Movie 43

Movie 43

With a handful of funny segments mixed in throughout its lineup of gross-out vignettes, “Movie 43” isn’t half as bad as I had thought it would be.

Of course, considering that I had expected it to be a sign of the apocalypse, that’s not actually saying much.

A desperate man (Dennis Quaid) forces his way on to a movie studio lot and into an executive’s office (Greg Kinnear), under the pretense of pitching a movie. Of course, he’s really full of shit, and he doesn’t have a script to sell. All he has is a series of disconnected ideas, each of which is more crass and foul than the next. The studio exec isn’t actually interested, but due to the man’s instability, he keeps listening to scene after scene.

This is the basic framework/excuse behind “Movie 43”. As a “Skit” movie, “Movie 43” is comprised of several disconnected vignettes. The ideas being “pitched” in this Hollywood meeting become the various scenes we see. No common storyline runs through any of them, and the cast turns over for each segment. As such, the quality of the movie shifts gears every ten minutes or so. If there’s a skit that makes you laugh, it won’t last. Conversely, if you hang on through the skits that aren’t up to snuff, you may find something later that you do find funny.

The term for that is “inconsistent”, which is probably one of the least offensive terms I had expected to be calling this movie, but its true.

One of the threads that is constant in the film is that you can always count on thinking “How did they get (insert actor’s/actress’ name) to do (insert foul act)?” Because certainly, the film thrives on obscenity, vulgarity, and profanity, make no doubt about it. And the big name celebrities they had doing this stuff… I mean, it was simply perplexing how they got them to do these things. Things like Halle Berry making guacamole with her breast, or ChloΓ« Grace Moretz experiencing her first period at her boyfriends, and… I don’t even want to spoil Hugh Jackman’s birth defect.

Occasionally, this film gets the gross humor right. There are certain skits, foul as they are, that made me laugh. I have to confess and be honest about it. I don’t know if it was fully half of the skits, or every other one, but there were certainly a small handful of them where I got what they were trying to do. Unfortunately, for every skit that had me laughing, they traded it back just as quickly. It really was all over the place. “Superhero Speed-dating” made me laugh, but then right after, they made me pretty uncomfortable with the aforementioned menstruation skit. Up next though, I had fun watching Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville beating up Gerard Butler as a leprechaun. You get the idea. It’s simply a hodge podge of a movie. And one that swings wildly between funny and heinous. I did get a kick out of Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts’ “Homeschool” bit, but the film follows that immediately with Anna Ferris wanting her boyfriend to poop on her. And trust me, it gets much, much grosser than the high concept.

So while it was disgusting and despicable in many parts, I’m going to be forgiving because there were a number of times throughout the film that I did laugh. It was constantly vulgar and definitely tried to go way beyond the bounds of good taste, but there are a number of talented people involved (and a number of very big stars) and their talent caused intermittent bright spots to appear along the way.

If gross out comedy doesn’t offend you, you may one day want to give this a shot. It’s pretty inconsistent, but it’s not entirely devoid of humor.


Daniel Fogarty


53 thoughts on “Movie 43

  1. I think I’ll for sure give this one a shot (but no way in theaters), if only for the good parts. Might have to leave my wife out of the viewing as she’s easily grossed out.

    • LOL. Bubba? The easily grossed out shouldnt even ever consider this film. πŸ˜€ Keep her far away.

      But if you want to give it a chance on cable one day, you might not hate it as thoroughly as you’re going to be led to believe you will by all the reviews, RT score, etc.

      It had its moments.

    • I have to confess. I havent watched that one all the way through Ryan. I was unimpressed by the beginning and never went back.

      It IS still on Netflix though, I should get back to that just to fill the gap in my pop culture armor. LOL

      Sorry I couldnt help 😦 I definitely didnt think it was entirely horrifying. Just… occassionally horrifying. LOL

  2. I’m out after you said menstration skit & pooping on people. Jackass The Movie was one thing.. but in movie form, no thanks. I hate throwing up.

    • Yeah, this movie is definitely fueled by gross out jokes and vulgarity. Funny thing is, you’ve got to wade through birth defects, mangled genitalia and incest just to get to the pooping and menstruation skits.

      NOT for the feint of heart. LOL

  3. Wow dude, this and A Haunted house in the same month. You may want to visit the doc and make sure you didnt catch something!

    Just when Hollywood decision makers start to redeem themselves a little, they do crap like these films just to make sure they are keeping it real! Scumbags!

    • I know, right? Although, in fairness, this movie’s “gross out gags” were much more effective that “A Haunted House”s. This one was much more bearable I thought.

      In a lot of ways, I think it was the big name stars that they had. There’s humor to be found in, the whole “I cant believe they just did that!” factor LOL

  4. Did chuckle at the Hugh Jackman bit but by the end of the day, this is a candidate for my 2013 Worst List. I laughed more at “A Haunted House” than I did at this.

    • Ooooh. Flip that script for me. Not that this couldnt make my worst of list with some further consideration and a weak field (hope, hope), but I found nothing redeeming in “Haunted House” that movie was horrible. 😦

      • I liked “A Haunted House” but not to the point I’ll rave about it. I did get some laughs (liked the dance routine). The problem with “AHH”, for me, was that once they did a joke, they drove it into the ground. Also, when Ray-Ray showed up, the movie came to a screeching halt. So to use your pod cast terms-“A Haunted House” I gave a MEH and I flushed “Movie 43”. Keep in mind, comedy is very subjective. What one person finds funny, another wouldn’t.

  5. “43” made the front page of yesterday’s N,Y. Post. “The worst Movie ever”, critic Lou Lumenick called it “the Cinematic equivalent of being Waterboarded”. He said the stars in the cast must have been “blackmailed” to perform. He gave the film the Posts’ only “minus four Stars” review. His postscript, “Burn the Negative”!

    • I can tell you first hand, and Im sure everyone who’s been here knows, the best way to get a review of a bad film read is to really lambast it. Lay it on thick and people will enjoy watching you kick it around.

      This is certainly not that bad, but I can see how someone with no tolerance for gross humor would give it a scathing review. If gross humor doesn’t strike the viewer as funny, all you’re left with is Gross.

      Plus, you know what else? The cast of this film is probably causing this guy to go see a calibre of movie I bet he’s not accustomed to. Probably one of those sheltered, candy assed reviewers who’s “worst of” list last year contained things like “John Carter” and “American Reunion”.

      • Yeah. Plus he was pissed there were no advance press screenings. All the big name stars make this a huge target.

  6. was going to watch this tonight, but I chose Lincoln. Would have given me more laughs for sure ha! sounds a bit hit and miss, may wait for DVD. nice review.

  7. Hi, Fogs and company:

    Didn’t John Landis try something like this ages ago with ‘Kentucky Fried Movie’?
    A sloppily cut and directed bunch of raunchy vignettes and blackout skits that went absolutely nowhere.

    And from the sound of your critique, ‘Kentucky Fried Movie’ was better!

    • Yeah, I dont even know if you could compare Kentucky Fried with this, except in the fact that they’re skit movies. Kentucky Fried was MUCH cleaner. And funnier throughout too, if I recall correclty, but it has been awhile.

      All I know is that some friends and I quoted that one for quite some time. LOL

    • It’s true. I knew it while I was watching it, too. I was like… Shitttttt, I’m gonna wind up being the worlds biggest fan of this. LOL

      And it isn’t just here, people are slaying it everywhere.

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  9. I think this is going to end up on quite a few ‘worst of’ lists come the end of the year. Not that I’ve seen it, nor do I plan to πŸ™‚ Incidentally, there are apparently two versions of this film and we apparently have a different one in the UK. Something to do with kids trying to find the most offensive video on the Internet rather than someone pitching movie ideas. Weird.

    • Well… I hope it winds up better than ours. LOL

      Not that I’m a huge fan or anything by giving it a C, but I can already tell people will be lining up to call it the worst movie of the year, like you say. I may very well wind up the only person who found humor in it, but I have to keep my integrity and tell it like it is. 😦

  10. I really don’t know how they got these people to appear in this. I read about Hugh Jackman’s part and I can’t understand why he would do that. Surely he can’t be this broke.

    • LOL, well at least now you get a glimpse as to why I was laughing. It cracked me up that he would do it. I had to chuckle. With a no name star? That doesn’t work at all. But with Hugh Jackman it becomes funny in large part because you can’t believe he’s doing it. LOL

  11. A C? Really? Well then… I either misunderstood you as a critic or the buzz of the film lol. Either way, I don’t expect to be checking this bad boy out any time soon, or ever, really.

    • I don’t know what kind of an “understanding” you had of me as a critic, LOL, but you can’t always ride the buzz, sometimes you see things differently you know?

      A C for me is a bad grade, it’s not a recommendation.

      But I’m definitely also saying that its not as bad as people are saying. It’s Vulgar comedy, gross out comedy, yes. But their batting average in the movie is about .350 or so, so it’s not a total waste.

  12. I pretty much agree with your review. The movie was very inconsistent, though at no time did I ever find myself hating it, like I’m seeing quite a bit of elsewhere. It never had any laugh out loud moments, so much as I just found myself intrigued by just how absurd things get, and with who they were able to get away with doing such things. But it was entertaining enough, though I’m still really not quite sure what to make of it in the end. So… yeah, haha!

    • Welll, thank you for the support. A lot of people are really pissed off by this movie (which I understand, when offensive humor fails to connect, it’s just offensive). But you’re right, a certain element of it for me was the intrigue of just how far they’d go, how they got people to do it, etc…

      Still, it was all over the board, so I can’t exactly praise it, but I’m not going to be hating on it like a lot of others.

  13. You’re on a roll with some craptastic movies so far this year. It’s too bad (but not really) I had the Hugh Jackman…defect…spoiled for me, and in picture form, no less!


  14. I was expecting this to be bad, but not as bad as it was. but you’re right. it’s not necessarily bad because of the acting as it is because of the scenarios, etc. the vulgarity is just too much, but will be enjoyed by a few.

    • Yeah, I almost feel guilty being one of the few that doesnt hate it.

      I already know that this will make the 2013 Worst ofs brutal for me. I might not go so far as to include this, and people would be screaming for my head! πŸ˜€

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