The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Supporting Actor Nominees

Worst Supporting Actor Nominees

Here we go, people, let’s kick off our “Worst of”s with the “Worst Supporting Actor” category. These were the actors who weren’t in the lead role (thank God), but managed to make you wince anyways. The worst supporting actors of 2012. In spite of their limited screen time, these five made sure you knew just how awful they were…

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Matthew_FoxMatthew Fox – “Alex Cross”

Fox plays a villain who’s fascinated by inflicting pain on others. Including the audience. Best known for his television work, Fox takes his wild-eyed brand of thespian stylings to the big screen in order to create a laughable character who’s supposed to be psychotic. He winds up comedic, however. A shaved head and a blank look do not a great villain make. At least he was good for a laugh.

For Your Consideration Film PremiereEugene Levy – “Medea’s Witness Protection”

Eugene Levy makes us wonder why anyone ever thought he was funny in the first place. He was a stand out in a tsunami of terrible… Seriously, if your performance makes Madea look funny in comparison, you know you’re awful. Levy makes shocked faces of disbelief through about 90% of his role, and the other 10% of the time he simply looks perplexed. Thankfully he redeems himself with all of the romantic chemistry he fosters with Denise Richards.

Dennis_QuaidDennis Quaid – “Playing for Keeps”

Quaid shows up looking haggard, tired and hung over, but thankfully his role only calls for him to act like an obnoxious ass. I’m not sure what could have been made of the role by even a great performance, but Quaid brings “unlikable, egotistical jerk” to life a little too easily. Grating, irritating, and annoying, Quaid begins the film as a bribing suck-up and ends as jealous enemy. Along the way, you’ll think, “Ughck”.

Vince_VaughnVince Vaughn – “The Watch”

I’d call him out for being lazy here, but he obviously don’t give a #%&$. Vaughn can barely hide his contempt for the film, his role, his lines, you… “Hahaha!” You can actually feel his disinterest in the part. “Get me out of here” is the subtext behind each and every line of mailed in dialogue he utters. To top it all off, he plays his standard, abrasive, obnoxious asshole character, so there’s a ton of pain to be had.

Bruce-WillisBruce Willis – “The Cold Light of Day”

Willis barely even bothers to smirk in this masterpiece no-show performance. He plays a father who’s secretly been a CIA agent who winds up embroiling his family in violent conspiracy, but the big secret involved is what the cost of his gracing this movie with his name was. It’s patently obvious that there was no acting involved for him. His character even gets killed off early. Oops. SPOILER.

Well, there you have it, folks. The five actors who brought their movie down, even though it wasn’t their film! They managed to botch things up from a supporting role!

What do YOU think? Anyone I let off the hook? Am I being unfair to any of these stumble bums fine actors?

Let me hear it! Sound off in the comments below!

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58 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Supporting Actor Nominees

  1. I’m Submitting My Ballot On This One Without A Check Next To Anyone’s Name. Why? Because I Haven’t Seen The Five Flicks These Five Dudes Are In. Period. hehehe
    BUT, If I Had Seen The Flicks…
    …Matthew Fox.
    I Hated Lost, And I’ve Heard The New Alex Cross Flick Was Just Terrible. Simply Terrible. SO… Based Totally On Hear-Say, I’d Go With Fox. 😉

    • Oh it was. Alex Cross? God awful. Seriously. It’s not just me, either, its batting 12% on Rotten Tomatoes. Eesh.

      Yeah, though. It was horrible, and he was a big reason why. He was really bad, Brad, real bad. 😀


    Ahem, sorry. My vote is Vince, because he’s always that bad. Also, I can’t stand his voice.

    And if I could throw a couple more out there to replace number 1 (like that’s gonna happen, but just let me do my thing) –

    Ciarin Hinds in Ghostrider 2 (he was wasted, wasted, I tell you, and not in the funny alcoholic way)

    Wes Bentley in the Hunger Games? I love that guy, but he was really just a big nothing, barely any facial expressions even though he had a tremendously important role (you’d think ordering the death of, er, well, children would make you change face but apparently not)

    Oh, that’s all of them on “2012 in film on Wikipedia.” But just wait till we get to the girls…mwahahaha!

    • Ha!! 😀 You know? I did think of you when I wrote that up, I was
      like “Livi’s gonna be pissed”

      Didnt slow me down any, he was awful. Lol! :p

      Ghost Rider 2 may just pop up again before we’re through here, but not Hinds. LOL. And no one in The Hunger Games was all that bad… Although Hutcherson was flat as Hell.

      And don’t worry, the ladies will get their fair shake too, staring this afternoon, so you can have at it then!

  3. Well, having only seen the Watch (and that just last night) I can attest to Vaugn’s horribleness. Unfortunately, I dont think he was the horrible-est on in that movie.

    Seriously, Ben Stiller must never work again.

  4. It’s a shame about Levy because that guy was legitimately one of the funniest men working in the 70’s, when on his SCTV show with other greats like Candy, Moranis, Thomas, O’Hara, Flaherty etc.

    Bad material is hard to overcome.

    Hit youtube, check out some SCTV Levy and cleanse yourself of the Tyler Perry stench.

    I managed to avoid all 5 of these films partly due to having discretion and partly due to guys like you taking the bullet and letting us know it’s painful. You are like all of our bullet proof vest.

    • Oh dont worry, I definitely know he can be funny. I mean, how about his work in the Christopher Guest troupe as well? He was great.

      I cant explain how bad he was here though. Seriously, it was like “Pour bleach into your eyes” bad. 😮

  5. I managed to skip all of these, thank god!

    It’s a little hard to blame them though. With the possible exception of Alex Cross, all of these films were just quick paychecks for these guys, and they knew it the moment they signed on. I mean, something tells me that Willis put a lot more time and energy into making “Moonrise Kingdom”, or even “A Good Day To Die Die Would You Just Die Already (part 75)”, than he did for “A Cold Light Of Day”.

    Vaughn, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to put any energy into anything, so I’m voting for him just on principle!

    • “A Good Day To Die Die Would You Just Die Already (part 75)”, LOLOLLLOL!!! 😀

      Thats a good one. 😀

      Listen. Willis put more time and energy into making his cup of coffe this morning than he did into “Cold Light of Day”. I hope that gives you some perspective. 😀

      I dont hate on Vaughn, he’s been in so much that I really liked. But he definitely is a one trick pony unfortunately. He was really grating here. 😦

    • Yup. I wouldnt recommend a single film here. Its not as if any of these guys made terrible efforts in decent movies (That’s happened before), these films were across the board awful.

      I’d throw “The Watch” in there too. 😉

    • Aw cmon. Not on Vaughn movie? Wedding Crashers? Swingers? Old School? Cmon, now! The man has had his moments! 😮

      There’s a lot of indefensible dreck on his filmography, too, of course, but I have to say he’s had his good films too…

      That said, these listed here suck. 😀 I’d stay away.

      And… I dont think Fox has done a lot since Lost. Cause… casting agents and directors recognize his limitations. 😀 Just saying.

  6. For the six seasons of LOST I have been laughing hysterically whenever Jack was crying – I barely made it through his appendix surgery 😀 I really need to see Alex Cross the next time I’ll be watching Wicker Man and make it into double feature of bad movies that make me laugh.

    • Yeah… its that kind of bad. Seriously Sati, he was… awful. I mean. It was pretty laughable as far as I was concerned, and for the most part, I liked him on LOST (though I was never under any illusions as to whether or not he was a great actor or anything…)

      • I saw the trailer for this before Skyfall and I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing 😀 I’m hoping Evangeline Lily will have better career than he does, hopefully she will be in more good films after the second The Hobbit film premieres.

      • Evangeline Lilly was in the Hurt Locker for about 5 seconds. She’s already had a better career than Fox post Lost. LOL

        (Though I think I heard you say recently youre not a fan… but hey, it won an Oscar, so…) 😀

  7. Amazing. With all the movies I did see last year, I didn’t see any of these. Whew…dodged that bullet.

    • LOL. They unloaded the clip and you dodged ’em all! LOL You pulled a Pulp Fiction and just stood there while the bullets passed right through! 😀

      You didnt miss a damn thing. Unless youre morbidly curious as to how bad these really are? There’s no point in seeing any of them.

  8. Thank you for taking five for the team. I managed to miss every single one of these, and I think I am glad I did. I feel a little sorry for Quaid, he has been so good so often and he somehow missed being a bigger star than he is. Too bad he got stuck with this.

    • Yeah, I suppose I dont feel sorry for him though… he’s had a nice career and I’m sure (at least I hope, you never know) he’s set for life. I’ve liked him in a lot of things too, I actually watched a good chunk of “Day After Tomorrow” last night for some unknown reason. LOL

      Dont watch “Playing for Keeps” though, you might change your mind on him! LOL

      In fact, you should probably steer clear of all of these 😀

  9. Vince Vaughn. He’s gone from just bad to seriously annoying. When he starts in with his inane patter, you wanna grab something and hit him upside the head! It’s too bad,because it may deprive viewers of getting to know Rich Ayoade. Been a fan since “The It Crowd” great stuff!
    Willis benefited from decent action scenes in “Cold Light…” that kept peoples’ minds off the crap plot and garbage acting(Sigourney for worst actress?)!

    • “Willis benefited from decent action scenes in “Cold Light…” that kept peoples’ minds off the crap plot and garbage acting(Sigourney for worst actress?)!”

      Yeah… I must have missed those “Decent Action Scenes”. The ones I saw were standardized, run of the mill shite we see twice a week at the movies. 😦

      Got some violence there towards Vaughn, huh? LOL Then “The Watch” really must have been painful for you. 😮

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