Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Most Anticipated Movie of 2013?

2013-WallpaperWell, folks, now that the MAJOR Awards are behind us, we can put 2012 to bed for good. A brand new movie year has already begun, full of promise. All the best of and worst of lists reset, as an entirely new release schedule awaits.

What 2013 movie has you excited? Which one(s) are you anticipating most? Is it one of the many Superhero films we’ll be getting (we have new offerings pending this year from Superman, Iron Man, Wolverine and Thor)? How about some of the big sequels, like “Anchorman 2”, “Star Trek into Darkness” or the next chapters of “The Hobbit” or “The Hunger Games”? There are original offerings in the mix, too. Tom Cruise’s “Oblivion” has been heavily promoted of late, M Night Shyamalan tries to resurrect his failing status by working with Will Smith and son in “After Earth”, and Stallone and Schwarzenegger are due to reunite in “The Tomb.”

For reference, complete lists of known 2013 releases can be found on Wikipedia, here, and at Box Office Mojo, here!

So let’s hear it, what are YOUR Most Anticipated movies of 2013? Which movies are YOU looking forward to the most?

Daniel Fogarty


122 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Most Anticipated Movie of 2013?

  1. Star Trek Into Darkness!! By far, I think that’s the movie I would die if I don’t see it asap.
    And being a comic book fan, I’m also excited for Man of Steel and The Wolverine.
    I’m cold on Thor 12 and Iron Man 17 tho… seems like I’ve seen them waaay too much in recent memory… Too much of a good thing? o.O

    • Yeah, burnout is definitely going to set in, especially if they’re in team up movies as well as in their own movies. It’ll seem as if they’re in a movie every summer! Dont want that…

      Meanwhile, hang in there til Star Trek, huh? Dont die on us now!! πŸ˜€

  2. That’s a tough question.

    I usually don’t put big-spectacle studio pictures at the top of my “most-anticipated” lists as a rule, so maybe it’s not a surprise that I’m much more excited to see stuff like Upstream Color, Stoker, Before Midnight, and Twelve Years a Slave than I am to see Star Trek Into J.J. Abrams’ Ego or, well, anything else. Not that I don’t want to see those big franchise movies, but if I end up sacrificing them to see smaller, better movies, then I won’t consider it a huge loss.

    So yeah. Those are probably my four most-anticipated releases of the year. I’ll also throw in Pacific Rim, which I realize sounds like a violation of my “no big movies” rule, but GDT is almost always worth getting excited for.

    • Pacific Rim tops my list too.

      Youre not alone though, this post is full of folks who listed out movies like Upstream Color, Stoker, and Twelve Years a Slave. Its a preference thing, thats all.

      I actually think the big budget blockbusters have a bigger tendancy to disappoint, you know? I can name two Prometheus’ and Dark Kinght Rises for every one Killing them Softly from last year. πŸ™‚

    • I had NOT heard of that, but it does look pretty cool (trailer below for anyone interested)

      I dont know if this is a good thing though…. I felt as if I were watching a trailer for a video game instead of a movie. You know what I’m saying? I kind of expected to be able to take over control of that primary character once the cut scene ended. LOL

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