Tossin’ It Out There: Who do YOU think is the most overrated?

Halle_Berry_the_CallPurely coincidence that Halle Berry has a new movie coming out this weekend, folks, purely coincidence.

We all have actors and actresses we look at and think, really? Them? Everyone else is making a big fuss, and they keep landing roles, and we just think, really? Them?

In our opinion, said star is overrated. The public and/or Hollywood thinks more of them then they’re actually worth. If they were a stock, it would be time to sell, as you’d be getting more money for them then their actual value.

Who’s yours? Who do YOU think is overrated? It can be someone all time… they don’t necessarily have to be working today. It could be a director if you like as well.

But let’s hear it! Who do YOU think is overrated?

Daniel Fogarty


151 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Who do YOU think is the most overrated?

  1. There Are Waaaaaaaay Toooooooo Many To List Them All.
    So I’m Thinking A “Top 3” Will Do Fine.
    #3 – JAMIE FOXX

    Great Question!!!

  2. Great Blog! Consider yourself followed, there are quite a few but if I had to narrow it down I’d go for : Jesse Eisenberg because he always plays variations of the same character, James Franco because he never seems to appear natural on screen and Gerard Butler because he’s Gerard Butler.

    • Well, thank you Magpie! Appreciate that.

      Eisenberg’s got a new one coming out that looks pretty good… the magic/heist movie? That has my interest. Although, once again, he’s playing someone hyper intelligent and condescending. LOL

      Gerard Butler is spot on though. I almost feel bad for the him, with the movies he’s been doing lately. 😦

  3. That hair in the screenshot is making her look in B*A*P*S seem conservative.

    I’m going to go with Bradley Cooper for my answer.

    • Wowwww… going after the big guns right away, He’s on top right now in Hollywood but not with everyone!! 😀

      And yeah, man, wow. LOL. Her hair cracks me up, man. At least I have that going for me this weekend. Its worth a laugh or two I bet. 😆

  4. I vote for Johnny Depp. I am sure people will hate me for that. I don’t think he is a great actor…I think he has a great knack for tying himself to weird/quirky/off the wall movies so he can hide his inept acting abilities behind the characters he portrays.

    • Wellllllll…. a long time ago he really used to act. Now he’s been doing some parts that support your contention. The Mad Hatter, Dark Shadows, the Pirates movies. 😦

      I’d like to see him get back to dramatic acting again, you know?

  5. Let’s see. I’ll go with Seth Rogen for the men and Juila Roberts for the women. In fact, Ms. Roberts should return that Oscar. I don’t believe she deserved it.

  6. Hands down, Tim Burton. The guy hasn’t made a good movie in most of his career, just look at ‘Frankenweenie’, Disney fired him after making the original and he still didn’t make a good movie even after two tries. Ugh.

    • Oh wow, man. Wow. Cmon now. Yeah, he’s fallen on hard times, but he has a lot of great movies on his filmography! No love for Edward Scissorhands, or Ed Wood? How about the original Batman? Big Fish is a beautiful movie, man, its a serious, serious flick. How about Sleepy Hollow? That movie is awesome!

      And Frankenweenie was pretty good! It got nominated for Best Animated Picture, what more can the guy do? LOL

      I’ll give you that he’s had a really rough spell the past decade or so, but you cant go with “Most of his career” 😦

  7. Ryan Gosling. Now, I’ve only really seen him in Breaker High and Drive, with just a few episodes of Young Hercules… Maybe I’m speaking too soon, since I haven’t seen the 5000 movies he was in since 2010, but he just seems so empty to me. He’s like the Megan Fox of male actors.

    • LOLL!!! I was about to defend him, but then you cracked me up at the end there! LOL

      He’s no DeNiro or anything, but he has charisma, definitely. You’ve got a few pretty good ones he’s been in that might sway your opinion. Crazy Stupid Love, Ides of March, The Notebook! LOL 😀 Heh.

      He’s alright. He is pretty much hollywood royalty right now though…

  8. I have to second those who said Seth Rogen. Your MTESS yesterday got me to thinking. Seth Rogen? Why? His comedy has been middling and he’s been connected to some things I really hated. The Ali G Show, The Pineapple Express? He’s right up there beside Ben Stiller for me. If he was a starter I’d demote him to the bullpen for his bad E.r.a.!

    • Yeah, I guess over the course of his career he’s put out some real bombs. I just found out that he co-wrote “The Watch”, too, which was terrible. 😳

      But he’s had some really likeable roles in some really funny movies, namely Superbad and The 40 Year Old Virgin. Plus some supporting roles. And those Apatow TV shows were great… So…

      Youre right though, his filmography has a bunch of mediocrity on it.

  9. Yeah, definitely James Franco. I don’t get the love. He plays the same arrogant, bored looking seemingly stoned and unwillingly to be there guy he played at the Academy Awards.

    • There’s a good answer. I really dont understand how he keeps getting prime roles. Not a good actor, really. Not very charismatic, either.

      Although in fairness, I never finished 127 Hours, which is probably his best film, right?

  10. Hi, Fogs:

    Over Rated: From a little to Obscenely. In no particular order.

    Anne Hathaway
    Halle Berry
    Ryan Gosling
    Jamie Foxx
    Shia LeBeouf
    Mila Kunis
    Christoph Waltz
    Megan Fox
    Kristen Stewart

    An easier question might be: Who is NOT over rated?:

      • Yes, Christoph Waltz.

        Playing the same basic character and indulging in over long soliloquies in two films does not an exceptional or talented actor make.

        Remember. An Oscar was given to Art Carney for his role in ‘Harry and Tonto’ in 1974. And what has Cuba Gooding been doing career wise after his Best Supporting Actor Oscar win for ‘Jerry Maguire’?

      • No, no. I know. I know.

        But with Waltz, we havent had that benefit of being able to point to a career decline. He’s fresh off of this most recent win. And also, winning two is a much stronger statement than one!

        I’ll cede the similarities in the two roles though, absolutely. 😉

    • Whoa.

      I like Keanu! I cant rag on him, and then simultaneously have so many of his movies amongst my favorites (cheese favorites included) without being a hypocrite. He had his moments, and I think people have him pegged properly.

      That said, you can have at Stewart and Sandler all you want. There aren’t enough Razzies to go around…. 😀

  11. Jason Statham. Every time I see a trailer with him in it I want to shout (in the trailer voice), “Jason Statham playing Jason Statham!” Is it a British accent thing that completely blinds Americans? Oh and Emma Watson. She is beautiful but there are ways of expressing your emotions that don’t involve violent eyebrow movements.

    • LOL!! Well, Emma Watson is just starting out post-Potter, so I’ll give her some slack. A few years ago, she was a major part of the world’s biggest franchise, so it was fitting she would get all the attention she got. Now… after… lets see what she does. If she keeps her rep without doing anything aside from “Perks”, I’ll be happy to agree with you.

      Your Statham comment is hillarious though. That’s great, I’d love to do that myself, now. 😀 His movies leave something to be desired, its true!

      • Have you seen the trailer for the latest one. It is BRILLIANT.

        J-Lo: How do you sleep at night?
        The Stath: I don’t drink coffee after seven!

      • Oh, I’ve SEEN the new one. I try to review ’em all, you know? Yeah… its goofy alright. That line was actually one of the best parts. 😯

        I dunno, it started off alright. It was setting out to be similar to Mel Gibson’s “Payback”. But wow, did it lose its way… 😥

  12. Halle Berry will go from being overrated IF they follow suit with the new X-Men movie & follow the comic. Her role as Storm was horrid, but seeing her get speared by sentinel, will make up for the years of torture. Same goes to Channing Tatum if they follow thru in Retailation.

    • I think Tatum is going to live in Retaliation now. LOL Wasnt that one of the big reasons why they bumped it? Cause test audiences got pissed when he got killed?

      Anyways, though, yeah, it’d be nice to see Berry’s Storm get the Sentinel treatment. LOL 😀

  13. Philip Seymour Hoffman. He’s the same schmaltzy, slimy guy every movie. I don’t like looking at his mug. Character actor, okay. But he’s not a “great” actor.

    • Nooooooo… cmon Cindy, Hoffman is awesome! He’s got a wide range of roles. Capote, Lancaster Dodd, Art Howe! 😀 And of course, who could forget Scotty from Boogie Nights?

      Naw, I cant back you up on that one Cindy. 😦

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