The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Actor Nominees

Best Actor Nominees

Here we go, here we go! We’re getting into the big categories now, here are the Best Actor Nominees for 2012! The five actors in leading roles who made the most memorable impressions this last year!

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Bradley_CooperBradley Cooper
“Silver Linings Playbook”

“Silver Linings Playbook” is the story of a man with impulse control issues, fresh out of the psychiatric ward, obsessed with reuniting with his wife. Cooper plays him as edgy, antsy and unstable. As he gets involved with Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), you’re rooting for him to realize what a good thing he has in front of him, and let go of his obsessions. Manic, funny and sweet, Cooper’s performance deserves all the praise it’s getting.

Daniel Day LewisDaniel Day-Lewis

Day-Lewis takes our collective vision of Abraham Lincoln and embodies it on the silver screen. From there, he proceeds to put on an energetic, humorous, impassioned performance. It’s immersive… you’ll never once question you’re watching an actor and not Lincoln, he’s that authentic. It’s bound to be a legendary role, and will add another jewel to his already formidable filmography.

The UK Premiere of Real Steel, LondonThe UK premiere of 'Real Steel' in LondonHugh Jackman
“Les Miserables”

Jackman puts his soul on display here, singing and emoting with everything he’s got. In order to play Jean Valjean, he lost a considerable amount of weight to reflect the character’s gaunt condition as a prisoner. But it’s his impassioned, heartfelt singing that makes the role so memorable. Jackman reaches down deep and belts it out, while acting at the same time. It’s an impressive performance to watch… and to listen to.

Ewan_McGregorEwan McGregor
“The Impossible”

McGregor stars as a husband who is separated from his wife and eldest son during the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Frightened and grief-stricken, but resolute, he treks through the desolation searching for his loved ones, even though there’s little actual reason to hope. McGregor conveys all of that, the fear, the sorrow, the blind hope… it’s the type of performance that will put you through the wringer, in the best of ways.

Joaquin-PhoenixJoaquin Phoenix
“The Master”

You won’t run across characters like Freddie Quell everyday, that’s for certain. He’s unstable, unlikable, and a touch dangerous. Literally, he’s a basket case. When he gets involved with “The Master”, he slowly begins to settle down, but a hint of danger always lurks beneath. Phoenix gives an incredible, transformative, mildly crazed, unforgettable performance here. The best word I can think of is “Edgy”.

There they are people! The five nominees for the 2012 FMR MAJOR Award for Best Actor!

What do YOU think? Did Denzel get snubbed? How about anyone else, think I omitted someone unfairly? Do any of these guys not deserve the praise, in your opinion? Which one do you think should win?

Let us hear it!!

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64 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Actor Nominees

  1. nice choices here, Fogs. I haven’t seen The Impossible yet and think it interesting you include him when I, unfortunately, haven’t really seen him get mentioned very often (as opposed to Naomi Watts who is receiving several noms).

    I’m curious what made him stand out to you more so than Denzel in Flight or John Hawkes in The Sessions, etc.

    • Havent seen the Sessions, and I – presonally – feel like Denzel in flight is a bit overrated. I never left that performance thinking he was that great, or the movie was that great. I mean, he was good, and it was good to see him act again, but I’m surprised he won.

      Meanwhile McGregor is a snub, and the Impossible not getting a nom is a snub. I rank it much much more highly than a lot of the movies that DID get noms…

  2. And I’ve seen none of these. Good job, Jaina!

    I’d probably throw in Ben Affleck in Argo and Matthew McConoughey in Killer Joe. Those two stood out for me last year.

    • I haven’t gotten to Killer Joe yet. 😦 It IS on VOD, so I will soon. I’ve heard really good things….

      You havent seen any of these yet though? Have they not released over there yet or something? There’s some big ones listed here!

  3. I guess I can’t pick anything seeing as that is a list I’ve not seen for one reason or another. But based on what I know of the films, the clips I’ve seen, and what I know of the actors, I would have to vote Jackman. I’ve seen him sing and dance before. He is already a big name because of Wolverine. But if we were still in the day and age where musical films were common, he would be HUGE! He has the perfect trifecta they looked for back in the day. He can act, sing,and dance and to top it all off, he has natural good looks that work in many different styles.

    • They didnt have him dance in Les Mis. That would have been something though! LOL 😀

      He was great though. He sang his heart out. Hathaway seems to be getting all the press, but Jackman was (almost) just as good. His songs early on were pretty heart rending too!

  4. I haven’t seen a single one of these films, nor am I intending to. What does that say about me? *groans*

    I leave it in your very capable hands, Fogs. Though I’m leaning towards Lewis, if only because he went from earrings to Lincoln very well, it seems.

    • LOL. I know right? I ran across a ton of those earings pics when I was doing my image searches for these. There were other pictures that were worse, trust me. LOL. That falls under the “what is he thinking”? Category for me. LOL

      Meanwhile though, he was remarkable in Lincoln. 😀

  5. I certainly think Daniel Day Lewis deserves the nod here. He did an amazing job, completely submerging into the character of Lincoln to such a degree that at no time when watching him did I think I was watching a performance. For all intents and purposes he WAS Lincoln.

    As far as the others, well, I admit not having seen any of them (!), but in this case I hardly think it matters. DDL owned it this year. I will throw out a few ‘also rans’, though who I thought worthy of recognition. Ben Affleck did a great job, not just as director, but in putting out a subtle and believable performance in Argo. Also lost in the shuffle was a brilliant piece of acting by Liam Neeson in the Grey, and Jack Black in Bernie (Which really was my ‘surprise’ film of the year, as I usually hate Jack Black).

    Not that any of them would have beat Lewis this year.

    • DDL certainly did emobody the role. He’s going to be very difficult for anyone to top. There’s no doubt.

      Neeson was really good in the Grey, I think that’s one of the reasons it wound up so surprising. He’s been doing so many action movie and disposable flicks that we forget he’s a great actor.

      I havent seen Bernie, but I’ve been hearing really good things, so you’re probably not off base there….

      I dont know what I’d say about Affleck though in Argo. He did get a BAFTA nom (as an actor as well as as a director) and that really surprised me. 😦

  6. I’m totally on the DDL bandwagon. But he deserves it, so maybe it’s not really a bandwagon… I don’t know. He was unbelievably good in Lincoln, I can’t see anybody getting past him. That movie really depended on him too, and he delivered big time.
    Agree with you about Flight. I really didn’t like that film, and I thought Denzel was okay, but not great. I haven’t seen The Impossible yet, but I have been wondering why Watts gets so much more credit for it than McGregor does… glad to see him at least get recognized here!
    If this was any other year I’d say Joaquin Phoenix wins it hands down. His character was so messed up but he played so well…. but living up to everyone’s idea of one of the greatest presidents ever… that’s like impossible to beat.

    • DDL Parade 😀 Maybe that’s the term you’re looking for. LOL

      Thank you, yeah… I think the whole “Flight” thing is overblown… glad to hear it’s not just me.

      Watts is getting more credit I think maybe because she takes the brunt of the Tsunami scene. When the wave hist they focus on her and her eldest son. That scene is very very powerful. McGregor is fantastic, but he doensn’t get that benefit. Plus, Watts suffers in the aftermath as well…

      I’m glad you mentioned Phoenix, when I saw “The Master” I was like, well, that’s it for Best Actor… no one’s topping that!

      Then I saw Lincoln… LOL

      • That’s basically what happened to me to, when I saw Lincoln. DDL parade!
        Really excited to see The Impossible! I hope I like it as much as everyone else does.

  7. I’ve only seen Les Miserables and it’d be pretty sweet to see Hugh Jackman get it because he does a phenomenal job as Jean Valjean. I mean I usually I don’t cry in public but I was crying my eyes out for his character, knowing very well how it ends beforehand..

    However, I’m planning on seeing The Impossible within the coming week since it just opens today in theatres around my area. I can see McGregor doing a fantastic job in that role as well.

    • Nice. I hope you’re as impressed with “The Impossible” as I was. I thought that film was incredible.

      Jackman was great as Jean Valjean. There was no doubt about it, he put his heart on his sleeve for that role. He didnt get me to cry, but he certainly got me to feel empathy for the character… in fact that’s one of my biggest beefs about the film is how they take him away in the third act and shift the focus to the revolution. 😦

      • Deal is the revolution was a big part of the story, they just ended up using some actors/actresses that lacked a bit of the musical and acting talent, that would’ve complimented the movie. Still, where Jackman was, it was still pretty awesome 🙂

  8. Fogs, I thought you were going to fix that problem of Nic Cage being in the worst actor category. But I don’t see him anywhere on this list. Are you feeling OK? I’m getting a little worried about you, pal.

  9. For me Denzel Washington is still a win. I found Flight to be very average and the fact he created such great performance in a film this average is even more impressive.

    But I’ll be seeing The Impossible, SLP and Les Miserables soon, so who knows. It helps that I actually like McGregor, Cooper and Jackman – I think they are really funny, sweet guys – basing that on the talk show interviews I’ve seen with them 🙂

    Jackman deserves something just for those crazy chicks trying to grab him, damn even I wouldn’t try to do that and I’m pretty far gone:D

    • I guess I havent seen that with Jackman… sounds funny though.

      Those guys were all great, I hope you get to see them all and wind up agreeing.

      Meanwhile, yeah, I thought Denzel was good, yeah. Definitely. But… I dunno, I just didnt feel “Academy Award Worthy” off of it. 😦 I think he got a bump becuase of who he is, to be honest.

  10. Not a bad choice in the lot! True I haven’t seen The Impossible yet, but McGregor is always good, so I have no worries there.

    DDL is the obvious favorite, but there is a part of me that would rather see Jackman or Phoenix win. It’s nothing to do with DDL’s performance, mind you, which was phenomenal. I just like to see them mix it up a little bit.

    • Let’s say this. As far as rewarding the best performance goes? I dont know that I can agree with you.

      But as far as actually watching the ceremony? I’d LOVE to see them pick Phoenix. LOL. I’d love to see him do legendarily crazy 😀 That would be awesome.

  11. All 5 were excellent. Did see all 5 films. But if I had to pick just one, I have to go with Daniel Day-Lewis. (Looks like he’ll pick up his 3rd Oscar).

  12. Damn I wouldnt have ranked any of these in the top 10 this year so picking one seems almost ludicrious. There are a lot of better portrayals than these!

    • For… Real?

      You have done the math and realize four out of the five of these guys earned Academy Award noms for their roles, right? I mean… Just to defend my picks.

      Please though! Enlighten us! 😀 What were the vaunted ten performances that were better than these?

  13. It’s great to see McGregor included in this list Fogs. Still haven’t caught up with the Impossible but I will be doing so soon. If I had a choice I’d have to pick Day-Lewis, simply for being Day-Lewis. I’ve never seen a poor performance from him.

      • Going to go with Ewan McGwegor for The Impossible!!
        I think he should have gotten a Best Actor Oscar Nomination, but it got poorly snubbed, but I am still okay with that too!!
        Do you think that he should have gotten an Oscar nominated for Best Actor?
        I also going for Daniel Day-Lewis on the list and Ben Affleck and Denzel Washington that aren’t on the list!!
        For the Oscars: I am going with Daniel Day-Lewis who magnificently played Lincoln with a soft and low-key voice, as our greatest 16th U.S. president EVER!!!

      • Yeah, I do actually think McGregor was a snub. I definitely got WAY more out of his role than I did from Denzel Washington’s, so if I could, I would swap those two out in a heart beat.

        Daniel Day Lewis is going to be hard to top for Lincoln. I think they’ve already got his statuette engraved. LOL. 😀

      • Hi! Please call me Brian!! I really appreciate that!!!! Thanks!!!

        Haha!! You must be right!! I really, really liked Denzel’s performance, but I just didn’t feel like it was an Academy-Nomination-type performance, so that was a surprise!! Ben Affleck not been nominated for Best Director for Argo? What was the Academy thinking? That, for me,was a surprise snub!! And Kathryn Bigelow NOT being nominated for Zero Dark Thirty?!?!? What was the Academy Tom Hooper NOT being nominated for Best Director for Les Miserables was surprising for me!!! Without seeing e film, I was still surprised since he got nominated for The King’s Speech, I knew he would be nominated for this film, but to my very surprise, he wasn’t and neither was Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained?!?!? What is up that as well?!?!?

        Anyways, as long as these directors have their films(that they bring extreme care and precise into directing their films)are nominated for Best Picture, that is fine with me, especially for: Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln, and so far, Zero Dark Thirty(from what I see in the previews so far, but these thoughts will change when I see this film this weekend-I cannot wait to see it-hopefully it’s as good as the critics and audiences say it is-ONLY PNE CAN HOPE!!! So LET’S HOPE!!) What film do you thinks WILL win win Best Picture?!?!? Should win Best Pic.?!?!? COULD HAVE A CHANCE of winning Best Pic.?!?!? what films will NOT have a chance of being nominated for Best Picture?!?!? Let me know!!!! Your movie fan, Brian

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