see the Captain America influence.

        So there you go: Marvel —> Japanese Spider-Man —> Super Sentai —> Robo-Goblin

        Hence, when people were deriding Robo-Goblin as being a Power Ranger, I more or less took it as fact. 🙂

  4. Well the one that jumped into my head at this topical question was Planet of the Apes. The original. I was 10 and just thought the concept and effects were outrageous. I couldn’t wait to see it. I can’t remember how long it took before I could convince my parents to let me see it, but that just boult it up. I think I went with an older cousin. But to me that was cool.

  5. Back in the day it was definitely, Aliens. Especially after the first one. The original Conan … unfortunately. Lastly, the King Kong remake! Loved the first and third and disliked the second.

    • Nice… forgot about Aliens. I had some reservations, though. At the time, Cameron wasn’t really the reknown auteur he is today. LOL. Plus it had been so long since the original, you know? It definitely delivered though. As much as I like the original over the sequel, thats definitely a worthy sequel, without a doubt.

      This recent Kong movie had me pretty excited because it was Peter Jackson. And they definitely were able to trot out some great looking special effects for the promotional campaign 🙂

  6. Definitely The Dark Knight Rises, even though I was only able to get tickets to the 3 AM IMAX showing. The theater was still packed and I was so jacked up on caffeine that I left the movie theater feeling more alive than I’d felt in a very long time, lol

    • Huh. That one let me down a bit, wasn’t all that impressed. I can see being amped up for it though, seeing how good those first two films were. All the signs were there for an epic conclusion. Just didnt connect with me that well. 😦

  7. Dark Knight Rises was the latest one. I think the one before that was Harry Potter (the first one). Honestly, I have movie ADD, which you can relate. I feel like every movie I’m interested in feels like I’m anticipating it. It’s my simple mind, I tell ya.

    • LOL. So, whatever’s opening this coming weekend then? I gotchas.

      I was surprised at how little I was anticipating Dark Knight RIses. I blame the marketing, with that weird chanting, and the fact they recycled the name… 😦

      • HAHA. You got me. Ya, recycling the name was not the best idea. I often stop after Knight. I often confuse a lot of people when I say, “Dark Knight” and “Bane” in the same sentence.

  8. Some of my most anticipated movies ever include The Prestige, Nine, Burn After Reading, The Dark Knight, The Hunger Games and Inception. Right now I can’t wait for Les Misérables.

    • Wow. Some great movies there, but not a lot of them that I “saw coming”. I’m a huge fan of The Prestige, and Burn After Reading, but I’m not sure they were really even on my radar prior to release!

      I’m not too familiar with Les Mis, but I will say that that movie looks like its going to be good…

  9. When I was younger, I used to anticipate harry potter. I used to go 3 hours earlier to line up for the first showing.
    This year it was dark knight rises. I looked forward to it a whole lot. Now I’m anticipating les miserables. I can’t wait for it. I think it’ll be epic.

    • Wow, two comments for Les Mis, I guess I should up that in my estimation! LOL

      Harry Potter is cool, I should have guessed that those would be popular. Kind of sucks they’re over, actually, those were at least one decent high profile release every year that was guaranteed not to disappoint.

  10. I’d say James Cameron’s TITANIC…it was soooo huge..not just the ship lol…but from movie teasers to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”…I sooooo desperately wanted to see it that I did not wait for my friends to join me, so I went to the theater alone (imagine every movie goers there were with families, friends or with their special someone but me, I was totally alone hahaha) and I had to fall in line half an hour to grab a ticket, then an hour or two, i think, strolling around the mall to kill the time since I need to wait for the next open schedule and another hour standing in a line outside the cinema entrance or else I will be seated at the front most seats or worst I’ll be standing on the aisle for the whole 3hrs. running time haha (long time ago, movie houses in the Philippines accepts SP as in Standing Position inside the cinema as long as there is still space we have reserved seats…thank goodness! *eyes rolling*)

    I was 17 then (yaeks don’t count the years, I know I’m already old haha) and while the movie was still hot and still at #1, I bought the soundtrack album as an 18th birthday gift for myself, the greatest gift a Titanic crazy débutante could ever received LOL…but anyways, it was my most anticipated movie as far as I am concerned haha…Cheers!

    • Wow, standing room ticjkets in the movies? Thats definitely something that doesnt happen here! 😀

      Dont worry about “Counting Years”, I’m no spring chicken myself. So… I dont do that to others.

      I’m not the world’s hugest “Titanic” fan, but I respect its success, and I do think its a movie that everyone should see… if You’re interested LLL, here’s a post I wrote about the making of, and the phenomenon it became 😀

      • actually, I’ve read it already just didn’t made a comment…well, what can I say? you did a perfect review of Titanic complete with its history and the movie’s many achievements…I know, not everyone is a fan or a huge fan like me but even so, you will just be in awe with the whole production.

        Yep! standing room tickets, you should try it haha…

        Thanks and don’t stop keeping us up to date with the newest and the bestest movie there is…I’ve been relying on you lately which movie I should and should not watch LOL…great job! 😉

  11. Probably Return of the Jedi. Talking about frothing at the mouth.

    More recently, it’s not a movie, but I’ve been heavily invested in the process of bringing A Game of Thrones to the small screen.

      • There is a small but very vocal core of book fans that despise the TV show for not being faithful enough. I’m sure Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fans have a similar group.

        Season Two diverged from the novels fairly significantly. I don’t the changes for the most part are any better or worse, they’re just different. And of course, some changes have to be made because there’s no budget big enough to actually put the whole books up on the screen.

  12. For this year it really was The Dark Knight Rises and even though I’m no Star Wars fan I was looking forward to episode 1 because a friend of mine hyped it up.

    • The whole country went a little Episode 1 crazy. It was hard not to! We had put Star Wars on such a pedestal, and the movies had been gone for nearly 20 years!

      Anyways, sure. I can see being that kind of excited for Dark Knight Rises, too. 🙂

  13. Hi, Fogs and company:

    The film I anticipated the most was Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Full Metal Jacket’. A journey that began in April, 1980 when I picked up Gus Hasford’s ‘The Short Timers’. A tremendous, quick read and basis for the film.

    Was ecstatic when I read that Kubrick and Hasford were in negotiations for the novel’s rights. And that Hasford would have a hand in the screenplay. Followed the news and gossip that Bruce Willis auditioned for the role of Pvt. Joker. Then the role of Gunny Hartman. Only to leave two weeks into filming due to ‘Artistic differences’ and R, Lee Ermey was given the role to make his own.

    Caught the film as a birthday present during its premiere week in late June of 1987. The only problem I foresaw was if Kubrick would stick to Hasford’s complete story. And send Joker back to the Lust Hog squad at Khe Sanh. Instead of ending the film weakly on the far side of the Perfume River in Hue city a full chapter short.

    A great film, overall. Whose else could make parts of Cambridgeshire double so well for Parris Island? Or a decrepit gas works fill in for ravaged, rock gardened Hue city? Though it would have been even greater if Kubrick had gone the distance.

    • Oh my god, I never knew that about Bruce Willis. I think not having him worked out for the best, dont you? 😀

      I’ve never read the book, so I cant comment on whether it would have been better if Kubrick had “gone the distance”… I think its a GREAT movie as is, though I assume “going the distance” would have made it longer, which I’d be all in favor of, because more Full Metal Jacket could NOT be a bad thing. 😀

      “Son, all I’ve ever asked of my marines is that they obey my orders as they would the word of God.”

      • Hi, Fogs!

        Having Bruce Willis as Joker (Way too old!) or D.I. Gunny Hartman would not have helped the film. Willis was still attached to ABC’s ‘Moonlighting’ and was the up and coming Hollywood talent, du jour at the time. And Kubrick always seemed to have a knack of getting the best out of unknown talents.

        Though not a huge fan of Matthew Modine, he did deliver his lines and the proper attitude as written. Even if I thought Arliss Howard’s Cowboy
        was far more interesting. And R. Lee Ermey was not considered for an Best Supporting Oscar nomination for his role as Gunny Hartman.

        And yes, “going the distance” would have added another half hour to the
        film with extra sound stage jungle scenes. But it would have ended much more dramatically.

        “These are great days we’re living, bros. We are jolly green giants, walking the Earth with guns. These people we wasted here today are the finest human beings we will ever know. After we rotate back to the world, we’re gonna miss not having anyone around that’s worth shooting.”
        (Crazy Earl)

  14. I came to the Harry Potter movies quite late on but felt huge anticipation for the final film Deathly Hallows Part Two. I’m also a massive X-Files fan so was super excited to see those movies – the first being a cut above the second. This year I was very keen to see Moonrise Kingdom, Jeff Who Lives At Home and Ruby Sparks but my most anticipated film at the moment has to be Les Miserable! The trailer looks fantastic – Anne Hathaway’s voice sounds incredible.

    • I STILL havent seen Moonrise Kingdom, would you believe that? I missed it in theatres due to its limited release schedule, and now I have to circle back!!

      I may just remedy that today….

      I cant believe all the Les Mis love here!! 😀 Youre the third of fourth person, I’m impressed! Yeah, Hathaway is singing her heart out, isnt she? That trailer makes the movie look really good. And thats coming from someone who isnt the hugest musicals fan or anything.

  15. When Empire Strikes Back opened, I was primed. I was just the right age, 15, and the amount of excitement was … unhealthy. lol. Also I remember being completely geeked for Raiders of the Lost Arc in 1981.

    More recently, I’d have to say LotR and Avengers have been to peaks in terms of anticipation.

    Right now I am very jazzed for The Hobbit.

    • Raiders snuck up on me a bit more. I’m a few years younger, which at that age, makes a big difference in the awareness levels. Still thought it was great when I did see it though.

      And yeah, at 10, my world was ALL about getting a new Star Wars movie. It can’t be true what theyre saying about Darth Vader… can it? NOOOOOOOOOO….. LOL

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  17. Im going to have to show my age here…
    Star Wars, I was 8, saw a piece on the FX on a kids TV show here in the UK, and I begged to take me, eventually my mum took me after school with my best mate a week or so after it 1st came out,,, wow!
    Then Empire Strikes back, by that time I was devouring sci-fi novels and mags, I remember a massive queue to get in.

    As an adult, Aliens ( which I saw twice on the day of release!)
    Prometheus was the most recent film I’ve been all over, even going to a midnight screening on first day, even though I had to look after my early rising 3 yearold a few hours after it finished..)

    Skyfall, didn’t really get the massive buildup that some films get, but as soon as I heard it was good, I was very keen to se it, and it’s the first film both my wife and I have seen together for over 3 years ( someone has to look after the kid usually)

    • I wouldnt worry about showing your age too much, I was right around that age when Star Wars came out too. It was an incredible event. There was no way to escape the buzz, I dont care how old you were.

      I wish Prometheus had lived up to the hype. Because man, that film had me in a frenzy too. A lot of people have mentioned that here, and for good reason. The marketing was awesome for that one. Fantastic job.

      I, uh. I might be looking forward to Skyfall a little bit myself, there Nik. LOL!! 😀

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