The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Actress Nominees

Best Actress Nominees

Drum roll please. I proudly present to you the Best Actress Nominees for the 2012 MAJOR Awards! These are the five actresses who made the biggest impression in a starring role this year!

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Jessica_ChastainJessica Chastain
“Zero Dark Thirty”

Resolute, aggressive, brave, confident. Chastain’s Maya is one of the central figures in the CIA’s efforts to find Osama Bin laden. She perserveres through attempts on her life, inflexible superiors, and the passage of time. Her steadfast determination is one of the key reasons that Bin Laden was eventually tracked down. Chastain brings all of that to life in a fascinating, impressive way onscreen.


Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence
“Silver Linings Playbook”

Insane? Yeah, a little bit. Jennifer Lawrence’s Tiffany is a young woman unbalanced by tragedy, slowly trying to regain her footing and move forward again. When she meets another slightly touched individual (Bradley Cooper), the two hesitantly try to relate to each other in a normal manner. Aggressive and unstable, yet vulnerable, Lawrence’s funny, touching performance helped make “Silver Linings” the year’s feel good hit.


Helen MirrenHelen Mirren

Mirren’s Alma Reville faces aging, neglect from her husband, and perhaps most of all, the desire to work and be valued. Mirren imparts her with the requisite intelligence, wit, and grace to make you empathize with her and root for her. She becomes every bit as central to the film as Hitchcock (Hopkins) himself. Together the two of them provide fascinating performances that enliven what otherwise might be a dull film.


Quvenzhané_WallisQuvenzhané Wallis
“Beasts of the Southern Wild”

Six years old (at the time of filming)? So what. Wallis puts forward an undeniable, memorable onscreen performance. Indominable, tough, and courageous, but at the same time, still a sweet young child. Wallis’ Hushpuppy is one of the most unfrogettable characters of the year. “Southern Wild” is a captivating, powerful film… but it owes much of that to the incredible work of this young girl.


Naomi_WattsNaomi Watts
“The Impossible”

In “The Impossible”, it falls to Watts and young Tom Holland to actually show what it was like to be IN the devestating Tsunami the film revolves around. After, her character shows her fortitude in getting them to saftey, then slowly weakens as her fight for life enters a new phase. Watts will put you through all of it. She’s absolutely incredible in this moving, emotional picture.


So, what do you think? Who did I snub? Anyone here whose performance you weren’t fond of? Which of these ladies is most deserving of the award?!

Let us hear it!

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64 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Actress Nominees

  1. Lawrence and Wallis were great. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the other three in the next few weeks…. For some reason the films with the Leading Ladies are always opening late in the year where I am (although by now it’s actually into the next year). I can’t wait though!

    • Yeahhhhhh dont get me started on the whole release schedule thing. I missed my chance for “The Sessions” cause I blinked, and I never had a chance to see Amour (which is why I still consider it the Oscar %#$&ing Frontrunner… grrrr…)

      Hey. We didnt make up the stupid rules, right?

      They’re all great flicks, with the exception of Hitchcock which I’d consider just to be “pretty good” 😉

      • I suspect Amour will get a much wider release now that it’s a BP nominee. I’m not sure if the Sessions is going to have a re-release or not in places, but definitely keep your eyes out for it at your local indie theater.

      • Yeah, unfortunately, that was where it was when I “Blinked”. I think I just assumed since it was there on Monday they would play it all week til Friday, but apparently they change films frequently and they pulled that mid week, showed something else for a couple of days, etc… Gone now.

        I hope to at least see Amour prior to the Oscars so I know what the hell Im talking about. LOL

  2. I wanted to see Hitchcock and don’t remember seeing it listed at any of the theaters. Was it a limited release?

    I’m catching silver linings this weekend if it is still playing.

    I still need to see Beasts of the Southern Wild. That Amazon download works great for the occasional, hard to find, film.

    • Hitchcock went fairly wide, but not super wide. Box Office Mojo shows the most theatres it was in at once (widest release) as 561. Which isn’t exactly the 2500+ that a big name movie will get, but it’s not Amour, say which to this point has still only been in three theatres in the states. LOL

      Beasts of the Southern Wild is out there on Video on Demand, too, I’m pretty sure. I think I rented it through my XBox…

  3. Jessica Chastain! Great acting in a great flim. Truly establishes her in the same rank as Meryl Streep.
    Didn’t care much for Hitchcock. Movie background flix can be quite uninteresting. But Mirren is a delight to watch and she can act too!
    As for “Beasts…”. It’s the most over rated movie of the year. You’d think the Academy had seen an Indie film before, but then they fall over backwards for this! Much like no one had seen a silent film till “The Artist”!

    • Oh, I dont know about Streep… I think Chastain’s got a long way to go before we say shit like that! LOL But she WAS great in ZDT, no doubt at all about that.

      Mirren was a standout in Hitchcock. I was kind of disappointed in the film, but NONE of that falls on the acting.

      And… well, you’re wrong about “Beasts” there’s no other way to put it. That movie was moving, thought provoking, insightful… brilliant, to put it mildly. I was glad to see the Academy lavish so much praise on it. I hope it gets some actual statues somehow! 😀

  4. Wait she was 6 at the time of the filming? I heard in the news yesterday she is 9…Beasts waited 3 years for release? I’m kinda sad that the kid from Looper didn’t get award love – I thought he was even better than her and easily stole the spotlight from talented adults in the film.

    I wish Rapace got more love for Prometheus. Sure the film has its haters but I think even they liked her work.

    • She’s nine now, yeah. She was actually five when she was cast, I heard. Could have been something like she was late 6 when it filmed and she’s early nine now, I dont know. But thats how I heard it.

      Plus “Beasts” is an indie film, so it probably did take it a long time in order to get where it got, you know?

      Wha-aht? “Prometheus” has its haters Noooo… come on… SATI! BEHIND YOU, LOOK OUT!!! [Pointing]

      (Quickly exits the reply)

  5. If you arent serious about this and omit Emmanuelle Riva for Amour, then I guess I am forced to take the kid since she was the only other performance in the zip code this year.

      • Naw no canceling needed, but when you see her in Amour you will have that aha moment. Even though it is not an easy film to watch, I was blessed to see it!

    • LOL. True, even though that’s not the role I’m choosing her for. Maybe I should do like the Razzies and nominate her for both films.

      Although under that method, I’d have to include “House at the End of the Street” Eeesh. LOL

  6. Oh..and I am also picking Naomi Watts, who truly deserved the Best Actress Oscar Nomination, but will SHE WIN?
    Do you think SHE SHOULD WIN?

    • Well, I dont know yet to be honest, this category is pretty tough for me. I have a week to think about it and then, next week at this time, I’ll let you and everyone else know officially LOL 😀

  7. I know it’ll be too late for the MAJOR Awards, but I did a little checking, and The Sessions will be available for home viewing on Feb. 11, so you’ll at least be able to check it out before the Oscars if you want to. No word on Amour yet — which means it’ll at least be the “piss off the home audience” front-runner.

    • LOL. They’ll get Amour out to theatres in a small wide release before the Ceremony, I’m sure of that. I dont think they’ll release it to video before giving it a theatre run of some sort. We’re probably talking a 500 or so theatre release, but that’s enough so that eveyone who really wants to see it should have the opportunity.

      As for the Sessions, yeah I’ll be checking that out too, but at least its not up for best picture, you know?

      I will be keeping that eye out though good sir, thank you for the low down. 😉 ‘

      • At least in this day and age, it usually is possible to track everything down. I think it was you I was discussing it with a long time ago, about how frustrating it must have been before home video, seeing something like The Godfather getting highly nominated and yet once it’s gone from the theatre, it’s gone…

  8. Again, haven’t seen any of these 😀 I’m a terrible follower!!!

    Inclined towards Jessica though. I’ve never seen her in a poor performance. Ever.

    • I was gonna say “House at the End of the Street”, but she actually did fine, it was just the movie that was terrible.

      Just look at it this way… you’re picking up a lot of good recommendations for when they hit home video! 😀

  9. Well I have only seen Wallis in action and she was awesome! So I am going with Jennifer Lawrence cause well you know.

  10. Of your selections, I liked Chastain best. But my favorite female performance of the year would probably be: Marion Cotillard, Rust and Bone Lola Créton, Goodbye First Love Sara Paxton, The Innkeepers Emmanuelle Riva, Amour Michelle Williams, Take this Waltz

    • Thanks for chiming in Dan, unfortunately a lot of those are foreign films though, and I havent had a chance to see them yet. Rust and Bone came out over here a couple of months ago, but the widest its gone (according to Box Office Mojo) is 39 theatres. Amour is even less than that.

      I usually have my hands full keeping up with the major theatrical releases each week, but I love checking out the smaller/foreign releases if they’re getting good word of mouth or award season buzz…. unfortunately sometimes I dont get the opportunity. 😦

  11. Love the fact that you give some attention to Helen Mirren who got out-nommed in the Oscars this time around.

    No Judi Dench in Skyfall, huh? Figured you’d give her a nod maybe since the Academy seems to hate her for some reason!

    and where’s Gina Carano from Haywire? (aside from hanging on the arm of her most recent boyfriend Henry Cavill a.k.a. The Man of Steel)!

  12. Quevenzhane Wallis’ performance puts many adult actors to shame. She carried that entire movie. It’d be great to see her win on Feb. 24.

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