The nominations for the 2013 are about to open. My request for your consideration.

Lammy-111Hey everyone.

I wanted to take this opportunity to bring your attention to the fact that the nomination voting for the 2013 Lammys, the official awards of the Large Association of Movie Blogs, will be opening tomorrow. My blog was “submitted” in a number of categories, and I’d like to ask for nomination votes from those of you who belong to the LAMB.

Please take a moment and click through to read my appeal for your nominations!

th_2012nom-8As many of you know, last year, FMR was nominated in 8 different categories for the 2012 Lammys. The most nominations received for any blog last year.

I went 0 for 8.

Undeterred, I’m entering the 2013 Lammy Season full of hope and ready to campaign. I’d like to thank Mark Walker of Marked Movies, The Vern from Vern’s Video Vortex, and Nick Powell at for submitting FMR in the various categories below, as part of the initial stage of the process. (special thanks to Keith from Keith and the Movies for offering, as well!)

The process works differently this year, almost elimination style. The first phase is the submission stage, where people can nominate qualified blogs and podcast for awards consideration. The moderators of the awards then determined if the submissions meet eligibility criteria, and today, posted a listing of all eligible submissions for each category. Eligible voters (LAMB Members) will be able to vote for nominees from amongst the field of submissions, beginning tomorrow.

Per today’s post, “643 submissions were received across the 18 categories, and a total of 297 different blogs will appear somewhere on the nominations ballot for consideration.”

The categories my blog has been submitted in are:


BEST BLOG-A-THON (The Bond Month Blog-A-Thon)


BEST RUNNING FEATURE (Movies That Everyone Should See)






LAMB voters may vote for (I believe it will be at least) 5 Nominees in each category, and I’d be honored if you’d include a vote for FMR in any or all of them that I’ve been nominated in. Just earning nominations will be tougher this year than last, I think. For example, in the Best Movie Reviewer category, more than 60 Reviewers have been submitted for consideration.

So, please consider Fogs’ Movie Reviews, Lamb #1133, for inclusion amongst YOUR top five selections in each category. I’m sure that everyone who visits here knows, I take pride in how well FMR has grown, and what I’ve been able to accomplish here. Earning one of these prestigious awards would be a phenomenal recognition, and I’d deeply appreciate your help in taking the next step towards that goal!


Nomination Consideration


79 thoughts on “The nominations for the 2013 are about to open. My request for your consideration.

  1. #FogsSquad it is! 🙂

    I think I am. it’s still new to me and I am trying to understand it all. I have submission in 5 categories (twice in running feature which is exciting to me). so i think so. It’s been fun just to be mentioned. and I’ve found some other great blogs.

    we’ll see what happens! Thanks man.

  2. Hi, Fogs:


    If I had a blog (which I don’t) I might be persuaded to cast a vote or six your way, but it would cost you.

    Now, all you need to do is come up with a nifty ad campaign. And a committee not averse to good old fashioned graft!

    • LOL. First off, no worries, and I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear I have your name down for a nom in the Most Knowledgeable category that you were submitted in. So you can count on me for one nom at least! 😀

      I know, we just need to figure out how to bribe some folks, right? Then this thing would be a cakewalk!

      • Fogs, Fogs, Fogs…

        One does not “bribe”. One “suggests”, “Intimates” and lightly comments on the possibility of “slipping on an icy pavement in the middle of July” to sway opinion.

        Thanks so much for the nomination in the Most Knowledgeable category!

    • Well, that’s great. I hope you get more out of joining the Lamb than just voting for FMR in the lammies, though! LOL.

      Do you have your Lamb number already? They closed the voting eligibility at #1550 for this year’s Lammys. 😯

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