Fogs’ Movie Reviews has been nominated for NINE Lammy Awards

Holy CrapThis morning, the Large Association of Movie Blogs (The Lamb) released the official list of nominees for this year’s edition of their annual movie blogging awards: The Lammys. The LAMB is the premiere movie blogging community on the internet, boasting over 1,500 member blogs. The Lammys are, accordingly, one of the highest honors in movie blogging.

Fogs’ Movie Reviews has received nominations in nine separate categories: Most Knowledgeable, Best Blogathon, Best Convention Coverage, Best Podcast, Best Running Feature, Best Reviewer, Best Community Builder, Funniest Writer and Best Blog.

For the second year in a row, it’s the most nominations received by any blog (tied this year with The Cinematic Katzenjammer, which also received nine nominations).

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to those who cast nomination votes on my behalf. It’s humbling and gratifying to receive recognition in so many various categories. If you’ll click through, I break down my qualifications for each! 

LammyMost Knowledgeable

I tend to focus on the humorous side of blogging, but that doesn’t necessarily exclude my content from being informative and knowledgeable. Each week in my “Movies That Everyone Should See” series, I hold mini history lessons on great films. And every week, with your help in the Reader’s Recommendations series, I’m filling in gaps in my film watching history! FMR is certainly a place where you can learn a thing or two about movies!  

LammyBest Blogathon

For the 50th Anniversary of the James Bond film franchise, I decided to hold my first ever Blogathon! Over the course of the five weeks leading up to the release of “Skyfall”, 27 bloggers submitted links to 70 different Bond posts. I myself posted several Bond Top Ten lists, Two Movies That Everyone Should See columns (“Casino Royale” and “Dr. No“) and a double sized podcast spectacular! It was an excellent tribute the Bond legacy, and I’m proud it’s been nominated!

LammyBest Convention Coverage

Last July, I was privileged enough to attend San Diego Comic-Con, the largest pop culture celebration of the year! It’s loaded with Movie previews, panels with celebrity guests and tons of opportunities for autographs! I kept everyone at FMR up to speed with frequent posts, tweets and videos! You can easily browse the coverage by scanning through my convention coverage category!

LammyBest Podcast

The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs is in the middle of its second year and still gets better every episode! Each week, Tank and I bring you the latest in the world of film! From reviews of all the biggest theatrical releases to the box office roundup and a glimpse of what’s on the radar, he and I have you covered, with a dash of humor and great chemistry along the way! Give it a listen and see for yourself!

LammyBest Running Feature

80 entries in and still going strong, the “Movies That Everyone Should See” series is the pride of FMR! Each week I take a look at a great movie and break down what makes it so special. From making of stories, to analysis of the films, to looks at their pop culture impact, the MTESS series tries to give you the best read of your week, covering a wide variety of phenomenal movies!

LammyBest Reviewer

Every weekend, I attend every new theatrical release with a wide opening and bring the reviews back here to you, the reader! Whether I shower praises with my trademarked A++ rating, or skewer a terrible movie mercilessly, I tell it like it is for your reading enjoyment! I believe it’s my mission to both entertain AND enlighten with my reviews, and I think that the enthusiastic response they receive speaks pretty loudly!

LammyBest Community Builder

I make a serious effort to get around to a number of other blogs, but there’s no way to keep up with all the great stuff out there. I do know that the commenting community here, however is second to none. Second to none. Award or no, you folks are the best. If you’re new here and would like to get a feel for the participation FMR receives each week, take a look through the comments in the Tossin’ It Out There series. Each week, that series of posts gets a phenomenal turnout from a great number of commenters!

LammyFunniest Writer

Whether it’s my now infamous Too Much Twilight To Take? Marathon, my Cheese-Tastic Classics, or my recent return to Chick Flick City, I’m always gunning for a laugh here at FMR. Do I always succeed? Hell no. But that’s funny too, in its own right. Whether it’s pulling an April Fool’s joke by giving “The Host” a B+, counting every kill in the “Commando” island shootout scene, or replying to comments using Ron Burgundy pictures, you know you can always count on finding something funny here at FMR!

LammyBest Blog

I’d like to think that being nominated in so many categories is a sign of the popularity and multi-facted appeal of FMR. Leading the field in nominations in my first two years of eligibility is quite an achievement, and should stand as a testament to how highly people think of what I’m doing here. Every new movie is reviewed, I post fun special features, a fantastic podcast, top-notch convention coverage… FMR has something for everyone, and has become a great place to read about and discuss movies on the web.

I hope you’ll take these into consideration as you prepare to cast your votes. Voting opens tomorrow (sorry, friends and family, LAMB members only) and runs through the end of the month. It’s my hope that this year will be the year where I break my 0-fer streak and win some Lammys. YOU can help. If you frequent the site, and enjoy it, please lend your support and vote for FMR in as many categories as you can see clear to.

THANK YOU again to everyone who nominated the site, it is an incredible honor to be nominated in so many categories, and congratulations to all my fellow nominees!!

Votes Consideration


110 thoughts on “Fogs’ Movie Reviews has been nominated for NINE Lammy Awards

    • Thanks Chirs. Here’s to that, for sure. Gonna need some luck, definitely, but at least I’m in play in several different categories, so… I’m playing several squares on the board, so to speak 😉

  1. Only 9 nominations? You couldn’t even manage to get to double figures and make it 10? I don’t think you’re trying hard enough. I’m never coming back to this blog.

    Ha-ha! Just kidding. Congrats on the nominations. If you win them all, I expect a James Cameron “King of the World” type speech.

    • LOL. If I win, I’ll do something fun. I promise, I’ll play it up in a memorable way somehow.

      Meanwhile, yeah, I was slacking I dont know what I was thinking. Maybe next year I should start embedding video posts too so I can qualify for best Vlog or something 😉 😀

    • Thanks BT. I do appreciate that. To you as well, you got an entire line up of them to, I believe right? Four or five at least…

      LOL. I stand corrected! I see 6 😀 Nice haul. Hope you fare well yourself!!

  2. I listened to the Lambcast at 10:00 last night, and you were mentioned so many times i stopped counting. I did take special note of the three nominations I think you should be a shoe in for, Feature (MTESS), Blogathon (007), and Community builder. I appreciate every time a post I make is acknowledged and I every time a comment is responded to. To me this is what blogging is all about, sharing with others the things that you love about the movies. If I had not come to your site i would not have found Ruth (Flixchatter),Chris (Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop), Keith (and the Movies) and a dozen others. Everyone is respectful or at least disrespectful in a fun way. I try to look at everybody’s sites or comments, and your encouragement and diversity of topics helps that. I’m so glad I found those first Bond posts that got me visiting so regularly. No mater what happens, even if you pull another “Color Purple” like last year, you can be incredibly proud of the work that you do and the relationships that you forge here. Congratulations and I will be voting on day one.

    • I learned last year that there’s no such thing as a “shoo in”.

      Glad you appreciate the commnuity here, I do, too. You’ve been a big part of it. Glad to have helped you to connect with other great blogs, too. 😀

      And you’re right, even if I go 0-fer again, I know that things are going great here. That was what got me through last year, you know? FMR really just… kept on truckin’ 😉

      Thanks Rich, glad to hear I can count on your support!! 😀

  3. You’re a lock for “Film festival and Convention Coverage”.Was it Convention Coverage last year as well or just film fest? Your posts with all the pics were amazing. Some Lambs saw your blogs and hopped on a plane to be there! Your Mojo was contagious!
    But just remember lessons learned. 9 nominations great but “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi!”

    • No such thing as a lock in these things, I learned that last year, bigtime. Its a combination of film festival coverage and convention coverage. One category for both.

      Sic Ubi Glorius… huh? Sometimes I dont understand you Ray, it’s like you’re talkin’ a whole nother language. 😀

  4. This was a great year for your blog! You deserve to win all the categories! There maybe no shoo in, but something would be terribly wrong if you do not win some of these nominations. Congratulations on the nominations and good luck on the voting.

    • Thanks Ray! 😀 Yeah, I considered demanding a recount last year, but thought better of it. 😉

      I appreciate the well wishes, I’m gonna need ’em. I think if I wind up 0-17 at the end of this campaign, I’m gonna have a mental breakdown 🙄

  5. I know I said this last year and I’m sure you’ll have the same response. But It’s a lot tougher to get a win when you’re spread so thin. I’m sure nearly everyone will be tossing votes your way, but they won’t all be in the same spot. If you championed one spot, you’d have a better chance at winning. At least this year there seems to be more sites spread thin, and I think you’ve got a bigger following this year so I doubt it’ll be 0 & 9 this year. Good luck to you!

    • You did. I recall that. But as I said then, I cant just “turn my nose up” at a category, and not ask for votes. Are there a couple I’d rather get than the rest? Sure, I think that that’s only human nature. But I cant exclude any of them… if I only got 1 nom, I’d be happy to receive it, no matter which of these categories it was. And I’ll be bummed if I lose in any of them….

      So I cant do it, Bubba. You may be right, but I just cant do it. 😉

  6. Congrats, sir. You deserve to win them all.

    However, I am a terrible person, and hope you lose them all, because I honestly think that will make for a much more enjoyable read when you post about it.

    I’m not the least bit concerned for your sanity. If the Twilight Marathon didn’t break your spirit, nothing can.

    • LOL!! Dick. 😀

      heh heh heh. Ok, ok.

      You know tough, last year I just never said anything… let it slide and let it dawn on people who werent following the awards months down the road. “Fogs? Did you ever win any of those awards?” Nope.

      That was all I did. Different reasons though, I had some behind the scenes stuff going on that just made me want them over and done, so… this year will probably be different. I’ll post a %#$&!! Are you @%#$#ing Kidding Me!! Post or two for you…

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