Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Murder?

dial_m_for_murderLots of killing this weekend at the Box Office. Both new movies were killtaculars… the mob movie “Killing Them Softly” featured a couple of hits, and the story revolved around the planning and prep of said hits, while “The Collection” basically showcases a psychopath busy slaughtering.

Murder, and lesser violence, is a big part of film. Danger sets up suspense, and there’s no bigger danger than the loss of life. Thus it winds up making its way into the movies frequently.

Today, we’ll take a trip to the dark side and discuss our favorite instances of murder on film. It’s such a huge part of film, there should be NO shortage of potential answers. From classics (such as the “Psycho” shower scene or the strangulation of Luca Brasi), to the comedic (I have to confess, “American Psycho” cracks me up) to the contemporary (hey never too early for “The Collection” to make the cut!) there will be hundreds and hundreds of potential answers to choose from.

Who’s a sickie? Who really wants to play today? Anyone with guilt issues want to object? Let’s hear it! What’s YOUR favorite movie murder?!


122 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Murder?

  1. I usually feel pretty good when bad people meet their demise like the character Doyle(DYoakim) in Sling Blade. I dig that character Billy Bob Thornton conjured and plays. When Karl takes out Doyle, I smile pretty good. Even though Karl’s a murder; he’s okay in my book.

    Karl: There were these two fellars standin’ on a bridge, a-goin’ to the bathroom. One fellar said, “The water’s cold” and the other fellar said, “The water’s deep”. I believe one fella come from Arkansas. Get it?
    -Billy Bob Thorton(as Karl), Sling Blade (1996)

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