Tossin’ It Out There: What Was YOUR Favorite Movie in 2012?

untitledHappy 2013, everyone! 2012 is officially in our rearview mirror!

Now is the time to look back at the year that was. Everyone everywhere is posting their end of the year best and worsts and top tens (I’ll be posting my plans tomorrow), and I figured I’d give FMR commenters their say!

What was YOUR favorite movie of 2012? Didn’t have to be seen in the theatre… but, let’s stick with the 2012 releases, though!

It was a huge year for movies. My top 10 list could easily (very easily) be a top 15. Somewhere along the line some excellent movies are going to fail to make the cut. How about you though? What was YOUR favorite? I know some people will be anxious to share more than one, that’s fine, feel free. But I’d like to hear everyone’s opinions on the best movies of the year, so let’s have ’em!

What was YOUR favorite Movie of 2012?

Daniel Fogarty


110 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What Was YOUR Favorite Movie in 2012?

  1. You’re invited to see my top 10 list, Fogs πŸ™‚ I do agree that it’s been a huge year for movies, and you can bet Skyfaaaall made my list, he..he..

    • Thank you Ruth. I subscirbe over there… have it open right now, as a matter of fact. I’ll check it out shortly and drop off a comment.

      Meanwhile, is that your answer here, for the purposes of our topic today?

      • Are you gonna have a Worst Movie post, Fogs? If so I know exactly what movie to put down. Hence my goodbye letter posted today.

      • Oh yeah. I’ll be doing a Worst List. Hell yeah.

        I saw your post hit, and I’m going to say… it’s under consideration for my worst ofs, but it hasn’t claimed its spot just yet. I have one slot left and five or six movies I’m considering. We’ll see. We’ll see.

        Its definitely at least honorable mention material, and worthy of anyone who wants to call it their worst… it WAS a stinker, no doubt. But that’s a competitive field too, and I take my Worst Movie duties almost as seriously as my best movies LOL. I’m out there making sure I hit all the notable candidates!

  2. You’re not kidding this was a big year! I had a hard enough time narrowing my own list down to just 10 movies. Above all, though, Dredd was without a doubt the most impressive movie this whole year. Completely blew me away.

    In any event, I hope you do narrow your list down and post it sometime, I’d be interested to see it. In the meantime, check out my own Top 10 and see what you think. πŸ˜‰

    • Really, huh? Dredd mentioned twice here today. Wow.

      It was solid, I liked it… I wouldnt have expected to come up on people’s best of lists though… goes to show you, huh?

      I’ll try to give your list a check out in a bit Chris…

  3. Have to pick by what films stayed with me the longest, what films caused ripples. When James Joyce wrote “Ulysses” he said it was to give the critics something to talk about for a hundred years. With that in mind, I like “Prometheus”, “Cloud Atlas” and “KillingThem Softly”. All super well made and ripe for discussion!

    • Meh. All super flawed, that’s why you can talk about ’em so much. LOL.


      I didnt know you were so high on Killing them Softly… I wasn’t a huge fan of that, almost made my most disappointing list.

      • May not be flawed, may be directors intent. You surprise me about “Killing..”. Worth another look. I was expecting run-of-the-mill gangster shoot up. Instead got an in depth character analysis of all kinds of criminal elements set against the financial meltdown and dark mood of the great Recession. The acting and filming was so spot on, it could have been a reality show! One of a kind genre buster!

      • Bah. It thought itself 10x smarter than it was. It ruined the solid chance it had at being a solid mob thriller with that heavy handed economic collapse metaphor and the showy direction.

        I gave it a grade in the B range, but I dont think I actually liked it that much. 😦

  4. Probably The Dark Knight Rises. Just rewatched it and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it the second time around. But yeah, 2012 was a stellar year for movies.

    • I gotta give it another watch and see if I can get on board with it. People love it, but I wasn’t so thrilled. If my year end posts were a little more personal and a little less attempting to be objective, TDKR would be on my biggest disappoinments list. 😦

    • “De Rouille et D’Os” πŸ˜€ I don’t even know what that title means.

      Meanwhile, though, I’m REALLY jealous you got to see “The Impossible” damn limited release BS. I’m hoping it expands quickly around here so I can get a viewing in in time for consideration for my year end lists, but its looking less and less likely. 😦

      Glad to hear its as good as it looks though! πŸ˜€

      • Yes, The Impossible is very good. Hope you get to see it soon πŸ™‚

        And “De Rouille et D’os” means “of rust and bone”. Rust and Bone is a fantastic film by Jacques Audiard, starring Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts.

      • Oh, well, why didnt you just say that then? πŸ˜€

        Rust and Bone I’ve heard of…

        Of course, I havent gotten to see that one either though. 😦 #(&^$@($#(&^%($%(^$(&$^@&^$@#$#!

  5. There’s still some more films I’d like to see before I make my top 10 list, but as of right now it would include Amour, The Master, Lincoln, Moonrise Kingdom, and Beasts of the Southern Wild.

    • Mmmph. “Amour” is on my list of films I haven’t had a chance to see yet. Beginning to sound like a broken record, here, LOL. I’ll quit it.

      The rest are all on my list, duking it out. Its a tough year. Some of them might not make the cut and wind up honorable mentions. 😦 So many awesome blockbusters to consider, too!

  6. Fogs, I’m putting up my Top 10 list on Friday and may see another movie or two, but I’m pretty sure that my #1 will still be Moonrise Kingdom. I had a lot of great experiences in the theater this year, but none blew me away like the amazing work from Wes Anderson and his entire cast.

    • Wow, Moonrise Kingdom representing strongly here today. I wouldn’t have guessed it! It’s in the mix right now for me, but might be a little TOO low key to secure that top ten spot, I dont know. It may grow on me in time, but upon initial viewing, I didnt care for it as much as I did Rushmore or Tennebaums. 😦

  7. I’d have to say Django Unchained would be my favorite at this point, followed by Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Dark Knight Rises. Did you already publish your top 10 btw?

    • Nope.

      Dont worry, you wont be able to miss it. LOL.

      Django is a pretty safe bet to make my list, not so much with the other two though. I was really disappointed in TDKR. Wallflower was alright, but I’m not, like gaga over it or anything. 😦

  8. The Avengers, and it’s really not even close for me.

    2. Skyfall
    3. Django Unchained
    4. The Hobbit

    After that there’s the brilliant yet tragically flawed Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus.

    Looking forward to catching Cabin In The Woods, Brave, Wreck-It-Ralph, Argo, Dredd, The Amazing Spider-Man, John Carter, and The Grey on Blu-Ray/Netflix at some point in 2013. I’m still hoping to catch Lincoln before it exits the theater.

    • Those you list in your queue are all pretty decent. Including John Carter, which I suspect by now you’ve had your expectations significatnly lowered for and thus, it’ll probably come across like a nice surprise. LOL

      You have a solid top four though, those are four of the year’s best films, and I can’t see leaving any of them off of my top ten.

      I doubt I’ll be able to get beyond the flaws you point to in TDKR and Prometheus though. LOL

  9. Wassssup Fogs!!!

    I’m just about finished putting together my Top 20 for the year, but my #1 without a doubt (and hopefully the Best Picture winner) is Argo.

    Looking forward to 2013 being another great year for film.

    • LOL Joooooooe.

      Yeah, I like Argo, too. I’m thinking it may have a tough chance at the actual “Best Picture” Oscar though. Rough year. I hear Zero Dark has got that kind of buzz, and Lincoln is grade A Oscar bait. πŸ˜€ LOL

      Solid choice though, definitely.

      Meanwhile, Top 20 huh? Well, this year, that plays better, with so many great movies. In sucky years though, I guess it would be rougher…

  10. There were so many good movies this year, and it’s really had to narrow them down. My top five were 1) Avengers, 2) The Hobbit, 3) Skyfall, 4) Dark Knight Rises, 5) Hunger Games.

  11. Admittedly, I haven’t seen a good number of movies from this year that I wish to see, so by the end of next year, when I’m caught up, my opinion will probably have changed.

    Right now, though, I’d have to rewatch The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, and Chronicle to decide between them. Just replaying them in my mind, I’m pretty sure it would be between The Dark Knight Rises and Chronicle, and probably Chronicle would win the battle for the simple fact that I can see myself replaying and rewatching it more in years to come than the other, but it’s really a close call — with all three, honestly.

    After reading all the comments here, I had to go back and read the TDKR review and discussion to find out why you were so disappointed, Fogs. And, wow — I don’t think we could possibly disagree more about the movie, or the Nolan Batman franchise as a whole, even. I really couldn’t stand DK, so I went in to TDKR with a mix of wariness from past burns and just a twinge of hope, and TDKR redeemed the franchise for me (though, still, if it were entirely up to me, I think my movie collection would just go from Batman Begins to TDKR, and when houseguests reviewing my movie shelves would inquire with bewilderment why I don’t have the second part of the trilogy, I’d just conveniently state I had no idea what trilogy they referred to…. πŸ˜› ) Needless to say, we should probably never watch anything Batman-related together!

    Such an astounding year for movies, though, seriously. When I catch up on everything, I’ll try to give a final verdict.

      • Yeah, I read it and the discussion in full, and was just blow away with how much I didn’t agree. I may write out a review of my own, or just a counterpoint discussion of what did and didn’t work for me and why in the DK and TDKR, one day (because I should….Batman and the Joker — especially the Joker — are serious business for me…wasn’t DrQ for just the fun of it, after all), and I’d be glad to E-mail it to you if I do if you’re ever interested in hearing the finer details of an opinion completely in opposition to your own. πŸ˜‰

      • Well, knock yourself out if it’ll help you or something. LOL. But share it here somewhere so that others will benefit as well….

        Meanwhile, I hear plenty of opinions in opposition to my own round these parts, trust me LOL πŸ˜€

  12. The Dark Knight Rise all the way. All the other movies in 2012 kinda faded away after I watched TDKR. A really close second Skyfall. This movie revived my love for 007.

    Although, I saw Django today and LOVED it! I know it came out in 2012, but I felt wrong saying that was my favorite, because I didn’t watch it in 2012.

    • Well, two outta three aint bad, right? πŸ˜€ LOL

      And… I think you can cut yourself some slack about Django. LOL I… wouldnt worry too much about seeing it Jan 1 when it didnt come out until 12/25!! πŸ˜€

    • Well, that’s a fine movie to pick… No one can see them all. Especially the way all these ridiculous releasing strategies work. 😦

      “Beasts” is a great, great movie. That’s an excellent choice!

  13. Well, I know we disagree on this one, but think mine’s The Dark Knight Rises. Can’t help it! Sorry dude πŸ˜‰

    Have not seen a lot of films I did want to see last year – Beasts of the Southern Wild, Moonrise Kingdom. Django’s not even out here yet. So, think my 2013 list will have some of 2012 in there.

    • Heh. Yeahhhh. Its ok.

      I think when I do publish my top ten list next week I’m just going to slip TDKR in and say I rewatched it or something, just in order to avoid everyone calling me out for the fact I left it off, yada yada LOL πŸ˜€

      And I can sympathize with you, I hate it when I dont even get the chance to see these movies IN the year they’re released. That’s lame. 😦

      • Have been looking at the big film release dates this year. SO many that you guys are getting weeks/months before us. Last year it was The Muppets which got a February release. That was MONTHS after you guys!

        Strangely, we’re getting Iron Man and Wolverine before you lot.

      • I know. 😦 I dont know why that is, I think you guys got the Avengers first too. And Skyfall, I know that.

        I hate the international release nonsense, but right now I’m right in the midst of my annual “Limited Release” gripe where LA and NY etc get films like Zero Dark Thirty and The Impossible, but the rest of the nation has to wait weeks on end… Grrrrrr.

        Hollywood, Jaina, you know? 😦

  14. Man, I’m waaay behind this year due to the birth of my first child in the summer. So far, I’ve only seen 7 movies from 2012 that I would classify as any good.
    7) The Cabin in the Woods
    6) Beyond the Black Rainbow
    5) The Avengers
    4) Looper
    3) Moonrise Kingdom
    2) Killer Joe
    1) The Raid: Redemption

    They’re not really ranked, but consider 1-4 on a higher tier than 5-7.

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