Fogs’ Movie Reviews has won the 2013 Lammy Award for Most Knowledgeable Blogger

LammyHello again, everybody. My apologies, in advance, I realize that these announcements are overwhelming the regularly scheduled content here (my MTESS post today is looking extremely doubtful), and I’m sure they’re more than tedious for people, but I feel obliged to treat each of these awards as something very special, and to show my gratitude for receiving them. So please bear with me here for a couple more posts. This year’s Lammy season has become unexpectedly fruitful here for FMR.

Last night, I was awarded the 2013 “Most Knowledgeable” Lammy by the LAMB. It’s a tremendous honor, and I’m sincerely flattered, especially considering how many extremely knowledgeable film fans the LAMB has in its community!

I want to thank everyone who voted, and give a big congratulations to the other nominees, too. So congratulations to Runner-Up Alex Withrow of And So It Begins, Bonjour Tristesse, Sam Fragoso of Movie Mezzanine, and Dan Heaton of Public Transportation Snob. They’re all very knowledgeable writers, so be sure to check them out!!

I’d also like to thank Nick, Jess and Lindsay of French Toast Sunday for doing the announcment video, below!

Daniel Fogarty


40 thoughts on “Fogs’ Movie Reviews has won the 2013 Lammy Award for Most Knowledgeable Blogger

  1. Congratulations! I now have a Word document with the word “Congratulations!” in it, which I can just copy and paste into my comments on all of your future posts in which you tell us that you’ve won another Lammy.

    • LOL. Heh. Thats kind of funny. “Congrats” is acceptable, too, you know? Its shorter, you dont have to wonder “Did I spell that right”? It works! 😀

      We’re near the end now, Monkeyboy… not much longer. Thanks for your patience. 😉

      • I know, but that’d mean I have to go into my Word document, and delete eight letters, then add a letter ‘s’. That’s far too much typing. I’m now fully committed to using the word “Congratulations!”. There’s no turning back! 😉

    • LOL. I’m leery of calling it dominance without the Big Kahuna officially awarded yet. If FMR winds up winning “Best Blog”, too, then I will happily accept all the ball busting in the world. 😉

      Thank you though, Dan, it’s nice of you to say. 😀

    • LOL. Yeah, they used to call it the “Braniac” award. There’s really no way to sell it that doesn’t say “Smarty Pants”, is there 😀

      And thank you, thank you though. 😀

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