Tossin’ It Out There: Do YOU collect movies?

dvd_collection_lit_smallA comment from FMR regular Al Tanski, and a suggestion a little while back for a (title pending) discussion from fellow blogger Ian the Cool brought me to today’s “Tossin’ it out There” question.

Do YOU collect movies?

All of us here are movie fans to one degree or another. For some of us that means massive collections of DVDs and Blu Rays, but others are content to go to the theatre, rent and watch on cable.

Even if you DO collect, some people (like Al) take pride in the purity of their collection, only buying films that meet a quality standard, or hold a personal place for them. While others (like me) treat their collection like a junk repository, just putting any old disc they can get their hands on in there until they have an unwieldy wall (no, that pic is NOT my collection).

So how about you? Do YOU collect movies? Are you still buying DVDs, or have you gone Blu Ray? How do you organize them? Do you have any kind of criteria before adding a movie, or is it just spur of the moment?

Let’s hear it!!

Daniel Fogarty


206 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Do YOU collect movies?

  1. Definitely! But have really slowed down on the movie-buying in the past few years. It’s gotten to the point, finally, where I just want a tidy house instead of DVDs & Blu-Rays taking up way too much space. Now I only buy movies I really love or ones that are SO cheap I figure “what the hell”. I’m also wanting more and more to watch movies I haven’t seen instead of re-watching ones I’ve seen, which means I’m buying fewer of them. I mainly watch new ones by going to them in the cinema or waiting for them to be on the movie channels instead of buying the DVD. Unless a movie is cheaper to buy than rent (does often happen!).

    Oh, and alphabetising is a must! I’m the Queen of Alphabetising. 🙂

    • “What the Hell” has “gotten” me on so many occasions that I should now know exactly the Hell. LOL “This the Hell” 😀 With the “This” being an unmanageable wall of DVDs that take up so much space, as you allude to.

      Pretty soon I’m going to have to unload all my old DVDs just to make room for the Blus. It’s got to be only a year off or so now. 😦

      Alphabetising is a MUST. Agrre table9! 😉 Thanks for chiming in!

  2. I think it’s safe to assume that most of us here have some collection or other man. I’m running out of space at home for mine. So much so, that my good lady had me part with a lot of them. I put up a fight and then yeilded. They were dvd’s that will be getting replaced with Blu-Ray versions so all is not lost. 😉

    • “I think it’s safe to assume that most of us here have some collection or other man.” Yeah, LOL, apparently so! The pace of this topic is crazy today. I thought it would be a sucky one, too, go figure. I can never actually tell [shrugs].

      The conversion process is long and painful. I hope that the powers that be dont put me through it again. They probably will though before all is said and done. There will come a day when Blu Rays just wont cut it compared to Holograms or some shit. LOL And I’ll reach into my pocket one more time. 😦

  3. I own close to a thousand DVDs & Blu Rays in total, all alphabetised and spread round my ‘man cave’. If I wan’t married I would have a whole wall bookshelf style thing going on, but since its all about compromise, I have them in various racks around the place 🙂 Like books, nothing beats having the physical copy, rather than a download 🙂

  4. I am north of 300 DVD’s and counting. I have started integrating some Blu-ray as well. I think eventually I may have to run a home server and just stack up the hard drives and part with the discs!

  5. I used to back in the VHS days. No more. I only buy Blu-Rays of things that I know I will watch several times. Space and having money for other things are more precious to me these days than collecting.

    • Roger that.

      You know? I used to collect back in the VHS days too, and the larger spines actually made for a more presentable collection, I thought.

      That’s probably the only way they were superior, but still. LOL 😀

  6. I have plenty of DVDs and since I’ve gotten a Blu-Ray player a few years ago have been updating my collection. Recently I’ve been starting to rent discs from Netflix more because I don’t have enough money to keep buying new DVDs.

    • Netflix is a great service… so much so that it killed physical Rental stores. I still am pretty critical of their streaming selection for current films, but you cant beat the ease of having them mail you a title. 😉

  7. Not any longer for me, I rent now. I became very disillusioned buying on video all those years ago and then finding myself buying DVD and Blu ray. I only buy blu rays now of movies i absolutely love and will watch many times. I get lovefilm by post and their instant service is good on my smart TV which is very accessible. if i cant wait, i use blinkbox. I never watch a pirate for the simple fact that if we all did that then movies wouldn’t get made. The ownership thing is nice, but can get very expensive, especially if they don’t get re-watched. I am now a digital consumer.

    • Making the move to the more modern age, huh?

      Piracy is to be discouraged, no doubt. Good to hear you dont do it.

      There is a decorative aspect that you’re underestimating if they dont get watched or rewatched though. LOL No? Not good enough? 😀

      Oh well… I still dig owning. 😀

      • Admittedly i have indeed underestimated the decorative aspect and the all round good feeling of ownership. Keep on owning my friend, as your purchasing will too keep our much loved industry healthy – HATE PIRACY.

  8. My family has a collection, I guess, and it’s communal so I’m not actually sure which ones are mine. Since college I have only bought one DVD and since I mostly just watch movies on the internet I doubt I will buying many more. However, I do that clever thing where I get my family members DVDs that I want to see for their birthdays/christmas. Skyfall’s coming out like two days after my mom’s birthday so that’s what she’s gettin…. We don’t even have a blu-ray player and occasionally still watch VHS. Our copy of Gone with the Wind is still taped off of tv from like 1987. Every time I watch it I have to fast forward the 80s commercials, but sometimes I watch them because they’re funny. That makes Gone with the Wind into a bazillion hour movie though.
    However, I do not alphabetize on any level. Aplhabetizing allows anybody to access the organizational system. I had a really cryptic one based on actor, release date, genre, and series if that pertained. It was so complicated that no one could figure it out! Of course that meant I had to fix it all the time and last time I went home it was totally messed up but I didn’t feel like fixing it so it’s just a total mess now. I did the same type of thing with my dad’s collection of records but since no one ever listens to those they are still organized like that. Anyway, the reason I do that is because it makes me feel special that only I can decipher the organizational system.

    • College, heh. You’re lucky if you buy anything permanent during that phase of your life 😉 If you have ONE DVD from your college years youre WAY ahead of the game. 😀

      Thats awesome that you have that 80s video. YOu should upload some of those old commercials to YouTube. 🙂

      This paragraph “Aplhabetizing allows anybody to access the organizational system. I had a really cryptic one based on actor, release date, genre, and series if that pertained. It was so complicated that no one could figure it out! Of course that meant I had to fix it all the time and last time I went home it was totally messed up but I didn’t feel like fixing it so it’s just a total mess now. ” may be the best argument I’ve ever heard for Alphabetizing, ever. 😀

  9. I’ve been collecting for a few years now and have a pretty substantial collection. I had so many DVD’s I had to start buying DVD wallets and toss the cases b/c I didn’t have the shelf space to store them all. So, now I have 15 DVD wallets which hold 104 in each wallet, stacked on a shelf – and then my favorite movies I kept the cases for and stacked on a couple shelves. I also have all of the seasons for my favorite TV shows, as well as a slew of sporting events. I would say I am pushing around 2,000 DVD’s.

    • LOL. That’s what happens with these things. Looks like they got you.

      So I guess my question becomes how do you track them IN the sleeeves? I know alphabetising is always a pain in the ass, physically moving discs around and stuff…. do you do that in the sleeves too? Take em all out and move ’em one by one? You cant right… no way!

  10. An entire wall of my apartment is taken up with my DVDs and blurays. It’s getting a little insane. In my old age, I seem to be becoming some bizarre kind of “film historian”…but not really, as I enjoy some of the most random stuff imaginable. As an example, here is my list of owned movies…a list I’ve been maintaining since before blurays were even a thing:

    • LOL…. Jesus huh? Nerd wasn’t kidding!! 😀

      How do you get those movies into that app? you didnt type all those titles IN did you? Even with the scan program I use, its a considerable effort to maintain!

  11. I once went through my DVDs a while ago to get rid of anything I would give a “B-” or lower to (this was before I had learned that if you give back DVDs to FYE, they only give YOU 50 cents or a dollar :/). That said, I decided to keep Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I’d given it a B-, but it was Woody Allen.

    • Wow. The culling, huh? LOL. I wouldnt even want to think about that.

      Selling DVDs back is only good if you can do it in bulk. I really should think about it though, I cant remember the last time I put a DVD in and not a Blu Ray… 😦

      • Yeah, I sat there and watched the guy at the cash register. Woo there goes Cabaret. Woo there goes Solaris. Woo there goes O Brother Where Art Thou. Woo I can get Harold and Maude for 5 bucks. :/

  12. I do collect movies, but I usually just buy ones I really love or ones that I can get a good bargain on. Plus, all my friends and family know I’m a movie junkie, so I typically get several new movies on my birthday and for Christmas. 😉 I’m still using DVDs, but I’m wanting to upgrade to Blu Ray soon.

  13. Interesting question. I don’t collect them anymore for the simple reason of not having enough space. When I was younger I had a big VHS collection and DVDs as well. I still buy DVDs but I tend to give them away after a while.

  14. I collect too many. I own nearing 300 DVD/blurays at this point I think. They’re organized by alphabet and criterion separate and ordered by spine number.

    I’m very whimsy in what goes in the collection. The quality rating is there, but at the same time I wouldn’t equate Apocalypse Now to The A Team, while both very crucial parts of my collection. Price factors in too… I will buy the funnest and most average films if I can get them on the cheap, especially box sets. I got the Alien collection set for $30 knowing I’d probably only watch parts 1 & 2 after first revisit.

    Hope I answered the question.

    • I’ve often thought about breaking the Criterions out separately. LOL. They definitely ARE a cut above, aren’t they? I wish all movies could get the Criterion treatment!

      Price is definitely a driver for me too. There are probably a dozen or so flicks that people would call me out on in my collection and my answer would be “Eh, $5.99” You know? LOL. And having an eclectic mix is part of the fun, man. Gotta have that mix!

      Anyways, yeah, definitely you answered the question. Thanks for stopping by and sounding off!

  15. I’m a movie hoarder! But I’m definitely an impulsive-buyer. If I see a movie really cheap on Amazon I’ll just Click and bam. (I may or may not have just done this 20 minutes ago when I saw that Easy A was only $5.)

    But I will never buy a movie unless I’ve seen it already (and obviously really liked it). I don’t understand people who can buy movies that they haven’t seen (my stepmom even goes a step further and won’t buy a movie if she’s already seen it because it’s a “waste of money.” What?)

    But I like a lot of movies and therefore buy a lot! Black Friday (well technically it’s Thanksgiving night now) is one of the best days of the year for me because every year my mom and I go to Walmart at midnight and immediately look for the big DVD display where they have hundreds of movies from between $2-5. I buy at least 20 every year. This year I got all the Harry Potter movies for $14. It’s better than Christmas.

    • I was nodding like a bobble head doll all the way through that comment Nicole. LOL. 😀

      I buy so many movies just cause theyre cheap, its not funny.

      One difference is though that I blind buy a lot. One of the ways I always looked at it was, it would take $10 or so anyways to have seen it in the theatre. And (pre netflix/red box) it was $5 to rent it. And one way or another, it wound up as another “Brick in the wall”. And that wall needs bricks. I’m not gonna lie. LOL

      But yeah, a lot of similarities there. I do that stuff too.

      • Okay before Red Box and Netflix I can definitely see. I have a bunch of random crap movies stuffed away in the back of a cabinet to die after only watching them once =P

  16. Actually, I have approximately 3000 titles, some are classics, some not so classic. I have tiles like “Gone With The Wind” and “Wizard Of Oz” but still have “Plan Nine From Outer Space” and others of that ilk in my collection. I have been getting more Blu-rays than DVDs lately. Besides the 3000, I still have about 600 DVDs and BDs that I have not watched yet. And I still keep buying and recording. I am definetly a movie nerd. (And I love it).

    • Good grief. Damn, man, and I thought MY collection was out of hand.

      I’ll clue you in though… with a collection THAT large, your tried and true “Its in my collection” may not be the honor you’re thinking it is 😉 😀

      • I know. People are more surprised when I tell them something is NOT in my collection.

  17. Yes, I collect movies (although I do wish my collection was bigger and better organized). When I buy a movie it’s mostly a spur-of-the-moment thing, but sometimes I just fall in love with it when I catch it at the cinema that I’ll make a plan to buy it when it comes out. My collection consists of a few VHS (more for nostalgia since I don’t even own a VCR anymore), mostly DVD’s and few Blu-Rays (I’ve only just started getting them).

    • LOL. I had to throw out a bunch of VHS tapes once I realized… hey, I dont even have a VCR anymore! 😀 So dont feel so bad, that happens!

      Before you know it, Blu will dominate your collection Fernando, watch. 😀

  18. I collect the movies I absolutely love. So…I have Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones (even the 4th one…LOL), Fast and Furious (what I have so far. on a side note, I’m not digging Fast 6’s trailer. The plot seems not the same. I thought it would be more running away from the law and finding Letty), and The Dark Knight series.

    OH, I got free advance passes to Identity Theft tonight. Pray to the Movie Gods that I’m not gouging my eyes out. AMEN. 🙂

    • LOL. I got screening tickets to that too tonight. Not going though, it’s a serious drive…

      Good luck though, I hope it’s good.

      Meanwhile, I’m working on something F&F related for later, I hope you dig it. 😀 I thought the trailer was awesome though cause lots of stuff blew up and stuff. 😀

      • Man, they must be giving those tickets away! LOL

        I can’t wait to read your F&F and give my two cents…If I have anything witty or educational to say.

        Fast 6…great fight scenes, but still missing something…maybe fast cars and slutty women? They did have a lot of tanks and Gina Carano, tho. In no way am I calling Carano a slut, far from it. She is one bad ass chick. I gotta support my Muay Thai girls.

      • LOL. YOU’ll see. I hope to post it up this week. Just know… I do it with love. I really do. 😀 LOL

        And then, yeah, I think it may be a nationally scheduled thing. Studios let reviewers and special people hit the film a little in advance. Just wasnt worth the drive though for me on this one!

  19. A small collection. The combined constraints of money and space have limited it to about 100 titles so far. Not enough to even be very concerned with sorting. I’d like to have more, but I can’t justify spending the money on it right now, and I don’t have the shelf space.

    My brother’s collection, on the other hand, is somewhere just south of a thousand.

  20. I used to collect movies, and in fact, I have quite a massive collection. But then I sorta stopped about a year ago when I realized that I was just buying them but not watching them. I pretty much came to the conclusion that, as much as I watch movies, I never actually watch them at home (at least, not anymore), so it was becoming pointless to continue buying them. Last year I think Dredd and the new Resident Evil were the only 2 movies I even bought, and I’m still yet to even put either of those in the DVD player, lol.

    • Sounds like me and comics books.

      Even so, a good portion of my collection needs to “ferment”. 😀 I have any number of blus on hand right now that have never seen the player. But they will. One lucky day… they will. LOL 😀

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