The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Actor Nominees

Worst Actor Nominees

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, back to the bad… here they are. The worst of the worst. Five actors who really stank the joint out in 2012. Mail in jobs, scenery chewing, charisma-free outings… these five guys have all the bad acting bases covered.

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Nic_cageNic Cage
“Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”

Nic Cage has earned a reputation for terrible, scenery chewing performances of late. But the worst part of it is that he occasionally gets the green light to do it on purpose… and you can tell. Somehow, here, Cage was supposed to act “Crazy Cage” and couldn’t pull it off. You could tell, he was trying too hard. So how bad a job do you have to do when you have the go signal to act badly and still fail?

Best Supporting Actor nominee Eddie Murphy arrives at the 79th Annual Academy Awards in HollywoodEddie Murphy
“A Thousand Words”

In “A Thousand Words”, Murphy plays a man cursed with a limitation on the number of words he can speak before he dies. Thus he spends half the movie mugging and miming and gesturing frantically in order to get his point across. The last 1/3 is more a dramatic role… in fairness, he was pretty good there, but I can’t figure out if part of that is because I was so relieved he stopped trying to be funny.

Adam_SandlerAdam Sandler
“That’s My Boy”

What kind of a sad statement on Sandler’s career is it that I can say with all seriousness that this is his funniest role in years, yet in the same sentence call it one of the worst performances of 2012, and have both statements be totally true? Sandler is terrible here, and yet still this is the funniest he’s been in quite a while. In “That’s My Boy”, he offers us a horrible character, boorishly acted. True Sandler.

Ben_StillerBen Stiller
“The Watch”

Stiller turns on the cruise control, and makes no effort whatsoever to disguise it. Acting as if he cared would be 100% more acting than he actually did here. This schtick is rote for him, and it shows. In order to find his motivation for this particular character, he drew from a place of deep boredom and disinterest. I’m pretty sure I didn’t laugh once, although I know I winced often enough.

Sam_WorthingtonSam Worthington
“Man on a Ledge”

Worthington plays the titular “Man on a Ledge”, and I spent half the movie wondering if anyone would even notice if he jumped. If Worthington were a color, he’d be a bland shade of camouflage. Not something you want in a lead. Who were talking about again? Oh yeah, Worthington. The poor man’s store mannequin. At least it seems as if Hollywood has wised up and stopped handing him franchises, thankfully.


There they are boys and girls. Five actors who reached into your pockets, took your cash and just walked away. They clanked lines off the rim, put you to sleep, and made you cringe with their grating characters.

Which one do YOU think was the worst? Anyone here I should have spared my wrath? Did I forget anyone? Anyone upset I passed over Taylor Kitsch for recognition? Who else?

Let us hear it!

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55 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Actor Nominees

  1. I’ve steered clear of all of these except Worthington’s. I really don’t think he’s terrible but the material he’s given is pretty bad. Still I hope it goes to Sandler. I’ve grown to despise his cheap garbage movies. Ahem…I mean his films.

  2. Again, I haven’t seen any of these but I’d pick Sandler simply because I despise the man and his poor excuse for humour. With the exception of the Wedding singer, I havent really liked anything he’s done.

  3. It’s NIC CAGE By Far Far FAR This Year.
    He Totally Mailed It In For “GR2” And It Was Dreadfully Painful To Watch.
    The Movie Really Sucked Hard, And CAGE Did, Also.
    Period AND Fo SHO. 😀

  4. Dude, no way with Nic Cage. He was tremendously crazy in that, and almost single handedly made Ghost Rider one of the absolute funnest movies of the whole year.

    • I dont know if I could disagree with you more times in a single sentence. LOL.

      I thought Cage was terrible, even if he was supposed to be “Crazy Cage”, and… the movie didnt come across half as batshit crazy as it wanted to be. 😦 I didnt hate on it as much as most, but I have to call out Cage as a fail.

      Sorry man.

  5. It will always be Sandler, and I haven’t even seen That’s My Boy. He annoys me to no end. I have a little Worthington crush, forgot about what the Watch was like (it was that forgettable), haven’t seen 1000 words, and it’s Cage! C’mon, he’s so bad he’s good (much like his movies;)!

    I always unburden all these reasons for my voting upon you, heehee, sorry! 😀

    Other Nominees – can’t think of one. I never watch a movie without being sure that the lead actor is gonna be halfway decent. But I got roped into The Watch somehow, so go figure.

    • Make no mistake. I LIKE Cage. I wanted him to be “So bad its good”. But what we got was a badly done, direct attempt to BE “So bad its good”, which in turn just winds up BAD. Follow that?

      Sandler was terrible, you’re not wrong in your conjecture. 😉

      And that’s what its all about here, Livi, no need to apologize, you’re doing it correctly. LOL 😀

      • Yeah, I hear you about Cage. I only saw GR2 once, I might purposely waste 90 minutes this afternoon and rewatch it in better quality because I think last time was a screener quality link (I was young and naive back then, I actually thought it was going to be awesome, how I have changed!!). And really, I only watch those films for the special effects!

  6. Adam Sandler pisses me off. It’s like he TRIES to make terrible movies. And it doesn’t help that my GF thinks they all look amazing and tries to drag me to the theater. I say “tries” because it never works, I’m smarter then that!

    • I can picture you hitting the “Spin Move” button at the ticket counter and slipping into some horror flick instead. LOL. 😀 Funny stuff.

      And yes, Sandler did truly suck here.

      Plus… he may be the favorite cause I let him off the hook last year and gave the Leg Lamp to Taylor Lautner instead! LOL

  7. I haven’t seen any of these except for a part of Ghost Rider 2 with French dub so that made it even worse experience. Although I’d say just from trailers, I’d definitely want to see Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller get it. I rolled my eyes at the trailers so you won’t be expecting me to see That’s My Boy or The Watch at all…

    • HAHAHHA!! Laughing at the idea of Cage’s performance with a dub. LOL That would be funny stuff!

      As for not watching “The Watch” or “That’s My Boy”, I fully support that sound, solid plan of action. LOL. Neither is worth your time. 😦

  8. Every time I hear about Sandler outside of the movies, I really like what I hear. I think he is a good person. But as an actor, I do not like him at all. I don’t even think he is a bad actor. It is the scripts he picks. Some of the basic plots are really good, but then they go in a direction that is so dumbed down and to stupid for words that you wonder, “Why Bother?” The only movie I really liked him in is 50 First Dates. The memory conditions Drew B. had in the film is a real one and you get a feel for what it might be like to be close to someone who has it. Happy Gilmore was entertaining. But everything else has been pure crap and I don’t waste money on his films any more.

    Ben Stiller has the same problem. Only you get the feeling that his movies are actually trying to be clever but the end up with the same feel as Sandler’s movies. Which makes it even worse. So Stiller is probably should have my vote.

    I did watch the second Ghost Rider film. I was able to enjoy most of it except there was something about Cage that wasn’t working. But I think your comment of trying to hard is correct. He was trying to hard to do what he often does naturally that it didn’t flow, it didn’t work, and he totally missed the mark. Do I guess I’m going to have to give Cage my vote. He managed to fail at doing something he can normally do with his brain turned off.

    I never even heard of the Eddie Murphy movie. I did want to see the last movie, but after it came out, I didn’t feel anything when I was reading the ‘real people’ reviews and had no real get up and go to see it.

    • There you go, thank you for your support on my Cage nomination, here. There WAS something “off” about it. It felt like he was TRYING to do what normally comes naturally to him. And I could imagine why… I bet these directors (Neveldine and Taylor) encouraged him to act batshit nuts, whereas other directors were just trying to get Cage’s best performance. In other projects his best attempts wind up coming across as crazy naturally. Here, he was trying to force it, and it showed.

      Meanwhile, I’m sure they’re all nice people. LOL. But if theyre going to put out bad product, we have to call them on it! Im sure theyre laughing all the way to the bank. 🙂

      • Ooooh. Nice. Even better. 😀

        I see Stiller being out first, cause he’s a pansy. Worthington actually puts up a fight and takes care of Murphy (who’s getting old anyways). But Sandler finally gets a chance to make his shitty mock dumb ass persona work to his advantage and beats up Worthington, winding up face to face with Cage.

        Of course, in this scenario, no one is beating Cage, who winds up making insane, bloodied, gloating faces around the octagon over the corpses of the others….

        Least, that’s how I see it playing out, anyways! 😀

      • Oh, I’m fairly certain Cage will just go all Cannibal Holocaust and eat everybody’s faces off. No contest. Maybe Murphy uses Stiller as a human shield while Worthington tries valiantly to stop Cage’s rampage and Sandler sits in a corner making stupid voices before being devoured?

  9. Well, I was going to dedicate my post to evicerating Taylor Kitsch, but truthfully, he wasn’t really the problem with that film. He was given a really horrible script, and the lamest premise imaginable, so how much should he take the fall?

    No, instead, lets talk about Ben Stiller. This man needs to never work in front of a camera ever again. He is movie death. Early in his career I kinda, sorta liked him. I loved Mystery Men, and Night at the Museum, and Tropic Thunder… but you know what? I’ve gone back and watched some of those recently and realize I like them in spite of Ben Stiller. It’s to the point now where I physically cringe when he comes on screen. There’s a distinct feeling of nausea and cramps when I see Stiller, not unlike the onset of diarrhea. Gut wrenching, stomach churning puke-y sensations follow soon after. Continued viewing will then lead to bleeding from the orifices and painful, protracted death. And all that’s just before the opening credits! The surgeon general is considering putting a warning label on all his films.

    But he may not have been as bad as Nic Cage.

    • HA! LOL. Uh… I thought he sucked, but not THAT bad! Are you going to force me into a position of defending his work here now? LOL

      Kitsch was considered, trust me. For Battleship AND John Carter both. And he narrowly got beat out by Worthington, who I thought was awful, too.

      But back to Stiller. The unfortunate thing is he has almost 0 range, he kind of does the same two things again and again. Either he’s “Villain” Stiller (Dodgeball, Happy Gilmore) Or ooofus, spineless Stiller (Meet the Parents, Something About Mary) and he’s so prolific that it just drives it into the ground. Shit, I bet even HE’S sick of him. He needs to stretch his wings or take some time off or both!

      • I don’t know I find Will Smith to be among the most over rated actors today. Besides Stiller was in Something About Mary so he always gets a pass.

        Have you seen my baseball?

      • Smith is a “Star” thats for sure. He seems to have given up on “Acting” and now just does his thing, you know? We’ll see how he does in “After Earth”, but with Shyamalan directing? Hopes arent high. LOL

        And… I do have to say, as much as I like some of Stiller’s previous work (I’d afford “Tropic Thunder” that kind of respect, too), I’m revoking that pass. LOL

    • Indeed. A complete “Just be yourself” performance… very lazy.

      But… I couldn’t see bumping any of these guys for him. I guess his charm was enough to elevate him from contention here, cause he definitely didnt do a lot of acting. LOL

      Not a bad choice at all.

  10. I’ve only seen Eddie Murphy’s role here and he was pretty bad. I really don’t like Adam Sandler though and I guess he’ll win (the only film I ever liked him in was Punch-Drunk Love).

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