Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Most Anticipated Movie of 2013?

2013-WallpaperWell, folks, now that the MAJOR Awards are behind us, we can put 2012 to bed for good. A brand new movie year has already begun, full of promise. All the best of and worst of lists reset, as an entirely new release schedule awaits.

What 2013 movie has you excited? Which one(s) are you anticipating most? Is it one of the many Superhero films we’ll be getting (we have new offerings pending this year from Superman, Iron Man, Wolverine and Thor)? How about some of the big sequels, like “Anchorman 2”, “Star Trek into Darkness” or the next chapters of “The Hobbit” or “The Hunger Games”? There are original offerings in the mix, too. Tom Cruise’s “Oblivion” has been heavily promoted of late, M Night Shyamalan tries to resurrect his failing status by working with Will Smith and son in “After Earth”, and Stallone and Schwarzenegger are due to reunite in “The Tomb.”

For reference, complete lists of known 2013 releases can be found on Wikipedia, here, and at Box Office Mojo, here!

So let’s hear it, what are YOUR Most Anticipated movies of 2013? Which movies are YOU looking forward to the most?

Daniel Fogarty


122 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Most Anticipated Movie of 2013?

  1. Man of Steel for me. Not a Superman fan at all, but with Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder behind it, there’s no way I’m skipping up on something like that!

    • I worry, Chris.

      Superman Returns hurt me… I… I still dont think I’m over it man. 😦

      LOL. I just dont like the “Dark Tone” I’m picking up. Ohhh look how gloomy Superman is this time! They better have better cards to play than that! (I hope)

  2. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
    Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey as rival magicians in Vegas in JGoldstein script;
    who doesn’t want to see that?

    Pain and Gain – great cast (DJohnson & MWhalberg), city, and decade setting with a novel story based on real events

    Star Trek Into Darkness because I like the first remake.

    Riddick – fan of the series so far and writer/director DTwohy

    Hobbit: DoS

    • Yeah, Tanski brought “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” to my attention and it sounds great. I hope it comes out as good as it sounds.

      Pain and Gain IS directed by Michael Bay, you know. Jusssssst sayin’.

    • YES!!! The Incredible Burt Wonderstone looks amazing. I would also agree with the next Star Trek film. They did a wonderful job with the first remake. Others. . . . I know this is probably going to be terrible (and I’ve already read some reviews that have been confirming that fear) but A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III — only bc I think this could be a really weird/ridiculous film; World War Z has my curiosity as well.

      • Nooo, actually I’m with you on “A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III”, I’m hoping that that turns out to be the type of crazy fun that the cast that they’ve put together promises! I dont think the fact that its availble On Demand right now speaks well to it though, for some reason (Its out there, I just havent gotten around to it)

        On WWZ though, I’m just flat out afraid its going to be dumb at this point. I’ll tell you. Those piling zombies just come across really, really poorly in that trailer, to me, Tom 😦

      • Yeah you’re right. That’s not a particularly good sign that it’s already On-Demand-ready. I know it’s available for DL on iTunes, which probably should have sent signals to me already. but whatever. It’ll be what it will be. As far as your concerns of WWZ, just think about this as a zombie movie on a massive scale. . . with that hunk of a human being, Brad Pitt starring. now if you can conjure up an argument against that premise, i’m all ears. . . hahaha

      • I’d be all for that premise, honest. Big Zombie fan, big fan of Pitt… but right now my gut is telling me “Bad” based off of those trailers. I hope you’re right and not me, man. I realy do.

  3. Probably Star Trek. I think they hit the tone just right in the first movie — a sense of fun an adventure without getting bogged down in the ponderous technobabble from the lesser Star Trek efforts. And I like the cast. It was the sort of movie that’s fun for fans and non-fans alike, which means that my wife, a non-Trekkie, is pretty excited about it too.

    And yes, The Hunger Games sequel. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed the first one. And I can’t believe that a book for kids is all about kids straight up murdering each other. I mean … wow. Sure, the story is formulaic, but the world that’s set up is so bug nuts crazy that I can understand why people obsess over it.

    • As far as the Star Trek goes, I’d like to see them strike the balance between actually having a better sci-fi story (which may require some technobabble, LOL) and just being a populist popcorn flick. The first was a pure action movie, there was literally almost 0% “Science” to the fiction. I hope to see that quotient raised to like 10% at least 😮

      Yeah, I didnt have any pre-existing reservations about the Hunger Games, myself, but I was still surprised at how much I enjoyed it, too. Looking forward to part deux myself! 😀

      • True, the science in the JJ Abram’s Trek was a little light. Red matter anyone? But, let’s not forget, the most highly acclaimed Star Trek movie of all time is Wrath of Khan. And that had a friggin’ gun that could create entire planets.

        And the most profitable was Star Trek IV, and that had some questionable time travel and aliens that spoke whale. Goofy, goofy stuff… but also in spirit with the original series, what with it’s gangster planets and tribbles and baby aliens played by Clint Howard and such.

      • Ahem. Technically Genesis was a terraforming device that could be weaponized if it fell into the wrong hands. 😀

        And yeah, I know the original movies were goofy, but they had the cast at least. The original Series kicks MUCH ass, in my opinion. I’m a big fan. Hoping for a tone that at least respects it, rather than Fast and Furious in space.

  4. Stoked for Evil Dead, even though I’ve put it on total media blackout. The only things I’m seeing are what pop up in WordPress Reader, and @GroovyBruce’s tweets.

    The last time I was excited enough about something in advance to put it on total media black out was Star Wars: Episode 2… We know how that turned out, so hopefully it works out this time.

    Also very interested to see this year’s batch of comic book movies, of course.

    • Natch.

      Yeah, let’s hope your total media black out doesnt doom this movie like it did Ep 2! Although this will be much, much, much easier to write off if it fails. I have a partition in my memory already filled with “Dumb Horror Remakes”, so filing this there wont be no big thing.

      Ep 2 however, represented the moment when I realized George Lucas was, in fact, raping my childhood. 😦

  5. Edgar Wright’s ‘World’s End’ is the one I’m really looking forward to. I adore his previous cornetto films, so am very excited to see what the third one will bring.

    • Just hit its Wikipedia page, and Wright describes it as a Social Science-Fiction film, which made me laugh. Definitely has a pedegree to follow up, for sure. Supposedly the ice cream flavor in question is mint chocolate chip. LOL. Maybe cause they get so green because of all the drinking? 😀

    • I actually liked Iron Man 2 quite a bit, though I’d have to recognize its flaws. I dont know if I’d agree with the possibilty of overtaking the Drak Knight trilogy though. Begins and Dark Knight were so freaking good. Maybe Iron Man 1 is as good as Begins (maybe), but nothing Iron Man has offered has approached Dark Knight.

      Course, it wont be hard to surpass TDKR in my book though. LOL Kids on tricycles, old people jogging, parades… lots of things are passing that one on the side of the highway. LOL

      • In my book, ironman 1 and begins are very evenly matched with the edge to ironman in shear watchibilty (word?) Dark knight definitely blows #2 out of the water but I’ve got hope that #3 might do the same to rises. Anyway that my logic. As far as straight up characters, I’d take it to Downey over Bale every time so that weighs in for me too.

      • Word is right, but Sheer is the spelling in that case 😉

        I’ll grant you that. If three blows TDKR as far out of the water as TDK did to 2, than I suppose, by the sound movie math you present there that you’d be right! 😉

      • Hm Well…. I dont know. Thats tough. Bale has still been doing a lot more “acting” lately. He still appears in a bunch of films where he’s working out his chops…

        Downey’s been doing a lot of “starring”, which leaves his acting chops a bit dustier on the shelf. It’d be close though if I had to vote between.

        Meanwhile, who epitomizes their character better? Its Downey, no doubt. Bale has the Batman voice thing going on…. LOL

  6. I don’t know that I’m really anticipating anything strongly right now… I mean, I picked Oz: The Great and Powerful on my 2012-finale post, but that was as much a “by default” choice as anything. A lot of the high-profile films are sequels to things where I haven’t seen the first yet (Hunger Games, Hobbit) or to films where I thought the first was good but don’t get me excited for more (Star Trek Into Darkness), or where the previous film was just mediocre (Iron Man 3).

    And then there’s Man of Steel. I hate to say it, but my expectations are solidly in the negative column on this at this point.

    • Well, I’m with you on that one. Between the burn I received last time getting excited for a Superman Movie, plus the fact that they’re “going all dark and moody” plus the fact that Nolan finally lost his magic charm this last outing, I have some severe worries about Man of Steel.

      It’s too early at this point to really have a lot of trailers or info for most of the year’s offerings to come… at this point everyone is relying on Brand names and prior chapters and cast/director combos, etc…

  7. OZ. But you already knew I’m stoked for that one. 😉

    I’m actually hopeful for Man of Steel, but so far, the trailers aren’t giving much to grab on to, so….

    Finally, don’t know if it’s releasing here in the states or not, but I stumbled across The Zero Theorem on IMDB looking up Matt Damon films a few months back, and it captured my interested. Gilliam directed, Damon starring as a character simply know as “The Management” — really, all it needed was to have a character called “The Management” to have my attention, the rest is just icing. So, here’s hoping it releases over here. (or, did I forget the main actor appears to be Bond’s new Q?)

    • “OZ. But you already knew I’m stoked for that one.”

      I do!

      “I’m actually hopeful for Man of Steel, but so far, the trailers aren’t giving much to grab on to, so….”

      I know… 😦

      LOL. Meanwhile, I think I might have mentioned Christoph Waltz being in “The Zero Theorem”. He’s kind of a big deal right now. 😀 You got that one right by me though Q, I hadnt heard of it. The release date doesn’t bode well for us getting it this year though. That’s got to be the 2013 Vanice film festival, right? Quick double check… brb.

      Hm. Google tells me that the “Spanish Cinema Now” film festival runs Dec 13 – 19, 2013, but I didnt see anything Italian. Anyways, I doubt we’ll get our hands on it this year 😦 Does sound interesting though.

  8. I spent time today trying to consider if there was just ONE that I was more excited for than the rest. The answer was no. There are several that I am looking forward to, but none of them are really OMG iHAVEtoSEEthatONEorELSE status this year.

    …Oz, Jurassic Park in 3D, Iron Man3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Man of Steel and a few others are on my radar the most. Out of those, Star Trek Into Darkness is highest…so I guess that is my most anticipated of the year.

    don’t get me wrong, several look fun (Like Pacific Rim, Elysium, The Wolverine, etc), but overall the year looks rather “meh” to me.

    • Yeah, you’re pretty much right there. There’s nothing this year that has me frothing at the mouth like Prometheus did (maybe that’s a good thing) Or Avengers, or Skyfall. I think I was pretty geeked out about 2012, and thats no there this year.

      Hopefully thats for the best. The lowered expectations are for the best, and I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  9. You know, I’m really looking forward to Stoker and Carrie and Kick-Ass 2. And the second instalments to The Hobbit and Hunger Games trilogy. This is the End and The World’s End both look great. Oz: The Great and Powerful has me stoked. So does Epic. And The Great Gatsby.

    And The Way, Way Back. Steve Carrell, AnnaSophia Robb AND Sam Rockwell? AND two of the writers of the screenplay for The Descendants, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash… Count me in.

    I’m not that excited for Iron Man 3 or Star Trek 2, but mostly because I have to see the second Iron Man and first Star Trek before I see them… The first Iron Man really bored the heck out of me.

    I could go on, but I won’t, LOL.

    • “I could go on, but I won’t, LOL.” Ten is your limit? 🙂 Cmon… slacker! 😀

      What was the bit about Iron Man that you tried to slip in there at the end? I cant read that, does that say “bored”? That cant be right….

      • LOL, I thought I put way more than ten!

        LOL, it was action-packed, but it was too slow for my liking… I might pursue it again when I try to watch the second. I’m not a die-hard comic book fan, like I said for The Avengers… I try to give most a chance, though. I like most, but some are mediocre for me. Couldn’t even finish Green Lantern, either. I’ll be trying IM again probably, but I doubt I’ll attempt GL again. Forgive my lengthy reply, hahah.

  10. The irony is that there were a TON of things I was looking forward to in 2012 and… well, I don’t want to say they were bad because I enjoyed all of them. But few were as good as I hoped.

    2013 stuff I’m looking forward to: the Evil Dead remake/reboot/whatever, Monsters University, Pacific Rim (almost completely because it’s GDT), and The Conjuring.

    But more than anything, I’m REALLY looking forward to Edgar Wright’s The World’s End. You have no idea how stoked I am for that.

    • You’re right, I dont have any idea. I like Wright and his previous two movies with these guys, but I am definitely not at the front of the parade, so to speak.

      In del Toro I trust! Caught a panel about Pacific Rim with him at Comic-Con where he was just raving about the concept of Kaiju battling robots and getting super excited like a kid… and if half of that comes across in the movie, we’re going to be in for a great time. I have high hopes.

      You’re right about 2012. There were some disappointments along the way…

  11. Hmm, big budget event movies – Pacific Rim, Elysium, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel (roughly in that order).

    Smaller, chin-stroking, “serious” poseur stuff – Upstream Color, Stoker, To The Wonder (roughly in that order).

    And also – John Dies at the End, looking forward to that.

    • “Smaller, chin-stroking, “serious” poseur stuff” LOL!! 😀

      I wonder if they’ll actually kill John off at the end or if that’s just the title. LOL. Yeah, Im the guy who will watch it going, theyre not really gonna kill him are they? 😀

      I hope To the Wonder is as Good as Tree of Life was. Trailers make it look like a Tree of Life pt 2 practically.

      • Early word is that To the Wonder isn’t as good as Tree of Life but I’ll watch Malick just for the photography alone, frankly. The guy has some stunning, heart-breakingly beautiful shots in his films.

        Upstream Color is the one to watch, in my view. Shane Carruth’s first film since his debut, Primer. Did you see that one, Fog? It was amazing, hard work though (I had to do secondary reading on it).

      • Nooo, I havent, though I’ve been meaning to. I may check and see if its on Netflix instant. I have been wanting to, and this is the second time someone brought it up this week.

        I have to go seek it out !

      • Do so, and don’t be ashamed if you have no clue what’s going on the first time you watch it. I had to watch it twice, and read up on the science behind it afterward.

  12. Honestly….nothing at this point. Maybe (and this is a BIG maybe) The Great Gatsby. I’m sure I’ll change my tune when Summer comes closer.

  13. I realize I’m being overly indie with my picks, but quite honestly most of the big budget releases look like disappointments waiting to happen. I’m looking at you, Man of Steel. I included the directors since many of these aren’t as hyped as Iron Man 3 for example.

    Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, Coen Bros.’ Inside Llewyn Davis, Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups, Alexander Payne’s Nebraska, Steve McQueen’s Twelve Years a Slave, Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives, Spike Jonze’s Her, Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo, Atom Egoyan’s Devils’ Knot, Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, Park Chan-Wook’s Stoker, David O. Russell’s American Bullsh*t, James Gray’s Nightingale.

    • Holy Film list Batman! You could start a film festival there. 😀

      I’m with you on Twelve Years a Slave, Only God Forgives, and The Wolf of Wall Street

      Inside Llewyn Davis IS the Coen’s but I’d like to hear/see more.

      No firm release date on “Knight of Cups”, but IMDb shows it in post-production, so thats cool. Good sign for 2013. So that’s cool. Anything Malick does is intriguing.

      I hope we’re both wrong about Man of Steel. Cause thats what Im thinking too.

    • *Applauds*
      Now that’s a list right there, sir!
      I’ll probably refer back to this throughout the year, thanks.

    • Evil Dead is the big winner of this thread… its been mentioned five or six times easily. I thiink its cause its so close to release, and the marketing is in full swing. 🙂 I hope its as good as promised though, I want it to lie up, you know?

      Meanwhile, I’m going on the record saying the World War Z zombies look silly, which doesn’t bode well for the film. 😦

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