The nominations for the 2013 are about to open. My request for your consideration.

Lammy-111Hey everyone.

I wanted to take this opportunity to bring your attention to the fact that the nomination voting for the 2013 Lammys, the official awards of the Large Association of Movie Blogs, will be opening tomorrow. My blog was “submitted” in a number of categories, and I’d like to ask for nomination votes from those of you who belong to the LAMB.

Please take a moment and click through to read my appeal for your nominations!

th_2012nom-8As many of you know, last year, FMR was nominated in 8 different categories for the 2012 Lammys. The most nominations received for any blog last year.

I went 0 for 8.

Undeterred, I’m entering the 2013 Lammy Season full of hope and ready to campaign. I’d like to thank Mark Walker of Marked Movies, The Vern from Vern’s Video Vortex, and Nick Powell at for submitting FMR in the various categories below, as part of the initial stage of the process. (special thanks to Keith from Keith and the Movies for offering, as well!)

The process works differently this year, almost elimination style. The first phase is the submission stage, where people can nominate qualified blogs and podcast for awards consideration. The moderators of the awards then determined if the submissions meet eligibility criteria, and today, posted a listing of all eligible submissions for each category. Eligible voters (LAMB Members) will be able to vote for nominees from amongst the field of submissions, beginning tomorrow.

Per today’s post, “643 submissions were received across the 18 categories, and a total of 297 different blogs will appear somewhere on the nominations ballot for consideration.”

The categories my blog has been submitted in are:


BEST BLOG-A-THON (The Bond Month Blog-A-Thon)


BEST RUNNING FEATURE (Movies That Everyone Should See)






LAMB voters may vote for (I believe it will be at least) 5 Nominees in each category, and I’d be honored if you’d include a vote for FMR in any or all of them that I’ve been nominated in. Just earning nominations will be tougher this year than last, I think. For example, in the Best Movie Reviewer category, more than 60 Reviewers have been submitted for consideration.

So, please consider Fogs’ Movie Reviews, Lamb #1133, for inclusion amongst YOUR top five selections in each category. I’m sure that everyone who visits here knows, I take pride in how well FMR has grown, and what I’ve been able to accomplish here. Earning one of these prestigious awards would be a phenomenal recognition, and I’d deeply appreciate your help in taking the next step towards that goal!


Nomination Consideration


79 thoughts on “The nominations for the 2013 are about to open. My request for your consideration.

  1. Happy to see how quickly you got this up today. It makes me think that someone actually read the timeline we published and was ready to go as soon as we were! 😉

    My moderating duties mean that I won’t be campaigning publicly for anyone, but I can wish you and all of the other nominees Good Luck!

  2. You will definitely have at least a few spots on my nomination ballot once I get it all figured out, this is one of my regular haunts and I definitely read more than I comment. Good luck!

    • Make sure the categories are right, and be sure to take out the bit about the 8 noms last year, too 😉

      Anyways, if you support me in the nominations Brian, I will happily allow you to repost this post! 😀

    • Yep. Something like that.

      Feeling more and more like an honor to have been nominated so many times after I see all the craziness that is this year’s submission process! Holy Cow, that’s a big field of entrants!

      • Yup, and it ensures that no nominees that aren’t appropriate get into the nominating field. Longer, more difficult (especially on you guys), but totally worth it.

        Nothing but applause from me on how you guys have handled the 2013 Lammys so far [Stands and gives a big grimacing nod while Slow Clapping]

  3. If I could, I’d vote for you in all categories, because no one deserves those awards more than you!!! 😀

    • Thanks Livi, I really do appreciate that. My apologies, too, I recognize that this is something that a lot of people who visit here will be left out of (not being able to vote, etc) So bear with me over the next few months with these, It shouldnt be too frequent, but I do hope there will be some campaigning in my future 😀

  4. Let’s discuss your bumping Jaws down to third spot on the Spielberg post. I can see my votes flowing your way if you have a little more respect. My back itches how bout yours? (Kidding of course, I got you down for Most of the categories)

  5. Hey Fogs,
    You can be sure of multiple votes from me! I’m on your site everyday (even if I don’t always comment) and it’s a no-brainer for me to include you 🙂

  6. You’d get my vote… if I could vote in those things. 😦

    I gotta say, I salute your resilience. The first year I got nominated for an Emmy, I actually convinced myself I had a shot of winning. Got a tux, went to the dinner, the whole 9 yards. Blanked. Crushed. Took me 3 years before I entered anything again. Which I wouldn’t have, but my collaborator/producer insisted it should be entered. again, tux, dinner, hope. Nada. Nunca.
    The next year my then boss offered to pay the entry fee for another piece, so I said fine, but I didn’t go to the dinner, didn’t do the tux, didn’t really have much hope. Thats how I won my Emmy. When I knew I had no hope of winning.

    Um, this message came out less encouraging than I meant. lol.

    Anyway, I’d vote for you.

  7. Just saw the list and have been suggested in some categories as well. Will definitely be casting some votes for your blog, you deserve a Lammy!

  8. Well, it’s early yet, but I think it’s fair to say that I’ll be throwing some nominations your way. I read a lot of blogs, but yours is among the few where I read everything.

  9. Some great categories and you are def deserving to be a nominee! This year I can vote (new LAMB) as my submission for entry was in “pending” status at time of the Lammys!

    #TeamFogs hashtag anyone? (In reference to the latest Twilight marathon) haha

    • LOL… HA! I like the concept, but maybe we can distance it from Twilight a bit. 😀 #FogsSquad? 😀

      I see you there in “Best New Lamb” 😀 You’ve definitely got my nomination vote. Are you elligible in any other categories, T?

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