Tossin’ It Out There: Do YOU collect movies?

dvd_collection_lit_smallA comment from FMR regular Al Tanski, and a suggestion a little while back for a (title pending) discussion from fellow blogger Ian the Cool brought me to today’s “Tossin’ it out There” question.

Do YOU collect movies?

All of us here are movie fans to one degree or another. For some of us that means massive collections of DVDs and Blu Rays, but others are content to go to the theatre, rent and watch on cable.

Even if you DO collect, some people (like Al) take pride in the purity of their collection, only buying films that meet a quality standard, or hold a personal place for them. While others (like me) treat their collection like a junk repository, just putting any old disc they can get their hands on in there until they have an unwieldy wall (no, that pic is NOT my collection).

So how about you? Do YOU collect movies? Are you still buying DVDs, or have you gone Blu Ray? How do you organize them? Do you have any kind of criteria before adding a movie, or is it just spur of the moment?

Let’s hear it!!

Daniel Fogarty


206 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Do YOU collect movies?

  1. I used to collect DVDs a lot more than I do now, especially TV seasons. I’ve slowed down a lot after my daughter started getting to the DVDs and ruining some of them, and moreso after not having as much extra spending money, but I’ve still got well over 1,000 discs and a couple dozen blurays. When I buy something it’s an intricate calculation between how much I want the movie and how much it costs. I’ll pick something I liked ok, or am curious about if I see it in the clearance bin.

    I also used to be more selective between getting the multi disc sets over the barebones editions, it also doesn’t help that if I want to watch a movie, I can just find it online.

    • Yeah, kids can change things, that’s been cited here too. DVD is still the best way to watch Tv seasons. Im still waiting for HBO to release the full Sopranos collection on blu, those bastards!

      Soon you share all your superhero cartoons with her though. LOL. I was gonna say you could get them for her, but then I was like…. uh. You know he’s already on that. 😀

      • Heheh, yeah. I do tend to be a bit of a bad parent when it comes to that once in a while. She loves movies she probably shouldn’t be watching too much though. She loved the animated Dark Knight Returns which is very violent. I suppose on the other side, she did rewind the Frankenstein fart scene in Hotel Transylvania over half a dozen times so it’s a trade-off.

  2. I collect only those movies I really like, mostly Animations. I pretty have every Pixar, most of the Dreamworks and as many of the Studio Ghibli as I can find. I’ve slowly converted over to Blu-Ray. I found a place online that’ll give a few dollars for used DVDs, mostly I just give them away to people.

    Then there are movies and series I love and watch over and over, like Firefly, Game of Thrones, LotR, and super hero movies like Batman and the Marvel ones.

    I used to collect more on DVD but I am much more picky about Blu-Ray because of the price. I try and grab the 3-D versions too, even though I don’t have my 3D TV and 3D Blu-Ray player configured yet. The TV gets interference from somewhere and disrupts the glasses. I’m too lazy right now to fix it, lol.

    • There ARE online stores that advertise now, one (at least) even offered free shipping! I have to check it out. Forgot about that.

      LOL, thats something, right? I remember a friend who was too lazy to hook up his HD way back in the early days. People would always rag on him cause he was paying for it but not using it. I’m sure that never happens to you though buddy 😉 LOL

      • The site I tried is Sold 10 DVDs, supposedly will get 30. Basically 3 a DVD. Some weren’t even worth a $1. lol.

      • Huh.

        Maybe they’re melting them down for raw materials or something.

        Like all these places that buy used iPhones and shit, they’re after the components and the small amount of gold used inside! 😀

  3. Once in awhile I will pick up some used on Amazon. However, I have cut way back on owning films as I stream most of the time. It’s probably all my kids fault because that damn Catholic pre-school his mom insists he attends costs about 20 blu-ray’s a month. 😉

  4. I’ve switched mainly to Blu-Ray for new purchases. I try to mix it up: most of my classic stuff is Westerns that you can’t catch on TV often. I have a distressing amount of superhero stuff. And a ton of nerdy TV shows: Star Trek, Arrested Development, MST3K.

    I haven’t gotten anything new recently. It’s not because of NetFlix, either: we cancelled our service a year ago during that snafu where they were going to stop doing the DVD-by-mail thing. It just that there’s such a wealth with so many cable channels and On Demand. Even iTunes is starting to eat into the library. I downloaded a bunch of NBC’s Community lately, because it’s very convenient to plop the iPad on my belly and watch some episodes then and there.

    For movies I like to invite my friends over for, though, it’s definitely Blu-Ray. We watched “The Dark Knight Rises” recently on High Definition with Surround Sound and it was AWESOME.

    • I’m all Blu Ray now if I’m adding. No doubt. I buy all kinds of stuff when I do though, including a distressing amount of superhero stuff. LOL

      My purchasing has slowed down too… mainly because I go to the theatre so much as a reviewer now, it doesnt leave me much to “blind buy” and check out (thankfully), so I wind up only adding if I really like something!

      Glad you enjoyed TDKR, I’m sure you put on quite a presentation 😀

  5. I’m stubbornly resisting Blu-Ray. I just see little value in buying movies I already own when, in all honesty, I don’t rewatch movies very often. The Christmas movies are rewatched, Groundhog Day is rewatched on Groundhog Day, a few animated movies are rewatched — but, beyond that, if I’m going to sit in front of a non-theater screen long enough to put a disc in, it’s going to be a TV episode. So, about a year and a half ago, I told my husband I was done buying movies — from now on, I only buy TV series. That hasn’t precisely worked out, but I’d say I’ve only bought 5 movies since that day (for me, that’s pretty good….I feel like I’m living the promise).
    When I buy a movie, I do a lot of deliberating, especially now. Mainly, I consider the chances of me watching it more than once or twice ever. After that, I consider houseguests. When I invite someone to my home and they browse my DVDs and books on the shelf while I’m getting them a soda, I want all the titles they see to accurately represent who I see myself to be. I want to be able to readily converse about and defend the place of any movie they see there. So, everything there needs to have some personal significance.
    And when you own as many Christmas movies as I do, the only sorting method that makes any sense is by genre. Shelf of Christmas movies, shelf of animated movies, shelf of sci-fi/adventure movies, shelf of TV series, shelf of comedies, and then the shelf of “…erm…I don’t know where else to put you…”

    • Well, if you’re not watching movies on DVD, it probably is logical to not waste money on them. LOL

      But I dig the “personal reflection” paragraph. I’m actually always afraid that someone will see my Netflix recommendation list (you know? Recommended for Daniel”) cause a) its full of serial killer movies and b) like conspiracy whackjob subjects like “Are Aliens real” and “Who’s covering up Bigfoot’s Existence” ? 😀 Oh well. Anyways, I can relate.

  6. I’ve changed my attitude about owning since streaming has made it feel pointless having a lot of DVD’s around. There’s something that happens when you put a ton of VHS’s on a curb or in a bag to go to Goodwill and you’re less attached to the idea of owning titles. We own almost all the Ghiblis, Star Wars 4-6, Hugo & the Matrix trilogy. The ones you just know you need to have around in case of the fall of civilization or something. Only one BluRay though – Batman Begins.

    When I was a kid I collected movie books,especially those big coffee table types with shiny B&W publicity shots of Cary Grant, Veronica Lake, Garbo and Marlene Dietrich, etc. I spent all my birthday money on them – they were big and heavy and could be found in the remainder bin at a NYC bookstore called Marlboros. Of course this was pre-VHS and Beta. Also I loved those old editions of pictorialized scripts where they had a hundreds of stills from the movie accompanying the text. (I think I have Stagecoach and NInotchka.) The books stayed with my parents who haven’t scrapped them yet, phew.

    • LOL. Well, if civilization falls, we may lose power, too! 😀

      That’s cool that your parents havent scrapped them yet. My mother is like the anti-hoarder. If I had anything at her house, it wouldnt be long before she would complain it was making a mess and throw it out. LOL No matter how neatly it was kept somehwre.

      Those books actually sound cooler to own than movies anyways, Jan! 😀

  7. My sole reason for living is collecting movies (I think people reading my blog knows that… do they? I don’t know, maybe I haven’t made it obvious enough, or maybe I’m just too modest). DVD hunting is my weekend activity, and I buy Blu-rays as well especially for new releases… But I think my collection is still very small compared to other collectors

  8. I am not reading 141 replies. WOW. I used to collect, but not for the past 4 years. I don’t have the surplus money anymore. My roommate has a huge collection and I just don’t need to so long as I can borrow his. I’m more of the, anything I can get my hand on, type of collector. I usually get only things I’ve seen. The few times I’ve bought something unseen, I’ve hated them. I thought Scream was so horrible I can’t figure out why there have been so many sequels. There was a Nic Cage indy film that people were raving about and it bored me to death. Just to mention two. Right now, I’m trying to find a copy of Pirate Radio. I really want to own it. I think I’m going to have to break down and order it online.

    • “I am not reading 141 replies. WOW. ” LOL… no one said that you had to! 😀

      Ordering online is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a specific title… I hate going to the store to buy a title and they dont have it 😦 You can probably get some decent bargains, too. Amazon always has specials, plus they always link to dealers with used copies if you dont mind buying used!

      Scream 1 was a good movie though. Lots of fun. 😉

      • I thought it went to far into the realm of grossness to be able to enjoy the movie. I managed to get though it, but I donated it to Good Will or Salvation Army.

  9. Blu-ray all the way! I never buy DVDs anymore. I used to go crazy buying them left, right and centre, but I’ve settled down a bit. I think I have over 400 BD’s now.

  10. I’ve collected movies on Betamax, VHS, DVDs and now Blu-Ray. I’m a sucker. I have started to become more picky about what I buy and what I keep. I’ve also determined that buying a TV series of a show I have already watched is a waste of money because I do not watch again; whereas buying one for a show I haven’t watched works every time.

    I will say I do tend to buy films with “Making-Of” extras and Director’s commentaries. (FYI: “Hugo” making-of sucks. it should have been titled “Why Martin Scorcese is the greatest director of all time.”)

    Recently I have gotten on a Criterion Collection kick, but I’m finding them not to be worth the money. I do like how they introduce me to films I’m not aware of, though.

    I haven’t signed on to the Digital Revolution yet. I tend to stream animated shows from my past (Robotech, Starblazers) or animated films (Marvel or DC Titles usually).

    • Mmmmm… I like buying tv shows I’ve watched and loved… the only problem is, they have to age. For example, I’m dying for them to release “The Wire”, “The Sopranos”, and “The Shield” on Blu… I would tear right into those! But I own Fringe (except S5, natch) and I wont be watching it until some time has passed.

      LOL @ ragging on the Hugo making of. Thats awesome.

      Couldn’t possibly disagree more on the Criterions though, man. I love all of mine. Everyone I’ve bought has been totally worth it!!

  11. I’m with Al. I tend to be selective about what movies I buy. I probably only buy about 3 movies from the current year. I’m at 150 (not counting TV DVDs) which is large when looked at by just everyday normal people, but small compared to many other cinephiles such as yourself.

    And because I know that this question is burning up you to ask, yes I do look down on you for buying any DVD you see. 😉

    Here’s a question for you; have you been converting your DVDs to Bluray, or just been buying new movies from bluray and keeping your DVDs in your collection still?

    • Converting. Ever since HD came around, I’ve been rebuying. My Blu/HD DVD (yes, I have some of those) collection is now up around 500 itself… plus I still have a bunch of old DVDs I havent disposed of yet.

      With my old DVDs, Ive given some to family, I’ve sold some… but I still have a lot of them.

      Hope you dont “look down on me” LOL 😀

  12. So during Hurricane Sandy I found my extensive DVD collection….no order here and needless to say, it didn’t make my wife happy looking for something to watch on the portable DVD player and computer….Goodfellas, Godfather 1-3 compilation set, True Romance, Malcolm X, and season one of the original Dallas…that’s it

    • Yeahhhhh… you were telling me that. LOL. At least you’ve got the essentials covered. Gofather 1&2, Goodfellas… forget about it. You dont even need half of those others! 😀

      And True Romance is a romance… she should have been happy to find that I would think, no? LOL

  13. Not really. I have been trying to downsize my entertainment collection — whether that’s movies, video games or CDs. I do like to buy box sets, though. I have quite a few of those, but I only pick them up when they go on sale (i.e. half off). With so many streaming options these days, it’s not really necessary to own a lot of DVDs.

    • Not… necessary? Wha-at? LOL.

      I suppose it’s not, but I still prefer to put my money into something I’ll always have permanently and catch watch whener I want. Eventually streaming may have all titles at any time, but until then… got have the discs!

  14. True confession: I don’t collect movies, and haven’t bought a DVD/Blu-Ray in over 20 years! (Although I have rented or had some given to me as gifts). How can this possibly be, you ask?

    Well, when I was young my grandparents had a whole room in their house that was nothing but movies. Lots of old Westerns which my grandfather loved and Musicals which my grandmother loved and every annoying kids show that you can imagine for my siblings and cousins was there. It was a goldmine!

    The problem was: It was a goldmine all built on VHS. They even got mad one year when they got a DVD player for Christmas because they said now they couldn’t watch their old shows. So I learned at a very young age that technology is fickle, and that those DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s and whatever else there is out there are all going to be obsolete soon.

    Plus, it leaves me more money for popcorn! Hahaha!

    • Yeah, I can empathise with your grandparents… I think a lot of us can. We’ve all had to turn over our collections at some point in time. Or, choose to stay with an older format.

      Still, I enjoy getting movies choosing which ones to buy, sorting them, all of that… plus you get to watch them whenever you like. So…

      Good for you though. Your wallet is probably a lot healthier than mine over the years! LOL 😀

      • Yeah, that is a fair argument to be made. But I sort of wonder if bluray will be the last physical media. If that’s the case, then I am perfectly fine with having a large collection without fear of upgrading.

  15. Between iTunes and VUDU (Ultraviolet) I’ve been slowly converting my collection to digital copies. Especially with kids, waaaay easier to click the remote a few times than load a disc, or sprint to the blu-ray to stop my daughter from loading 12 at a time!

    Otherwise, DVDs and BDs are organized alphabetically. I have around 260. Lately I only buy hard-copies of excellent movies (A or better in your lingo). When I do, I only buy those with a digital copy included. Extra cost sucks though.

    • Yeah, I dont have kids, but when my nieces and nephew visit, the collection is at risk. LOL. Winds up everywhere. 😀

      260 is still a pretty big collection though, definitely. Thats interesting that you seek out discs with Digital copies, I always thought that that was superfluous.

      Not as bad as when they include a DVD in a Blu Ray… I think they kind of missed the point, there. LOL

  16. I’m with the group that never was a huge collector, but I do like to own my favorite movies on DVD (now Blu-ray). Even so, I’ve really kept it down lately to movies that I expect to want to re-watch. I have some of my favorite TV shows too, but it isn’t out of control. In most cases, I’m good with getting a DVD from the library, renting one, or (if I’m desperate), streaming it. I’ve also been good at keeping things pared down and selling or donating movies that I know I won’t see again. Of course, I probably still have 400 or so when you count the TV seasons. So I’m hardly that limited in what I keep. I know some bloggers and movie fans are on another scale and have thousands of movies. How do they ever have time to watch them?

    • LOL! 400’s nothing to shake a stick at Dan!

      See? You turn your back and they add up!

      I figure I never “watch them all”. I’ve watched most of them, then a minority percentage of them are awaiting their watching. And that turns over as new ones join the fold. So there will always be a certain percentage that hasnt seen the player yet. I guess the day I die, there will be some that never saw their day in court!

  17. I am still buying discs. Mostly blu-rays. Last year I don’t store the boxes. They are nice, but take too much space, so I just manage my collection with All My Movies program and keep the discs in the dvd organizer (looks like a large photo album). All the cover images are in my electronic catalog now and they doesn’t take the real space, just several megabytes on the hard drive 🙂 The program is available at

    • A couple of different people now have mentioned using binders like that to store their collections in. I imagine it would save a lot of space!

      I still enjoy having the packaging though… it makes such an eclectic display when they’re all lined up together… though I suppose if you have a really large collection, it just wouldnt be practical!

  18. Not so much anymore…but there are still a few things I will shell out the $ for. The main things I’m collecting these days are sets of classic shorts from the Golden Age of animation. These great films are getting harder and harder to see on TV with the passing of each year…and were such a TV staple when I was a kid.

    So I have collected the Disney Treasures Series, Looney Tunes Golden Collection, and other sets that have come out for Popeye, Tom and Jerry, Droopy, Woody Woodpecker and others.

    • Thats a good call. I’ve noticed them fading from TV, too, which is sad. I guess every generation has a right to its own cartoons, but those that you mention are timeless. I have volume one of Bugs on blu, I should make sure they havent come out with volume two yet. I’ll take all the Bugs I can get!! 😀

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