Announcing the “Too Much Twilight to Take?” Marathon


Hello folks.

Four months ago, due to the fact that I had never seen a “Twilight” film and thus wouldn’t be reviewing them in theatres, I announced that when “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2” hit home video, I would sit down and watch all five of them in one day and live blog the experience. Well, that day has come, and I’m good to my word. Next Sunday, March 17th, I will be spending the day with Bella, Edward and Jacob, and sharing all the details with you for your reading pleasure. Five movies, five blog posts, one day.

Will I make it through? How long before I’m cursing my own stupidity for getting myself into this? What happens if I wind up getting into them?

As always, my pain will be your gain, so be sure to stop by next Sunday and read along!




110 thoughts on “Announcing the “Too Much Twilight to Take?” Marathon

  1. It was nice knowing you. You will never be the same again. I watched the first one up until he sparkled in the sunlight

    I think I would watch Titanic, Pretty Woman, The Notebook, and Officer and A Gentleman in one day before I ever watched Twilight. For the record, I tried watching each of those movies at least 5 times and was out like a like or wanted to kill myself within 15 minutes.

    • Those are five decent movies, dude. LOL. The Notebook is definitely schmaltzy, but Titanic isn’t half as bad as people make it out to be, and Pretty Woman is genuinely decent! Cmon. That’s a decent chick flick! LOL

      Still, what youre saying doesnt bode well for my plans. 😯

  2. Fogs:

    Are you a Marine whose motto is: “Pain is good! Extreme pain is extremely good!!!”?

    Why do you inflict such misery upon yourself?

    Not that we aren’t grateful, but Jeeeeeeeeeeeez!

    At least start out with a Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler marathon first. Then your brain will have the correct sloppy, porridge like consistency for such an endeavor!!!

  3. As we say in French, Courage! 🙂 I’m sure you can make it’ll just be crying in pain! Or facepalming a whole lot or you could choose the laughing at it path (although I couldn’t). For all your sacrifices, since I only watched 3/4s of New Moon, I will be following closely on Sunday and offering words of support 😉

    • That’s awesome, Kim. That’s what I wanna hear! 😉

      I wont need courage. I’m sure I’ll be fine. 😀 Ok, well, I may be a little nauseated by the end of the third movie, but I’m sure I’ll pull through! 😀

  4. I liked the first one, it was good fun. Then it became a big hit so I decided to read the books(I know!!!!!! lol) to see what’s going on plus in my belief you cannot criticise something without reading/watching it. Well…the books are trashy and boring so no wonder why the movies are not great. anyway…in a nutshell: the first one is enjoyable and the rest is just there to make money. good luck! 🙂

      • hahaha…everything is possible. if you ask me these films are not as bad as some claim them to be. I’d rather watch these than Beautiful BUT don’t forget we are not exactly the target audience for these films so it is ok to hate

      • ohh and in case you are interested. I don’t know if you know Mark Kermode (he is a well respected critic in the UK) and he is the only one who says these films are ok. if you go on youtube you can listen to what he says. quite interesting.

  5. As someone who has a slight Twilight addiction and can’t for the life of them understand WHY, I say good luck! Bad acting, check. Cringe dialogue, double check. Personal sanity implosion when watching, SUPER CHECK.

    If you make it out alive, I’m fashioning you a medal out of tin foil for your outstanding dedication to the movie world. Sparkly vampires be damned.

    • Alrighhhht. LOL 😉

      One tin foil medal for encouragement. Feeling strong now! Super duper motivation tool Jina! 😀

      Bad acting, cringe worthy dialogue and personal sanity implosions are just another day at the office for me! 😉

  6. I’ve seen 4 of the 5, and they aren’t nearly as bad as people pretend they are. They’re not cinematic masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve seen you review films that are far worse. (Although 10 hours of them, we’ll see.)

    Go Team Jacob!

    • LOLLLOL. Ohhhh shitttt. I cant wait to have to pick a “Team”. [Head Shake]

      Hey, I’ll be straight up honest about it. If I find myself liking them, I’ll come right out with it. I think I’ve proven I’m not afraid to swim against the tide when its called for!

  7. Wow just think sitting back watching those fine films while eating corn beef and cabbage and washing it down with pints of beer. Looking forward to seeing the drunken responses to your twilight tweets.

  8. I will ask the universe to protect your soul (sorry, but your mind is going to fry), my friend. You are a brave man. You have chosen a strange and unusually painful method of torture…HAVE FUN!! 😀 I know we will enjoy reading your joyful agony.

    My daughter and I tried to watch the first few–a la Mystery Science Theater–which was fun–but we just could not do after the 3rd one…too painful. So, hats off to you.

    And let me state (again)…VAMPIRES DO NOT SPARKLE!! WTF? “I’m a monster.” NO. You’re a shiny diamond. Monstrous, indeed. REAL vamps do only 3 things in sunlight, which just happens to be their one-true Kryptonite: 1. Explode. 2. Burn slowly. 3. Turn to ash. Okay. I feel better. Enjoy!

    Later! 🙂

    • Thats not a good sign that you and your daughter embarked on a similar mission and failed. LOL 😮 I’m not sensing a good time ahead of me.

      I look forward to finally experiencing the Sparkling for myself, so that I too can rail against its unholiness. LOL 😉

  9. You’ll either want to strangle yourself by the second film or find them all hilariously bad (as I do) and have fun watching them for the cheese factor. I’ve never tried to watch all five in a day, though. I’ve never even watched two of them in the same day… so I wish you the best of luck!

    • LOL. Thanks Lindsey! 😀

      Hey, if I find them laughably enjoyable? That’s a SUPER win for me. If they crack me up, this will be great all around for everybody. 😀 Let’s hope that’s where I shake out, we’re gonna have to see next week!

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