Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Team?

This weekend’s release of “Rise of the Guardians” saw a movie team up of Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, The Sandman, The Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost. Together they formed “The Guardians” and fought against “Pitch”, better known to us all as The Boogeyman.

It was quite an imaginative team up, and put me in the mind to ask about teams for this week’s discussion.

With the golden age of Superhero movies upon us, there’s obviously no shortage of Superhero team movies X-Men, Fantastic Four, and The Avengers have had theirs already, with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Justice League soon to come. But teams in movies have certainly preceded superheros. From the Magnificent Seven to Force 10 from Navarone to the Dirty Dozen, there are plenty of classic teams to choose from. The Fellowship of the Ring, the Scooby Doo gang, the Ocean’s 11 gang, team movies keep getting made, too.

The judges will be lenient this week to accommodate discussion, so even if your team doesn’t technically have a NAME, if you can argue they make a “team” go for it. The Rebel Alliance gang of Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, the droids, etc? Sure! The Harry Potter kids? Wellllll… you’d need to talk me into it, but you see where I’m going. 😀

So let’s hear it! Who’s YOUR favorite movie team?!


119 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Team?

  1. The Washington Sentinels from the Reeves/Hackman classic THE REPLACEMENTS. I love that flick in a truly unhealthy way, and the jail cell scene (where the whole team is dancing and singing I Will Survive) is one for the ages. Unbeatable.

  2. For me to choose, I have to narrow the definition a bit. What makes a great team? Team work. Coming together as a team, even if they dont start that way, and of course, taking one for the team, meaning a sacrifice.

    So, I’m going to throw out of my consideration the Fellowship of the Ring, because they never really congeal as a team, although Boromir’s sacrice is right up there in the annals of great ‘taking one for the team’ moments.

    For Westerns, The Magnificent Seven/Seven Samuri team is a great team, rife with coalescing teamwork and sacrifice.

    For Superhero teams, I think the Avengers is clearly the top of the heap, although the X-Men from First Class should get hororable mention, as should the BPRD team from HB2.

    For Sports films, I think The Bad News Bears (the original with Matthau) is probably the best of a huge group of great team films.

    For Heist Films, I’ll nominate the Hole in The Wall Gang from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, although their team work was a bit lacking.

    And fro WWII films, I’ll take The Bridge on the River Kwai over the great escape, but mostly because I think its one of the best movies ever made.

    Thats all I got for now.

    • It’s enough. LOL. What about for Romantic Comedies and for Period Dramas? Slacker…


      LOVE the Bad News Bears. I think I should MTESS it and justify it by saying “‘Cause” lol.

      The Hole in the Wall Gang had more than its share of issues, didnt it? 😀

  3. So many, do I have to choose?
    The Inglorious Basterds
    The Wild Bunch
    Charlestown Chiefs
    Brody, Hooper, and Quint,

    ok, I choose Chief Brody, Matt Hooper and Captain Quint. Ten Minutes of dinner on the Orca makes all other movie scenes small by comparison.

    • That IS like the greatest scene of all time isn’t it? Its the ultimate movie “Black Hole”. If I’m clicking through channels and its anywhere near that scene I have 0.000% chance of leaving. From “Dont you worry about it chief…” on, that scene is just one of the most perfect moments ever on film.

      Oh. And when it stops, the shark is there in full out battle mode.

      Yeah, Jaws is a pretty decent flick. LOL

  4. The Avengers. It was one of the best balancing acts I’ve ever seen in a movie, with several characters, each helming their own movie franchises, getting pretty much equal screen time. Was stoked when the prospect of it was brought up at the end of Iron Man, and the movie delivered.

    Beyond that though: the team from Rio Bravo included John Wayne (Chance), Dean Martin (Dude), Ricky Nelson (Colorado Ryan), and Angie Dickinson (Feathers). The movie was made as a response to High Noon — it was the opposite of the sheriff standing alone. Rather, the sheriff, reluctant as he was, needed the support of the people who loved and cared about him to flush out the desperadoes at the end. They weren’t a perfect bunch — Martin played a drunk trying as best as he could to get sober — but when they were together, they were unstoppable.

    For similar reasons, I liked the team in Silverado as well. Individually, each of those characters — Kline, Glenn, Costner, Glover — could be picked off or corrupted, but together they could rid the town of the evil Brian Dennehy. Westerns do have a pretty good track record at putting teams together.

    And finally, the Expendables. Not so much that they’re a bunch of 80’s action stars who need work. More because I love the idea of a bunch of scraggly Delta Force style mercenaries, and The Expendables manages to make it look both fun and also a lifestyle that you probably shouldn’t be pursuing. I also love how each of them has a specialist role — stealth, explosives, heavy weapons, close combat, etc. It’s like what the GI Joe movie should’ve been.

    • The Avengers was completely awesome, wasn’t it? They hyped the hell out of it, and built it up like mad, and then delivered in spades. AWESOME. I’m actually surprised more people havent picked them, seeing as it was so freaking popular this year.

      [Christian Slater voice, in True Romance] “Rio Bravo”, now that’s a movie! [/Christian Slater] LOL It is a great flick…

      The Expendables was pretty cool, those guys do have a great camaraderie on their team 🙂 And that Comic-Con panel is something I’ll never forget. One of the high points of my film fan existence 🙂

  5. Here’s another vote for “The Avengers” one of this year’s best films. Also agree with El Santo about the Expendables.

  6. First off, kudos to whomever mentioned the “Orca 3” — Brody, Quint, and Hooper.

    Since I don’t just want to be “oh yeah, those guys”, I’ll throw in Ness, Mallone, Stone, and Wallace, The Untouchables.

  7. I have to mostly dismiss comics out of hand, but I think in any case I will take the crew of Firefly, or perhaps a close second would be the Predator jungle team or Samurai from 13 Assasins or Kurisawa’s 7

    • Amazing, isnt it that they were able to get that reboot/prequel going so seemlessly? Its awesome…. just saw on Twitter that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan are both going to be in the prequel’s sequel, too (LOL, “X-Men: Second Class”)

  8. Sneakers(1992) group:
    Marty Bishop – Robert Redford
    Crease – Sidney Poitier
    Whistler- David Strathairn
    Mother- Dan Aykroyd
    Carl- River Phoenix
    Liz- Mary Mcdonnell

    Carl: It’s fascinating what fifty bucks will get you at the county recorder’s office.
    Martin Bishop: What have you got?
    Carl: Playtronics Corporate Headquarters, the complete blueprints.
    Martin Bishop: Not bad. Not bad, Carl.
    Carl: Well, thanks.
    Martin Bishop: Where’d you get the fifty bucks?
    Carl: Took it from Mother’s wallet.
    Martin Bishop: Good.

  9. Hi, Fogs and company:

    Very cool topic!

    Westerns. In no particular order:
    The Wild Bunch: It’s Peckinpah. What else needs to be said?
    The Professionals: A classic in small scale, cross border rescue operations.
    The Magnificent Seven: The film that put a generation of Hollywood on the map!

    WWII films. In no particular order.
    The Secret Invasion. Everyone contributes to this team/jail break, Corman gem.
    The Dirty Dozen: Testosterone run amok in this bigger budgeted classic.
    Objective, Burma!: One of the best WWII jungle films ever made.

    Heist: In no particular order.
    The Asphalt Jungle: Sometimes simplicity and ‘Less is More’ works.
    The Anderson Tapes: Let’s empty out a NY high rise and its business offices!
    The Taking of Pelham One Two Three: New York City. Warts and all.
    Ocean’s Eleven: (Original) WWII Commandos vs. Vegas. Great ending!
    Reservoir Dogs: Tarantino’s take on New Wave French heist film ROCKS!

    Comedy: In no particular order.
    48 Hours: Just to see Nick Nolte being Eddie Murphy’s straight man.
    Ghostbusters: Die! Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!…. Die!
    Animal House: Great team/ensemble comedy romp.
    The Blues Brothers: Belushi & Aykroyd vs. Chicago!

    Action/Sci~Fi: In no particular order.
    Extreme Prejudice: A modern take on ‘The Wild Bunch’ with a superb cast!
    Predator: Arnold should never have strayed from this kind of film!
    Aliens: What ‘Alien’ should have been. Vasquez RAWKS!

    • Thanks Jack! Glad you approve 😀

      Lots of great ones in there. As usual, a few of the classics I havent seen – I wont pose as if I have 😉 The professionals, The Secret Invasion, Objective Burma… as usual though I trust your judgement. LOL 🙂

      Goin’ old school with a couple of those Heist films, huh? I hope the craptastic remake doesnt put people off of the original Pelham 123, Matthau is fantastic there. (Shaw too, of course!)

      Glad to see you and Morgan both mention Ghostbusters, I was a little stunned that no one had brought them up yet!!

      And finally, of course, GET TO DA CHOPPA!! 😀

      • Hi, Fogs:

        I mentioned ‘The Anderson Tapes’ not just for Sean Conney’s paroled heist master with enormous dreams. But also for a very young Christopher Walken playing a new guy who has final reel written all over him and his character.

        ‘Pelham One Two Three’ is in that upper strata of film that should NEVER have been messed with! Superb locations, spot on cast, writing and all.

        PS: Drop by Ruth’s tomorrow. I’ll have a guest post there you and others
        may enjoy!

  10. ARGH…the number one problem on Fog’s blog is that all the good teams (and answers) gets taken. Who cares….

    I’m going to say Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Is that considered as a team…more like a tag team. they work pretty well together, except for that one time where Marty caused a rifted in the timeline, but either than that, they work together very well. 🙂

    • Hey now. Its not first come, first serve…. if you want to answer an answer, answer the answer! 😀 You know? Multiple people choosing the same answer shows the strength of that particular answer. Plus, no one will say the same thing the same way. 😀

      Doc Brown and Marty McFly are a fun choice, of course, too. 😉

  11. II think i’ll shy away from the superhero teams, especially since the few great ones are long covered. I’ll go with jay and silent bob (and Suzanne) in strike back.

  12. Little known fact: Before I was ever known as DrQ to anyone, I was dubbed Vasquez in certain interweb circles. I own an air bazooka that says, “Adios,” on the side. So, fully biased, I give complete support to those who have already mentioned the Aliens company.
    I also adore the Firefly crew, so hurray for them as well.

    A few team-ups I like that haven’t been mentioned, though…

    Channel 4 News. Burgundy, Corningstone, Champ, Fantana, Brick. 60% of the time they work all the time.

    The Toy Story team. And yes, they are definitely a team, and a very fine one at that.

    The drilling team from Armageddon. I don’t know about the movie as a whole, but I’ve always loved that team, especially Rockhound. Ok, maybe it’s entirely Rockhound. I ❤ Buscemi. But when I think of team-ups in movies, I do recall the whole evaluation/testing sequence in that movie.

    The shipwrecked crew of Pitch Black. It's such a rare assortment for a scifi space flick, where you normally just have scientists or military. You have the pilot, some sort of rabbi/religious leader, a bounty hunter, a gender-confused teeanger, a few civilians, and, of course, Riddick, the convict. I never got into the Riddick thing that followed this movie and have no desire to, but I do love this movie and his character in it, accompanied by the Gilligans-Island-feeling crew (I mean, there was even a professor, if I remember correctly… 😛 ).

    Furthermore, I can't really think of a baseball movie in which I haven't liked the team, from Major League's Indians to League of Their Own's Peaches.

    • Vasquez, huh? 🙂 That’s awesome… LOL

      “60% of the time, it works all the time”

      That doesn’t make any sense 😀

      Pitch Black was a cool movie, I need to check that puppy out again soon…

      At this point, I think I’m going to embed this video every time someone mentions Armageddon, even if that means twice in the same thread. 😀 Does it matter to me that you tried to back away from the rest of the movie? No. No, it doesn’t 😀

  13. Has anybody mentioned Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire? I know they’re a team of two but they’re like the original box office boffo team and deservedly so. Glad the teams of Ghostbusters and Sneakers got nods. Also want to mention sherriff’s deputies or sidekicks like Walter Brennan who enhance whatever crimebusting or loitering team they are on. Oh, and the kids who team up to help Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington! They are awesome.

    Also, I really really want to mention the team up of the Torchwood team and Doctor Who (David Tennant)’s collection of companions for a big end of the world showdown – but even with the leniency going on here I know it doesn’t count as the movies…drats! I am jealous that Firefly has that one feature going for it so they can slip in. Technically I think there have been Doctor Who movies at some point however.

    • Nope, you can lay claim to Rogers/Astaire. 😉

      I dont think that Dr Who has ever had a theatrical release, Jan. at least none that I’m aware of. I take it youre a big fan…

      Its kind of surprising that the show HASNT had a movie… so many tv shows have. And Dr Who has been going forever… its got legions of people who love it (sorry, Im not amongst them 😦 ) You’d think they could get that going!

      • Yep. big fan. But BBC Sci-fi can be cheesy, I understand – though Daleks hollering “Exterminate!” is always something special. Movie rumors continue to fly and maybe I should be grateful that it hasn’t happened, cause it would probably be a mess. Still it just feels a little weird to not discuss the Torchwood and Who characters among some of these other favorites.

  14. Agree with many of the above suggestions including classics like Magnificent Seven. Also, Predator team is epic, Aliens Team, Firefly of course, Star Trek NG, Vampire Team in Blade 2…Expendables team!!! Avengers. 🙂

    • GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!!

      Sorry, I’m forced by my psychosis to say that anytime Predator gets mentioned 😀

      The Expendables are getting quite a bit of love here which is nice to see. Those arent the greatest movies per se (not that I dont like them) but that team is certainly a good answer here. They have some great chemistry. 😀

      Oh. And Avengers. 😀

      • Lol…I do the same thing and so does my hubby. You just have to yell that line when anyone says Predator. I think the Expendables team gets the love cause they are fun and something we all want to see!
        You have to love tthe Avengers. 🙂

  15. I could kick myself for forgetting two of my favorite teams, since childhood even.

    These guys.

    Rodriquez. Squints. The Great Hambino! Love ’em.

    And I don’t care how many thousands of sequels are made, you can’t ruin a great original movie. Or its lovable character team-up. Spike, Cera, Petrie, Ducky, and Little Foot. One of the best teams of ALL TIME. Or, you know, before time….

    But what? No votes for Sucker Punch? Anyone? 😉 (I was trying hard to not even mention it, but then someone posted animal crackers… 😉 )

      • Didn’t it, though? I think audiences across the country left theaters after Sucker Punch all thinking, “Well….guess the title makes sense now…” My wallet was certainly sucker punched. 😛

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