The Last Exorcism: Part II


Check out that poster. Clever, huh?

Anyways, the second “Last Exorcism” continues the story of Nell Sweetzer, who was possessed by a demon (and more) in the first “Last Exorcism”. Here, she’s discovered with a bout of amnesia and given shelter in a home for girls. Of course, it’s not long before her battle with demonic forces begins again.

She’s still being hounded by the demon “Blahblahblah…lum”

Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) finds her way into a couple’s home after having endured a traumatic ordeal revolving around demonic possession. Nearly catatonic when she’s found, she’s taken to a hospital and nursed back to health. She has a degree of selective amnesia and no means of taking care of herself, so she’s discharged to a home for girls.

Nell Awkwardly tries to fit in. She’s jumpy, doesn’t remember her recent past, and is more than a bit naive overall. It’s more than just her lack of social skills interfering, though. Soon, she’s experiencing demonic activity again. She’s having nightmares, she sees visions, and strangers on the streets whisper scary things to her, like, “He’s coming”, “We’ve missed you” and “Your mortgage is overdue”.

Eventually, as the signs get more and more intense, Nell is forced to seek help from a voodoo practitioner she met at the hospital. After a preliminary psychic reading reveals that Nell is indeed haunted by the demon Alacazam, the nurse calls upon some friends in order to perform a second last exorcism. This time? Voodoo style.

“The Follow Up Exorcism” is dumber than I can possibly make it sound. The lead actress? Bad. The script? Bad. The directing? Bad. There’s literally nothing here of any value except as the butt of jokes. Nothing is scary, there’s no tension, in fact, there aren’t even many contortionist scenes accompanied by bone popping sound effects, and that’s like, this franchise’s calling card I thought!

What passes for moments of “terror” here I found to be outright laughable. Part of it’s because the cast is so lightweight that a stiff breeze would blow them away. There isn’t a worthy performance in the bunch. Of course, they’re all fighting with one hand tied behind their back with material this putrid. There’s litte backstory given, there’s little character work done, there’s scant mythology built… hell, looking back on this movie, I’m having a hard time remembering how the hell they filled its 90 minute runtime! I guess she just walked around and got spooked a lot by visions and strangers and birds flying at her and stuff.

Oh. And flies. Which are super scary! “Someone make sure the fridge is shut!!”

At least there’s one good thing. The movie ends, after a battle with the demon Shyamalan, in the most comical way possible. I have to admit, I laughed and I think they wanted us to. It was a bit tongue in cheek/wink to the camera and there was just no way to take it seriously… not that I took any of the rest of it seriously. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, and it’s certainly not good enough to see JUST for that, but those who did go to see it will know what I mean.

Let’s hope this IS the “Last Exorcism”, and that we don’t get “The Last Exorcism: The Third Time’s a Charm”. Twice was more than enough.


50 thoughts on “The Last Exorcism: Part II

  1. Man, I wanted to really see this. I only saw the first one once so I may just not even re-watch it and then skip this one. I’m sure my kid will wist my arm though and make me watch it with her. Good review, Fogs.

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