The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: Most Disappointing Movie Nominees

Most Disappointing Movie Nominees

Ok folks, for every Yin there’s a Yang here at the MAJOR Awards. The karmic counterbalance to this morning’s surprises is this afternoon’s crop of disappointments. These are the films that had us eagerly anticipating them, yet failed to deliver.

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The Bourne Legacy“The Bourne Legacy”

With the departure of Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass, few expected this sequel to live up to its predecessors. Yet a solid marketing campaign and the emergence of star Jeremy Renner led people to expect a high quality actioner. But the film squanders its interesting additions to the franchise with a lackluster finale and a thoroughly disappointing conclusion. I’d still like to see the franchise continue, but this installment can only be classified as a let down.

Dark Shadows“Dark Shadows”

Anytime Johnny Depp and Tim Burton work together, it’s going to attract attention. The darkly oddball trailer they put together served to foster hope as well. But the final product turned out to be a jumbled mess, to put it politely. Characters disappeared, while others seemed meaningless, and it all flew off the rails completely at the end. Worst of all, it couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be a drama, a comedy a horror movie, or all three. Very disappointing.


Expectations for this film were completely off of the charts, thanks to fantastic trailers and one of the cleverest viral campaigns ever. Add in the fact that it was director Ridley Scott’s return to a classic film universe, and people were crazy with anticipation. The film, while still good, was heavily flawed and undeniably disappointing. Poor character choices, plot holes and a difficult to accept connect the dots to the overall franchise made “Prometheus” one of 2012’s most deflating films.

The Raven“The Raven”

John Cusack playing Edgar Allan Poe seemed like a match made in heaven. And the high concept of Poe needing to turn detective in order to help police catch a killer who’s bringing his own stories to life… was, seemingly, inspired. But the film turned out to be ultimately unworthy of its premise, a weak “Sherlock Holmes” wanna be. Worst of all, Cusack himself was disappointing. Unfortunately, “The Raven” wound up too bland to be memorable… except for how disappointing it was.

Totall recall“Total Recall”

Most of us are instinctively opposed to remakes, but in a number of ways, “Total Recall” appeared to be aΒ perfect candidate to be remade. A less campy take on Phillip K. Dick’s story, complete with modern special effects? There was a lot of potential in that. We should have known better. The end result was another cheap Hollywood knock off. Bad acting, cheap special effects, and worst of all, inexplicable changes to the original story made “Total Recall” a terrible disappointment.

There they are people. The films that let us down worse than all the others in 2012.

What do you think? Were there any I forgot? Any of these that don’t deserve to be called disappointments? Which of these do you think deserves to be called the most disappointing of them all?

Let us hear it!

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113 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: Most Disappointing Movie Nominees

  1. Dark Shadows runs away with this category. I speak from a place of watching the original cheesefest soap. There was so many ways you could have tapped that potential and this utter steaming pile missed them all 100%.

    THis was not only the most disappointing, it was the king o wasted budgets for all films made in 2012. At least in my mind!

  2. I’m ready!!! GRRR! *as I swipe black lipstick underneath my eyes*

    Great list. I am so with you on “Total Recall”. My biggest debate (in my mind) is “The Bourne Legacy”. In some ways, it was a disappointment in the whole Bourne series. On the other hand, you take away the title, it’s a decent action movie. I mean, it kept my interest. The plot wasn’t mind-blowing and somewhat predictable, but I don’t mind that whatsoever. I really have a hard time classifying this movie in my mind. You’re right, it is a disappointment, but I would still watch it again (DVD format, of course).

    • LOL. Who’s Ready? Who’s Ready! [Pounding both fists on your shoulder pads] πŸ˜€ LOL!

      Too much fun.

      Meanwhile, Nahhhhh, I dont know, Jen. I think if you took all the “Bourne” elements away from that flick, you’re kind of left with a really weak movie. Renner was good, I’ll give him that, he was excellent. I’d still to see the series continue, let’s put it that way… I’d love to get a team up between him and Damon, that would be great!

      • AH, I think I realized why I am so torn with TBL. It’s Jeremy Renner. He was great. I think he is the major reason why I have a hard time accepting that TBL is a disappointing movie.

      • Jen? Congratulations, and thank you. πŸ˜€ This comment was the 25,000th comment that FMR has received. πŸ˜€

        Thanks to you, and to everyone else here for making this such a lively place to discuss movies! Really happy! πŸ˜€

        And no… you dont win anything. LOL 😦

  3. Don’t agree about the disappointment over Prometheus. It’s in my top 10 actually. I know there aren’t all that many of us out there, but I’m a fan!

    • You know, I actually gave it a good grade. But compared to where my expectations were when I went in? I wound up sorely disappointed.

      I still think it was a decently entertaining Summer movie, but… it could have been so great with just a few tweaks here and there! 😦

  4. I liked aspects about TOTAL RECALL, but only because I thought I would be whole heartedly disappointed. Plus, I don’t like Colin Ferrell haha. Actually, I like him more after this year. I’m glad you didn’t have John Carter on here, because it’s not nearly as bad as people think. And I don’t know if it was disappointing, but it was more than a total let down – THE DEVIL INSIDE, the first and Worst movie I had seen last year. Urrgghhh, that was horrible.

    • With John Carter, it was more of a case of everyone was crying “Disaster!! Disaster!!” before I went in, so… I knew exactly what I was in store for Henry, you know?

      “The Devil Inside” will have its day in court here, but I wouldnt have gone into that with any hope anyways, even if I had caught it in theatres. But dont worry, I havent forgotten that one! LOL

    • Sorry, bro. Big let down for me. It could have been SO much better.

      That’s two people rushing to its defense already though, so apparently neither of you are alone in your opinion at least. πŸ˜€

      • No worries! Totally understandable man. For as much hype surrounding it β€” it definitely wasn’t the movie everyone was expecting.

  5. I really don’t know about Prometheus being there. I just saw it on Blu-ray so I escaped all the wonderful promoting team’s magic that influenced the overall expectations. I don’t even remember the trailer to be honest. So to me, I thought this movie was visually stunning. I probably need to watch it a second time to see if I feel the same way but I was pretty impressed. I did have certain criticisms on it but it wasn’t as serious as saying it was a disappointment…

    • Wow, the Prometheus fans are out in numbers here!

      It’s ok, I’m pretty set in my view here. Although, I’ll acknowledge that a big part of that was the heavy expectations… the hype was incredible. πŸ˜‰

  6. For me Fogs….nothing disappointed more than Killing Them Softly. The cast put in place should have been enough for an incredible movie, but bad directing and a horrible script killed it slooooowly.

    • LOL. Yeah, that was a disappointment, there’s no doubt. I think I left that one with a bit of a better feeling about it than some of these, or, say in the case of Prometheus, they had even higher expectations.

      You’re right though, that would have been a worthy inclusion here, certainly.

  7. Prometheus. It really do much of anything for me and I don’t even feel like seeing it again. It was just so forgettable! It’s disappointing because the trailers and viral marketing had me really excited for it.

    • LOL

      THANK YOU Cap.

      Thought I was losing my mind there, I think 5 people in a row called me out for including it. I was like, where the hell are all the haters at when I need ’em! πŸ˜€

      Thanks for having my back in a timely fashion sir. [Stands and gives a sharp salute] πŸ˜€

  8. I fear Barnabas wants your blood now. LOL πŸ˜› Seriously.. although Dark Shadows was a disappointment and a mess, it gave me a good laugh. So I think it doesn’t deserve this nomination.

    • Well, if it’s a disappointment and a mess… aren’t you supporting my contention? LOL πŸ˜€

      I had hopes for it Niejan, I did. But… as you say, it was a mess. I had a decent time with it too, I think I gave it a B range grade, but… still… much sloppier than it should have been. 😦

      • I do support your contention. The thing is.. I don’t want to 😦
        Depp and Burton could have made it such a great movie, it’s a shame really. I think I gave it a D+ (the plus because of the great cast).

    • Oh hoh ho! “This is 40”? I hated it, so we agree on that side of the equation.

      Thing is, I suspected that I would hate that one going in… the happy, trampoline commericals and the “I’d poison your cupcakes” pillow talk… Yeah. I saw that one coming. LOL πŸ˜€

  9. This is not worst movie, just most disappointing, right? Well then yeah on this list “Prometheus”. But I still regard it as one of the years’ best. I have it in queue to see again so I can hopefully answer some questions about “recombinant DNA”, Holograms et all that SciFi stuff. Still incredibly interesting and so much better than most films this year!

    • NOT Worst Movie, no. You’ll recognize when its “Worst Movie” time, trust me. LOL

      Just most disappointing. And thus, “Prometheus” is here. Sorry to say, as you obviously think very highly of it… 😦

    • Nah. Two things.

      1) I saw it coming. I’m WELL on the record saying I wasn’t wowed by the marketing. I went into that film MUCH less excited than I should have for the sequel to “The Dark Knight”. From the announcement of the title (didn’t they call the LAST movie that?) to the introduction of Bane (What did he say?) to the lackluster trailers… I just was NOT psyched for that movie. And now I know why.

      2) This isn’t just my favorites, least favorites, etc… I do try to be a bit objective and call these out across the board… and a lot of people loved TDKR. There’s some people calling it their favorite of the year, so…

      Yeah, a lot of disappointment involved, but I didnt cop out, It just didnt make the cut…

    • That might be true… I’m not sure I wouldnt have been super psyched just because Ridley Scott was returning to the world of Alien though. So…

      But I hear you, I think the fault definitely lies more with the incredible marketing than it does with the film being sub par. Not that the movie doesnt have serious flaws, but I definitely walked in bouncing off of the walls. LOL 😦

  10. Prometheus or bust!
    It was a massive disappointment, although I made the mistake of expecting greatness on the back of pedigree alone.

    Total Recall wasn’t disappointing, it was a fundamentally crap idea to remake that film in the first place because, quite simply, the original is one of the last of the OTT, outrageous, 80s action, ultraviolent sci-fi films made for adults and Hollywood can’t make films like that anymore (see The Raid: Redemption and other Asian action films for where you can still enjoy that level of gloriously entertaining mayhem). I almost feel bad for saying this, but I’m glad Total Recall 2012 was a massive fucking failure. I would have been more disappointed if people actually liked it and talked about it positively thereafter.

    • Well, in fairness, those promos didnt hurt, either. That was some of the greatest viral marketing and posters and trailers ever. So, yeah, Prometheus had the pedigree, certainly. But it also had a hell of a team selling it to the masses.

      Meanwhile, I’d be disappointed if people embraced THIS “Total Recall”, as it was shite. But the remake I had been hoping for? If they made THAT movie, no one could be faulted for loving it.

      I’m not opposed to ramkes in general. Think of how many great flicks ARE remakes. The Fly, The Thing, Scarface, etc… I’m against them churning out junk like this. I think “Total Recall” was actually a decent choice to be brought up to date. Still is, seeing as we didnt get a good version here. It’s a good story that could use a facelift… if they do it right, I’d welcome it.

      Of course, this wasn’t it. 😦

    • I actually liked the trailer… I thought it was really funny. Plus, Burton and Depp, you know?

      I had no attachment to the original property at all… now I feel sorry for people that do, though 😦

  11. Held off on commenting on this for a bit, since I haven’t seen any of these movies. So for me, it’s kind of a question of what am I disappointed in by way of having heard they’re not so good. And honestly, most of these I didn’t have high hopes for to begin with. The Raven had some potential, but I didn’t think it would be wonderful, so to hear it’s bad wasn’t too awful. Dark Shadows looked terrible from the beginning, and I was laughing at the idea of a Bourne-less Bourne movie, so I couldn’t be disappointed to hear it get lackluster reviews.

    Prometheus… I can definitely see that one. In my case, though, I was so tired of the wishy-washy “Yes it’s a prequel, no it isn’t” bullshit leading up to it that by the time it came out I was beyond caring.

    Total Recall would be my pick, even if my pick is sight-unseen. Like you say, although remakes are usually a bad idea, there was potential there. And the promotion for this was nothing short of fantastic — they really made it look like it was going to be a great film. So it’s disappointing to hear everybody saying it wasn’t.

    • The end product of “Total Recall” was your standard Hollywood CGI churn out update. It was sad to see, man, it really was.

      Let me tell you something about “Prometheus”, LOL. I’d gladly take that wishy washy “Is it or isnt it” back if I could unsee that stupid way they try to connect this to the original film. 😦 Blech.

  12. Prometheus, hands down, for me. Before seeing it, I just knew it was going to be this amazing sci-fi masterwork. Well, shit. I think it’s pretty awful. That makes me a sad, sad person.

    • Yeah, it was sad to see what the movie actually was when we got it. I mean, it was still fairly good in a lot of ways, but it had so many huge flaws…

      I was really disappointed too. 😦

      • LOL. One of those shoulder bump/back slap combos? Ok, I can deal with that.

        And the next one damn well better be. I’m happy they’re continuing on… I’m ok with seeing more films set in that world, but… lets tighten it up.

        Getting rid of Damon “Im one of the criminals who wrote LOST” Lindelof as a screenwriter would be a big start.

  13. I saw exactly zero of these movies if that tells you anything about movies that I make time to see. I’m a huge bourne fan so seeing Legacy here was a disappointment, for what its worth. Had no faith in total recall and the others aren’t really in my wheelhouse.

  14. The most frustrating thing about Prometheus for me was that you could sense a really great movie buried somewhere within the final product.
    You’ve got a solid list here Fogs!

    • Thanks James, yeah, you’re right too. If I had a category for most Frustrating movie, this one would win in a runaway. It wouldnt even be close!

      No other movie had me pulling my hair out over stupid little details that (I thought) could have easily been avoided. If they just fixed a few things here and there that movie could have been great!!

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