Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

The third installments of superhero franchises are known for being let downs, and “Iron Man 3” will do little to dispel that reputation.

I don’t mind shallow if a movie compensates with spectacle. The action here, though, wasn’t enough to save the day. I found “Iron Man 3” to be at times silly, misguided, dull, and disappointing. It’s still a big budget summer superhero movie, and as such, carries an inherent entertainment value. But anything else above and beyond is squandered, sadly.

A terrorist called the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) has been hijacking national airwaves and broadcasting anti-American diatribes, claiming responsibility for a series of mysterious explosions. When someone Tony Stark (Robert Downey) is close to is caught in one, he publicly vows revenge. Unfortunately, this makes him a target for the Mandarin and his forces. Stark’s ocean-view estate is destroyed by a helicopter assault soon thereafter, and he’s left without his headquarters and back up armors.

There’s no time to regroup, however. In addition finding and stopping the Mandarin, Stark will have also have to determine what, if any, is the connection between the explosions and A.I.M., the biological research group headed by Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce). A.I.M. has been conducting experiments with a genetic compound known as Extremis, which grant people extreme regenerative (and other) powers, but at the cost of becoming unstable on a molecular level.

When Stark’s girlfriend, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), is abducted by A.I.M., Stark has to use his wits and suddenly limited resources to rescue her and stop the terrorists.

I have a number of issues with “Iron Man 3”, many of them major.

I’m not enamored of either villain in this film. Ben Kingsley puts on an angry Walter Cronkite impersonation before the film absolutely neuters his character (something the comic book fan in me is very, very angry about). Pearce’s character, meanwhile, is given poor to no motivation to be who he is or to do what he’s doing. In fact, what his master plan was is still a bit of a grey area for me, I’m still not certain I know 100% what his character was hoping to accomplish. The evil henchmen glow in the dark and attack people by grabbing hold of them (something the film makes easy for them, in spite of the fact that our hero can fly). One of them even breathes fire at one point. It was a level of ridiculous I wasn’t prepared to fully accept.

I’m not a fan of the fact that Tony Stark adopts a kid sidekick for a significant stretch of the film, nor of the fact that his girlfriend actually dons the armor. The Iron Patriot (Don Cheadle) exists solely to give someone for Stark to crack jokes to, outside of one lame action moment that I swear was written just to give him something to do.

The action content was disappointing to me as well. It was sparse, carried little weight, and was occasionally silly. By this point in time, Stark’s armor is practically magic. He can leap into it in mid-air, telepathically summon it from hundreds of miles away, use it to encase or entrap others, or explode them remotely. The suits even fight on their own now, which, frankly, removes the stakes from combat. Should audiences worry that a robot Iron Man is going to be destroyed? Of course not. The resulting action is hollow, unfortunately. Certainly, much of this is done to illustrate that it’s Tony Stark, and not the armor that’s the hero (as he spends so much time WITHOUT the suit), but that doesn’t help the fact that as an audience we don’t actually get a lot of Iron Man, and when we do, Tony Stark isn’t even always in the suit.

“Iron Man 3” illustrates some of the worst aspects superhero storytelling. There’s honestly no real reason for it to exist except to make a third movie in the franchise. There’s no new characters that were begging to be brought to life on the big screen (and don’t get me started on what they did to the one that was, the Mandarin), there’s no story that needed conclusion from prior installments, it’s not a direct adaptation of a story from the comics (Yes, I’m aware of the “Extremis” arc) and in and of itself, there’s really nothing original here worth telling. As a result, we wind up with a film that feels like an excuse just to have a superhero movie.

I wouldn’t have minded any of that, if this movie didn’t make me feel it so blatantly.

Were it not for my pre-existing affection for these characters, and the big budget spectacle of it all, I’d be tempted to call this film bad outright. As it is, it’s still a big movie, loaded with visual effects, telling a story about characters that I’ve liked in other context, both in comics and prior films.


Daniel Fogarty


127 thoughts on “Iron Man 3

  1. Oh wow! Finally, someone who liked this film way less than I did. People were making me feel really bad for saying it was pretty average and not near as good as the first in my review. I almost wanted to cry. Lol! Great review. And I agree with a lot of it although I did enjoy it more than you did.

    • I totally hear where you’re coming from, it can be a difficult position to be in… criticizing a popular movie. I’m a little more comfortable with doing it now (this definitely isn’t my first time! 😉 ) but it never sucks any less. As soon as the movie ended I thought to myself, great, now I get to spend all week defending my position on this 🙄

      Hang in there, it’ll all blow over soon! 😀

      • Hmm, ‘criticizing a popular film’ sounds very familiar to me and so I too know exactly what you mean. I hate to say it but I have no interest in them anymore due to this slap anything on the screen mentality.

        No need to defend to me Fogs, thats how it goes. Its a damn shame too.

  2. And FIGHT!! LOL! (Working on review–should be done by tomorrow)
    See, this is how I felt during Skyfall–the only person in the world (I wasn’t) who didn’t love it–and hated the villain–yeah…but you have stick to your gut reaction. So, I respect your perspective–disagree–but respect.
    I thought it ROCKED!! I am not a comic book reader so I did not mind any of the misused characters, etc. (thought it was bold and risky). I laughed–I was choked up a bit–I was awed by awesomeness! RDJ is made to be Tony Stark and Shane Black impressed with his action sensibility.
    And to address the Killian motivation–I believe he states he will own terror–there is money to make selling “bombs” to terrorists–and also it’s pretty cool to be able to rejenerate (and breath fire–hello? Dragonfire!) 😀 I could think of several advantages.
    I am sorry you did not enjoy it–that is a bummer (I know…trust me I even tried to watch Skyfall again and nope. Still disappointed.) I am ready for the summer now–bumped!–hope it gets better for you, though.

    • I dont feel alone on this one by any means. I’ve already found many underwhelmed reviews, and my batting average in the comments here is at least .333 so, I’m hitting for average at least, if not power. 😉

      The issue comes in in discussing it with people who think “IT ROCKED!!” LOL. There’s so many things wrong here that I just get tired of wondering why people weren’t bothered by them. 😀

  3. I saw it this morning and in some ways I still feel like I’m digesting it and shouldn’t comment on it yet. But hey, you wrote a whole post on it, so I guess I’d just better suck it up!

    I think some of your criticisms are valid, especially if you are coming from the perspective of a comic book purist. Mandarin, AIM, the Extremis virus, Iron Patriot were wildly changed. However, not being an “Iron Man purist” (and why should I be, since Marvel itself has changed him and his rogues gallery dramatically over the years), I really didn’t care. So I get where you are coming from, but I don’t necessarily share the irritation.

    As for the villain’s motivations, I thought it was expressed pretty clearly.


    Killian wants to control “both sides of the War on Terror”, supplying both sides with improved versions of Extremis, using both the Mandarin actor and elevating his puppet to the presidency. He needs Tony Stark to fix the flawed Extremis serum, as he nearly did back in 1999. To that end, he injected Pepper with Extremis in an attempt to force him to action. He’s also a egomaniac who wants to prove himself to Stark after taking his 1999 rejection very personally. Those may or may not be good motives, but I don’t find them that far afield of most superhero villain motivations.

    I enjoyed Stark’s forced interaction with the citizens of Rose Hill(?), TN, really the first time we’ve seen him have to lay low with the normals. Other than the anxiety disorder episodes, which I found a compelling subplot, he actually did pretty well. Considering the Daddy Issues that movie Stark has, having him interact with a bright, gifted kid was interesting.

    My criticisms seems mostly to fall on the unoriginality. I figured Mandarin was a sock puppet pretty early, and fairly or not it felt like a knock off of the Ducard/Ra’s Al-Ghul switcharoo from Batman Begins. The thing is… I think the first take of Mandarin was quite interesting. First off, having him being a Westerner takes away the nasty Yellow Peril taint of the comic book Mandarin. Second, having him be a domestic terrorist who perhaps thinks he’s being righteous would have been an interesting take in a world with superheroes.

    Also, the scene of Stark’s empty armor trying to entertain Pepper Potts while Tony finishes work felt too Dr. Manhattanish as well. That could have been mitigated by throwing in a “sorry for going all Dr. Manhattan on you Pepper” line, but they didn’t do that.

    Finally, the “Pepper in trouble” part was about as cliche as it gets, and something I worried about as soon as the Tony/Pepper relationship started at the end of Iron Man 2. This franchise, and most of the Marvel movies as a whole, has avoided the whole using-hero’s-loved-one-as-motivation trope until now. I thought they may twist it a bit when Pepper was able to use Extremis and that it would present some interesting future storylines, but they magic-wanded it all away at the end.

    I didn’t mind the robot Iron Men — it seemed to me that Stark would have taken that route after seeing the relative success of the drones in Iron Man 2 and given his own existential crisis after his near-death experience in The Avengers. I didn’t mind the fire-breathing, considering that it was actually one of the powers granted in the “Extremis” comic book story arc (the one thing that they were faithful to, and it’s getting blasted, oh sweet irony). I also didn’t mind the relative lack of War Machine/Iron Patriot because, well, it’s not his movie. He was in it enough, and he got to save the President. I hope Don Cheadle gets the chance to headline a War Machine movie someday, because he’s too good to be relegated to only being the second or third banana.

    So I guess I’d also give it around a B-, but for pretty much completely different reasons that you do. Par for the course, I think. 🙂 I think Iron Man 1 is much better, but I think Iron Man 3 is solidly better than Iron Man 2. In the Marvel movie chain, I think I go Iron Man > Avengers > Thor > Captain America > Iron Man 3 > Incredible Hulk > Iron Man 2.

    For future potential storylines, Roxxon Oil plays a major role in the comics during the “Winter Soldier” story, and I really hope that isn’t the last we see of AIM because just as the world deserves a good Superman movie, comic book fans deserve a big-screen faithful rendition of MODOK.

    • Alright, here we go. That’s right, suck it up, that’s what I do. No time to “Contemplate” or “Digest”, you get on that! LOL 😀

      I’m not necessarily trying to be a “purist” about it, I just think it was one of those direspectful things to the fans… If Mandarin had a higher profile, or if they had pulled this kind of shit with Lex Luthor or the Joker, people would be torching the internet.

      I like your explantaion of Killian’s plan, I just dont think it came across well in the movie. You seem to have a better grip on it than anyone I’ve read or seen commenting here, including me. Forget that it’s a lame plot (I’m a Bond fan 🙄 ) I just dont think it came across clearly what and why he was doing. aside from the revenge/ego thing.

      The entire Tennessee section of the film made me want to take a nap. Except for when he tells the kid not to be a pussy, it was a poor choice at the conceptual level. I dont care that he rubbed elbows with the common folk, I do that every day. I want to see him be IRON MAN

      So Super Pepper didn’t bother you? Bugged the hell out of me.

      I wouldnt mind the remote control Iron Men so much either… it IS a logical progression, but they never even come close to touching upon the potential future misuses (something the first and second movies did). It was just completely underdeveloped, and I’ll tell you, it GUTS the action scenes. The robot Iron Men were so disposable that literally, the movie disposes of them at the end. Whooo, watch this, fireworks!


      I think I’m much more angry about my B- than you are buddy 😉 LOL

      I think the Marvel ranking should go Avengers>Iron Man>Thor>Captain America>Iron Man 2>Iron Man 3>The Incredible Hulk. Iron Man 2 gets points from me for a lot of things, even though I’m in no rush to sign up to defend it. 😀

      • Well, I’d say there’s a reason that Lex and Joker (and Magneto and Dr. Doom) have a higher profile… they don’t suck like the Mandarin does. Seriously, did anyone think they’d do an all-out Yellow Peril Mandarin in the movies? As I said, I think they missed a good opportunity to have a dynamic villain, but there was zero chance of having a “faithful” Mandarin.

        Everything else… eh, different strokes, methinks. I like the character development, I like to see characters I enjoy pushed out of their element. I like Tony Stark, and I don’t have to have him actually in the suit. As the Avengers point out, being Iron Man is only one part of what makes Stark interesting (“Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off, what are you?” “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.”)

        Super Pepper… it didn’t bother me necessarily that they went there, since at least that kept her from being just Girlfriend In Peril. But if they go there, there should be more drama. Since they waved it all away, it seemed more like a waste of an opportunity.

        And I don’t get why robot suits “guts the action scenes”, since as you point out the villains were fairly disposable anyway. Then again, I thought the best action scene was the fight in Tennessee where Tony had to improvise rather than the fights with the suit… after all, I’ve seen those fights already in I, II, and Avengers. Again, I don’t need Stark to be in the armor for him to be interesting, and I don’t need to have balls-out action all over the place to enjoy even a summer tent-pole release.

  4. I think I like this movie more than you… Guy Pearce’s character was trying to take revenge on Tony Stark for ditching him back then I believe…

    • Pretty sure you like it more than me, yeah. If you want to defend it, it’s a safe bet IPod! 😉

      I’m sure revenge was part of Pearce’s character’s motivation. But his “plan” was pretty ill defined. What does his company have to gain by kidnapping the President? If they wanted to do business with the Vice President, why did they keep the President alive, why kidnap him at all, why not just assassinate him? (Answer: to give Iron Patriot something to do, LOL)

  5. Yuuuuup…. Inconvience for you, I’m sorry…. Wrong Mr. Mandarin all together.

    Why am I always able to best articulate my comments here by quoting Ed? It’s not right.

    I’ve never been that attached to The Mandarin, and what they did totally harshed my explosions buzz every time they brought Ben back on screen.

    That said, I still really, really enjoyed the time I spent watching this terribly flawed movie. I can’t say I’ll ever watch it again, but I might watch some of the action again. Sorry to hear that you couldn’t at least be more placated on that front.

    • LOL, it’s fine. That joke happened to be appropriate here.

      I’ll tell you why I couldn’t just roll with the action… It wasn’t very good! The Air Force One rescue scene was good, even though it was undercut by Tony not actually being IN the suit, the assault on his seaside mansion was… overwrought and interrupted by the silliness of Stark using his telepathic magic protective armor to save his girl, and the finale was just terrible. I could do 1,500 words on how bad that finale sucked. High points would include Robo-Suits, disposable Bob-omb villains, the Iron Patriot’s token breathtaking rescue of the President and of course, SUPER PEPPER!


      The Mandarin was always Iron Man’s arch nemesis. From Iron Man’s first appearance! Seeing what they did here was insulting. Seriously. Really leaves me angry. I don’t know how audiences aren’t more pissed off by it, actually.

  6. You were right on the mony Dan. This movie could have been a hell of a lot better. B- rating is moe than fair. This movie was just silly. The 3D affects were good but not enough to compensate everything else. Till the next.

      • Don’t worry Dan. You called this one right. You have to compare this flick with other super hero movies and this was was just did not cut it. But knowing what I know I would have still seen it. Till the next

  7. I wasn’t even going to see this, but Mark said it was really good, so I gave it a go without very high expectations, and I enjoyed it as a fun movie. I thought Kingsley was hilarious and that twist was pretty funny, and it really shifted the tone into the comedy realm a bit; but I can see why Iron Man purists might be put-off by it. Good review nonetheless. 🙂

    • Thanks Gary. I’m not out to be a “purist” about it, but the Mandarin IS the Iron Man equivalent of The Joker for Batman or Lex Luthor for Superman. He appeared in the same issue that Iron Man did and IS Iron Man’s “nemesis”. Seeing him used this way was disrespectful to the character I thought.

      I’d have still had a ton of issues with the movie anyways, though. 😦

      • Yeah, I guess if you can find fault with Scary Movie 5, The Host, and the Twilight series there’s just no satisfying you! lol. Yeah, I see what you’re saying though. I may not have liked it as much had I been a comic fan.

  8. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Fogs! I think yours might be the harshest review I’ve seen of it yet, lol. There were times where I sorta felt similar about some of the points you brought up, mainly about the kid sidekick and fire breathing powers and such, but I just enjoyed the movie so damn much that I was able to just accept it after some point. I personally thought the movie was great, though. 😛

    • Yeah, well… I didn’t have that “enjoyed the movie so damn much” thing going on. 😦 Mainly because I would have had to have kept “Accepting” things. I mean, you have to do that with all movies, but this one asked too much. And as such, I wound up “Rejecting” them instead. 😦

      Glad you enjoyed it though, Chris. I see your review is up, I’ll be by later.

  9. Respect to you for your position. I thought this was better than you have it. I do agree with some points. The mandarins thing was curious and I understand a sour point for some, as a rug pull I enjoyed it and found it hilarious. Not enough of actual suiting up would have like to have seen a little more of that but I liked the vulnerability it brought. I thought guy Pearce was good and I thought his motivations were clear, I have Seen it a couple of Times though.on your sequels post you commented you liked iron man 2, for me as a comparison point 3 is way better. You have made a very good defence of the position you have taken on this movie and I fully respect your opinion and conviction in comment replies too covering most counter arguments, I really enjoyed it and many of the motivations and arcs in it.

    • Thanks Kev, that’s kind of you to acknowledge the difficult stance I have. LOL. 😉

      I DO like the second one better, but I’m not out to defend that movie, or even bring it in to confront this one. 2 has numerous, numerous issues, and it obviously failed to connect with people. I enjoyed many of the action sequences (The Party fight, The Black Widow infiltration scene, the final battle) so much that I’m willing to forgive a lot of the issues the movie has.

      Here, not so much. The air rescue sequence was pretty sweet, but aside from that there was a lot of “meh”. 😦

      I wasn’t in the mood for a “rug pull” I guess. Apparently people are pretty forgiving of it though….

  10. Saw this in NYC yesterday and was very disappointed in it. First, a number of moments were just plain silly. Couldn’t Ben Kingsley’s character been done without him being a clown. The action scenes were too much so that I had a hard time digesting what was going on.All in all, this is one film I have no desire to purchase in any format.

    • Yup, yup, yup!

      Thank you for seeing what I saw and speaking your mind about it. I think there’s still a level of value in the big budget spectacle of it all, but on the whole, this is one of the weakest super hero flicks in recent memory. 😦

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  12. I’m surprised at the high rating after negative review. I didn’t like that movie as much as most seem to either. I had no problem with silliness, but those red glowing eyes and breathing fire was on camp territory.

    I didn’t read comic books, so I don’t know about Mandarin but the twist in the movie was very funny, I liked that. As for Pepper in the suit I liked it too – how Tony ordered the suit to be put on her, to protect her. So romantic! 🙂

    My major issues was the bombastic third act, that wasn’t very imaginative, the ending that wasn’t strong enough for the last part and pretty weak villain in Pierce.

    But I know nothing. I liked the second one best and most seem to hate it 🙂

    • No, no no to the “you know nothing”. Cmon. Your opinion is just as valid as everyone’s, you know how this drill works. And I LIKED the second one, too. Even though I wouldnt say it was better than number 1…

      “the bombastic third act, that wasn’t very imaginative” is well put. Couldnt agree more.

      I can see how people without any ties to the comics would like the “Twist”. Though I AM surprised that more people aren’t upset about the fact that the primary focus of the marketing campaign turned out to be a joke or a ruse. 😦

      As to the “High Grade”, I dont consider a B- a high grade. Its right next door to a C+, which I consider a bad grade… Plus, Im sure people know I’m a sucker for movies like this and I was hoping to/expecting to give this a high A range grade. So the “bashing” explains the fall from said heights. I still think a B- is about right, even with all its flaws… 😉

    • Is this the 3 Guys movie of the week? LOL

      So I can get more insight than “I liked Paltrow’s abs”? 😀

      I like Gwyneth, too, she is beautiful. THE most beautiful? I dont know, but she IS beautiful…

      • Honestly, I usually can’t stand her. Well other than The Royal Tenenbaums so that is a big compliment coming from me 😉

        Yeah we are supposed to give this the 3 guys treatment but we still have Oblivion in the pipeline as well. Waiting for Scott to recover from a bout of monkey pox.

  13. Somehow I thought you’d give this a much lower score as you said it was a huge let down, Fogs. Well, B- is still decent, and clearly you are more fond of this character than I did, ahah. I think I like it more because I didn’t have a huge expectation for it. As for your argument for “There’s honestly no real reason for it to exist except to make a third movie in the franchise…” well, that’s no surprise of course, I mean it’s Hollywood after all and Iron Man is such a bankable franchise, but even so I think Shane Black still manages to inject some freshness into the character and the supporting characters also help made it work for me.

    • Yeah, I’m surprised to see such a high score considering the pasting you gave this one, Fogs. I haven’t seen it yet (I’m spending my money on Pacific Rim, Man Of Steel and Star Trek 2, the latter opening here in Australia this week) but will still check it on Blu with my expectations in check. Great write-up, man.

      • See comment below for my feeling about the grade of a “B-“. Meanwhile, since four or five people brought it up, I guess I’ll have to concede that I should have spent more time in this review talking about how in spite of the issues I have with it, it was still cushioned in its fall to mediocrity by the big budget nature of the proceedings.

        There are some excellent visuals scattered throughout.

    • I would just reiterate that I dont think a B- is a very high score. I’m sure everyone knows my tendencies to give high grades, and a B- here is really no accomplishment. I’d go back though and cite some of the stinkers I’ve awarded B- to to illustrate what kind of company I feel this movie is in, but…

      In other news, I’m not ready to pat Shane Black on the back here in any regard. I know he has his fans, but the main issues I hve with this film come from the script. Which isn’t entirely on him (there are 5 people w/writing credits), but it is enough…

  14. Although I think I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this one, it’s a well-written review as always, and I always enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

    I actually quite enjoyed this movie and had a really fun time at the theater. I do agree with some of the points you brought up, but I guess I was having so much fun they didn’t really bother me. Then again, Robert Downey Jr. is my favorite actor so they were going to have to work REALLY hard in order to get me not to like this. 😉

    • In a weird way I actually agree with this. DURING the movie I had very few complaints. As a movie going experience I had a fine time. It wasn’t until the movie was over that things started to bother me, many of the things that Fogs mentioned. And some of the things that bothered him were actually some of my favorite parts. I really enjoyed the scenes with the RDJ and the kid, and Super Pepper didn’t bother me at all. On the other hand the big climactic battle at the end was, well, horrible isn’t too strong a word. And the whole thing with the Mandarin was cringe worthy as well.
      Its a movie that only worked for me until I turned my brain back on, and then it sort of fell to pieces.

    • Going forward Ash, you dont have to “soften” dissenting comments with a disclaimer 😉 I’m a big boy, I can take it 😀

      I wish that experienced the same phenomena you and Gelf did, where the enjoyment outweighs the thought process, but it just didnt happen. 😦 In my case, it was the reverse, the thought process kicked in, and then I was screwed out of my enjoyment. LOL 😦

      • Yeah, my friends frequently give me grief for trying TOO hard to be nice all the time and never wanting to offend anybody. 😉 I’ll try to be more brutally honest. lol I think this is actually the first time I’ve ever disagreed 100 percent with one of your reviews. 😉 I thought the kid sidekick was funny and subverted the usual cliches of kids in movies, I though the action sequences were good, and I didn’t mind Pepper wearing the suit. Sorry to hear you weren’t a fan of this one, but hope the other ones you’re looking forward to this summer are good. And who knows, maybe next week I’ll be the one blasting a blockbuster if Star Trek: Into Darkness is a letdown. 😉

      • LOL. See? Thats better. 😉

        I hope it isnt a let down, though I’ve already heard some things I dont like, like the phrase “Non Stop action” *sigh* We’ll see, Ash, we’ll see…

  15. I guess I enjoyed the movie for reasons that nobody here that I read mentioned. I brought my 7 year old. He thinks he’s Tony Stark. The joy in the movie for me was watching how excited my son was, how we basically tried to give me a play by play and how he used his hands to try to help Tony “shoot the bad guys”. Was it an academy award winner? Hell no. But as a parent who rarely goes out to see movies unless my child is with me, it wasn’t all that bad. It kept me entertained and not staring at my phone wondering how much longer I was going to have to sit there. For everyone who has given negative comments, how many sequels do you really give good reviews too? Hey Fogs, just curious. In the comics, does Tony have the procedure to remove the metal in his chest? Just curious. Keep up the good work Fogs.

    • I’m happy that you and your son had a good time.

      I might point out though that by bringing his reactions into play, what you’re saying you enjoyed watching was… him. Tanski is always citing his son on the podcast as well, kids aren’t the most discerning critics. So, happy you had a great time, that’s great, it is… but I gotta take that parental “My kid loved it” phenomena in stride.

      Per Wikipedia he has a heart transplant at some point so that he no longer needs the armor to live. I know they finally did away with him needing the armor to survive, I just wasn’t sure how, myself!

  16. Wow, I’m a little confused with the B- after it sounded like the film sucked to you. Yours is only the 2nd review I’ve read, the first being slightly more forgiving as you seem to be.

    My first thought with this movie coming after Avengers was if they will incorporate our build off of it. Sounds like they didn’t which is surprising to me but I guess you have to leave the other characters alone or the audience will expect help from the other avengers from here on out.

    The other review had me concerned mainly about the way they used Rhodey for comic relief like you hinted at. I missed Terrance Howard in #2 and liked how they butted heads in the first film. Sounds like I’ll be doing the same again. I will be watching hopefully this coming weekend so trying to avoid comments and too much banter at this point. Enjoyed the review as always!

    • A B- is an extremely disappointing grade for the lynchpin movie of the Summer Season. The first release in May is typically for “The Big One” or at least one of them (Last year at this time, “The Avengers” opened). That kind of film drawing a B- is a super disappointment.

      They completely bailed on “The Avengers” outside of Tony now has panic attacks due to the events in New York. 🙄

      I liked the Rhodey/Stark relationship in 2, but this time not so much. It could have been caught in the crossfire of so many other things I didnt care for though, in fairness. 😦

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