Returning to Chick Flick City. Where should I go?

What’s going on, people?

The other day, a spam comment found its way through the filters and awaited moderation on my Chick Flick City “Steel Magnolias” post. It was spam, and wound up in the trash, but it did bring me back to Chick Flick City. I was shocked to find that it had been over a year since I did the last one (Dec, 2011). 😯

So, with nothing else goofy looming on the horizon here, I decided to resurrect the series. Yup, heading back to Chick Flick City.

For those of you who don’t know, Chick Flick City is a series where I brave the movies that most men would rather jump off of a bridge than watch… those flicks where any testosterone-abled man writhes in discomfort just thinking about them. I post a running commentary as I watch (a la my recent Twilight marathon) and post for your reading enjoyment.

To mark my return, I selected ten chick flicks I’ve never seen. The poll will run for a week and the top two choices will get their day in the sun here over the next month or so. You can make two choices, and base it on any criteria you like. Actually a fan of one or more of these films, and hoping I’ll enjoy them? Great! Love watching reading me suffer, and want to pick the worst ones you can? That’s fine too. It’s all in good fun.

So have at it! My first stops in my return to Chick Flick City are up to you!

[Check out previous stops! Steel Magnolias, The Notebook, Bridget Jones’ Diary]


71 thoughts on “Returning to Chick Flick City. Where should I go?

  1. The sadist in me wanted to vote for Mamma Mia, but seeing as you survived the Twilight Marathon, I just couldn’t be that cruel. Instead I voted for My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which is actually very funny.

  2. I have seen more than half of these and its not a bad cross section actually. A few classics for sure and ironically I own The Wedding Planner on DVD.

  3. I thought the Divine Secret of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood was better than Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Ya-Ya was my number one, Pants was my number two. Not many people giving any love to the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

  4. I take it you haven’t seen any of these? I would’ve preferred a Woody Allen choice. He’s the #1 women’s director(# Oscars) and his films are just better than these. “Hannah and her Sisters” and “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” sprung to mind.

    • What are these? Write in choices?

      You confuse me. I’m certain that everyone holds your opinion that Woody Allen is the greatest women’s director, though 🙄 Where’d you get that? Cosmo or some shit?

      Seriously, don’t drink and you wont get drunk Ray.

      • I chose Notting Hill and Mamma Mia. You’re certain or not certain about Allen? Penelope Cruz was the last person I heard call Woody “greatest women’s director” in an interview. Total soberness here.

      • Woody Allen is most definitely NOT in the “Chick Flick” realm, although I can see why he might be considered a “Woman’s Director”, as he very rarely has 2 dimensional female roles.

  5. Notting Hill – it’s awesome and hilarious, I saw it at least 10 times. Don’t watch Mamma Mia!, dude. It will kill your brain and make your ears bleed.

    • Yeah, well, I wind up watching those “Kill your brain make your ears bleed” movies a lot around these parts. If it comes to that, I can take it 😉

      Notting Hill tied it up now, but its still REAL early. We’ll see where things wind up!

  6. Hi, Fogs and company:

    Of your choices, I opted for ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ for its character development.

    Personally, I’d nudge you more towards ‘Kate & Leopold’.

  7. Wow, I really have no idea, lol. I don’t think I’ve actually seen any of these. Clearly this is a genre I tend to avoid, even without particularly going out of my way to do it on purpose. XP

  8. You cannot go wrong with Notting Hill (backing up Sati here); so many good things in this film. Choice two is something with “Wedding” in the title; your call. I’d say Wedding Planner just to pick one. I concur with Gelfman; AVOID Mamma Mia.
    Jackdeth72 isn’t offbase with K&L in this category either.

  9. “… a la my recent Twilight marathon…” hahaha, Golden! Anyway, picked the LOOOOONG chick flick, ‘Sex and City,’ but only because I had to sit through it in theatres with my significant other 😉

    • Lucky you. LOL.

      I think thats actually one of the ones I dread the most. I’ve never watched a single second of that show (or its movies) and I really would prefer not to start, I think!

  10. You posted this just to find out about our guilty pleasures didn’t you? lol
    So here it comes:

    I picked Notting Hill and Sex and the City.

    I love Notting Hill even though I know it is crap. It takes place in one of my favourite areas in London plus I am a fan of Julia Roberts. I think it is a good chic flick.

    I also picked Sex and the City because even though the movie is absolutely rubbish I am a …. well…. hmm… ok….I loved the series. lol I think it is very funny and there is more to it than just fashion and things like that. Shame they messed up the movie.

    • Actually, Erik, no… it had nothing to do with finding out people’s guilty pleasures. LOL. But nice of you to be so forthcoming about yours… LOL

      Seems like those two have settled in as the two to beat, so far. Not so sure I’m happy about Sex in the City… but then again, there really aren’t any movies on the list I’m pulling for, so. :/

  11. A lot of those that you picked are just great movies in general! My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of the most hilarious movies I’ve ever seen. My Best Friend’s Wedding and The Wedding Planner are great too and not too too chick-flicky. Good luck with whatever you pick, but you definitely need to see MBFGW regardless!

  12. I voted for My Best Friends wedding; its the only one that I have seen and even mildly enjoyed off your list.
    I don’t think I could sit through Beaches again if my life depended on it.

  13. Yay, glad Notting Hill wins! I voted for that before I realized I could pick two, so my other vote would go to Little Women. Such a lovely but under-appreciated film. GREAT female cast and plus there’s a young Christian Bale in a sweet, romantic role before he goes all sullen and dark all the time, ahah.

    • Well, its not out of the woods yet. We’ll see. It still has to hold on for awhile. 😯

      Meanwhile, Christian Bale? Dark and Sullen? Cmon… LOL He’s always playing chippy, cheery fellows, no? LOL 🙄

  14. Can we make a suggestion not on the list? Cause if so i would like to put Definitely,Maybe in the running. For a modern hollywood rom-com, its actually pretty damm good.

    I mean, i’m not saying its amazing or anything like that. But i think its worth a watch, and fits under the chick flick criteria i think

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