Fogs’ Movie Reviews has won the 2013 Lammy Award for Best Running Feature!

Lammy-111Just a quick post to let everyone know that FMR has won the 2013 Lammy Award for Best Running Feature for my series Movies That Everyone Should See. 😀

I wanted to thank everyone who voted, and let everyone know how much this means to me. Movies That Everyone Should See is the “heart and soul” of FMR, without a doubt. I work on those pieces extremely hard, and I take more pride in them than just about anything else I do here. I’m especially overwhelmed by the number of votes I received in this category… so honestly, thank you all so much!

Congratulations also go to The Droid You’re Looking For (Fun with Netflix Viewer Reviews), The Cinematic Katzenjammer (DVD Court), And So It Begins (In Character), and Cinematic Corner (Visual Parallels)! Be sure to check them out!

Thanks also to Nicole at The Madlab Post, who did a very cool presentation video (below)!


57 thoughts on “Fogs’ Movie Reviews has won the 2013 Lammy Award for Best Running Feature!

    • LOL… yeah, as I was working on this one, they posted that one. 😯 I’m doing pretty well right now MonkeyBoy, I’m 4 for 5 with 4 more possibilities in play!

      So yeah, it will be a post at some point, but perhaps not until tomorrow 😉

  1. Congratulations Again Fogs! You’re winning everything! One more, and we’re officially start getting sick of it and begin hating you. (Fake Conan O’Brien laugh)

    Anyway, congratulations, again!

    • Oh, I expect the backlash to begin before you know it, if it hasnt already. LOL It’ll all be forgotten if this is the end of it, but if I rack up some more over the four remaining categories, people’ll bear some grudges 😉

      Thanks Dave! 😀

  2. Congrats again, Fogs! At the end of these things, you need to post a video where you give an overly long winded and obnoxiously pretentious speech, and ignore the play-off music because, dammit, this is your moment, and you’re gonna name every single person you’ve ever met in your damn life! 😄

  3. All the wins are great, your site has been an oasis in the desert of movie blogs. This is the category that I always read and most frequently share with others. I know it was your Jaws post that got you the votes you needed here. Very clever timing. Congratulations.

    • Heh. I hope that’s true. I know I definitely wanted to put my best foot forward during the voting, so if that post worked, then awesome… that was what I was hoping for 😉

      Thanks a lot Richard, your support has been immeasurable through all of this!

  4. Movies That Everyone Should See is definitely a Feature That Everyone Should Read. Even when I disagree with a selection, it always makes me re-think the movie, and the articles so well-searched I always learn something.

    Finally, the MTESS selections that I haven’t seen pretty much automatically make my To Watch list.

    Congrats on a well deserved win.

  5. What? Another one? Good God! Are these actual trophies that you put on a shelf? Start making room! I know about tomorrows award but I know this is the BIG one for you. All the time and Hard work acknowledged by peers, Sweet! These MTESS sometimes involve the research of a termpaper, I for one certainly appreciate your efforts. Keep up the Great Work!!

    • Thanks Ray…. thank you very much. No, no actual award involved. A “Badge” that I’m going to be pretty happy to post on my site for sure. LOL 😀

      These MTESS columns do involve some research, but that’s part of the fun of the whole thing, I’m learning a lot as I go!

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