Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Big Dumb Action Movie?

Olympus has FallenIn honor of “Olympus has Fallen” and “G.I Joe Retaliation”, and to welcome back all our regulars who were scared away by yesterday’s MTESS (LOL), I thought we’d turn our attention to action movies in this week’s discussion.

I thought, however, that a straight up “What’s your favorite action movie” would turn into a debate between “Die Hard” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, so let’s add a twist… let’s explore that sub layer of movie that, like “Olympus Has Fallen”, you know are stupid, but you enjoy watching them anyways.

There’s absolutely no shortage of those, and it will broaden the choices up beyond “Die Hard” and “Raiders” (which aren’t dumb). If someone wants to select “A Good Day to Die Hard” though, be my guest! 🙄

So what’s YOUR favorite? Will you reach back to something from the heyday of Stallone and Schwarzenegger, or will you choose something a little more recent, like, say, the first “G.I. Joe”? Maybe you’re a Michael Bay fan, there’s so many in his oeuvre that qualify! 😀

Ok, let’s hear it! What’s YOUR favorite big dumb action movie?!

Daniel Fogarty


122 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Big Dumb Action Movie?

    • LOL. I havent seen that one yet. But I did a quick IMDb check and saw this summary. 😀 “A man named Mr. Smith delivers a woman’s baby during a shootout, and is then called upon to protect the newborn from the army of gunmen.” Ha!!

      Getting a Guy Ritchie feel off of that one, am I off base?

    • Love it! It’s completely ridiculous, and like you say, totally over the top. Excellent action scenes though. Will never forget the baby delivery scene.

  1. I’m going with a classic. Commando! It’s about as dumb as it gets an I love every second of it. “Please don’t wake my friend. He’s dead tired”. “Let off some steam Bennett!”

  2. I don’t know whether it’s a favourite but I do like the Lara Croft films, I know that’s somewhat controversial.
    Does Predator count? I reckon that could be my favourite if it does!

    • I have no issue with the Lara Croft movies, they’re certainly silly enough to be dumb… (I like them too, FYI)

      But I’m torn on Predator. That one’s actually… not too dumb, you know? Almost a sharp action film. Which is probably why you asked, instead of just posting it. LOL 😀

      I mean, definitely a great action movie though, obviously!

      • Yeah Predator is intelligent but also crosses over the dumb line in some respects. It’s a hard one to pin down either way.

        Glad that you too like the LC films Fogs!

  3. Crank. As if a Jason Statham flik wasn’t amped enough, they come up with the brilliant idea to poison him with a drug he needs adrenaline to cure! Like watching a 331/3 movie at 78 RPM. Dumb for sure but seeing Chev Chelios in hyper action was a trip!

  4. There are some great ones listed. GI Joe and Tango and Cash. Isn’t Commando the one with the insane body count? I’m going to go with Demolition Man. I loved that movie so much that when I got my first VCR of my own, it was the first video I bought and I must have watched it once a week for 6 months, then maybe once a month for a year or two. I still enjoy it as back ground when I’m working on other things like cleaning. Maybe I should throw it in the ancient vcr in my bedroom while I weed out my book collection and clean out my room.

    • I definitely dont think Avatar meets the “Dumb” requirement. Its a great action movie, but that’s pretty serious stuff. I think I’m leaning towards allowing Predator though (Mr Rumsey and I were discussing, above)

      Battle LA though is no problem. LOL If you want it, you got it, buddy, that one definitely fulfills the “dumb quota”! 😀

  5. The Tomb Raider films, Fast & Furious 5, Point Break, Gone in 60 Seconds, Sahara (action/adventure-y…), Face/Off, Cliffhanger… some doozies in there!

  6. Hi, Fogs:

    Wow! Excellent topic.

    I’ll go with ‘Battle: Los Angeles’.

    For its old time “Us vs. Them”, 1950s Red Scare” feel. And Aaron Eckhart’s gallant attempt to channel Vic Morrow’s Sgt. Saunders from ABC’s superb WWII series ‘Combat!’ from the 1960s.

    Second place goes to a tie between ‘Commando’. And the low budget, New Jersey based. James Glickenhaus treat, ‘Shakedown’ with Peter Weller and Sam Elliot.

  7. Ok, so I think we’re already Predator’ed out. But it is a great film and it’s such a classic that even movie nerds are happy to talk about it.

    So, my other two guilty secrets really are guilty, dirty… and normally secret. I hate Michael Bay. Who doesn’t. But for some unknown reason, I really love Bad Boys – it’s even one of the very few films I’ve seen at the cinema twice!

    And my other one is Universal Soldier. JCVD is JCVD. But it’s a Dolph Lungren masterclass. Ha, did I really just say that?

    • WHAAAAT? You HATE Michael Bay? LOL. Just kidding. Me too. Of course. Its funny though, I just went to his filmography on IMDb and saw “The Lionel Ritchie Collection” smack dab in the middle of it. That cracked me up, wondering how he would fit his massive explosions into like, “Hello” 😀

      I’m strangely excited for “Pain & Gain” though. Bay, Wahlberg and the Rock? In a weightlifting/robbery/action movie? Sounds like a potential masterpiece to me… I could be wrong.

  8. This Is A Tough-One, Dude.
    I Have Plenty Of Big Action Favorites, But I’m Never Sure What One Would Consider To Be “Dumb” In This Regard.
    Recently, My Favorite Big (and obviously) Dumb Action Flick Has Been “BATTLESHIP” Which Totally Made Me Smile Smile Smile.
    For The All-Time-List, However, I’m Gonna Hit You With Some Classic AHHHNOLD!!!
    “THE RUNNING MAN” Is My Favorite Of The Bigger (and possibly) Dumb Flicks Of The Action Genera, Though I Don’t Really Think “THE RUNNING MAN” Is Dumb For The Most Part.
    “DEMOLITION MAN” Is Also A Stand-Out For Me, btw hehehehe
    Love It!!!

    • See? That’s why I gave Battleship the split grade. I knew what was up! 😉

      The Running Mannnnnn. Oh wow Brad. Who loves you and who do you love?!! Hell yeah. Love that flick. I used to watch it all the time in college.

      Glad you approve of today’s topic, man!

  9. Dumb levels may vary, but:
    Conan the Barbarian
    Die Hard with a Vengeance
    Escape from L.A.
    Hot Fuzz
    (I know the last two are parodies, but still big dumb action parodies.)

    • What is best in life, Brian?

      I think the sequel to that one is even dumber! LOL

      I’d say “Desperado” might be salvaged from the “Dumb” pile, no? Kind of a clever flick.. Im not sure, its been awhile since I’ve seen that one. 😀 Great flick though

  10. The Rock (Cage, Connery, Harris) if fun in an explosion filled Michael Bay film.

    Oh yeah, and Point Break brah!
    Bodhi: Little hand says it’s time to rock and roll. 😉


    Ok, maybe not really, but I had to fill my annoy!Fogs quota for the day 😉

    2012, Independence Day, Battle Los Angeles, Skyline, anything apocalyptic or with aliens I mean the list just goes on and on!! I am, however, particularly ashamed of my fascination with the Riddick films. Feel free to accuse me of being in love with a pair of arms.

    • LOL!! 😀 funny stuff. I like the Riddick movies. I actually think Pitch Black is some sharp stuff.

      2012 and the rest qualify in a huge way though. LOL Roland Emmerich in the house, ladies and gentlemen!

      I still haven’t seen the first Resident Evil, btw :p Of all the ones to have not seen, right? Still, I enjoyed the others for the cheese fests that they were. Cant wait for #6! 😀

      • I’m less ashamed of pitch black, which I think is quite decent. I’m SO glad this third one will be rated R! And I shouldn’t have to tell you why lol 🙂 I’m also glad RE6 is on the table. They’re gonna make 50 of those wonderful things…

  12. If Indepence Day counts I guess I go with that one. I don’t really think it’s dumb though, but if it counts it counts. It’s definitely not the smartest thing in the world, that’s for sure.
    And since Micheal Bay keeps coming up, I did see part of one of his movies, The Isand, on tv one time and I thought it was pretty good. Granted, I didn’t see very much of it but I’ve been kind of wondering how good that whole thing actually is. Imdb has it at 6.8 so I guess it’s not THAT bad, but I don’t know. It didn’t seem that dumb though, it was more like sci-fi so there was at least supposed to be some stuff to think about.

    • Mmmmm… I kind of remember the Island being dumb. I only saw it once, and done really recall how I felt. I’m sure it would qualify here, being Bay and all.

      ID4 definitely counts! I think that movie has plenty of dumb in it. Hell, it’s directed by Roland Emmerich and has Randy Quaid in it! 😀 Dont need much more than that!

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