Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Murder?

dial_m_for_murderLots of killing this weekend at the Box Office. Both new movies were killtaculars… the mob movie “Killing Them Softly” featured a couple of hits, and the story revolved around the planning and prep of said hits, while “The Collection” basically showcases a psychopath busy slaughtering.

Murder, and lesser violence, is a big part of film. Danger sets up suspense, and there’s no bigger danger than the loss of life. Thus it winds up making its way into the movies frequently.

Today, we’ll take a trip to the dark side and discuss our favorite instances of murder on film. It’s such a huge part of film, there should be NO shortage of potential answers. From classics (such as the “Psycho” shower sceneΒ or the strangulation of Luca Brasi), to the comedic (I have to confess, “American Psycho” cracks me up) to the contemporary (hey never too early for “The Collection” to make the cut!) there will be hundreds and hundreds of potential answers to choose from.

Who’s a sickie? Who really wants to play today? Anyone with guilt issues want to object? Let’s hear it! What’s YOUR favorite movie murder?!


122 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Murder?

  1. I would probably say the murders intercut with the baptism in the Godfather. The scene is edited so amazingly and creates an interesting juxstaposition between life and death.

    • πŸ˜€ The judges will find an exemption for that somehow, because that death IS fantastic, isnt it. I laughed out loud when that happened. That “Oh my god thats so sick” laugh? Auugggggh Haha!! πŸ˜€ nice choice LOL

    • Haven’t seen “Sympathy”. Did you know Chan-Wook Park is going to be doing an American film (or English speaking, at least). “Stoker”… due out in February. Just started seeing trailers and stuff. That’ll be interesting, I bet… One way or the other, lol!

      • I’ve seen one of the movies in the trilogy of which Sympathy for Lady Vengance is a part. I just don’t remember which. I only remember that it was very good even thought I disliked the end. It was the one where the man was kidnapped and then spent something like 20 years living locked up in a hotel room. Battle Royale did have some great murders.

    • Yeah he does. That shot from above, with Tommy lying on the floor and the puddle of blood spreading? That’s genius…

      Sad, graphic, tragic… What a great shot.

      That whole movie is full of great murders? Billy Batts comes to mind.

      “Now go home and get your #%$&ing Shinebox!” LOL

    • Great scene. Can’t wait to see “Hitchcock” and watch the making of get re-enacted. Hitchcock wanted to go without music, but the composer scored it anyways, and once he heard the result, he changed his mind. Awesome little trivia bit Mark Walker reminded mr of on his blog today. πŸ˜€

  2. Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu’s fight seen (and Lucy Liu’s eventual death) in Kill Bill was spectacular. The “stick-up triangle” in Reservoir Dogs. And of course, Death Proof has its own kick-ass murder scenes.

    • Death Proof I need to see again. All that sticks with me really is Kurt Russell and the end car chase. Though I know he crashes his car and kills that girl…

      Big Tarantino fan, then, eh? Psyched for Django I hope? It looks awesome. Got to see Tarantino at Comic-Con… he was just as hyper as you’d expect. πŸ˜€ Django looks great, I cant wait for it!

  3. It would the very surprising and unexpected demise of Jack Vincennes (by Capt. Dudley Smith) in L.A. Confidential. The dying detective’s realization of it all plays across his face in a subtle tour-de-force presentation by Kevin Spacey. And the character’s brilliant response that sets up Dudley’s comeuppance later is one for the ages.

  4. Boromir. Bourne and Desh. Bond and Silva. Tyler Durden’s demise. Like someone above said, anything from Se7en. Maximus OR Commodus, Saul in “Take,” Spock’s “death” (not a murder I guess but I can’t not mention it)…

    I could go on and on…movie deaths are an obsession of mine!

    • LOL! An expert in the house. πŸ˜€

      Spock’s death is certainly NOT a murder, the judges cannot allow it. Though it is a powerful death scene. Probably the greatest moment in Star Trek film history.

      Love that final battle in “Fellowship”. Boromir gets shot with arrows the diameter of street light posts. LOL.

      I think the Se7en murders should almost be disallowed here because they’re SO sick they’re just going to top everything! John Doe was an artist… come on, you cant top that! πŸ˜€

      • OK, I withdraw Spock until you do a top 10 movie deaths post!

        And by no means are the Se7en deaths the sickest, although they are disturbing because JD was less irrational and more pure evil. But I haven’t even mentioned Jigsaw or Leatherface yet! And once I’ve seen the Collection, I will be back…


      • Oh wow. Top ten movie deaths. Holy shiznits… uhm… pffttt…

        First pass, knee jerk, no thought, gut instict quick list. (With a lot of potential to one day get fleshed out) Tony Montana, Scarface. Quint, Jaws. Brando, Godfather (no one said they had to be VIOLENT deaths), Spock, Star Trek II, Roy Batty, Bladerunner, Tommy D, Goodfellas, Janet Leigh, Psycho, Apollo Creed, Rocky IV πŸ˜€

        Id need to think and research to fill out the rest. I’m sure said list would change and evolve. That’d be a hell of a top ten though πŸ˜€

  5. The original Scarface: Two deaths

    1. Tony has asked his best friend, Guido, to protect his sister. Now Guido has an odd tic and is always flipping a large coin. When Tony gets back from where ever he went, he stops by to see her and Guido opens the door,in a dressing gown, flipping his coin. Being overly protective of his sister, Tony instantly pulls his gun and shoots his best friend. The camera, instead of focusion on Guido, follows the coin that had just been flipped up and traces it as it falls through the air and to the ground. This was a great piece of cinematography that has since been copied in many films.

    2. The end of the film has Tony in a shoot-out with the police. His sister, still distraught over Guido’s death (as they had gotten married while Tony was gone), intends to shoot him. Instead, she gets killed by the police. Tony gives up and carries her body down the staircase to the police. This isn’t the ending but is very close to the ending. I don’t actually remember what happens next. To me, Tony carring his beloved sister’s corpse down the stairs seems to sum up the entire movie. He gets his start in the mafia because he needs to support his family and protect his sister and in the end, it that involvment that destroys her happiness and ultimately kills her.

  6. Indiana Jones. Do I have to mention the one, as it is the most iconic killing in movie history? Um…. just to be clear, it’s that swordsman in the Middle East bazaar that Indy shoots in cold blood, not the one where Sean Connery frightens those birds to kill the Nazi fighter pilot. Or that one where Indy chops up the bridge, and all those Thugees fall into crocodile infested water. Though they are pretty much all iconic and awesome.

    The other one is Open Range. It is the most quiet movie you will ever see. Long stretches of drinking tea. Drinking coffee. Heading to the bar for a drink. It is deliberately quiet. Even the face off between Costner, Duvall, and the bad guys is very subdued. And then… all hell breaks loose. And it starts with Costner’s surprise kill as the two groups meet in the middle. The audience is shocked, and the bad guys are shocked. And while everyone is standing in shock, Costner is firing his gun like semi-automatic and before you know it four or five other guys have fallen. An absolutely fantastic scene.

    • I’m with you on both counts. Obviously the “Raiders” scene needs no support, its a completely iconic moment.

      “Open Range” though is a little undervalued in pop culture, no? GREAT flick. You’re right… quiet and slow right up until the end when like everyone and their mother starts getting shot up and shooting each other. πŸ˜€ Awesome flick, awesome ending. The very definition of slow burn… its like the entire movie is a wick leading up to a powder keg. πŸ˜€ Nice pick, I like that one!

  7. I’ll have to go with Miriam’s murder scene in Strangers on a Train. Not Hitch’s most known murder scene but totally awesome. Bruno’s following her, they go through the tunnel of love, and she screams. You think he killed her then, but no, they both come out unharmed. Then he follows her to that island and strangles her. Then her glasses fall to the ground and Hitch shows us the murder through Miriam’s glasses with the happy carnival music playing in the background. Then later, Bruno sees similar glasses and totally loses it. He almost chokes another lady and the music plays again in his mind. (totally pumped for Hitchcock too, seeing it on Saturday. Watching Psycho on Friday. FINALLY.)
    Also every murder in the Godfather, basically. “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes,” Moe Green getting shot in the eye, and Mike killing the drug guy and Sterling Hayden’s character…. Corleone’s know how to kill people in style man.
    The end of Chinatown. So depressing. “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.”
    Also, I think this qualifies as suicide but I’m bringing up anyway. Black Swan, how intense was that? It looks like she’s killing Lily, but she’s really only killing herself. Then she freakin goes out and dances before she actually dies. Technically a suicide, but because she’s crazy it looks like a murder for a little while.
    Every murder in Hamlet. Don’t care which version. In terms of final carnage scenes, Hamlet rocks. Dr. Strangelove is awesome in that regard too, even though it’s not a murder and you don’t see any carnage, just the mushroom cloud. At that point all you can do it laugh.

    • You got a big ol bunch of ’em here, huh?

      Confession – and this one I intend to rectify SOON. I havent seen Strangers on a Train. And I LOVE Hitchcock. 😦 One of my glaring omissions from his filmography. Still, Ive been knocking them down as best I can, and I just bought the big new Blu Ray collection with 15 movies (Though Strangers isnt in it) So I’ll get em all one of these days. Just checked out “Torn Curtain” for the first time. Awesome!!

      The Godfather is a great source of movie murder and mayhem, isnt it? Dont forget Sonny getting whacked on the causeway!!

      I can see your argument on Black Swan… at this point I think the Judges will let it pass and let the appeals court sort it out! πŸ˜€

      • SOAT is so good. Not my fav Hitchcock but still awesome and one of the first ones I saw. That murder is so cinematic with the glasses thing, and who does murder better than Hitchcock? I still haven’t seen Psycho, so…
        Awww man. Sonny dying was freakin depressing. That guy was such an awesome character. Terrible Don, but that’s beside the point.
        I recognize that Black Swan probably shouldn’t be in there, but I was freaking out when I watched that part, so when I thought of it I had to mention it.
        ALSO I can’t believe I forgot this but ending death scene in Bonnie and Clyde. Dang. And Butch Cassidy too. You don’t actually see it but that’s why it’s awesome.

  8. PS. Harry Potter when Voldemort finally dies. FINALLY WE GOT THIS GUY.
    Also I was thinking about saying the Indiana Jones one when harrison ford was sick that day. So funny.

    • I know, right? Fate intervened. πŸ˜€ It was like nature should get a co-directing credit on that. LOL

      The final Harry Potter was definitely something sick, wasn’t it? I like that one really kind of disproportionately to how much I like the rest. πŸ˜€

  9. Great question with great comments.

    Thinking outside of the box? The multiple dog murders in “A Fish Called Wands”. They were yappy and deserved to go. Even if they were accidental murders while trying to kill their owner.

  10. How about Rope? Murdering someone, stuffing him in a chest, and then throwing a dinner party in that same room?

    Come to think of it, anything from Hitchcock could work for this question.

    • Damn it. LOL. Rope is another one I havent seen yet either. Though that’s on my to do list this week, thats in the Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece collection that I just laid my hands on… I’ll be knocking the ones I havent seen in there off one by one!

  11. Pulp Fiction when Vincent Vega shoots Marvin by mistake in the car and then casually says “Aw man I shot Marvin the face” as SLJ goes ballisitc. Comedy gold.

      • Oooh, yeah, when you mentioned “A Few Good Men”, for some reason I just thought of them killing that Marine… you know, the premise for that movie (which is great, of course). But that murder, not so much, that’s like a real… “feel it” kind of one, not a movie/comedic type one. LOL.

        Love that flick too though.

    • LOL!! I heard Travolta saying it, when I read that. GREAT line delivery. You’re right Duncan, that scene is freaking way too funny.

      And of course, the aftermath is one of the best parts of the movie. Winston Wolf, the handwashing argument, the “I dont need you to tell me how good my coffee is” line… “The Bonnie Situation” is a GREAT portion of that movie. πŸ˜€

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