The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Supporting Actor Nominees

Best Supporting Actor Nominees

So, we’ve had a taste of the worst… let’s start talking about some of the Bests. Here are the nominees for the MAJOR Award for Best Supporting Actor 2012! These five actors left an indelible impression, in spite of playing second fiddle! The Best Supporting Actors of the year!

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Javier_BardemJavier Bardem

Bardem enters a franchise more than twenty films strong, and authors one of its best villains yet. Flamboyant, menacing, and disfigured, Raoul Silva has a phenomenal backstory and motivation for making things personal against 007 and M. It’s completely obvious in his performance that Bardem relishes this role, which in turn becomes a super enjoyable thing for the audience to watch.

Leonardo_DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio
“Django Unchained”

DiCaprio puts his conscience aside, and portrays a slimy, skin crawling slave owner in Tarantino’s latest revenge movie, “Django Unchained”. Privileged, entitled, inhumane, and most of all, racist, Calvin Candie is the type of character that you WANT to see get what’s coming to him. Which is a big part of what makes great villains great. DiCaprio is detestable and despicable, but all to his film’s benefit.


Phillip Seymour HoffmanPhillip Seymour Hoffman
“The Master”

Lancaster Dodd is the author and founder of a philosophical, psychological, spiritual program known as “The Cause”. He claims to be able to guide followers to past lives, and puts them rigorous conditioning exercises. When pressed for actual results, he gets defensive. Enigmatic, mercurial and arrogant, Dodd is a fascinating character, and with him Hoffman delivers yet another high calibre, outstanding performance.

Tommy_Lee_JonesTommy Lee Jones

Cantankerous as ever, Tommy Lee Jones makes his presence felt in this enormously talented ensemble cast. As Thaddeus Stephens, an outspoken abolitionist who has to reign in his views in order to help actual legislation pass, Jones gets the chance to play a cranky codger that mildly antagonizes the President  in spite of ultimately being on the same side. In a role suited to his talents, Jones knocks it out of the park.


Sam_RockwellSam Rockwell
“Seven Psychopaths”

It’s hard to describe the manic energy that Rockwell brings to this film. To those of you familiar with his off the wall characters, I would just say that this may be his craziest yet. Hysterical and hard to keep up with, his wanna be screenwriter is a fast talking, unbalanced, screw-loose. It’s an extraordinary thing to witness… I literally don’t know how he was able to keep it up without dropping from exhaustion.

There they are! The wingmen, villains and allies that added the most to their films in 2012!

What’s your take? Am I overrating any of these performances? Is there anyone I dissed by forgetting them? Which of these guys do you think deserved to win?

Let me hear it!

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72 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Supporting Actor Nominees

  1. I didn’t see Seven Psychopaths, so I don’t know about Rockwell. Definitely agree with the rest of your choices though. I would have put in De Niro in Silver Linings Playbook though, and maybe Christoph Waltz in ahead of Hoffman but I’m not sure. I’ve heard that Waltz played kind of a similar character in Inglourious Basterds, and if he’s already done the same thing before I don’t know if that merits an award really… but I haven’t seen that one yet, so I was impressed with him. Though Leo definitely has the more difficult part in Django, that’s for sure.

    • The two people from one movie factor definitely did mildly come into play here. It was the last movie I saw of the bunch, and that would have meant dedicating two spots to it…

      Waltz was excellent, but he did play a very similar character in IB. We’ll see if he gets an Oscar nod or not.

  2. Nice choices. Javier played a fantastic Bond villain. (Funny that none of Daniel Craig’s Bond villains have ever been played by English or American actors.)

    I’d add Michael Caine for his performance in TDKR. He wasn’t there for long but he brought me to tears every time.

  3. Oh my god…1, 2, and 5 – how dare you ask me to decide between those wonderful people? They’re all villains, oddly 😉 I’m in the middle of Django Unchained right now and I have to say, the script is so forkin good I can’t stop squealing…but Javier gave us the closest thing to slash since fanfiction has been around, and Sam, ugh, he was hysterical yet very depressing!! Just saw 7P yesterday actually, so all these guys are really fresh.

    I just wasted a paragraph. What the hell, Sam then!! I like the more realistic everyday villains, and Silva, well it’s Bond-universe isn’t it? DU is fabuloosh, but I don’t LIKE Calvin MnM man, whereas I do like Psychopath #7 (and 1, I loved that bit). The story for 7P is crazier yet more ordinary than the other two films, so the characters stand out more, I think.

    Final note – In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths were nothing like the trailers, were they? Funny – sometimes, but actually two of the most depressing movies I’ve ever seen (and that’s not even mentioning The Guard).

    • 😀 LOL. Great comment. Very funny stuff. Glad you approve of Rockwell, he’s the “Non Traditional” choice here, all these other guys are most likely in line for Oscar noms, I would bet.

      They’re all great. Its a brutal choice. I have no idea who will win yet. LOL. Could be any of them, they’re all worthy…

      I dont know that I ever saw the In Bruges trailer. By the time I finally saw it it was on DVD, and I dont think I ever checked it out. In fairness to 7P… it’d have to be a hell of a trailer to capture all of that!! 😀

  4. The only film I’ve seen is Skyfall and as good as Bardem was, I doubt it’s the best all year. I’d love to see my man P.S. Hoffman take this but I can’t really comment. Another performance I was very happy with this year was Guy Pearce in Lawless. I thought he was outstanding.

      • Lol. Not just for shaving his eyebrows. I thought there was a real depth to his character and Pearce was on fine form to capture it. I’ve not written my review of the film yet but I think I may have liked it more than most.

  5. Fogs, I’ve only seen three of these (Hoffman, Bardem, and Jones), and all are worthy of being in this list. Jones in particular manages to bring a lot of heart to the gruff Stevens and makes him a fascinating guy. He’d be my pick from the three, though I think Hoffman is right there too.

    • Boom. Thank you. 😀 I appreciate the affirmation, Dan! 😀

      Love all three, I think all of these are worthy. Tommy Lee Jones was great, but I dont know that he stretched very much… that may be the one big knock there. 😉

  6. There was something very cheese about Bardem’s villain. He played the part well and it felt a lot like some of the slighty corny, but very evil, villians of the past. But I thought maybe it was because the entire movie seemed to be a tribute to the entire franchise that came before Skyfall.

    DiCaprio is excellent considering he was concerned that parts of the movie were going to far and he was uncomfortable with some of the material. It’s a testement to his acting skills that it looks more like he was totally enjoying playing the villian. None of his own discomfort comes through and he nails it part perfeclty.

    • Hammy, I think might be the better word for Bardem’s character, but in such an appropriate, delicious way. 😀 He really contributed to that movie.

      You’re right, DiCaprio deserves a lot of credit for swallowing his own conscience and proceeeding with difficult material… in order that we all could enjoy watching him and his crew get what they deserve at the end 😀

      • Yes, Hammy would be a better word. Or Corny. I think it was, in part, the make-job. I keep thinking he looked like a dissipated Ken doll. I was expecting a reason so I wasn’t surprised by the reveal late in the film.

  7. This Is A Super Toughie, Fogs.
    …I’m Up For All Things Toughie. 😉
    And My Pick, Without Hesitation, Is JAVIER BARDEM In “SKYFALL”. Period.
    He’s The First Bond Baddie Who Honestly Made My Skin Crawl, He Was So Damned Creepy. I Don’t Normally Look For Personal Emotional Responses During Movies Of This Type, But I’d Be Lying If I Said BARDEM Didn’t Cause A Plethora Of Them.
    I Know He’s Already Won An Oscar For Supporting Actor (“No Country For Old Men”), But I’d Give ‘Em Another 😀

  8. Head shoulders above everyone on this list is Leonardo Dicaprio! Django wouldnt be anywhere without him! I dont consider Sam Rockwells performance supporting at all. He ruled over the whole film as best actor.

    • Yeahhhhhh but he definitely wasn’t the “Lead”. He was wingman to Farrell, and thus, if he were going to get “submitted” theyd put him in as supporting, regardless of screen time, importance, impact, etc… 😦

  9. Glad to see Leo and TLJ here! I still can’t decide whether I preferred Leo or Waltz in Django. I’m leaning towards Waltz now – he was such a great character, so funny too. For me he was the heart of this movie. If Waltz didn’t win his Oscar already I’d be rooting for him to win this year.

    • Yeah, exactly. There’s definitely a point to be made there along the lines of “He just won one” LOL. Is it fair? Probably not, but its a factor, for sure. 😦

      They were both great, there’s no doubt.

  10. Hmmmm Bardem or DiCaprio those are two tough choices and either one would be deserving. A great year for villains. Who do I think will win TLJ cause the Oscars voters are as old as he is.


      Sad but true. We can factor that in for “Amour” as well. Which Im picking to win everything because no one has %#$*&ing seen it, so its the most elitist, alienating choice possible. 😀

  11. So, I’ve seen 3 of these, Skyfall, Lincoln, and Django. My impressions:

    Skyfall: I know I’m in the minority here, but Bardem was too over the top for me. He played a great character, but I didn’t think he was great as that character, if you get my meaning.

    Lincoln: Tommy Lee Jones did a phenomenal bit of work, but didn’t really show us a lot of range. He may take the Oscar, and good onya if he does, but I’m leaning towards …

    Django: DiCaprio had me completely convinced. Yes his character was also over the top, but he wore it much more convincingly. Although if I had to pick a Best Supporting Actor from Django, I might have picked Christoph Waltz, who really owned his part.

    Anyway, I’ll go with DiCaprio for this one.

    • Skyfall: I dont get your meaning… LOL. My personal take is so far removed from that that that reads like Russian or Something.

      Lincoln: Agreed good sir! But Still a better turn than most!

      Django: Waltz is also worthy, yes. But DiCaprio will get the props for playing such a malicious malevolent role. Muaha ha ha! LOL 😀

      Duly noted sir.

  12. I’ve only seen The Master and Skyfall out of those listed and it’s a tough call between the two actors. I think I’m leaning towards Hoffman, but Bardem was so good…

  13. At least I’ve seen two of these performances, and of the two (Bardem and DiCaprio), I’d definitely go with DiCaprio.

    Since I didn’t see the other three I’m not sure they would fit, but did you consider Tom Hiddleston for The Avengers or Michael Fassbender for Prometheus?

    • No and yes.

      Couldn’t include Hiddleston, as much as he was a good comic book villain, I didnt see much beyond the typical sneering menace there.

      I did think about Fassbender’s David though, but I couldn’t put him in above any of these guys. Its partly the whole robot thing. As great as you do in a role like that, LOL, youre still playing a robot. 😀

  14. I can’t pick between Javier Bardem and Leo DiCaprio. They were both OH-SO good in their performances. I’m kinda leaning towards Bardem. Great list.

  15. Not bad choices. I think supporting actors have definitely killed it this year more so than any other acting category. When I try to narrow it down to five, supporting actors have given me the most trouble, heh.

    Other than what you’ve got, I’d also say that Michael Fassbender did an awesome job in Prometheus. The only good thing about that movie, quite frankly.

    • Yeah, he definitely was the best part about Prometheus, No doubt. I couldnt put him ahead of any of these guys though. 😦

      You’re totally right about it being a crowded field this year. In addition to Fassbender, DeNiro was great, Christoph Waltz… all of those guys were worthy!

  16. Interesting picks. Not sure I agree with Bardem — he was a good villain, but I don’t think his performance was one of the best of the year. Hoffman would get my vote, maybe Leo second.

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