Announcing the “Too Much Twilight to Take?” Marathon


Hello folks.

Four months ago, due to the fact that I had never seen a “Twilight” film and thus wouldn’t be reviewing them in theatres, I announced that when “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2” hit home video, I would sit down and watch all five of them in one day and live blog the experience. Well, that day has come, and I’m good to my word. Next Sunday, March 17th, I will be spending the day with Bella, Edward and Jacob, and sharing all the details with you for your reading pleasure. Five movies, five blog posts, one day.

Will I make it through? How long before I’m cursing my own stupidity for getting myself into this? What happens if I wind up getting into them?

As always, my pain will be your gain, so be sure to stop by next Sunday and read along!




110 thoughts on “Announcing the “Too Much Twilight to Take?” Marathon

  1. I saw the first film and that was terrible. The next two were just unbearable to deal with. The fourth film is actually quite funny for how bad it is and how it takes itself so seriously. If it had gone campier, I think I would’ve been able to enjoy it more.

  2. Remember, you can quit at any time! If you find it unbearable let us know you tried your darndest but at the end of the day they were just unwatchable. 🙂 I could not do what you’re doing; I watched parts of 1 and 2 and they were just too terrible.

    • Yeahhhhhh… I’m not so sure. I mean, maybe that would be funny? That the movies defeated me, and I couldnt do it… but I might feel like that’s a cop out, you know? Not finishing… Mmmmm.

      I’ll make it. I’ll make it. [<– Psyching myself up]

      • No way would you be copping out by quitting mid series if you hated it. The series is lucky you’re even giving it a shot at all. I feel more like the series would be defeating you by you forcing you to sit all the way through something you’re not even enjoying. There are so many good quality films out there that get little recognition one could be spending their time watching, but instead the overrated, overhyped, poorly written and executed “Twilight” gets your time and devotion. It’s like you’re giving in to the hype by watching. That’s just my take. I don’t give in to hype. I watch what I think I will like. I have never seen a Star Wars, Star Trek, or Harry Potter film b/c it simply doesn’t interest me and there are many other films out there I’d rather spend my time watching.

      • Oh, trust me. I’m already trying to block the time, and there wont be any room. Each movie is at least two hours, which adds up to ten hours…. plus it’ll take longer for each because I’m blogging them. Add in meals and there’s not a lot of time left in the day!

  3. After Sunday, I’ll contact the new Pope and have him make you a saint. Only watched the first 3 and I think it may have done permanent damage. But knowing me, how can one tell? I’ll give me comments a week from tomorrow.

  4. I think this is a great idea. I love these movies. They’re so much fun, and K-Stew is really great. It gets a lot of flack, but in a Harry Potter kind of way I think that the series deserves a lot of credit for getting a generation reading horror/sci-fi/romance again. I bet you’re going to come out loving the series like you’re a 48 year old, twice divorced cougar.

    …said no serious person ever.

    • Awwwwwwww. Man! You had me! I was like, ok, ok… cool. Yeah, that wont be so bad, but then… WHAMMY!! LOL 😀

      BTW, I actually HAVE sat through TWO different Twilight Comic-Con panels, and that cougar thing is no joke. Man, they’re out in swarms at that shit!! 😯

      • Yeah, I’ve watched the first one, and it’s a steaming pile. Mel wanted to read the book to see how it compared, I picked it up, opened it at random and had to close it when the stupidity of it started melting my face like it was the Ark of the Covenant. We didn’t watch any more of it.

        Serious predictions: Due to the excitement of the live blogging, you end up really enjoying the experience of the first two. About halfway through movie #3, I expect it to wear off. You’ll literally have to force yourself to pop in Blu-Ray #4, and you won’t want to write a thing about it. Somewhere at the 3/4 mark of #4, you’ll realize you’re on the home stretch, and start to enjoy writing about it again.

        When it’s all over, I want you to put in Rocky 3, and fall asleep and dream you’re training on the beach with Apollo. Because this:

        is still a better love story than Twilight.

      • Of course, that’s a better love story than 90% of the love stories I’ve seen anyways, but that’s beside the point. 😀

        Rocky III will be sweet balm to my wounded movie lover’s soul after all of this, there’s no doubt. LOL If I’m not completely exhausted. I suspect it may take all day that day from getting up to going to bed 😦

        Meanwhile, though, I’d be happy with the scenario you predict. It sounds reasonable to me. LOL 😀

    • “I had forgotten that you were going to do this!” Thus, this post 😉

      I think probably a lot of people forgot. 😀 They’ll know next Sunday, when FMR turns into “Twilight Central” though 😀

      And thanks, I probably AM going to need it, James! LOL

      • In all honesty,, the first is kinda meh, the second is ok, the third is actually pretty ok. The fourth, though, is absolute garbage. Absolutely terrible. The woman will be forcing me to watch the last sometime soon . . .*shudders*

      • Heh. Ok, then, at least you can feel my pain as I talk about stuff then!! 😀

        I take solace in the fact you described a couple of them as “Ok”. That’s comforting to hear, LOL

      • The third one is decent. It was directed by David Slade who did the brilliant Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night. Sure, the studio neutered him a bit, but the film was a lot more violent than I expected. Sure, you still have to deal with ‘No Soul’ Kristen Stewart (seriously, look in her eyes . . .she has no soul), but the violence actually helped the film a bit.

  5. Having seen all of them multiple times I can safely say you will survive. You will of course be changed and not necessarily for the better. I have learned patience and broadened my horizons. It’s a Zen thing, you will see into parts of yourself you would never have known, because when you grow a vagina you get to see things you never dreamed.

    • LOL. Now we’re getting our franchises crossed 😉 Anyways, I dont make much from blogging, that’s for sure, but I do get the pleasure of growing and “feeding” the blog… and I’m sure that this will wind up being a worthy event in that regard. 😉

  6. Dude!!! It’s Saint Patty’s Day! You should be watching Boondock Saints – not Twilight! Kudos to you. My hubby and I are going to sit down with movie two soon along with the Rifftrax. I’ve seen the first movie several times with the Rifftrax. Too funny. I don’t know if I would every watch them all in one day, all at one time without the Rifftrax. I’m sorry. I hope you survive.

  7. Good bless you, sir in your quest. I think you’ll make it through just to chew them up and spot them out on virtual paper. Those five posts will be the closest I get to watching them myself because I know I’ll at least be entertained a hell of allot more than actually watching. All hail King Fogs, ruler of the cinema!

  8. HA!! it is time for you to join the ranks of us that have sat through these bad films not made for anyone other than those that read the books.

    I can’t wait for your thoughts Fogs’. I will pray for you. haha 😀

    • I’ll need it T! LOL. And yes, I’m looking forward to finally being able to join the conversation… picking a “Team”, talking about how much I hate sparkly vampires… how bad Kristen Stewart sucks.

      *Sigh* Only a few more days of blissful ignorance left!! 😀

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