Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Christmas Movie?

its_a_wonderful_lifeWhat’s going on everyone? It’s that time of year, time to break out the Christmas songs… and movies.

Yes, movies revolving around Christmas are practically a genre unto themselves. It’s a narrow field compared to some of our other discussions, but it’s still a discussion worth having.

What’s your favorite? Do you lean towards the classics, like “Miracle on 34th Street”, or do you prefer the more modern, like “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”? Do you need to visit one version or another of “A Christmas Carol” every year?

Let’s hear it! What’s YOUR Favorite Christmas Movie?

A quick note: For those of our friends who don’t celebrate Christmas, please feel free to bring up any holiday themed film you’d like. Not that it’s fair, but I was at a loss to come up with enough films to justify changing the topic to the more generic “Holiday” movies 😦 . Feel free to help me out 😉


143 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Christmas Movie?

  1. Coming late to the party, so I can echo lots of others answers I’ve seen here. But the one Christmas-themed movie I make a point to watch every season now is The Family Stone. I really love that movie.

    And if I can track it down on TBS or someplace, Yogi’s First Christmas. A childhood favorite.

    I also watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy over three nights every Christmas vacation. Not a Christmas movie, but definitely a Christmas tradition for me this past decade.

    • Cool tradition. Hope you enjoy the Hobbit when you see it, or that you liked it if you already did. It’s drawing a lot of mixed reviews, but I really loved it.

      I wouldnt mind watching a little Yogi Bear myself! 😀 Hey hey Boo Boo! LOL Who doesnt love Yogi?

  2. This topic (and the stream of Christmas movies I’ve been watching the past few weeks) makes me curious about people’s favorite movie Santa Claus too. There’s so many, and everyone portrays him at least slightly different. Even in the two Miracle on 34th Streets, the portrayal of Santa is different. I’m eager to watch Legends of the Guardians, just to see where that Santa places for me.

    • You know… that’s not a question I’d really thought much about. Given that so many Christmas movies aren’t really about Santa himself, I think I might have to pick David Huddleston’s performance in Santa Claus: the Movie (which I saw just this last week)… it’s just such a spot-on traditional portrayal of Santa Claus. The original Miracle on 34th Street with Edmund Gwenn is way up there too.

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