The Great Debates: Indiana Jones or Han Solo?

Indy vs Han

Alright everybody, here we go!!

With rumors circulating that Harrison Ford may reprise his role as Han Solo in “Star Wars: Episode VII”, I figured it was the perfect time to get the great debates going again… with one of the big ones.

Indiana Jones? Or Han Solo?

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Indiana Jones


IndyYear of first appearance: 1981

Year of most recent appearance: 2008

Films: “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.

Occupation: Archeologist

Weapon of Choice: Whip

Vehicle: Whatever is available

Girlfriend: Marion Ravenwood

Indiana Jones is a professor of Archeology at Marshall College, but his pursuit of lost treasures and artifacts often leads him into dangerous adventures.


Han Solo


HanYear of first appearance: 1977

Year of most recent appearance: 1984

Films: “Star Wars”, “The Empire Strikes Back”, “Return of the Jedi”

Occupation: Smuggler turned rebel leader. 

Weapon of Choice: Blaster

Vehicle: The Millenium Falcon

Girlfriend: Princess Leia Organa

Han Solo was a smuggler trying to make a buck when he transported a party with ties to the rebellion against the Empire. Soon, he was part of the rebellion as well.


Well, there you have it folks. Two of the most iconic movie characters ever, both played by the same actor. Each of whom may still yet live again on the big screen.

Which one did you choose? Why? Was it the whip? The Wookie? The hat? The vest? Tell us in the comments below!


Daniel Fogarty


114 thoughts on “The Great Debates: Indiana Jones or Han Solo?

  1. AAAH, don’t make me choose Fogs! It’s like asking me which of my children I love the most! I don’t have children but you get the picture 🙂 I went for Solo in the end purely because Indy’s repuation has been tainted in my mind somewhat after Crystal Skull.

  2. Jones is a far more fleshed out character. Heck, his name is in the title of most of his movies. Han Solo is more of an archetype than a real character, though he got most of the good lines and Ford did a great job with him.

    Gotta go with Indy.

      • Well sure, Indy is essentially an American Allan Quartermain. Han Solo’s archetype is older, and more nebulous.

        That said, what’s great about Han Solo is that he so wonderfully stradles the line between “older, wiser friend” and “rogue with a heart of gold”. Going too much on either side would have made the character rote, but Lucas and Ford keep him interesting by twisting him between the two.

  3. I went with Indy. I love Han, he has the better ride, the better girl, and the better BFF.
    But there’s something about Indy that I think melds with Harrison Ford better. I can see more Ford in Indy than I can in Han. Plus, the hat is a great look for him!

    • Smash Now there’s a screen name. Whats up, Smash? I was a “Crash” for a little while after I got into a bunch of car accidents one after another. It faded though. LOL

      Hard to top the hat. And the leather jacket. It is a sweet get up. LOL. Han has a lot going for him too, but it looks as if Indy’s off to the early lead!

      • Thanks for the screen name love Fogs! Crash is a good one too, although I’m glad to hear that you’ve stopped getting into so many car accidents. Hopefully none of them happened while you were behind the wheel of the Batmobile. Sick picture by the way!
        I thought my vote for Indy would be an underdog vote for sure, so I’m equally surprised that he’s owning the polls! Great feature, I look forward to weighing in on one again sometime soon.

      • Oh, they’ll be around. I space em out though because I do really try to make them the big movie topics, you know?

        Meanwhile, no no accidents in the Batmobile, but let me tell you, sitting in that thing made me smile from ear to ear and I literally couldnt stop smiling for like an hour. LOL! 😀 Fun times, fun times.

  4. Erm, how dare you. Make us choose like this? This is tough. Very tough. On the one hand it’s hard to resist the cool bad boy that is Han Solo. And also, Indiana Jones had to contest with that horrible Crystal Skull. However seeing as I refuse to acknowledge the existence of that film, I’m going for Jones. More developed and three dimensional character. Solo’s great, but (and don’t kill me for saying this, you’re making me choose!) a little one note.

    • “Erm, how dare you. Make us choose like this? This is tough. Very tough.” This is what the Great Debates loves to hear. He’s a sadist, that guy.

      Han Solo? One Note?? Well… maybe, I guess. Kind of cocky, arrogant… maybe, I dont know. I dont agree, but I wont kill you, hows that?

      Whats this Crystal Skull thing, btw? 😮 ? LOL

  5. Han Solo is a rogue whereas Indy is a gentleman and a scholar AND a man of action.
    Hence, I go Indiana Jones. Additionally, Indy’s companion is his girlfriend (who can drink him under the table) and Solo’s is a 7 foot wookie. Plus Indy is a practical fellow.

    Indiana: [laughing] Oh, Marcus. What are you trying to do, scare me? You sound like my mother. We’ve known each other for a long time. I don’t believe in magic, a lot of superstitious hocus pocus. I’m going after a find of incredible historical significance, you’re talking about the boogie man. Besides, you know what a cautious fellow I am.
    [throws his gun into his suitcase]

    • S, I think you underestimate the coolness of a seven foot Wookie.

      Additionally, you overrate the difficultly in finding a girlfriend who can drink. Trust me… those girls are out there in spades if you know where to look. And… youre brave enough to go there. LOL 😀

      • you may be right; I’ll stick with Indy though; but he sounds so familiar…

        Han Solo: Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid

  6. These characters are what made Harrison Ford my favorite actor when I was growing up, so I love them both. However, I didn’t have much trouble with deciding. I have to pick Indiana Jones!

  7. Indy, hands down in my book. Although we’ve only heard of Han and Chewie’s adventures as smugglers and 12 parsec Kessel runs, Indy’s inconic quests for ancient artifacts trumps Solo’s missions for the Rebel Alliance.

    My basis is primarily on Harrison Ford’s portrayal of the characters in the movies. All the expanded universe stuff outside the movies doesn’t factor much weight to me as the movies were the starting point for pretty much everyone.

    • Oh, yeah, no “expanded universe” involved. LOL. It made the big screen or it didn’t happen, in my book.

      I dont know about Indy’s adventures topping Han’s though, Han did some pretty cool shit! He rescued a princess, he flew through an asteroid field, he helped blow up TWO death stars, cmon!

  8. OK, good debate.

    My call: Indiana Jones, but not by as much as I thought at first. A few things weigh against the good Dr. Jones: One, he only had 2 good movies, and his character in Temple of Doom was terrible, and while I’ll concede that the problems with Crystal Skull weren’t really with the Indiana Jones character, I’m much more happy pretending that movie doesn’t exist. Two, the character of Han Solo is the one I would rather BE, given the choice. That’s a pretty heavy thumb on the scale, right there.

    On the other hand: Lawrence Kasdan is a better writer than George Lucas, and Spielberg is a better director than Lucas, and Indy had a hat and a whip.

    ’nuff said.

  9. Sophie’s Choice? No, Solomon, cut the baby in half! It has to be Indy. He’s in every frame of the movie. Without Harrison there, no flik, no series. But in Star Wars, someone else could have stepped in. Don’t know who, but I’m sure we’ll think of somebody.

  10. Indiana Jones!

    No question! Older, wiser (maybe) and with a lot of cinematic history and characters to add to the mystique. From the battered, sweat stained Stetson or Fedora that harkens back to Bogart in ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. To his scribbled journal, low slung revolver and darkened three days growth of stubble. Indy leaves Han Solo far in the dust.

  11. Damn you Fogs, why do these always have to be so hard? Can I pretend that Crystal Skull never happened? Is it wrong to imagine a 71 year-old Han Solo coming to a screen near me? I am going to go with who Short Round would pick ….”Hey lady! You call him Dr. Jones!”

    • “Damn you Fogs, why do these always have to be so hard?” Thats what they’re all about man!

      Although from the early returns, you wouldn’t think this was a hard question…. Indy is killing.

      Yeah, you can pretend Crystal Skull never happened. I dont know what good it’ll do. Never helps me with Godfather III. 😦

      I’m not psyched about Han Solo’s return, either, to tell you the truth. Wish they were just picking up in the Universe with all new people.

      Meanwhile, it’s as good a criteria as any… “No time for love Dr Jones!”

    • Careful, Jedi!

      ” Is it wrong to imagine a 71 year-old Han Solo coming to a screen near me?”

      You’re getting very close to Pity Party and Mind Bleach Territory!

      Though I think we can agree that ‘Crystal Skull’ should have been at least re-thought, if not made at all. A very wasteful film.

      • There’s a number of us that prefer to keep our mental images of our characters a certain age. That’s why I refuse to see Clerks 2. I wish I could go back and unsee Godfather III.

        Ford should create new characters… like Clint Eastwood did. Eastwood proved youre never too old to kick ass. 😀

  12. I’d invite both to dinner 😀 If I had to choose only one I’d go with Indy though, I think he’d be a much more interesting person to converse with, given all his historical knowledge.

  13. Well, I was originally undecided but if Han’s gonna be the underdog then I’m going with him.
    My main argument doesn’t really have too much to do with the character… but I don’t know, it kind of does. Han came first. I feel like there may not have been an Indy or maybe Ford wouldn’t have ended up playing him had Han Solo and Star Wars not been such a success. I also think that Han is a better developed character. He goes from just wanting his reward so he can continue on with his life to actually helping out the alliance. Indy’s character arc basically consists of him getting married, which was like a tag on thing in the last movie. Han was going somewhere from the beginning. He may not have a whip, his own movie, or a theme song but he does have “the giant walking carpet” and The Millennium Falcon: “she doesn’t look like much but she’s got it where it counts, kid.” Indy goes around saving artifacts and stuff, occasionally blowing up Nazis, but Han Solo saves like the entire frickin galaxy. Sure, he had help, but Indy did too.
    So yeah, I love Indy but I’m going with Han on this one.

    • Chicken and the egg factor coming into play? I’m fine with that, its as good a reason as “I like his hat”, which we’ve heard 😀

      Han and Luke definitely both had well developed character arcs in the trilogy. Luke went from Boy to Man, Han went from scoundrel to (presumably) husband/family man.

      Han definitely also had the cooler ride, and wingman. No doubt. Indy has NOTHING comparable, my apologies to Sallah.

  14. Indy. I LOVE archeaology. So the professor who goes on adventures when school is out is very appealing. He is somewhat more real than the space hero. One feels more attainable while the other is more of a fantasy.

    • True, Indy is more grounded… even if he’s not totally grounded, there was a lot of far out stuff in Indy’s adventures.

      If youre an archaeology fan I can see how Indy would be the no brainer choice, LOL

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