Tossin’ It Out There: Do YOU collect movies?

dvd_collection_lit_smallA comment from FMR regular Al Tanski, and a suggestion a little while back for a (title pending) discussion from fellow blogger Ian the Cool brought me to today’s “Tossin’ it out There” question.

Do YOU collect movies?

All of us here are movie fans to one degree or another. For some of us that means massive collections of DVDs and Blu Rays, but others are content to go to the theatre, rent and watch on cable.

Even if you DO collect, some people (like Al) take pride in the purity of their collection, only buying films that meet a quality standard, or hold a personal place for them. While others (like me) treat their collection like a junk repository, just putting any old disc they can get their hands on in there until they have an unwieldy wall (no, that pic is NOT my collection).

So how about you? Do YOU collect movies? Are you still buying DVDs, or have you gone Blu Ray? How do you organize them? Do you have any kind of criteria before adding a movie, or is it just spur of the moment?

Let’s hear it!!

Daniel Fogarty


206 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Do YOU collect movies?

  1. Yes and no.

    I don’t obsessively buy movies for the sake of buying movies. I used to do that and wound up with a ton of movies I doubt I’ll ever watch again, and a few handfuls that I still haven’t watched. I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t want to be wasteful with my purchases, so I’ve come up with the following rules for purchase:

    1) It has to be on my top 10 of the year, OR
    2) It has to be a Criterion DVD.

    No one does home releases like Criterion, and “buying in” to the Criterion library rewards you in the long run. Plus, their library is amazing. So, in a manner of speaking, I collect Criterion DVDs (well, Blu-Rays), and the best of the best of every release year as far as it concerns me, but that’s really it. If I become independently wealthy and find myself with all the time in the world to devote myself to movie writing, then yeah, that’ll change, but every Blu I buy has to be measured out really carefully, so I set specific parameters to make sure every purchase I make matters.

    You can bet I’ll get repeat viewings out of Three Outlaw Samurai and Stagecoach and Godzilla and Close-Up. And that’s value.

  2. There’s no doubt about it, Criterion is the best around. Top notch all the way across the board, though, admittedly, a little pricey. Definitely have to shop Criterion when they’re having sales.

    My buying movies for the sake of buying movies has left me with a number of suspect titles, too. But, hey, what am I gonna do? Stop buying movies?


    LOL 😀

  3. I used to collect, but when I realised I hardly rewatch anything I decided not to do it any more and must admit I don’t miss it. I might occasionally buy something, but not with the thought of collecting.

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  5. I used to be a lot more of a collector than I am now. I’d buy anything and everything I found remotely interesting and fun to watch. Though the years have made me wiser, and more conscious of my bank balance. Also, having Sky TV (satellite TV, I think it’s the equivalent of your cable), getting movie channels fills my quota for random films without having to buy them.

    It’s all about the blu-rays for me right now. Exclusively. How are they organised? Well, TV DVD boxsets in one section, followed by TV blu-ray boxsets, then films on blu-ray and finally films on DVD. I had them blu-rays and DVDs intermingled, but the difference in box heights had me irked!

    It’s all alphabetical. But that throws a spanner in the works for series of films which have different titles. My brain hurts….

    • Hehehehh… sorry to make you “think” so much! 😀

      Its all blu ray for me, too. You cant go back to the lower resolution after you start with the higher ones! Blu Ray (or DVD in general) is the best way to watch TV! Nonstop episodes, no commercials, special features… definitely the best way to plow through a tv series. I own a bunch of them myself!

      You’ve got to have a system Jaina, there’s no other way around it! If you dont alphabetize and organize, then what? Chaos? Anarchy? You cant let it happen!! 😀

    • I had them mixed as well, but it also bothered me! Once my blurays started surpassing my DVDs I knew it was time for a change.
      I still have blu and dvd tv sets together, but that whole part of my collection is a mess anyway (due to lack of proper shelving) so I need to revamp that whole section.

      But I say NO to alphabetizing! Its so boring! Fight the power!

      • “that whole part of my collection is a mess anyway (due to lack of proper shelving)”

        And, perhaps due to your rejection of Aplhabetizing? Just a theory, thats all. 🙄

      • Oh no, my movie collection is immaculate. And non-boring, thanks to not alphabetizing. But it has pushed my TV sets off of the shelf, so now they are sort of scattered through different shelf throughout the living room.

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