Tossin’ It Out There: What did YOU think of the Oscars?

MacfarlaneOk, everyone. We’re going to bump our weekly discussion up a day in order to talk about the big show, the 85th Annual Academy Awards… better known as The Oscars.

What did you think? Did you watch? What was your favorite part? Your least favorite part? What did you think of Seth MacFarlane?

Even if you didn’t watch, I’m sure by now you’ve checked out the list of winners. What do you think there? Any surprises? Sure, the mortal locks came through, like Anne Hathaway and Daniel Day-Lewis, but we also saw Ang Lee upsetting Steven Spielberg and Christoph Waltz winning his second Oscar for a Quentin Tarantino movie!

There’s tons to talk about, it was a crazy show. From Captain Kirk to sock puppets to Ted, the entertainment portion was all over the place, and the awards portion rewarded some very well deserving people!

What did YOU think?

Daniel Fogarty


147 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What did YOU think of the Oscars?

  1. I just hope Waltz gets some more diverse roles after this second win. Though he’s pretty awesome in them, I hope Tarantino movies are not all he ever does.
    I missed the beginning, but I came in just in time for the honorary Oscars. I missed a bunch of stuff unfortunately because I was at work 😦 I liked Ang Lee’s speech the best though out of the ones I saw. I’m glad he won, I thought he was going to win and I think he deserved it.
    I did not appreciate Daniel Radcliffe and Kristen Stewart presenting together though! At least they played Harry Potter music in the background and not some Twilight thing.
    I missed the supposed Bond stuff, but I heard it wasn’t that good 😦 I still would have liked to see Shirley Bassey and Adele sing though. I saw Adele win, so that’s something!

    • The “Bond Stuff” boiled down to two themes being sung live (awesome) and a montage of clips, introduced by one of the biggest stars to play a Bond Girl, but one of the lamest Bond Girls, Halle Berry (Lame). It was better than nothing I suppose.

      Kristen Stewart will go away one day. Even if it’s fifty years from now, she WILL go away. LOL

      • Adele singing for Skyfall was just amazing. If you ignore her full figure and jut look at her hair, eyes, checkbones, and lips, she looks like a classic Bond girl herself. Yeah, I could have done without Halle Berry. But I did love her dress. I was the only one at the Oscar viewing party I was at who did.

      • I guess I didnt think about her dress much. I was caught up in the fact that if we were going to get a Bond girl to lead the Bond tribute, Berry’s Hollywood profile stuck us with one of the worst. LOL. Literally Jinx is on my worst list.

        Anyways, I wouldnt change a thing about Adele. But I would turn her mic up. LOL 😉

  2. Not bad. I felt McFarlane did pretty good. I felt he trolled them like Gervais did. And of course, the Seen Your Boobs song was perfect. (especially Jennifer Lawrence & Charlize Theron’s opposite reactions)

    • MacFarlane did do “pretty good”. He wasn’t great, but he definitely had more energy than Billy Crystal (surprise!).

      Torn on the “Seen Your Boobs” song. I wonder if the actresses knew about it in advance. I dont know. At best it was kind of juvenile fun…. but the downside is it was potentially embarrassing and certainly sexist. LOL

    • As a kid, I remember watching the Oscars with my family. I can’t imagine sitting there with my kids now with “Seen Your Boobs” as part of the opening monologue. I wasn’t offended, but on the other hand it seems ridiculously low-brow.

  3. I enjoyed the show for the most part. I thought Seth MacFarlane was great, and even though it was overly long, I found myself entertained by most of it.

    I wasn’t pleased by Jennifer Lawrence’s win, even if it was obvious. And Brave winning is just a disgrace, IMO. Even in a weak animation year, Brave stood out as one of the weakest the year had to offer. My only other complaint would be for Argo winning best picture, though Ben Affleck’s awesome acceptance speech makes me not hate on it too badly.

    Ang Lee was a nice surprise win, though, and I otherwise didn’t have any issues with the winners. Also, more people should take notes on how to write an acceptance speech from Quentin Tarantino. LOVED that he actually had the power to SILENCE the playoff music, HAHA!

    • I dont know if I’d give MacFarlane “Great” but he was pretty good, I definitely chuckled a few times and didnt think he was the worst host ever (Franco). I wouldnt mind if they kept him OR replaced him. So….

      Why didnt you want Lawrence to win? She gave a great performance, and she’s definitely likeable, even if she DID trip on purpose. LOL

      I dont mind Argo winning, I think it was a wide open year, there was no dominant movie, and Argo is as deserving as any.

      I’m TOTALLY with you on Brave though. What a cop out. I should have known – its well known that the Academy voters are older – that Wreck-It Ralph’s video game referrences would be lost on them. LOL 😦

      And yeah, man QT’s the MAN! LOL! Woot! Quennnnntin!!

  4. All in all a good year for film, some very worthy winners. I was very pleased with Hathaway and Lawrence winning, two very good Actresses. As an experience and technically Pi probably deserves best director, but think Skyfall should have won cinematography (but I am bias to Deakins and Bond). I caught a little of McFarlane’s song, always good to see the Mickey getting took, especially when i think they had no idea.

    • Hell yeah, Deakins should have won for cinematography. Half of that Life of Pi shit was CGI anyways!

      That last sentence went right over my head (I’m NOT a MacFarlane follower) but I agree that Hathaway and Lawrence were both worthy!

      • Ha ha, the I’m not the greatest fan of his to be honest. DDL’ s Maggie Thatcher joke was pretty good too.
        Glad you agree on Pi, didn’t class it as cinematography for the over reliance on CGI.

  5. Not a bad night. McFarlane’s jokes didn’t go too far, though his opening felt like a live action Family Guy at times. The musical numbers were enjoyable, but giving only 3 of the 5 nominees for best original song time to perform felt a little odd and biased. In the end, my predictions were shot to hell (mostly), the director/best picture matching curse ended, but not in a way that made me happy. I hate to say it, but had Affleck gotten his directing nomination, the voting may have favored Life of Pi for best picture.

    • Hmmmm…. I dont know, maybe. I will say that the awards were scattered ALL over the place, though. Seems like there was no movie that was able to string two together of the big ones at least. Les Mis, Lincoln, Django, Argo, Silver Linings, Pi, seems like everybody got something.

      Meanwhile, yeah, I’m split on MacFarlane. He was ok, but not great or anything 😦

  6. What a show! Hit and miss for me.

    MacFarlane was well…MacFarlane. And like usual–I appreciate 50% of his stuff. Boobs song–inappropriate and funny–loved the staged reactions! Jennifer Lawrence’s “yeah!” was perfect. Sock puppet “Flight”? Better than the real movie.
    VonTrapp family gag? I laughed. Rest…meh. Some were strange and not funny.
    Best joke of the night? Daniel Day-Lewis–committed to Thatcher! Dude. He’s brilliant.

    A bit too much nonsense music numbers–why couldn’t we hear the nominated songs on a musically themed night?? hmmmm And I am geek–but I was giddy to see Babs singing memories!! I love her and I don’t care who knows!! 😀

    No big surprises for me–I predicted pretty good in my Academy Post. Super happy Dr. King Schultz won! I was worried about it for a while. 😀 Quentin–YAY! Argo–Better than Les Mis. I am going to watch Life of Pi today–so I will see how I feel about all its wins. A lot of the wins were questionable–Les Mis for make-up?? For making them look dirty?? Anyways…

    Overall–not as bad as it could’ve been…but by no means the best. Billy Crystal and Hugh Jackman still shine the brightest. PS I do want Amy and Tina to host everything!!


    • No shame in that Nedi, I loved seeing Babs do Memories, too. She was a great surprise.

      I wasnt really a fan of “I saw your boobs” but I did like Sock Puppet Flight. LOL.

      I’m totally with you. Why in the Hell would we get the Chicago cast singing and Jennifer Hudson… but THIS year’s nominees all couldnt. WTF? Thats messed up. Plus, they need to cut the entertainment BS down, START the show at 8, and give the extra time to the awards winners (the BIG awards winners) so they dont have to race through their acceptance speeches like they’re on amphetamines.

      I think “Not as bad as it could have been” sums it up nicely.

  7. Pleased with McFarlane. Loved that inside Lincoln’s head joke (Boy am I sick). High spot was the appearance of 76 year old Shirley Bassey. Can she still belt out a song! Heard Kristen Stewart stepped on something sharp. It certainly wasn’t her acting ability. Went to a local party and won 4 tickets to our local art house theater. Had a great time.

    • Nawww. That Lincoln joke was pretty bad man. He knew it too. He had that “Too Soon?” comeback all sorts of ready.

      Shirley Bassey definitely WAS great. Kristen Stewart definitely was NOT. Good grief… someone wake her up. Damnnnn….

      • Well, they say that Lincoln was Jewish cause he was shot in the temple. Had to get another sick one in. Also rewatched it today and got choked up again with Jennifer Hudson and the cast of Les Miserables.

  8. Hi, Jobs and company:

    I started giving up on the Academy Awards show back in the mid 1980s due to poor timing, execution and far too much pretension. I opted to follow the live snarking over at Nikki Finke’s ‘Hollywood Dateline’.

    Glad that ‘Brave’ won for Best Animation. Seth’s attempts at humor did not go ver very well, from what I understand. The ‘Jaws’ music tease to get off the stage was funny. Once.

    Still don’t understand why Michelle Obama showed up to help present the Best Picture award. But it seemed incredibly tacky. And half of whatever television audience was left decided they’d had enough.

    Not the absolute worst show last night. But far, far, far from its heydays of the 1960s and 70s.

    • Got a little phone auto correct goin on there I think Jack 😉

      MacFarlane’s humor was a mixed bag. All in all, he was well spoken and genial, so that was good. But there were some moments that I could have done without, for sure.

      Wow. Forgot all about the Michelle Obama thing. Yeah, I was really really pissed about that. Get political figures out of the thing for goddsakes. Seriously. We dont need an interjection from the &$^%#*ing White House at “The moment we’ve all been waiting for”. Good god.

      The Jaws music WAS pretty funny though. LOL

  9. I was fast asleep during the ceremony but I’ve caught up on most of it today and it seems fairly bog-standard to be honest. No real surprises to talk about but I don’t think any of the winners were undeserving, they all did a great job as far as I’m concerned. I’m pleased Jennifer Lawrence won, I loved SLP, although she’ll no doubt get ripped to shreds now as always happens when someone gets successful!
    As for Macfarlane, I thought he did an OK job, not amazing but I thought it was the right decision to lighten things up a little, it’s been so dry in the past.

    • You’re in Britain, too, right? So I can only imagine… that thing must have aired in the middle of the night! LOL

      There really weren’t any great surprises. The Tie in the sound category. Brave. Ang Lee. Nothing shocking or anything.

      MacFarlane ws “Ok”, you’re right. Nothing spectacular, but not the horror show a lot of people predicted. (Including me LOL)

  10. My wife and I have watched these shows together for 15 years and we both thought last nights was a boring, boring snoozefest. YAWN!

    • Wellllllll… in fairness, with MacFarlane hosting? I’m just glad it all didnt go up in flames. LOL A touch of boring was far preferable to the “Did he REALLY just say that?”s that I was afraid of! 😀

  11. Well, I thought the show itself was pretty lame. Did MacFarlane fall on his face? No, but that’s a pretty low bar to clear. He certainly didn’t elevate the proceedings, his jokes were pretty mediocre, and he was essentially upstaged by William Shatner.

    The presenting banter was as poorly written as usual. Really the only thing that saved the night were the musical performaces by Jennifer Hudson, Adelle, and especially Shirley Bassey.

    I don’t understand how the director of the best picture of the year doesn’t get nominated for best director. I guess the screenplay was just so good anyone could have done it.

    The Michelle Obama thing… it was just kind of awkward. If she were actually at the show it would have been better, but having Nicholson up there turning around and looking at a screen was not good TV. I don’t think of the First Lady as a political figure, and her message wasn’t political, but it was just kind of a weird note just before the big presentation.

    • Sorry, just a couple other points I thought of…

      How bad was MacFarlane? Not only was he upstaged by Shatner, but Daniel Day-Lewis was funnier than him. DDL should not be funnier than anyone.

      Why did Chicago get so much love? Does anyone still give a flip for that overrated piece of shit? And what the hell happened to Renee Zellwinger’s face?

      • I didnt think MacFarlane was terrible, just some of his material was ill advised.

        Meanwhile, I heard that Chicago got so much love because the Producers of the show Produced that movie. Let me double check. Yup. One of them at least. Zadan…

    • I agree with you on MacFarlane. At least he didnt completely offend everyone who tuned in.

      The presenters were AWFUL. Good grief. I cant believe so many of Hollywood’s brightest stars looked so dim witted. Ugh.

      The Michelle Obama thing WAS completely out of place. I have no issues with her. I have no issues with what she was saying. But I have a HUGE issue with involving her – especially then. Give her a sound award to present or something. Not Best Picture!

      The only thing I can offer on the director thing was that obviously Life of Pi was a more stylistic movie. It doesnt explain David O Russell or Steven Spielberg nominated ahead of him, but thats all ive got.

  12. The good: Shirley Bassey stole the show. Acceptance speeches form Daniel Day-Lewis, Tarrantino, Ang Lee, Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence were pretty good. Adell was good, but her mix was off. Shatner was funny, in a losing cause. Babs sounded awesome for an old broad. The Les Mis number was stunning, although, again, there were mix issues (Russell Crowe? Can we pull it back to 11?). The stage design was spectacular.

    The bad: Macfarlane flopped, bad. The “Boobs” song was really awful. The decision to move the orchestra off site was terrible. there were many bad music cues. The 50 years of Bond video montage was un-inspired and felt really half-assed. Production values were sloppy all the way through, there were at least 3 swish pans within the first 2 minutes, the TD and the Director were obviously not working well together and while they settled down somewhat, it never was really smooth.

    Oh, and ZD30 got robbed.

    • “Adell was good, but her mix was off.” You can say that again, good grief! Someone should be fired… even if it is a one time gig.

      I like how you put it about Shatner. That WAS a losing cause, wasn’t it? LOL

      And Streisand appearing completely brought a stop to my twitter snark as I sat up and watched. Nice moment.

      That 50 Years of Bond thing didnt come off well, did it? Except for Shirley Bassey. The Boobs song wasn’t completely mortifying at least, but it definitely was ill advised.

      I chalk all the rest of that stuff up to live event coverage, but hey, what do I know? LOL

  13. The opening took 17 minutes and produced maybe two laughs. The Boob song was OK if I was watching SNL, but this is the Academy Awards, way too low brow for the night. I know they hired Macfarlane to bring in a younger audience, but this kind of trolling seemed counterproductive. I was really disappointed in the Bond tribute, the clips and background music were fine, and Adele and Shirley Bassey were both great, but it felt like it was on auto-pilot. No actor who played Bond appeared, no one really talked about the legacy, and it was jammed in and done in no time. The Paul Rudd Melissa McCarthy bit did not work at all and may be the most awkward thing I’ve seen in years. Why is the First Lady presenting at the Academy Awards? If she was introducing the Jean Hersholt winner, and it was a charity she supported, I could see that, but it was Best Picture, the peak award of the night and her appearance was a distraction. It felt like a political decision rather than a film based entertainment choice. The musical salute was odd, we are going to limit it to the last 10 years, and then only do three pieces? They should have done the Les Miserable sequence and skipped everything else. Worst Academy Awards Show in years.
    On the other hand, the Awards themselves (with the exception of Brave) seemed fine.

    • “The Boob song was OK if I was watching SNL, but this is the Academy Awards, way too low brow for the night.” Well put. I concur!

      The Bond tribute was more than a little underwhelming. Especially after they initially promoted the whole “All six Bonds on stage together” thing. It was disappointing, even though Shirley Bassey was fantastic.

      The Michelle Obama thing was a terrible idea, I hope that never ever happens again. I hope they get a ton of shit for doing it, too.

  14. It was a good show and I don’t really have much to argue about. I thought MacFarlane was okay as a host, even though it felt like he really wanted to just roast the hell out of everybody in-attendance, but knowing Hollywood: just couldn’t. Still, a solid show and it was great to see Daniel Day be a funny man. Whoever knew that the guy could be funny, but self-deprecating as well.

    • Naw, man. I dont want to see the Oscars turn into a Roast. He would be a good roast master (I know I’ve seen him do it before) but the Oscars isnt the place.

      Daniel Day Lewis was really impressive. Funny, humble, awed. The guy was everything you’d want to see in a winner. That was a great moment, no doubt.

  15. I tried staying awake to watch it, even though I had to suffer roughly 14 hours of red carpet shit my wife made me watch. I loved the boobs song, then saw De Niro lose and decided I couldnt be bothered watching anymore so I went to bed 🙂

    Happy Jennifer won though, wasn’t a fan of Chastain and I keep hearing about QT’s speech, need to look that up!

    • 14 Hours! Holy Shit! I almost died after one!

      I’m not with you on the boobs song, and I’m kind of glad De Niro didnt win (I liked that role, but that’s not Oscar worthy, cmon)

      Tarantino’s speech was great. I loved how he told the Orchestra to STFU. LOL 😀

  16. The winners I agreed with pretty much. Amour best foreign film marvelous, Argo the big winner great. Seth McFarlane coming off like a boob most the time not so great. His humour wasnt sharp and they didn’t use his singing talent to its best. Nice touches with the stars soft shoe and such.

    • Yeah, I wish they’d do more of that, myself. Let the talent of the host and the guests show through in song, dance, comedy… but keep the comedic material clean – and BRIEF!

      I think they really need to curtail the entertainment in order to give the acceptance speeches a little more time. Geez. Or move Sound and Editing to the technical awards night!

      Aside from that I didnt have any really gripes about the winners except “Brave”. Didnt think that one was best this year 😦

  17. There is only one thing: Why Ang Lee? I mean seriously, Life of Pi? Apart from that I am very happy with the winners (especially Hathaway and Lawrence) and I am glad I was wrong about predicting Lincoln winning Best Picture. 🙂 Haven’t seen the show yet but will tonight (God bless the Internet! 🙂 )

  18. Red Carpet – good on E when interviewing less so when critiquing; mediocre at best on abc (little fashion shown, okay interviewers, too many ads)

    Fashion good – metallics, Chastain, Spencer, Aniston, Hunt, JLaw, Q, Charlize, Seyfried, Cooper’s Mom
    Fashion bad – Witherspoons blue bustier, Samantha Barks scantily clad top, Hathaway’s bib

    McFarlane – way too edgy for Oscars and was NOT toned down; sock puppets Flight awesome; inappropriate intro song and tasteless jokes mostly (of course that’s what he does; you were expecting something different Academy?)

    Musical theme – great performances Bassey, Adele, Les Miserables cast
    Chicago, Dream Girls were NOT 2012, yet Hudson was captivating

    Bond montage – good having a tribute; just not great edit- color tint, Dr No graphics occluding vids
    Streisand – fitting tribute and sensational though I’m not normally a fan
    Presenters ad libs – Avengers good; Rudd/McCarthy less so; Stewart, Hayek sad
    Awards – good except animated RIW was robbed; enjoyed Lee(d), ARGO(p) winning; DDL was super
    Show stealers – Q(I can’t spell name of 9-year old gem), JLaw, DDL, Bassey, BABs

    • The only thing I know about fashion was that Anne Hathaway’s pink bib was really bad. I didnt need to know anything to know that! Also, I tweeted at one point that Lawrence’s designer was Fairy Godmother. I thought that was a good one LOL.

      MacFarlane WAS toned down, he wasn’t that offensive. But the boobs song was really inappropriate. Thank got that was the worst of it. Except maybe the Lincoln joke.

      I agree, Streisand was a class moment. Rudd/McCarthy not so much. At least they were better than the cast of Chicago.

      • I got the Hathaway’s “bib” thing from your tweet; also the dress felt a bit “pointed” if you will – probably not the impression you want to give if you know you’re probably going to be on stage receiving an Oscar. maybe it’s just me.

        Kudoz to Channing Tatum for dancing with clothes on at Oscars; good job there.

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