Which Team of 90s Movies is the Best?


Ok, everyone. Here are the “teams” that were selected during the 2nd Annual (title pending) Movie Draft: The 90s Edition!

In order to level the playing field, we’ve decided to keep the drafters anonymous for the first couple of days, in order to let the teams speak for themselves. The actual draft podcast will be up on Friday! Trust me it’ll be worth the wait!

So. If you want to vote on merit, vote now! If you want to wait and vote for one of the people in the draft, wait ’til Friday when the show is released!

One way or the other, the game is on! Leave us your thoughts and reasonings in the comments! Thanks!

Daniel Fogarty


72 thoughts on “Which Team of 90s Movies is the Best?

  1. All four lead off with one of my all time favourites, but at the end of the day I had to pick The Big Lebowski, The Shawshank Redemption, The Silence of the Lambs, Se7en, and Unforgiven.

    P.S. 40 films from the 1990s and not one mention of Magnolia? Shame on you all 😛

  2. I voted for Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Saving Private Ryan, Toy Story, Boogie Nights, Fargo, Groundhog Day, Trainspotting, Dazed and Confused, and Rushmore. Just looking at the other choices makes me realize some of the great movies of the 90s. I also agree with PG Cooper about Magnolia.

    • Again, like I said to him, its not a favorites or best of list, per se. We’re all trying to win this as a competition. I dont really see “Magnolia” as a vote getter. Neither did the other captains. 😦

  3. Went for Terminator 2: Judgement Day,The Matrix, Jurassic Park, Hard Boiled, Bad Boys, South Park: Bigger Longer Uncut, Dumb and Dumber, Mallrats, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Happy Gilmore

    Though it was close to voting for the first one. Tough choice! T2, The Matrix and Jurassic Park swung that vote for me. Office Space nearly made me vote otherwise though. Freaking love that film.

  4. The Big Lebowski, The Shawshank Redemption, The Silence of the Lambs, and Unforgiven are in my Top 10, and American Beauty, Se7en, and A Few Good Men are in my Top 20 for the ’90s. Gotta go with that group.

  5. This was an interesting challenge for me. Each team has some of my favorites. Every team but Team 4 had some choices that I thought were questionable. That had me leaning towards Team 4, but I wanted to be a little more certain, so I dug up the formula I used when voting on the 80s draft: 3 times my score (1-5) on any movie I’d seen; half IMDb’s score and double my anticipation level (1-5) on any movie I hadn’t.

    The breakdown confirmed my suspicions:
    Team 1: 104
    Team 2: 105.65
    Team 3: 96.25
    Team 4: 121.95

  6. If the list contained “Fight Club” it was immediately disqualified. I allowed Se7en to stay because it is a good film despite it’s loathsome nature. And since “Unforgiven” and “Silence of the Lambs” are my picks as the best films of the 1990s, this list gets the nod. Plus “My Cousin Vinny” and “The Big Lebowski” will allow me to laugh in order to overcome the somber and practically perfect “Shawshank Redemption”.

      • It was self important, pretentious and derivative. The twist at the end reminded me of The Far Superior Sixth Sense, and the dissatisfaction of the nameless protagonist is something I simply could not relate to. The casual acceptance of terrorism as a response to ennui seems morally bankrupt to me. I’d have to watch again to be more specific and the first rule of Fight Club for me is to not watch Fight Club again.

  7. Whoever picked T2 comes out swinging for a few rounds… then throws away the rest of his list on average to good comedies that (in the opinions of many, not necessarily my own) don’t stand the test of time. I’m not saying *I* don’t like the movies… but I think they clearly threw their picks away if they were trying to win a poll. Maybe I’m underestimating the nonsense-comedy love of your reader base, though. Oddly, if I based my votes off of number of times watched total, they *might’ve* edged out my actual vote. I watched all those comedies *so* many times.

    Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Toy Story and Dazed and Confused got my vote. They almost lost it, because they had Rushmore on there… but they kept it because they had 2 of my top 5, and 2 more of my top 10.

    • It was a tough draft, the bullets were flying! Hard to stay on your A Game, all the way through!

      The Pulp Fiction team has a lof of great movies. Including Pulp Fiction! 😀

      Thanks for weighing in Spike, much appreciated as always, buddy. 😉

    • I felt the same about the T2 team… three good choices, and then they just completely lose it. Even the ones that aren’t dumb comedies… Hard Boiled seems like a ridiculously obscure choice for a #4 pick. If you’re looking to win a popularity poll, you don’t go with a foreign film…

  8. Each team included movies I loved and movies I hated. I almost went with the one that included Jurassic Park. The film started with one level of special effects but had to redo it because of the breakthrough in cgi. I will never forget the dino’s first appearance on the screen. I ended up going with the one w/ the Usual Suspects. Because I love that movie so much. It is great watching Kevin Spacey play everyone. And I will always have a soft spot for Independence Day.

    • Well, there you go I guess then. If it has two of your favorites, its hard not to vote for. I love the Usual Suspects too. Just saw a great minimalist poster for it today, with the footprints straightening out at the end. I thought it was really clever. 😀

  9. Everyone has a strong top three, but then it changes dramatically. The choice was pretty easy. The first person (beginning with Pulp Fiction and Fight Club) has no bad picks in the mix. When the final three are Dazed and Confused, Trainspotting, and Rushmore, that makes it easy to choose a winner. All the others have comedies that haven’t aged well (There’s Something About Mary), acclaimed movies that don’t seem so good today (American Beauty), or action movies that are just okay (Goldeneye). Every movie on the Pulp Fiction list is great. How is that group not winning?

    • Because fewer people have voted for it? LOL

      I dont know that it’s necessarily an air tight group, and I definitely dont think the others are that weak… They’re all close, to me, actually. But I can see one group closely aligning with someone’s personal tastes 😉

  10. Oh, I like the twist of anonymity! Here’s my guess… Tank = pulp fiction, Fogs = Goodfellas, Eclectik = T2, Dylan = Big Lebowski

    3rd round for Jurassic Park? Are you kidding me?

    This is a tough one. My faves align more with the T2 and Goodfellas lists… I’m waiting to vote and see if the podcast will convince me one way or the other.

  11. Had to go with the Pulp Fiction choice. Fincher, Tarantino, Coen, and P.T. Anderson all in one group is hard to resist for me LOL.

  12. All of those were worthy, but option 3 was the easiest not to vote for. Dumb and Dumber is a poison pill for me. You couldn’t pay me to see that again.

    Team 2 was next to be eliminated, and … phew, tough call! The inclusion of Office Space almost swung me on that one, but in the end, there can be only one, and Ben Stiller aint the One.

    So it came down to Team 1 vs. Team 4, and while both have some of my all time favorite movies, Team 1 also has the ONLY film on all four teams that I’ve never seen: Trainspotting. And so I gave my vote to Team 4. There’s not a movie in there I wouldn’t happily sit though again.

  13. Whoever drafted Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Saving Private Ryan, Toy Story, Boogie Nights, Fargo, Groundhog Day, Trainspotting, Dazed and Confused and Rushmore sure knows how to get to my heart! That one easily gets my vote.

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