Tossin’ It Out There: Do YOU collect movies?

dvd_collection_lit_smallA comment from FMR regular Al Tanski, and a suggestion a little while back for a (title pending) discussion from fellow blogger Ian the Cool brought me to today’s “Tossin’ it out There” question.

Do YOU collect movies?

All of us here are movie fans to one degree or another. For some of us that means massive collections of DVDs and Blu Rays, but others are content to go to the theatre, rent and watch on cable.

Even if you DO collect, some people (like Al) take pride in the purity of their collection, only buying films that meet a quality standard, or hold a personal place for them. While others (like me) treat their collection like a junk repository, just putting any old disc they can get their hands on in there until they have an unwieldy wall (no, that pic is NOT my collection).

So how about you? Do YOU collect movies? Are you still buying DVDs, or have you gone Blu Ray? How do you organize them? Do you have any kind of criteria before adding a movie, or is it just spur of the moment?

Let’s hear it!!

Daniel Fogarty


206 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Do YOU collect movies?

  1. I’ve Got Hundreds And Hundreds Of Flicks In My Collection. I Buy Both DVD And Blu-ray, And I Organize Them Alphabetically. If There Are Sequels And Such, I Put Them Chronologically With The First Flick Of Their Bunch.
    I Love My Movie Collection.
    It Makes Me Smile A Bundle.
    I’ve Always Got SOMETHING To Watch When Needed.
    That’s Probably Why I Never Get Bored.
    I Can Always Find Something To Occupy My Time. 😉

  2. Still love Physical Media. I don’t buy everything in the Wal Mart or Big Lots bins but there is often something I am interested in. I stick to Blu Ray for new films but I try to limit myself to the most essential (Which means Bond, and 70s Classics, and things I know I will watch again and again. I try to keep my stuff organized in categories and then alphabetized. This includes my 800 Laserdiscs, which are still in the house despite not having a working player at the moment.

      • My dad had a big laserdisc collection. The video quality is a step above VHS but slightly below DVD. The audio quality, however, can match Blu-Ray as it is typically uncompressed LPCM.

      • DVD comparable but not HD Blu Comparable. I started with the Laser Discs in 1990 and went until they stopped manufacturing them around 1999. I copied over many to DVD, including some stuff that has yet to make it out. As the DVD/Blu Ray machines have gotten more technologically advanced, they sometimes won’t play back my primitive duplicate. The covers are great and I may use them to line the walls of my home theater when I can get my kids out of their old rooms and actually have a home theater.

  3. Guilty as charged. Though, I have to admit I only collect those films I appreciate, want to see again (and usually do), and pass on to children. For that last part I fully expect that one or both will say, “Dad had a copy of [insert title here]?!?”

  4. We have a decent size collection (at least the girls’ friends think so) As far as genre goes…they are all over the place. Yes, we alphabetize! lol

    As a side note (and pet peeve of mine): Movies beginning with the word “the” are not filed under “T”. Did you really need to know that? No, but there it is anyway. 😉

      • I went to a poster store one time to get the poster for Ford Fairlaine, The Title is actually “The Adventures of Ford Fairlaine” and sure enough it was not under “F.F.” or “Adventures of” it was under “The”.

  5. Sup Fogs!!

    I’m embarrassed (albeit only slightly) to admit that my collection is somewhere in the vicinity of about 15 thousand DVDs/Blu-rays.

    It’s an addiction!! 😀

      • Yeah, I’m a completist (if there is such a thing). I actually thought at one time I would own every DVD made. I’ve seen a large number of them, but sadly no..I haven’t watched them all. For the most part they are all in binders (good luck finding something) or on spindles or just stacked on bookshelves. The worst part is that I save all the cases in boxes stored in my attic.

  6. Definitely. I would recommend the program DVD Profiler for anyone who wants to keep an organized catalog of their movies (as well as actors, directors, etc.).

    I used to buy anything I could get my hands on. I now regret having wasted so much money on so much shit.

    Now, I am trying to pare down my movie collection to only things I really like, and will watch again. For example, I used to own The Matrix trilogy, because I liked the first one and “obviously you must own the entire trilogy lol” but now I just have the first one.

    Made the jump to blu a couple of years ago. Mostly I just buy new releases or movies I didn’t own before. Have only replaced a couple of classics on blu.

    • I have an app on my phone called icollect movies. Using the camera, I can scan the barcode, and then all the data is automatically pulled in from the company’s database. I need it when I go shopping and my fried brain goes “Wait, do I own that already?” 🙂

      I got hit with regret a bit when the price dropped so badly on used DVDs. You cant get anything for those nowadays compared to what you used to. Used to be I had something worth something. Now, its only worth what use I get out of it. Oh well. Better than drinking…

  7. I used to. Went out of my way during the VCR craze of the 80s and early 90s. Then I started running out of room. Not only that, but I found that I wasn’t watching a lot of them. I stopped for a while then I got a DVD player. Started buying used movies from Blockbuster since it was about the same price to buy an old used movie as it was to rent it. But again, they started to build up and I wasn’t rewatching a lot of them. So I stopped. With today’s streaming video, it is less important to buy and safe these things. A simple Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription gives everyone access to all sorts of flicks. But I understand and appreciate your passion for all types of flicks.

    • Your story mirrors mine. You know what element I’d add? Back in the VHS days, you could rig two VCRs together and easily copy tapes you rented.

      I know you can burn DVDs and stuff, but like you say, the price point thing now almost takes that out of play.

      That’s exactly when I started buying DVDs hardcore, too. When the used / Walmart bargain bin price was just above rental price anyways… After that my collection exploded, lol

      • “Back in the VHS days, you could rig two VCRs together and easily copy tapes you rented. ” That’s exactly what I did. Used to go to club warehouses and buy VHS in bulk.

  8. I do. My criteria:

    -any movie that gets an A- or higher I add
    -any director who has at least three A- or higher films goes into a category where I collect their entire filmography
    -certain series I collect in their entirety
    -I buy DVDs and Blu Rays but no longer buy DVD box sets, only Blu Ray box sets.

    • There you go. The result of something like that would be almost a mini hall of fame for movies. LOL

      My criteria:

      – I SEE the blu ray DVD in a store somehwere
      – I like the movie/have seen the movie
      – My curiousity/potential to actually watch the movie outweighs the price point.

      LOL. The result of that winds up being a massive wall with a number of suspect films scattered throughout.

      • I’ve made some exceptions were a blind bought a DVD based on interest (The Fugitive, Das Boot). I also should mention I got a lot of movies for birthdays and Christmases so the quality bar dips in some cases.

  9. My wife recently boxed up my portion of our movie collection for migration to the man-cave, I don’t think I realized just how many we had! I do have a few rules that I try to follow: it should be a movie I have already seen and feel like I would watch multiple times, I try not to buy the anniversary/directors cut/insert gimmick here versions, and finally even though blu is the way to go I have resisted up-grading my back catalog. That said, if it is in the bargain bin rules go out the window.

    • I know that feeling about not truly realizing how many you have until theyre boxed and you have to actually carry them. 😀 I moved a few years back and the cubic volume of my collection became quite an eye opener! 😀

      That bastard bargain bin. Deceiver! LOL. It gives gifts though, too.

      I had to upgrade the collection. Regular DVDs didnt have the “oomph” for the big screen tv 😦

  10. Hi, Fogs and company:

    I do have a collection. Though not as huge as the library in the photo; Mostly older films. Some television series sets.

    I’m awaiting the arrival of complete ‘Wiseguy’ and ‘Crime Story’ right now. Along with the Warner Brothers animated take on Frank Miler’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’.to augment my Sci~Fi, War, Crime, Noir. Suspense. Even some classic comedies.

    I buy most of mine, because I’m a big fan of films and shows that are re-watchable.

    BTW: Great night of film last night on TCM. with ‘Bonnie And Clyde’, ‘Cool Hand Luke’, ‘Bullitt’ and ‘The Wild Bunch’.

    • That IS a murderers row of movies, LOL.

      You bring up a good point, indirectly. TV Shows. There is NO better way to watch TV shows than on DVD/Blu. Maybe on streaming, ok… then you dont have to change discs. LOL

      But it wasnt until the advent of DVD that we got a) Commercial free episodes b) Consecutive episodes at our pace. Its the superior way to watch TV there’s no doubt.

  11. Between me and my boyfriend and I think we have over 1000 movies probably. We get both DVDs and Blurays. I have slowed down and been more selective on getting movies though because it gets hefty in costs, but then there are some that I’m willing to get no matter what like Disney vault releases. Usually I aim for cheap DVDs for rom-coms, dramas, comedies, etc unless I can get it for approx same price on Blu. Animations, Action, Fantasy, Adventure, I usually go with Bluray now.

    I organize them in 3 sections. There’s the Hollywood/American movies in alphabetical order. Then I have one for Disney movies collection organized in year of release. And finally foreign films in whatever order.

    • “Do me a favor, for your own good, put your name in your books right now before they get mixed up and you won’t know whose is whose. ‘Cause someday, believe it or not, you’ll go 15 rounds over who’s gonna get this coffee table. This stupid, wagon wheel, Roy Rogers, garage sale COFFEE TABLE” – Billy Crystal, “When Harry Met Sally” 😀

      LOL, I use sections too, actually. I have movies, sports, TV shows and animation.

  12. I do not. I have no room, no money, and a tiny TV. Hence, the leaning towards my computer as a personal theater. I also expect that in twenty years, everything will be online, and they’ll stop making DVDs.

    But I do admire collectors. It takes a ton of commitment!

    • Hard copy media certainly WILL go away in the future, there’s no doubt. But there’s something I like about actually HAVING the title. Not relying on anyone else to show it to me when I want it. Plus, it results in a nice decorative element… you know, the wall of DVDs.

      You’re college age right? Youre right where you should be. I didnt own anything then either. Beer money, pizza money, cigarette money. That was all I had.

  13. Since the subject is collecting, I wanted to ask the FMR community if it’s possible to DVR streaming shows from Netflix? I’ve never tried but I’m dying to save David Finchers’ “House of Cards”. I have a feeling Netflix will cycle this program quickly to keep people subscribed.

    • DVR it? You could probably burn it to DVD somehow… I dont know about DVR ing it.

      Although, I know there’s programs to capture stuff off of your video card if you want to serach that out and play Netflix through yout computer.

  14. Yes I do collect movies but I’m not as avid of a collector as I once was. I buy movies that I love and add them to my collection. At one time I bought movies that I just kinda liked because I wanted them. I don’t do that anymore but if I want a movie and I think a lot of it I’m going to get it. And I love the way it looks on my shelf.

    • Yeah, that is a big plus to physically owning the titles. Who ever showed off their digital collection? You want to see how many movies are in my iCloud? LOL Cmon…

      My collecting pace fluctuates too, depending on my economics and my life situation. Believe it or not, blogging has SERIOUSLY put the brakes on my collecting, just because I see so many movies first run in the theatres. Then I know already that I wouldnt want to own them, so they dont get bought! LOL

  15. No, I have a lot of movies, but I wouldn’t call what I do collecting them. I collected (past tense) comics for a long time. I catalogued them, I boarded and bagged them, I went out of my way to complete series and get rare issues, etc. That’s collecting. I buy movies, watch them and put them on a shelf, and I have a lot of shelves of movies, but I dont particularly think of it as a ‘collection’, especially with the changes in formats and such. My wife is a librarian, so I keep my movies neat and shelved (or she would descend into the depths of insanity and wind up on a water tower with a sniper rifle yelling “ALPHABETIZE THEM! ALPHABETIZE THEM!!”), but I think of them basically the same way I think of shelves of books (which I also have many of). It’s not really a “collection” per se, just a lot of books.

    Anyway, I have a lot of movies.

    • As far as the other questions, I dont double dip as far as Blu/DVD. If I have on DVD already, thats fine. It looks great on Blu, so no need to buy it again. But all new purchases have been on Blu, so that part is growing rapidly.

      I’ve been organizing basically DVDs in one section and Blus in another section, but I’m thinking of merging them all together into one library. Easier and more compact that way.

    • Mmmmmmmm…. Brother? First off, you know I hear you. I have “collected” comics too (although I find that past tense in that hobby has a way of turning into present tense again) and that certainly IS on a different level. I certainly am no where near the completist with Movies… As you mention.

      But for me, I wouldn’t call it just “buying a lot of movies” even though that element plays in… There are certainly movies I bought because I couldn’t hold my head up if my collection didn’t have that movie.

      I hear you, but its different for me, I guess.

      • I think the difference (in my mind) is that the comics collection have an assumed value. The collection is to some degree or other, monetized. There a blue book saying this issue, in this condition, is worth this much. Are my old VHS tapes worth anything? I tried to give them away for free and people wouldn’t even come to pick them up. I tried to give them to the Library and they wouldn’t give me a receipt for tax purposes for any value, because they had none. Will my DVDs be any different in 5 years? My Blurays? I dont really think so. Dont we all pretty much think in 5-10 years there will me no physical media any more anyway? So while I have amassed a fairly large library, they aren’t, at least to me, collectable.

        Anyhoo… it is nice to have a library. Full shelves make your house look full. I like shelves full of books and music and movies and such.

      • I don’t know, Gelf, as someone who actually sold off most of his comics collection, I can tell you they don’t really have much in the way of value. 😛

        The old VHS tapes… you can unload them at about 50 cents or a dollar each at a good flea market. That’s about it. I agree DVDs are pretty much the same way, though; even nowadays, a used DVD is usually not more than a couple bucks at a flea market or pawn shop. I don’t think the digital revolution is coming in ten years, though — not unless bandwidth goes up dramatically nationwide.

  16. I own over 300 regular dvd movies that I used to collect but I slowed down for a few years I blame that on netflix. The last couple of years I have been back on my addiction of collecting movies and this time only blu-rays. Now a days I like to collect classic films, trilogy combos, director’s combo packs, collecter’s edition films. I haven’t done a total count lately but I’m sure I’m over 400. I love it its a fun addiction that I have.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely a lot of fun. It’s cool that you can always go back at anytime and have a nice library of movies to pick through.

      There have definitely been times when I’ve been pretty obsessive about it, and made trips to the store and come home with like bags full. LOL

      Netflix is better for documentaries and TV, to me, than movies…

  17. I was the house video store my first year of University.

    2nd year I pawned about 25% of my collection for gas money for a trip around Christmas… I still kept the collection, but over the next 3 years, as DVDs became more popular and you could still get a considerably pretty penny for a VHS (as long as it wasn’t Blair Witch Project), I sold the bulk of it off, with the intention of recollecting it as DVDs.

    By the time DVDs became cheap enough, and I had any funds, HDDVDs and Blu-rays were fighting to the death.

    Now I pretty much don’t care anymore… Sometimes BluRays of amazing movies are cheap enough for me to pick them up… but since I don’t have enough of them to look impressive, and digital media is just so damned easy, I usually don’t bother unless it’s, like, Shawshank Redemption good, or Scott Pilgrim visually impressive.

    But I still remember the time I spent as a teenager, sitting in my easy chair, just overlooking my wall of VHS, and wondering if there was any better way to catalogue or organize them.

    • Kudos for embedding “Amok Time”. That’s a brilliant commenting strategy and should not be passed over without note. LOL

      In all honesty, I came out on the losing side of that thing because I bought a 360 and didnt want to wait for a PS3. As a result, my collection has 50 or 60 HD DVDs still. Not that you can tell the difference when they play….

      Funny you mention college. My collection used to get stolen from so often… I’m glad that in those days my collection was mostly self recorded stuff off of rentals!

      Nice move, selling off while you could. I thought about that when High Def came along, but I couldnt bear with the thought of having no collection during the period it would have taken me to re-amass all my titles!

  18. I stopped buying dvds now since we got a Blu-ray player. We’re being selective with what we buy though, because of space concerns. We only buy movies we absolutely love. We don’t organize things very well though, that’s a home project we should tackle soon 🙂

    • Yeah, DVDs are out for me too. I still have some in the collection from the old days, but I wouldnt buy new ones now no matter how cheap they wind up. 😦

      And yes! Definitely! Collections definitely need to be alphabetized, Ruth!! LOL. How else can you find the movies?! 😀

      • Ahah yeah, I guess I’m not very organized. I need to toss a bunch of DVDs as I separate those from my BDs, but right now they’re kind of organized by genres. I should try alphabetizing it Fogs! 😀

  19. I do buy movies- and now blu-rays, although I’m willing to purchase both. Like Ruth, I’m becoming more selective, primarily because it’s becoming very easy to find most of what I’d want to watch either scheduled on my DVR or streaming. If the movie is insanely cheap, I love it, and/or it offers some cool bonus features, then I’ll make the purchase.

    Examples: I just bought the Godfather trilogy on blu since it was on sale for $19, I bought Reservoir Dogs since it was $5, I bought Hot Fuzz because the movie is bonerific AND it has Edgar Wright’s first film ever on it (Dead Right) as a bonus… It’s all about bonus features and how cheap the movie is.

    • Speaking of bargains, John. You know what always gets me? Those Amazon gold box deals of the day. I’m not sure if thats what youre reffering to or not, but I’ll tell you. There are SO many times where I just drop what I’m doing and rush over to Amazon to purchase those deals…. LOL. They know what theyre doing, thats for sure!

      • You know… I don’t check those specifically, but I bet a lot of what I’m finding falls under that category. I visit, and the top of the page lists the best deals around for the day. That site is a price aggregator. The vast majority of the time, the best deals are through Amazon.

      • Yeah, that site is a must for Blu Ray collectors. Great reviews too. Especially in the early days, when not all transfers were created equal. They were a must read stop for me in order to avoid hastily put together, shoddy, barely better than DVD “upgrades”.

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