Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Classic Movie?

casablancaYesterday’s “Lawrence of Arabia” post got me thinking about the classics. Those movies of an age gone by that still resonate with us today.

Many still hold a lofty place in pop culture. The land of Oz gets revisited this Friday. Who wouldn’t be able to answer “What movie is the (misquote) ‘Play it again, Sam’ from?” Everyone still knows King Kong. From the mysteries of Alfred Hitchcock to the westerns of John Wayne, Classic Films are still alive and well thanks to TV and DVDs.

What’s YOUR favorite? Are you partial to Bogart? A sucker for noirs like “Double Indemnity”? Maybe it’s “On the Waterfront” or “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Any “Sunset Boulevard” fans out there?

Which ever one it is, let’s hear it! What are YOUR favorite Classic Movies?


Daniel Fogarty


178 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Classic Movie?

  1. My favorite film of all time is “The Adventures of Robin Hood” with Errol Flynn. Harrison Ford stole everything he brought to Hans Solo from Flynn.

  2. “2001, A Space Odyssey”. For me THE most awe inspiring movie ever! Kubrick showed future generations of movie makers that it’s more important to ask questions than simply supply answers. How lofty a film was this, nothing short of man’s place in the universe. All Sci-Fi freaks like me owe a debt of gratitude and a Huzzah to the Grandaddy of them all!

  3. I do have to give this one to “The Wizard of Oz.” But I will also give some love to “Modern Times” and the Marx Brothers in “Animal Crackers.”

    • You know? I OWN Modern Times, and I havent gotten to it yet. I bought it during a 50% off Criterion sale, and keep meaning to watch it… I just havent yet. I want to though… I should just pop that puppy in and finally check it out.

  4. Considering that I’m not terribly fond of modern comedies, most of my favorites are classic comedies. I’m partial to Cary Grant or Fred Astaire films. (Astaire films with anyone other then Ginger Rogers). Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in Bring up Baby is one of my favorites. The Philadelphia Story w/ Grant, Hepburn, and Jimmy Stewart is another favorite. I didn’t particularily care for the remake with Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and Frank Sinatra, where they changed the title to High Society. Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole in How to Steal a Million is also on my list. Harvey and Arsenic and Old Lace are also particular favorites. On the rare occasions I’ve gotten to see Hugh Jackman dance, he reminds me of Fred Astaire and the time when having that trifecta of skills meant you were one of the most wanted men in Hollywood. Now, people just want Hugh Jackman because he is smoking hot.

    • I’ve never seen How to Steal a Million, but it sounds like its awesome Hepburn and OToole in a heist movie? OK! 😀

      Hugh Jackman’s pretty talented… take it from someone who couldnt care how “hot” he is. LOL

    • Big Charlton Heston fan, eh? I did not Know that. He certainly had more than his share of classics. And he came pretty close to being Quint in Jaws, too! LOL

      Been sooooo long since Ive seen a Laurel and Hardy movie. I used to watch all of them often when I was a kid!

  5. I want to add a title that isn’t a classic in the normal sense of the term but, perhaps, should be. A little known,1932 film, Freaks. This is a pre-code film that was, especially for the time, particularily disturbing. While the plot line was a complete fiction, it allows for a fairly authentic view into the lives of circus ‘freaks’, while telling a fairly relavant tale about how it is the ‘beautiful’ people, and how they treat anyone not perfect enough, who are the real monsters.

      • I think this means we are just really really cool… 😉 Seriously – I recently did a list of my top ten movie endings & it got an honorable mention. What an ending!

      • I have NOT seen it, no. But I certainly have heard of it, and I feel as though I should see it. It’s pretty legendary in horror circles. I definitely should hit that one of these days. Feel free to recommend it for the Readers series if you want, U.N., just know i have a bit of a list to work through!

      • one of of us… 🙂

        No, it definitely has a cult status among film geeks. You are not alone. (My 8th grade Art teacher screened it for us. What a cool guy.)

      • Yeah, totally right. LOL But thankfully nobody was paying attention since it was in black and white and therefore a CLASSIC! He showed us Nosferatu and Cabinet of Dr. Caligari too. We loved ’em all. Maybe I am misremembering and we were older than 8th grade but I don’t think so…
        He was one of the good guys, definitely. We had a lot of soap opera-ish goings on there in my small public school district in NY. I won’t elaborate. 🙂

      • Nah, its cool. Definitely. That sort of thing can definitely create lasting memories. That’s how I first saw “On the Waterfront” and “Do the Right Thing”. Psych class. I was in High School though!

  6. The Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, The Manchurian Candidate, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Rashomon, Seven Samurai, Ikiru, Yojimbo, Paths of Glory Dr. Strangelove, and 2001: A Space Odyssey are the first films that come to mind.

  7. My simple & obvious answer is anything Hitchcock. And I’m very glad to have finally started watching Charlie Chaplin recently & can definitely say that Modern Times & City Lights are now not only favorite “classics” of mine but will just be all-time favorites in general. Also Singin’ In The Rain, It’s A Wonderful Life, Brief Encounter, The Apartment. Hmm… Was hoping I’d have less obvious choices. 🙂 I think it can’t be a “classic” in this conversation unless it’s pre-1970. Oh!! Has anyone said Night Of The Living Dead?! That’s a definite favorite! 🙂

    • I havent watched any Chaplin since I was young. I need to rectify that for here. MTESS a couple of his movies or something. I was telling The Squonk earlier that I literally have the Criterion blu of Modern Times in the other room and I just havent watched it. I need to get on that!!

      Night of the Living Dead is an incredible, incredible movie. I’m a big big fan of that one. One of the greatest Horror movies ever made, and places pretty well on the greatest movies (period) ever made, too! What an ending !Mind blowing.

  8. Oh there are so many man. I’d say for those that would probably qualify has “classic” Casablanca would be my favourite. Not an original choice, I know, but a true choice.

    But since you’ve provided the soap box opportunity, I’m also going to through out Bringing up Baby starring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. Simply one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.

    • Yeah, I have to confess I havent seen “Bringing up Baby”. 😦 Thats the one with the leaopard, right? Or some kind of wild cat?

      I should get on that. Thats one that gets mentioned a lot.

  9. Am I allowed to have all Marx Brothers film in one umbrella grouping of brilliance? If pushed, I could narrow it down to Night At The Opera, Day At The Races and Duck Soup. Oh but then there’s Animal Crackers. And Monkey Business…Dammit, it’s too hard!

    Also; Psycho, Night Of The Living Dead, Freaks and Peeping Tom.

    PS: Special mention of a film not many would consider ‘classic’ in the traditional sense but I adore it anyway; Hammer’s Dracula from 1958

    PPS: When given the choice, I clearly suck at picking just one thing.

    • Heh. Sure, if you’re a big Marx Brothers fan, you can just name drop them as a whole. 😀 No problem.

      No worries about not picking just one, I’m sure you can see that everyone else is name dropping a bunch, too. 😉

      I’ve never seen Freaks (discussed above), but maybe even worse (we’ll see), I’ve never seen a Hammer Dracula movie. 😮 I know, I know! Shocking, right!

  10. Quite a few good ones come to mind. North By Northwest, Vertigo, The Maltese Falcon, Dr. Strangelove… but the one that sprang to mind first, and which I’ve probably seen most…

    …well, let’s just say I’m a little mad at myself for being busy this morning and letting Gelf take first crack at it. 😛

    The Adventures of Robin Hood.

    “Oh, then you blame Prince John.”
    “No, I blame Richard.”

  11. Since I deal with cars so often, my usual definition of “classic” falls into the North American standard of 20-40 years old. That’s currently ’73-’93, and I know if I say Empire Strikes Back, Terminator 2 and Dazed and Confused that you are gonna kill me.

    Following the spirit of the post, if not the letter, I’ll throw out Citizen Kane, Metropolis, Psycho, Some Like it Hot, Wizard of Oz and Forbidden Planet.

    • “I know if I say Empire Strikes Back, Terminator 2 and Dazed and Confused that you are gonna kill me.”


      😀 Someone else mentioned Forbidden Planet on twitter. I havent seen it since I was a kid, and all I remember is Robbie the Robot. Is the movie actually any good? I mean, I guess you’ll say yes, but…

      • It’s interesting on a few levels. I haven’t watched it in over a decade myself.

        It’s damn good sci-fi, and a turning point for the genre, if I remember my history.

        It was one of the first of the now old school sci-fi movies not to feature some tag-a-long Short-Round for the kiddies to identify with. This made it one of the first Sci-Fi pictures to be considered targeting a more adult audience.

        The fact it was made in cinemascope and colour was a bold choice, because it required a greater focus on the special effects, and getting them to look realistic. It’s a bit of a benchmark for the industry in both practical and post effects. They don’t hold up today, but at the time, they were top notch.

        It’s also fascinating to see Nielsen as a serious actor, in a serious role, in a genre that was possibly considered to be the most laughable at the time.

        But all that stuff aside, it works very well given its age. It and Metropolis are the cream of the “Classic” sci-fi film crop for me, even though I love so many of them.

  12. a GREAT question today, Birthday boy!

    I liked Adventures of Robin Hood so much, but since it’s already received mention, let me mention a few others I really enjoy.

    1. Captain’s Courageous (My review –
    2. On Borrowed Time (IMDB –
    3. The Stooge (IMDB –
    4. The Quiet Man (IMDB –
    5. I Remember Mama (IMDB –

    Had to stop at 5. But off the top of my head, those are some of my fave classics! What are yours, Fogs?

    • LOL. I dunno. 😀 Psycho, I love. Wizard of Oz… On the Waterfront, The Third Man. All the ones I’ve MTESS’ed basically. 😀 Sunset Boulevard, which I havent got to yet… anything by Hitchcock. There’s a bunch of ’em I like. 😉

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