Warm Bodies

Warm Bodie

“Warm Bodies” is a zombie rom-com, light on almost every ingredient, but with such a unique mix that many people will praise it highly. It’s not a great romance, it’s not a great comedy, it certainly isn’t a great zombie movie… but how often do you get those ingredients mixed together?

And as such, to me, it winds up a fairly enjoyable movie.

R (Nicholas Hoult) is a high-functioning zombie. He lives at the airport with a bunch of other zombies, but he’s different from the rest. He has rather existential thoughts for your typical undead, he collects things, plays music, and has one word conversations with his zombie best friend (Rob Coddry). He’s confused, and can’t remember how he got this way, but he does know that he’s dissatisfied with his aimless, shuffling existence.

When out on a food run (read: eating people), R eats the brains of his victim. In “Warm Bodies”, when zombies eat brains, it allows them to see and feel the memories of the deceased. On this particular occasion, R eats the brains of the boyfriend (Dave Franco) of a girl who is part of the group being attacked. After he sees the girl, Julie (Teresa Palmer), he realizes he wants to protect her from being killed, so he heads over to her first, smears his blood on her in order to hide her smell (the “Walking Dead” trick) and eventually has her follow the group of zombies home as if she was one of them.

He takes Julie back to his home aboard an airplane, in order to keep her safe. It’s here that the romance between the two begins to blossom, as he shows her his collection of oddities, and plays his records for her. The two are connecting, and R is slowly curing himself, but Julie can’t stay there forever.

Of course there are obstacles to her safe return.

In addition to regular zombies at the airport, there are also bone zombies, or “boneys”. The boneys are zombies who have deteriorated to the point where there’s nothing left to them but their skeletal and muscular systems. They do not have the same rationality that these zombies who are slowly curing themselves do. On top of that, if, somehow, they could return her to her home within the walled city, her militaristic father (John Malkovich) would shoot R on sight, regardless of his change of condition or not.

Thus the two need to find a way to get Julie home, while avoiding the mortal dangers facing both of them. There are armies standing in the way on either side, but there’s also an X Factor in play. R’s change in condition is spreading to other zombies. Seeing him and Julie together is enlightening them all to aspire to be human again.

There are a number of things about this film that irritated me, as a fan of zombie films. Zombies do not talk, or collect things, or listen to music (all of which he was doing even prior to meeting Julie). They do not “Get better”. There’s no such thing as a “Boney”, but in a world where zombies are curing themselves, the introduction of an irredeemable zombie should be expected. Who else would be the bad guy? And of course, the romantic interest just happens to be the daughter of the General in charge of the entire city… nothing like direct access in order to expedite a plot!!

However, “Warm Bodies” manages to overcome the issues I have with it by being sweet spirited and light-hearted. It certainly has its share of clichรฉd moments, but it also has some humorous elements and some occasional charm. There are some funny moments along the line, and in general, the film provides a thoughtful enough tone as not to seem disposable teen monster romance dreck. The two leads do a decent job with the comedy and the romance, too.

So even though everything is very (s)light, “Warm Bodies” was a decent enough diversion, especially for a February movie.


Daniel Fogarty


42 thoughts on “Warm Bodies

    • A’yup.

      It was decent. I enjoyed it well enough, but it’s certainly not a rush out and see it film. Might make a good date flick for those looking for one with Valentine’s Day coming up though.

  1. This one looks kinda fun, I think I’ll check it out on DVD. I like fun spins on zombie genre, the normal kind is a bit too scary for me – still haven’t caught up with the Walking Dead season 2 and 3 ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m happy that it did well ๐Ÿ™‚ Always nice to know. I really had some good hopes on this one. Still debating if I will catch this in theatres! Awesome review! You think they’ll end up making another movie of this seeing as they are coming out with two more books, prequel and sequel, I think…

    • It might. Gotta keep an eye on the box office, thats the all important thing. Budget was only $30 mil, but it can still tank.

      As it is, they didnt leave anyone hanging or anything. Its a pretty self contained piece of fiction.

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  4. Good review Fogs. It’s more focused towards it’s characters and their relationships, more than anything else and I think that’s what I appreciated about it the most. Not a great movie, but still a pretty good one.

    • Yeah, I enjoyed it well enough. And you’re right – definitely not an action movie. Not by a long shot. LOL

      Certainly not a horror movie, either. Cant wait for that to start up, people calling it a horror movie. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  5. Is it funny? If my zombie infested worlds can’t be terrifying, they’d best be hi-freakin’-larious.

    I can’t see this one doing anything for me… but I’ll probably watch it at some point, since it’s a high-profile attempt at a zombie infested rom-com. I expect it will enrage me, though. I hate learning zombies.

    • Ha. Me too. I honestly hold that against the original Day of the Dead.

      This definitely isn’t Hi-larious though. I had scattered mild chuckles. LOL. That’s the forecast for this film. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Saw it with Chris and Alex and I had a real good time with it. You’re right, the elements weren’t great but they blended beautifully. Some good laughs and heart. There was one scene at the airport where the recording says “The white zone is for the loading and unloading…”. Well, Chris and I started laughing. I leaned over to him and said “Don’t start with that white zone shit again”. After the movie was over, I turned to my 11 year old grandson and said this was a horror/comedy/romance. He said “You don’t see that kind of mixture nowadays.” Not bad for an 11 year old.

    • HAHA! Nice line, thats exactly what I thought of too. Im sure that they put it in there as a “Nod”. There was obviously a ton of Romeo and Juliet stuff, too.

      Growing up in that family, the kids got no chance but to become a movie freak! LOL

  7. Definitely Romeo & Juleit nods. First off, his name is “R” and hers is Julie. Then there was that balcony scene where I (under my breath) said “Romeo, Oh, Romeo…”.

  8. I did not enjoy this. I posted a review where i gave more detailed thoughts, but basically it was just your standard generic issue rom-com where someone said, hey letโ€™s make one of them a zombie to change it up a bit. But then he really didnโ€™t act like a zombie: thinking, talking, reading about Kim Kardashian in Us Weekly, etc. It pretended to be โ€œself awareโ€ but it really wasnโ€™t. Trying on different pairs of goofy sunglasses in that music video montage was a low point. Seriously?! Glad to see you liked it though. Nice review.

    • Yeah, I’ve had your review open in a tab for a couple of days now and havent gotten to it,. LOL Sorry, man, I’ll swing by at some point today.

      You have to be forgiving of a lot of things here, especially from a zombie purist standpoint, where you have to basically let go of everything you know and let them do their silly semi zombies who get better thing. I can understand not wanting to do that….

  9. Hmm… I don’t know, I had this one pegged as a probable stinker from early on. You’re rating it all right, but you say it’s not a great romance, not a great comedy, not a great zombie film… but rather that the juxtaposition is novel. So I have to ask: is this a “dancing bear” situation? You know, “it’s not that it’s done well, it’s just that it’s done at all”.

    • LOL. Yeah, kinda. But I guess I shouldnt make it out that it’s not done well. It was decent, just slight, you know? Light hearted… that sort of thing.

      Like that dancing bear analogy though. Havent heard that one, pretty good stuff.

    • Yeah, it’s not that obnoxious though. For one thing, the kids here can actually act. Its definitely a step above that stuff

      (although in fairness, I’ve yet to see a Twilight movie. My “Too Much Twilight to Take” marathon is only about a month off now!) LOL

  10. Take a date, because if you go alone it is a sign that your life is too sad. I just saw the stitches and I could not enjoy the sweet as much as I was supposed to.

    • LOL. Yeah…. I read your review, you were pretty harsh on it. You and Mark Hobin over at Fast Film Reviews, too.

      Its cool, I’m not in love with this flick or anything, I just thought it was enjoyable enough for what it wants to be.

  11. Pretty much this was just such a nice and charming movie that it’s easy to ignore any flaws that I may have found with it. Glad you liked it as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It was ok, you know? I mean, I wouldnt buy it or recommend it that highly, but it struck a cool tone… a nice balance between all the elements, and then kept everything REALLY light. So, it worked!

    • Oh, there’s no question! If for some ungodly reason, this movie were to have influence on the zombie genre, I’d be pissed! LOL

      But for what it was…. just a one time, harmless flick… it wasnt bad! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Glad you agree!

  12. My take on this was if you can forget everything you think you know about zombies you’ll enjoy this movie. If you get too caught up in pre-established rules you’ll be too bitter to get into it. They really recreate the concept of zombies in this which I appreciate as being more original than just following the same old logic.

    • Yeah, I definitely had to let go of a lot of my Zombie purist beliefs. LOL. But I was able to, eventually. I enjoyed it well enough for what it was… on the whole its a light Zombie Rom Com, and that’s a unique mix. LOL

      Glad to hear you liked it Jess, I think its been getting generally positive reviews all over the place. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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