The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Supporting Actress Winner

Best Supporting Actress Winner

Alright everyone, let’s start heading into some of the bests now… here’s the winner of the MAJOR Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The nominees are: Amy Adams, “The Master”, Judi Dench, “Skyfall”, Sally Field, “Lincoln”, Anne Hathaway, “Les Misérables”, and Maggie Smith, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”.


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Anne Hathaway, “Les Misérables”


Anne Hathaway pours her heart out for all to see as the destitute, hopeless Fantine. Recently fired, and too poor to raise her own child, Fantine is forced to turn to prostitution, with disastrous results. As she hits bottom, she sings the mournful “I Dreamed a Dream”, bemoaning the miserable condition she’s found herself in and pining for a better world.

It’s then that Hathaway truly shines. Gaunt looking, dirty, and with her hair shorn, she puts every ounce of her soul into her song. It’s practically impossible not to be moved by it. She’s an excellent singer, but more importantly, an excellent actress. She’s so sorrowful in the scene that it’s difficult to describe. It sets the tone for the entire film… “I Dreamed a Dream” is easily the heart of “Les Mis”.

It’s true that she wasn’t onscreen much. I’d actually be surprised if her role wasn’t the briefest of all the nominees. Yet she makes an unforgettable contribution to the film, and to the year in film as a whole. This is a moment that people will be talking about for her entire career, and I will literally be shocked if she doesn’t win the Oscar next month.

The other nominees were wonderful as well, of course. Amy Adams was commanding and ambitious, as the cold, stern matriarch of “The Master”. Judi Dench has been a wonderful contributor to the legendary Bond franchise, and “Skyfall” was her finest role as M yet. Sally Field was a spitfire addition to “Lincoln”, and Maggie Smith lent humor and heart to “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”.

Anne_HathawayLeg LampBut none of them conveyed the impact that Anne Hathaway did. Her stirring rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” is likely to be heralded far beyond 2012.

Anne Hathaway, the FMR MAJOR Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress 2012

2012 MAJOR Awards HUU Banner

Daniel Fogarty


52 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Supporting Actress Winner

  1. Kudoz on Hathaway winner! Great pick.
    Note: Dench won with less screen time in ’98.
    I too would like to see her win Oscar here in addition to FMR major award.
    Nice post; a well thought out winner. 🙂

    • Thanks S. Im curious if Hopkins still holds the record for least screen time in a leading role with like 16 or 17 minutes for Silence of the Lambs. 😀 Awesome role though.

      I think she’s a lock this year for the Oscars. There’s a couple of them out there… this is one of them.

      • Beatrice Straight won Oscar with the shortest time onscreen of just under 6 minutes for wife Louise Schumacher part, best supporting actress role, in 1976’s Network, an FMR MTESS 😉

        Dame Judy Dench is second at about 8 minutes for Elizabeth I in 1998’s Shakespeare in Love.
        With his 15 minutes and 38 seconds 1958 Separate Tables part, David Niven edges out Anthony Hopkins’ 16 minutes screen time as the unforgettable Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs; fourth shortest overall for Hopkins.

    • I have your post from today open in another tab Keith, I’ll be by to check it out at some point.

      I was definitely let down that she exited the film as well. Definitely was like, aw… that’s it? LOL 😀

  2. Yep.

    She’s got this in the bag unless she does something incredibly stupid to screw it up. It’s a classic role, the most beloved song of the entire musical, and all my sources say that she’s campaigning hard — even keeping her hair relatively short during the awards season as a “subtle” reminder to every Oscar voter she shakes hands with!

  3. Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Les Miserables, I did think Anne Hathaway was pretty good. My favorite supporting actress role this year would probably go to Amy Adams for The Master.

    • Adams was good, but I dont know that she was that spectacular or anything… Hathaway really shone. Brightly.

      Meanwhile, yeah, dont let this be a reflection on my view of the film as a whole, I’m not the hugest fan either. But it’s nearly impossible not to recognize how great Hathaway was. 😀

  4. I can’t really can’t see anybody going with anyone else for this one. 100% agree. I actually cried the second time I saw it, only time I’ve cried at a movie in 2012. There you go.

  5. I personally would have to say Amy Adams impressed me the most in this category, though really there’s not a single bad pick in the lot, so Anne Hathaway is definitely a deserving choice. And I expect she’ll likely be taking the Oscar this year as well.

    • Yeah, it’s a slam dunk I think.

      Meanwhile Adams was really good, obviously, by including her here I was impressed. But I can’t say she was the best. I think one of the strongest things that impressed me about her role was how against type it was for her…

  6. I don’t think Anne will make my line up for Les Mis, but she did made my top 10 and is my current win for her Selina Kyle.

    The issue with the screen time was actually noticeable for me here and I don’t think that’s good – to this day I can’t believe it when people say that Hopkins was in only 20 minutes of the Silence of the Lambs, I mean it felt so much longer! For me Anne was only really good in her big moment but that wasn’t her fault, I really wish we saw more of Fantine’s misery because I personally didn’t really connect with her.

    I haven’t seen The Master yet but given my love for Adams and the type of character she plays (Lady Macbeth is one of my fav characters and I always love it when there is a bit of similarity to her in movie characters) I’ll be rooting for her.

    • Yeah, I have a feeling you’ll like that role.

      Too bad you didnt connect with Hathaway as fantine though. Yes she was only onscreen for a little while, but it was SO powerful, you know? She made a much longer impact on her film this year than many actresses who were in the entire movie!

      You’re right about Hopkins, though. LOL I still remember when I learned that fact I was like, “What?? Wait… that can’t be right….” 😀

  7. I would be pretty much willing to give Hathaway awards based off the trailer alone – I’m sure that I’ll still agree with you once I finally see the film!

    • LOL. Can you imagine if that was how it really worked? They present her the Oscar and the host says… “We didn’t even watch the movie. We just saw that trailer and, God DAMN! you were so good. Here you go. It’s yours. Good job!”

      That would be great. 😀

  8. Great choice! Its down to the wire for the academy and I think its between Anne Hathaway (whom I adore,) and Emmanuelle Riva who achieves one of those rare screen transformations in Amour that seems almost unreal. I wont be disappointed if either wins but the real competition is down to those two!

    • Well, of course, no one knows about Riva, so we all think Hathaway is a lock. Now that I know that, I think Riva is the favorite, because choosing her over the popular choice is straight out of the Academy’s playbook. LOL

  9. Great! Hers is one of the performances I hadn’t seen yet, but felt like I could vote for anyway. Hats off to her performance, but Sally Field playing a madwoman is not that much of a stretch, to quote a friend; and the whole Brits-being-steely-eyed-and-stoic doesn’t do much for me whether its her or Gary Oldman as spies (though I liked Skyfall fine). I’ve been fortunate to once see Judi Dench on the stage in London, the play was ‘Mother Courage and her Children.’ Now that there was some ACTing!

    • Oh yeah? Wow. I bet that was incredible. That’s seriously awesome.

      I would have loved to have awarded her here, especially seeing as she’s retiring from acting, but… I had to go with Hathaway. She’s that good. 😀

      • Yeah, you have to go by the performance! I love it that Hathaway is so versatile. I’ve never seriously considered going to the first half of a movie before but I feel like I might really be done after the first 90 minutes of Les Miz. I think I’d love the first part but it might be diminishing returns after that.

  10. If she doesn’t win the Oscar next month, then the world will end as we know it. (Or else, I’ll be really bummed out). Excellent choice.

  11. I’m actually a little surprised it didn’t go to Dench, considering your love for Skyfall; I guess Hathaway must just have been that good.

    I’m not surprised it didn’t go to Sally Field, since you left her out of the pre-jump write-up. 😛

    • LOL. Did I? I’ll have to circle back and patch that up. 😀

      Meanwhile though, yeah, Hathaway really WAS that good. I would have loved to have given it to Dench, absolutely, but I couldn’t pass Hathaway’s Les Mis performance over… It would have just shredded whatever credibility I have. LOL

  12. Very Nice, I think that the fact that as you said she isn’t on screen for that long but is still able to make the sort of impact she does speaks volumes to how much she put into the performance

  13. Yes. Absolutely agree with you here. I didn’t care much for the movie personally, but Hathaway blew me away. If she doesn’t win the Oscar, it would be a HUGE upset.

  14. I don’t think this is ever questioned. With a rather lukewarm Oscar season this year, with many of the categories being far from predictable, this one’s for sure. Best part of a rather mundane film.

    • Yeah… I’m not a huge fan of the movie as a whole, either. Definitely didnt make my top ten.

      But Hathaway was exceptional… it’s pretty much undeniable. I had to give credit where it was due.

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